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Manchester on 21st March 2008
Photos: louloubell

A quiet but very funny night.
Photos: 35
Photo views: 5,779
View Ratio: 165
Comments: 2

Submitted: 22-05-2008

Pride, Madrid
Madrid on 1st July 2007
Photos: louloubell

Just a few pics from a very hot n sunny day with my chicas!
Photos: 14
Photo views: 3,331
View Ratio: 238
Comments: 2

Submitted: 22-05-2008

Scubar Basement on 2nd March 2008 | View Event
Photos: louloubell

Photos: 24
Photo views: 5,150
View Ratio: 215
Comments: 0

Submitted: 10-03-2008

Thanksgiving night
Mates gaf on 26th November 2005
Photos: louloubell

Chilled n messy night with my US buddies!!love y´allXXX
Photos: 23
Photo views: 2,074
View Ratio: 90
Comments: 0

Submitted: 01-12-2005

Copellia 101
Madrid on 18th November 2005
Photos: louloubell

Top night at one of Madrids best techno clubs!
Photos: 16
Photo views: 975
View Ratio: 61
Comments: 0

Submitted: 24-11-2005

Too many to mention
Madrid on 31st October 2005
Photos: louloubell

few more pics from various nights-tomfoolery all the way!
Photos: 27
Photo views: 2,271
View Ratio: 84
Comments: 5

Submitted: 24-11-2005

Various on 10th November 2005
Photos: louloubell

Many messy days n nights ;-)XXX
Photos: 31
Photo views: 1,807
View Ratio: 58
Comments: 3

Submitted: 22-11-2005

Madrid Gay Pride parade
Madrid on 1st July 2005
Photos: louloubell

just a few(as one can clearly see by the hammered state we were in)such a brill happy n Bunny day!!BESOS to all!
Photos: 4
Photo views: 460
View Ratio: 115
Comments: 0

Submitted: 09-07-2005

Carl Cox @ Fabrik
Fabrik, Madrid on 14th April 2005
Photos: louloubell

Great venue set in an Ind estate letting Coxy bang it out hard n loud! Top night!
Photos: 23
Photo views: 833
View Ratio: 36
Comments: 0

Submitted: 06-05-2005

Philips Park Hall,M´cr on 26th December 2004
Photos: louloubell

First time to PPH-great venue in the midst of nowhere with the usual friendly GG crowd and the ever brill Morgan & co aiding us to sweat off that X-mas turkey!
Photos: 27
Photo views: 1,212
View Ratio: 45
Comments: 0

Submitted: 17-01-2005

Pure Filth
the Park & Satans Hollow,Manchester on 30th September 2004
Photos: louloubell

Filth by name & filth by nature!Brill full-on night despite the late licence hic-up!Special X to Mark,Lee,Andi,Danny & of course Nat for making me giggle n sweat all night long!C u all soon babesXXX
Photos: 36
Photo views: 3,878
View Ratio: 108
Comments: 0

Submitted: 05-10-2004

Goodgreef & afterparty
Leeds on 28th August 2004
Photos: louloubell

Just a few from the night,missed most of Halliwells set but familiar faces kept the spirits raised
Photos: 11
Photo views: 737
View Ratio: 67
Comments: 0

Submitted: 05-10-2004

plaza party
Mercado Fuencarral,Madrid on 10th July 2004
Photos: louloubell

12 hr gig on a sunny Sunday afternoon!
Photos: 26
Photo views: 811
View Ratio: 31
Comments: 3

Submitted: 05-08-2004

let´s just say messy farewells all the way
Moma,Suite & Mystique,Madrid on 5th July 2004
Photos: louloubell

Farewell to some more buddies for the summer-have a great one ppl see you in next term.LouX
Photos: 31
Photo views: 1,304
View Ratio: 42
Comments: 3

Submitted: 06-07-2004

Maytes house party
Madrid on 28th February 2004
Photos: louloubell

yet another mesy ickle party with my ickle mates!
Photos: 20
Photo views: 1,430
View Ratio: 72
Comments: 8

Submitted: 01-06-2004

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