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[colour=green]Secret warehouse party with PvD and interview with a special guest Mark Landragin[/colour], 7th Oct
[color=red]Take a trip down the 3 way[/color], 16th May
[color=red]Vaccine goes one up: interview with Frase, Alex Buck and Gary Optim[/color], 9th Feb
[color=#31ABC6]K.A.R.L. talks T.E.C.H.[/color], 30th Dec
[color=red]The Viceroy talks about djing, Vaccine, and where that name comes from[/color], 7th Jun
[color=red]123...Anything Goes — Time for a Mash up![/color], 10th May
Peachy Ravers 3rd Birthday & Camden Palace, 9th Dec

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Chart Return for Dave Irvine
Submitted 10-Jul-08 (2448 views)
1. Fraser Owen - Believe [Artist CDR]
2. Greg Kobe - Stroke (David Ekenback mix) [Blufin]
3. Ismael Rivas -Funktion (sergio fernandez mix) [Factomania]
4. Facto Sonito - Pelvis Control [rUNT]
5. Spirit Catcher -High Control [Systematic]
6. Cirez D - The Journey [Mouseville]
7. David Amo La Sagrida - familia [Fresco]
8. Dejan Milicevic - Slurm [Nightlight]
9. Jorge Jamarillo - Get into it (jj mix) [Lectro chick]
10. Vortechtral - Round the block [Techment promo]

July mix can be found here ->

Jorge Jamarillo – Get into it (JJ Mix)
Max Codeta – Basik
Cirez D – Journey
Greg Kobe – Stoke (David Ekenback Mix)
David Amo – La Sagrada familia
Timo Garcia & Rickey Stone – Keep walking
Facto Sonido – Pelvis Control
Benjamin Shock – Body Talk
Green Velvet – Flash (Timo Maas dirty dub)
Bastian Van Shield – Hard babes (Van shield prime time mix)
Fake Blood – Mars
Paull Anthony & ZXX – Sub rockin
Triplex – Catapult v.2.008 (Motor new mix)
Sebastian Leger - Jaguar

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Trance Sanctuary NYD Classics, 1st Jan
Prehab, 20th Apr
All We Need Is..., 31st Mar
Prehab, 29th Jan
Prehab, 31st Dec
Discover/MPFS v Prehab v Cerebral, 12th Sep
Twist - Welcome to the Jungle , 18th Apr
Twist - The Ex Residents Return! , 28th Mar
Tweak&Bleep, 19th Sep

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