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Trance Sanctuary feat Menno De Jong & Signum, 6th Sep
Lost Dawn presents The Fifth Birthday, 20th Sep
Digital Impact, 15th Nov
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Duality - Glynn Alan & Dave Wright
When these two meet, good things occur. As single artists, they are good but when they come together, carnage ensues and with Duality, that's just what's happened! On Discover White Label, this contains a remix from Thomas Blunden.

The [Read More]

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..Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can.,
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Dare to be different: Tribal Village meets Suduaya
Written by Andy Force (29th April, 2014)

Innovation, originality and genuine creativity are values that too often come second to the tendency to ‘play it safe’ or to banally reconstruct art forms that have already gone before. The exploration of new ideas, and the courage to transform them into reality reflects a fundamental human characteristic that enables us as the ultimate creative species, with unlimited potential.

Tribal Village, fast becoming one of London’s best known psychedelic parties, have shunned the temptation to lapse into routines of familiarity. Making innovative choices of artists at each party, they have defined themselves by their willingness to push boundaries, injecting unseen artists and cutting edge music styles into the circulation of our scene. Trusted by a growing following of dedicated lovers of the psychedelic music experience, it seems like the future of our scene is held in the hands of those who dare to be different.
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Return to the Source interview with Mark Allen
The Speed of Sound
Inside The Billion Dollar Brain: with Nanoplex
Chameleon returns to the decks with a new lease of life
Sonic Species gets ready to unleash the beat at the Astral Circus 2nd birthday bash

Jonty Skrufff and Fidelity Kastrow present Germany Calling – Fantasy Show
Written by HarderFaster (1st September, 2014)

Midland, Marc Marzenit and Alex Mine provide fantastic fantasy moments on this week’s show while Johannes Albert edges to the periphery with brand new deep tech anthem Suburban Fantasies. Led Zeppelin and the Cure add decidedly darker delights alongside future tech classics from Patrice Baumel, Sam Paganini and Sigward.

Germany Calling : Tunes you can believe in!
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Jonty Skrufff and Fidelity Kastrow present Germany Calling – Panic Show
Jonty Skrufff and Fidelity Kastrow present Germany Calling – Transcendence Show
Jonty Skrufff and Fidelity Kastrow present Germany Calling – Blackout Show

Birmingham Rave Offers 24 Hour Cashback to ‘Real Ravers’
Reported by News Editor (8th August, 2014)

Birmingham’s Rainbow Complex unveiled details of a ’24 hour rave experiment’ this week, which promises revellers who manage to stay up for 24 hours a full refund of their £24 tickets.

“We promise this will be like nothing you have ever experienced before..... Bringing people together from all over the UK, all genres together, 24 hours away from the world as we know it, a rave utopia, making history and raising money for charity,” they enthused on the event’s accompanying ticket selling page.

“Anyone caught sleeping will be ejected from the venue,” they added. ( )

Details of the ‘No Sleep til Birmingham’ bash emerged just as LSE psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa published the results of a new study suggesting that people who stay up late are more intelligent than early to bed lightweights.

Writing in Study Magazine Dr Kanazawa said ‘very dull people’ (IQs
Paul van Dyk & Ummet Ozcan - Come With Me (We Are One) Out Now
Rank 1 – Airwave (21st Century Remix) Out Now Through High Contrast Recordings
Super-Rich Invade Ibiza & Vegas
Skrufff Bites
Sunnyside UP 1994 - 2014! Celebrating 20 years on 9th August @ Electric Brixton. Limited Saver Tickets Still Available
Genix & Las Salinas - Arcadia - Out Now
Alex M.O.R.P.H. Lets Loose Some 'Nitro' on VANDIT Records
Matt Jam Lamont & Mike Delinquent mix new Garage Nation album out 4th August
Orla Feeney - This Moment
Dogs Hate Love Rivals Too
Anti-Bacterial & Nuclear Apocalypse Alerts
Wreckage International (from Mutoid Waste to Burning Man) (Interview)
Skrufff Bites

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HarderFaster Photosets Members Photosets
Peach - The Camden Palace Reunion
KOKO (4th May, 2014)
(Photos: ziob)
Bring Down The House” Alt/indie/Electro/Rock Night
The Water Rat (28th June, 2014)
(Photos: JAY_ABDUL)
tasty&dancekore payback
union (6th April, 2013)
(Photos: teknoman)
The London Stone (7th June, 2014)
(Photos: teknoman)
IllumiNaughty: Welcome To Our Circus 7th Birthday.
Manchester Academy (9th February, 2013)
(Photos: lefteris)
Digital Impact's 1st Birthday - The Next Chapter
Plan B (24th May, 2014)
(Photos: teknoman)

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Poolside Croatia - OUT NOW AnnToolroom
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Happy Birthday Slink. Matt
Sat 6th Sep - Trance Sanctuary daytime party with Menno De Jong, Signum & Will Atkinson @ Egg London Trance Sanctuary
London for drinks Matt
Latex Zebra & MistaTwist - Throwback Latex Zebra
New Hard NRG Track "Sledge Hammer" out now On Raw Power Recordings Miss WILDFIRE

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