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Nikki S interviews Vini Vici ahead of their London debut at the Astral Circus presents Psy-Fi Festival London Launch party

Reported by Nikki S / Submitted 02-05-16 15:40

In May 2013 a supernova explosion of epic proportions hit the psy trance world… Vini Vici had arrived! After the global success of their Future Classics album on Iboga Records and a succession of hit tracks, Vini Vici firmly established themselves as one of the world’s top psychedelic and progressive trance acts, that aren’t afraid to push boundaries and take dance floors to new energy levels.

In between all of the jet-setting and rocking the biggest festivals across all corners of the globe, we caught up with Vini Vici creators, Matan and Aviram, ahead of their forthcoming gig at Astral Circus presents the Psy-Fi Festival launch party in London on Friday 20th May at Electrowerkz.

Hi Matan and Avi, thanks for taking the time out of your very busy schedules to catch up with us! Over the past 3 years you have literally taken the psy trance world by storm, but Vini Vici isn’t your first or only artist name. Over the past decade you have been headlining festivals across the globe as Sesto Sento. Can you tell us how you got involved in the psychedelic trance scene, how Vini Vici came about, and what inspired your change in sound/production style?

Hello, Hello! First we would like to say thanks for the nice words and complements.

How we got involved in the psy-scene… In Israel psy trance music is literally a sub culture. It’s everywhere: clubs, raves, underground, weddings, school etc. It really is in our roots, as it is so easy to get exposed to it. From a young age it was our dream to become DJs and producers. We start producing when we were 16 and 18 years old. We first started playing out at parties that we produced ourselves and other underground events until we got signed to Compact Records. Things really took off from there!

Sesto Sento started when we were young, and our concept was always funky happy music with a juvenile spirit. Around 15 years later we felt the need to create something more mature and fresh. That is when we decided to create and launch Vini Vici.

With all of your globe-trotting and jet-setting your passport must be getting very full! You have taken to the stage at some of the biggest festivals across the planet including: Alien Trip (Brazil), Deep Forest Festival (Brazil), Beyond Wonderland/Dreamstate (USA), Earthcore Festival (Australia), Psytrance Experience (Argentina), Unity Festival (Israel), Fantastic Festival (Mexico), Organik Gaian Dream (South Africa) and many more! Recently even the ‘main stream’ tracers got to experience the mind-blowingly massive energy of Vini Vici at ASOT (Netherlands). What has been your most memorable/best gig to date, and why?

So many memorable moment are coming up just by looking at that list! It’s impossible to name just one or to have a favourite. Each event had had magical moments like the amazing crowd vibes in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, or the historical moments of playing psy trance at some of the most respected events worldwide like Beyond Wonderland and ASOT, or the pure psy trance moments at festivals out in Australia or South Africa that reminds us why we got into it in the first place.

You’ve got a very busy festival season ahead with Boom Festival (Portugal), Tomorrowland (Belgium), XXXperience Festival (Brazil), Tribe (Brazil), Goa Nation Festival (Germany), Burning Mountain (Switzerland) and of course Psy-Fi Festival (Netherlands) in the diary. What’s your favourite thing about touring? Is there any particular country or festival that you are particularly looking forward to?

Yes super busy season indeed!! And there are more to add to the list… Psychedelic Circus, Son Libre, Luminosity, Transmission, Solstice, Voov and FSI. We looking forwards to all of them, as it will be our first time performing at many of them. But, to be honest Boom Festival is the one we are the most excited about at the moment.

From your many years of touring you must have seen some interesting things and have some stories to tell. What has been the most interesting place that you have visited? And what is the funniest thing that has happened to you (or another artist) whilst on tour?

Interesting question… well, landing at a festival in a helicopter was an interesting moment for sure! Playing New Year’s Eve at Copa Cabana to around 400-500,000 people was mind-blowing. But maybe above all, playing our own music for the first time around 15 years ago was the most uplifting moment. It felt like we were floating above the ground.

So let’s talk tunes and production. You have released hundreds of tracks on the biggest psy trance labels with your debut album Future Classics (2015) out on the legendary Iboga Records. How long did it take you to produce Future Classics? How do you know when a track/album is ready to release? How much tweaking and live testing do you tend to do?

The Future Classics album took around 7-8 months to produce. Our muse was just on fire! We basically know a track is ready to release after testing it at 3-4 events. Sometime we just know a track is finished without needing to test it out at a party, because we know what vibe we are aiming for with the track.

Tell us about your musical background. When did you first start producing? How did you get into it?

Aviram: I took piano lessons for a few years and started producing at 16.

Matan: I was a DJing from the age of 16 and started producing at 18.
Our musical background is very basic. Most of our experience and background had come from trial and error. Years of experimenting with sound.

Aviram; you have some classical music training from your piano studies. Matan; you were a well-known local DJ for years before your explored production. Do you have a different method/approach to making a track? Does understanding music theory empower your style and creativity?

As in many aspects of life, experience is one of the keys to success. When we combine our experience (being classically trained and self-taught), we always try to push ourselves to the limit. To take things to the next level. Our experience over the years means we know how to take big concepts and make them come alive in our music. To sum up our approach, we draw on our experience, endless motivation, and thinking out of the box!

When you go into the studio, what are your main influences? Where do you get your motivation and inspiration from?

We always come across this question and the answer is always the same; it comes from everywhere!

It may be an old school tune we like and we want to bring his spirit back to life. It may be a band that we like, or even a random song. Sometimes we get ideas and inspiration from a movie or commercial… or even a book we’ve just read and we try to capture its message in a track. The world is our influence … good or bad.

Over the years you have remixed and collaborated with Liquid Soul, Ace Ventura, Pixel, Major 7, Ticon and more. Who has been your favourite producer to work with, and do you have any exciting collaborations/remixes in the pipeline?

We enjoy and learn something from everyone we work with, but if we have to name the artist we have learnt the most from it will be Pixel on the technical side, Major7 on the sound production side, and ‘Ace Ventura’ for his flowing style.

We just finish a great tune with Bryan Kearney called We Are The Creators which is scheduled for release on 27th of June on Iboga Records. We are also in the process of finishing a new track with Liquid Soul. There is another very very special collaboration in the pipeline, but for now it is top secret until has been completed… watch this space!

With so many releases, live sets and features on compilations under your belt, are there any plans for another album? What future projects do you have coming up?

That is a BIG question! To be honest we don’t have an answer yet. On one side there is a lot of good music being produced and released. Our muse are at the maximum. But from the other side, the Future Classic album was such a big success that we are not sure we want to interrupt it’s halo just yet.

For all of us studio geeks, talk us through your studio set up, and what set up do you like to use when playing live?

Our set up is very basic at the moment: Dynaudio BM6 Monitors, Fireface 400, Laptop, Midi Controller… and our MINDs!

Quick fire questions (…that we've all be dying to ask):

Mac or PC? Mac

Cubase or Logic? Logic

DJ or Live? DJ

Favourite soft synth? Alchemy

Favourite hardware synth? Virus TI

Favourite piece of kit? KICK

What's best for kicks? Parallel Compression

What studio monitors do you use? Dynaudio

Sample packs or synthesis? Synthesis

T-Tracks or Waves? Waves

What's your favourite plugin or FX unit? Ohm Force

And most importantly … what's your favourite drink? Jameson

The Psy-Fi Festival London launch party hosted by Astral Circus will be your first UK appearance, and we are all very excited to see you perform. What can we expect from your set? What have you heard about London/UK events? And why should everyone that loves psy trance come?

We haven’t heard that much other than the UK & London club scene is legendary for psy trance… So surprise us!

You should expect from us lots of new music, special live versions of our tracks, and our energy depends on yours! Give us some good vibes and you will get the best out of us.

Finally, as one of the psy trance scene's biggest acts, with a seriously impressive collection of releases and tour dates, do you have any advice for the aspiring DJs and producers out there?

Think out of the box!

Don’t give up!

Don’t copy other people… because at best you can be only number 2!

Thank you Matan and Aviram for catching up with us... we look forward to your set at the Psy-Fi Festival launch party in London on Friday 20th May!!


Facebook Event Details

Vini Vici Links

All images courtesy of Vini Vici. Not to be reproduced without permission.

Astral Circus presents Psy-Fi Festival London Launch Party
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Friday 20th May 2016
At: Electrowerkz [map]

From: 22:00 - 0:600
Cost: £15 adv/MOTD
Ticket Info: ACCESS ALL AREAS - Phone orders please call +44 (0)20-7267 8320 or +44 (0)20-7267 6148.
You can also purchase tickets from our office on the second floor in the Camden Lock market building in the heart of Camden Town, London.
2nd Floor, 30C Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AL
Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12pm-7pm
(Closed on Bank Holidays)
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets
More: We are ecstatically excited to announce the full line-up for the Psy-Fi Festival London launch party!!!

Manifesting from a storm of space dust and cosmic rays Astral Circus is proud to present to you some of the hottest psychedelic and alternative acts this side of the galaxy ... for what is going to be our biggest and most intergalactic event to date!!

This party will be a fusion of energies between Astral Circus and Psy-Fi Festival to create a carnival of our collective consciousness. Expect nothing but quality sound, prismatic visual production and of course... our special psychedelic family!
Region: London
Music: Psy Trance. Tribal House. Deep Techno. Minimal Techno. Techno. Electro. Chillout / Leftfield.


VINI VICI • Iboga Records • IL


Nikki S • Alchemy Records • AU/UK

System E • Ovnimoon Records • NL/UK


LIQUID ROSS • Liquid Records • UK

RENEGADE DJ • Zero1 Music • SA/UK

Andy Force • Astral Circus • UK


JAMES MONRO (2 HOUR SET) • Flying Rhino/4DigitalAudio • UK

MONK3YLOGIC • Broken Records • UK

ROBIN TRISKELE • Liquid Sound Design/Merkaba Music • UK

STEVE KUNDALINI • Kundalini Records • UK



LEMON TREE • Liquid Records • UK

STEVE KUNDALINI • Kundalini Records • UK





LIQUID FAERIES • Kundalini Records • SA/UK

Who's Going? (5) : Andy Force, AstralCircus, Jessica Alici, Nikki S, Tara 

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From: Tara on 14th May 2016 16:51.16
Wow awesome interview Claps Hands Vini Vici have definitely taken psy trance to new levels! Not worthy... Seriously can't wait to see them make their London debut at Astral Circus on Friday night! Woohoo oo oo oo

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