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Daniel Kandi X Divisional Phrase X Akku X Arman Bas - 'Marco Mi Destino'
Reviewed by Pete M on 19-04-24 15:42 (99 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance
On to High Voltage and its another banging trance tune. Daniel Kandi combines forces with Akku, Arman Bas and Divisional Phrase for this one. High energy trance is the order of the day and what a belter it is. It combines the energies of all four ... [Full Review]

The Conductor & The Cowboy - 'Feeling This Way (Remixes Pt. III)'
Reviewed by Pete M on 19-04-24 13:18 (183 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance
All good things come to an end and its with reckless abandon that we throw ourselves into the final remix package of Feeling This Way by The Conductor & The Cowboy. So far, we've had remixes from Solarstone, Brent Rix, Lange, Siskin and Simon ... [Full Review]

Macker - 'Arrakis'
Reviewed by Pete M on 27-03-24 19:13 (1106 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance
For those familiar with Dune, Arrakis is the name of a planet in the film, and the book, where spice, a psychedelic compound, is mined. In music, however, dance music, Arrakis was already covered on Pure Progressive by Forerunners and Mike Isai. But ... [Full Review]

Torsten Stenzel - 'Interstellar (Cornfield Chase) (York Remix)'
Reviewed by Pete M on 27-03-24 16:51 (1051 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance
We all know the film Interstellar. So does Torsten Stenzel and he's brought out a new remix of the Cornfield Chase from the film. This remix is by York and its a pumping trance number.

Taking the melodies from the original and applying his ...
[Full Review]

The Digital Blonde & Idiosyncrasy - 'Telepathic Communication'
Reviewed by Pete M on 27-03-24 15:47 (1054 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance
After appearances on PsyWorld and Pure Trance, The Digital Blonde hooks up with Idiosyncrasy for Telepathic Communication. Now this is mammoth. There are two mixes on offer here. This is on Pure Trance NEON, the label for trance that is too hard or ... [Full Review]

Liquid Bloom, Bloomurian & Onaya - 'Forest Guardians'
Reviewed by Pete M on 20-03-24 17:16 (1339 views)
Rating: Genre: Ambient / Electronica
As we move from the trance genre to a calmer, more serene, setting, we focus on the new one from US label Desert Trax, the home of Desert Dwellers. While this isn't a Desert Dwellers release or a remix, it is still very interesting because its a new ... [Full Review]

Driftmoon - 'Tribe of the Sun'
Reviewed by Pete M on 20-03-24 14:54 (732 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance
Cast your mind back to 2014. A young label born out of an idea: to take trance from the commercialism of post-1999 hedonism and inject a bit of pure energy. A label unconcerned by fads or phases. Pure Trance was born in that year and Driftmoon ... [Full Review]

Oliver Imseng - 'Metaversal'
Reviewed by Pete M on 15-03-24 14:01 (848 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance
Switzerland's Oliver Imseng drops Metaversal on Pure Trance. The track appeared on Pure Trance Vol. 10 and now here it is in full. Unfiltered. Just as it should be. Yeah.

So this is full length, unadulterated trance music from an artist ...
[Full Review]

RNX & Andromedha - 'Afterstorm'
Reviewed by Pete M on 15-03-24 12:33 (783 views)
Rating: Genre: Progressive / Trance
Dropping another track from his Oscillate album, RNX, after dropping Northeast with Mir Omar, hooks up with Andromedha with Afterstorm. This is hypnotic prog trance in the RNX style of the genre with Andromedha's energic (yes, energic) poise coming ... [Full Review]

Cosmic Gate & Christian Burns - 'Brave'
Reviewed by Pete M on 15-03-24 12:25 (657 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance
German duo Cosmic Gate drop a new Wake Your Mind for you trance dons amongst you. This is Brave and features Christian Burns. Its a deliberate focused trance track with an understated, but flawless, vocal.

Though not as fast-paced as Fire ...
[Full Review]

Hypersia & Bruno Oloviani - 'Stuttgart'
Reviewed by Pete M on 06-03-24 15:32 (979 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance
In Trance We Trust returns with the latest from Hypersia & Bruno Oloviani. This is Stuttgart, a banging trance monster. Only one mix here. Well, two if you count the edit.

An infectious groove and tough rhythm section all wrapped around an ...
[Full Review]

JES - 'Ghost (ZOYA Remix)'
Reviewed by Pete M on 28-02-24 12:00 (938 views)
Rating: Genre: Progressive
JES surfaces on Magik Muzik again with Ghost. This is remixed by ZOYA, a producer who has had tracks released on Pure Progressive, Mondo Records and Magik Muzik. Yes. Magik Muzik.

Although this has an edit, we're focusing on the full ...
[Full Review]

Solarstone ft. Lucia Holm - 'The Last Defeat Pt II (Sam Laxton Remix)'
Reviewed by Pete M on 24-02-24 17:58 (1010 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance / Breaks
Casting back to the original Rain Stars Eternal album and a remix of The Last Defeat from Sam Laxton. This time, its not a straight up trance mix. Its a ferocious breakbeat assault which combines the energy of trance with fractured breaks. ... [Full Review]

The Digital Blonde & Deestopia - 'Analogic'
Reviewed by Pete M on 22-02-24 20:33 (1431 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance
Is this the longest release on Pure Trance? The reason I ask that is because these two tracks are extensive, immersive and keep building. And I really do mean extensive.

At 12:15 and 15:56 respectively, these tracks really mean business. ...
[Full Review]

Roman Messer & Christina Novelli - 'Fireflies (Full Fire Mix)'
Reviewed by Pete M on 22-02-24 20:15 (1193 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance
The latest Roman Messer to get the Full Fire treatment is Fireflies. This one's already had remixes from Jorn van Deynhoven, Eximinds and I think someone else too. I've totally forgotten the name of the third remixer! Oh, was ATSY. ... [Full Review]

Siskin - 'Connected (Standard Form Waiting For Stars Mix) '
Reviewed by Pete M on 22-02-24 08:31 (1643 views)
Rating: Genre: Progressive Trance
Siskin originally released this little gem back when Pure Trance was in its infancy. A young label growing up in an environment of bigger, adultier, labels can be daunting but Pure Trance has weathered the early storm, spawned Breaks, NEON, ... [Full Review]

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