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Headliners PHD and NG Rezonance step up for Trance Sanctuary's 6th Birthday this Saturday

Reported by Miles Gorfy / Submitted 15-03-17 10:14

HarderFaster is hosting the 140+ Room at Trance Sanctuary's 6th Birthday on March 18th with headliners NG Rezonance and PHD.

Peter Berry (NG Rezonance) and Paul Docker (PHD) are old friends so we thought what better way for us to get to know them than to send them along to the pub with a list of questions for each other.

Paul: I figure I'll start with the questions. What got you into Hard Trance in the first place?

Peter: I got into UK Hard Trance after discovering Guyver's tracks on Extreme Euphoria Blue (mixed by Lisa Lashes) when I was at secondary school. I then bought a pair of belt drive turntables with a two-channel mixer and all of the latest and greatest Tidy Two vinyl.

Paul: Wow! You’re making me feel old now, I actually went to the Tidy Two launch party at SE1. As for me, I started out as a clubber at Slinky in the 2000's mainly seeing Trance artists. Then my friend took me to see Lisa Lashes and she blew my mind, so we started going to more Hard Dance nights like Sundissential and Tidy. It wasn't till we started going to Frantic that I saw DJs like Phil Reynolds, Steve Hill and Spencer Freeland and my love of Uk Hard Trance developed.

Paul: What made you start producing?

Peter: I quickly realised that it's pretty difficult to break through as a DJ in any scene without releasing tracks so I thought I'd get involved. It's worked out pretty well so far.

Paul: I pretty much had the same realisation. I'd sent mix demos out to promoters but didn't get any bookings and I kept being told I had nothing that set me apart from other DJs. I'd dabbled with producing with a couple of my friends but nothing serious, and then my sister said she worked with a guy who makes, and I quote, "my kind of music" and as you know Peter, that was you! I think we've done 30 odd tracks together now, it seems to be working out ok for both of us.

Paul: Your latest productions are more Trance than Hard Trance, what made you decide to make the switch?

Peter: Haha! You've made the switch too Paul! I still class myself as a harder edge Trance producer. The only difference is that now I make most of my tracks at 140 bpm or below. At this speed, more big-name Trance DJs support my stuff plus it's a bigger market so I get even more exposure. Faster doesn't necessarily mean harder.

Paul: What can we expect from you, production-wise this year?

Peter: So far, I've got 14 original tracks being released this year, with a lot more in the pipeline so it's going to be a very busy year for my productions.

Peter: We have a couple of tracks forthcoming Paul but have you got anything else in the pipeline?

Paul: I've got the two tracks we collaborated on 'Rogue' coming out on Tangled Audio and the new one we haven't named yet, which one of us will be unleashing at Trance Sanctuary.

Then our collaboration with Matt Draper coming out on your label Syncopy, and finally a collaboration I did with Costa Pantazis called ‘Sign's and Wonders’ coming out in the not too distant future on Metamorph.

I'm also hoping to get back in the studio with ReDrive to a follow up to our track 'Zonder'

Paul: Something I've always wondered about - you did a track called 'I'm not Technikal'. What's that all about?

Peter: Back when I first started to release tracks, I was basically trying to emulate Technikal's sound since he was top of his game. People used to think that everything I released was engineered by Technikal (which it wasn't) so I knocked that track together in literally a few hours as a joke using drums sampled from old Technikal tracks and some classic Technikal riffs.

Peter: We've had a couple of exciting years, what was the highlight of 2015 for you?

Paul: So many! Having my first appearance on a compilation CD, which was 'Hostile Moon' on Steve Hill's mix for Ideal’s 'The Weekender has landed' or having 5 tracks on the disc you mixed for Tidy Resonate 7. I also got to play some fantastic gigs both on my own and back to back with you.

What about yourself?

Peter: 2015 was a good year for me as I was doing a lot of tracks for the now defunct Tidy Two label. Jordan Suckley supported my biggest track to date 'Thermite' which he played all over the world. I was also lucky enough to be asked to mix the second disk of Resonate 7 which is a series I had been following since I was at school. I now have the album framed and hanging in my living room.

Paul: You had a great 2016, what were your highlights?

Peter: My highlight of 2016 has to be playing a B2B set at Creamfields with Lee Haslam. It was surreal sitting in the artist area and seeing household names like Avicii, Tiesto and Fatboy Slim wandering around. Stealing a bottle of Powerade from Avicii's dressing room while he was still in it was something I never thought I'd be doing when I was booked!!!!

Paul: Only you would be cheeky enough to do that Pete!

My 2016 was a little quieter, due to the birth of my daughter at the beginning of the year I had a couple of months off music and DJing but still managed to make appearance's later in the year at Digital Impact's 3rd Birthday warming up for Glynn Alan, Allan Morrow and James Dymond as well as appearances at HDM, Insomnia Margate, Erratic Tango, Inside Out and HarderFaster's famous Christmas Party!

Peter: What about events lined up for this year?

Paul: The ones I can announce are Trance Sanctuary's 6th Birthday on the 18th March and Amalgam8 charity festival in Rochester Kent on the 25th March.

What about you Pete? Apart from Trance Sanctuary, what else do you have lined up?

Peter: I do have some events but I'm not allowed to say at the moment.

Thanks to Peter and Paul, we’re looking forward to catching you at Trance Sanctuary this Saturday, March 18th.

Images courtesy of Peter Berry & Paul Docker, Trance Sanctuary and HarderFaster. Not to be reproduced without permission.

Trance Sanctuary 6th Birthday
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Saturday 18th March
At: Egg [map]

From: 15:00-23:30
Cost: £17 Advance, MOTD
Ticket Info: £10 - Early Bird (Sold Out)
£12 - Super Saver (Sold Out)
£15 - Saver
£17 - On sale now

If our event falls on your birthday weekend, we'll make it extra special by giving you and a guest free entry. Just send us an email to
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets
More: Trance Sanctuary celebrate their 6th Birthday with 4 rooms at Egg London with Uplifting, Tech, Progressive and Hard Trance!

German Alex M.O.R.P.H. brings his 'Not All Superheroes Wear Capes' Album Tour to London. Highly rated Darren Porter makes his Trance Sanctuary debut as does Argentinian Tech Trance rising star Chris Schweizer who will play for the first time in London. Our Special Guest is one of the UK's biggest Trance DJ/Producers Lange who will play 2 sets, upfront and classics. help us to celebrate our birthday by taking over the Basement with the UK's finest Hard Trance DJ/Producer NG Rezonance, Storm Resident and the newest shining star on the Hard Dance scene Charlie Goddard as well as Miles Gorfy, PHD & Custard.

As well as the main event, there is also an After Party which takes place in the Apothecary room at Egg London

** Venue address **
Egg London, 200 York Way, Kings Cross, London, N7 9AX
Region: London
Music: Trance. Acid Trance. Hard Trance. Tech Trance. Prog House.
DJ's: Garden
Alex M.O.R.P.H. (Producers Set - Not All Superheroes Wear Capes Album Tour)
Darren Porter (FSOE - Trance Sanctuary debut)
Maria Healy (Subculture / Pure Trance)
Mark Landragin & Lewis Duggleby
+ Very Special Guest
Lange (Classics Set / Trance Sanctuary debut)

Lange (Upfront set)
Chris Schweizer (Armada - London debut)
2nd Phase (Outburst Records - Trance Sanctuary debut)
Messy A B2B Traian

Basement - 140+ room hosted by
NG Rezonance
Charlie Goddard
Miles Gorfy
Custard aka Paul Mayes

Loft - Hosted by The Art of Music - The Pulse Within
Simon Templar (London Debut)
Jamie Baggotts (Pure Trance)
Jon Cockle (DanceLoveHub / Joof Editions)
John Mig (The Art of Music)

Who's Going? (4) : ceekay, CustardUK, Lorenzo Barrero, Matt 
HF Photographer: Matt HF Reviewer:

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