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Israelien invasion: HOMmega Productions presents Dali

Reported by HarderFaster / Submitted 17-05-06 22:07

Dali aka Dalit Eizner is only 26 but already has over ten years experience in the music industry behind her, having sung and played the drums in rock bands before getting into dance music production. Her rock roots are indeed betrayed in her dance music, for Dali walks the line between psy trance and rock music, taking the best elements from both worlds.

As the Israeliens hit London this Saturday, there is a very special reason to check out this event: the launch of Dali’s debut album Hectic. HarderFaster gets the exclusive scoop on one of psy trance’s leading ladies.

Born in a small village in Central Israel, Dali was just 16 when she first discovered trance music. As a teenager she was influenced by a broad spectrum of rock music: “Metallica, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Smashing Pumpkins, Sinead O’Connor, Pink Floyd and trip hop music like Portishead, Morcheeba, Massive Attack and more.”

However, like all artists her influences have changed as she’s developed and grown: “Now my love is for electro beats and trip hop. My greatest musical influence was and still is Pink Floyd.”

So how does a Pink Floyd-loving teenager go on to become one of psy trance’s leading ladies? As she describes it, “Dance music is my main love. I fell in love with it because it has no limits in where you can aim for. While doing the music, you can use all kinds of beats in it. I realized there are no rules in music, especially in electronic dance music, where you can mix acoustic sound with electronic sound . . . that’s the beauty of it!”

Dali first started producing music when she was 23, but her time in the studio has rapidly accelerated her musical development. “I went to sound school where I learned a little about sound but the main work is in the studio. This is the best place to learn all about producing music.”

In the last three years she’s not only mastered studio techniques, but now has enough material for her very own first album, ‘Hectic’. The word alone conjures up images of an extremely busy lifestyle: surely someone with such an incredible vocal range must spend ages training her voice? I speculate that there’s probably not much time for the kind of extra-curricular activities one would like to think divas might get up to? “I’m working a lot in the studio making tunes and discovering new stuff every day. When I’m not in the studio you can find me at the beach. I love the sea and recently I also started to surf.”

The first time I heard a full Dali live performance was at last year’s second awe-inspiring Psychedelic Academy, where her closing set had a packed Brixton Academy main room going absolutely mental. Not only did Dali blow the crowd away with her amazing vocal range and cutting edge psy trance cross-over tracks, she kept on going well after closing time, clearly loving the experience. As she says, “I love to play, I love to dance and I love to perform. I don’t think about my performance. I just follow my emotions and do what I feel like doing during the set. When I see people dancing it makes me happy. Music is all about releasing your spirit and flying high to the sky, that’s what it’s all about — releasing your soul.”

Reviewing the event in Upfront mag, I described her sound as an intense mix of Sinead O’Conner and Sarah McLachlan. But just what is the Dali sound? “Dali sound is the Dali sound, I guess. Sinead for me is a goddess. I love her very much and I am influenced by her a lot. Thanks for the compliment!”

For someone so young, she has indeed achieved a lot already. When asked about her achievements and goals, she replies: “The highlight of my career was to finish my first album. My goals are to make new killer music and to surf professionally. Beyond that is more complicated because I live life day by day . . . that’s what life is all about — living in the present and enjoying life simply to the max.”

Dali’s biggest hit to date, ‘Colors Band’, has already become an anthem on the international psy trance circuit, having recently been remixed by Astrix and had a video made. I wonder what the inspiration behind ‘Colors Band’ is, and whether she would now rather focus on her new material? “Music is inspiration and when you are inspired tracks like ‘Colors Band’ are invented. I would like to focus on my new tunes now and hopefully God will continue to inspire me the rest of my life.”

With such passionate and wide ranging lyrics, Dali certainly gets her inspiration from somewhere very special. “I write about my thoughts, feelings and life as they are, for the good and the bad. I’ve written since I was a little child. I also write a lot of poems in Hebrew.”

But what about writer’s block? Surely writing for a living puts extreme pressure on an artist, especially when there’s valuable studio time at stake? “I’m not forcing myself to write . . . some times I’m blocked for month or more. I know that in art you can’t force anything. When things come, they are just there naturally without pushing them.”

If music in indeed her inspiration, then musical influences are crucial. Dali cites her favorite musicians as “Astrix, Infected Mushroom, Psy Craft, Sub6, Juno Reactor and Ticon.” While the Israeli psy scene is obviously integral to her own artistic development, as one of the few women in psy trance and one of the rare dance/rock crossover artists to actually write any half-decent lyrics, I ask where the female influences are here? Is it just a coincidence that she’s female and writes passionate songs? “I don’t think it matter if you are a boy or a girl. Music is a way of expressing yourself and each one has his own story to tell.”

Dali has been signed to HOMmega for two years, and is very grateful to all the help and support she’s received from label manager Eyal Yankovich. “HOMmega is a kind of label that you are blessed to be a part of and I feel it’s the best thing that could’ve happen to me.”

Is Eyal a tough boss? “Eyal is tough as much as he needs to be. I respect his moves and actions and I completely follow his mind. He has a lot of experience and he knows where to aim for.”

As well as being a star in her native Israel, Dali is also very popular in Mexico, Brazil and Japan, and was in fact on her way back from Mexico when we conducted this interview. Does she have a favourite place she’s toured? “Each place has its own unique touch, smell, vibe, sound . . . I can’t say I prefer one place over another. It’s different places and each place that I’ve been I enjoyed different vibes.

I suspect it must get very tiring being constantly on the road when surely she’d often rather be making music? “I love traveling but sometimes it can be very exhausting. As with everything in life, when you are overdoing it, it can get you tired. I love to travel with the guys but mostly I travel alone so it’s a privilege for me to be with other artists.”

The music industry can put a lot of pressure on people, especially relationships. Has Dali needed to make many lifestyle adjustments to focus on her music? “I needed to sacrifice a lot of things in my life for what I’m doing. I also moved from Tel Aviv to a small village 25 min north of Tel Aviv in order to be able to make music and to get more inspired by nature.”

As the only woman on an otherwise all-male HOMmega roster, I ask whether she finds it difficult being the only female. Does she, for example, feel pressured to spend a lot of time and money on her appearance? “I don’t feel pressured to do anything. When I do something it’s because I want to and not because I need to. I really believe that the way you see the world will reflect on how people will see you.”

Internationally, Dali has started producing and performing music at a time when there’re more women in the industry than ever before, and being a female artist is far from being a novelty. Other than Sinead (as mentioned above), does she have any role models in the industry from the rock and dance worlds? “Madonna for sure because she lasted forever!”

What advice would she give other women wanting to make a go of it in the music industry then? “Don’t think too much . . . just do it!”

Dali’s sound is a cutting edge combination of psy trance rhythms and bass lines, mixed with rock guitars. How does she respond to some of the psy trance purists, who think there’s no room for guitars in psy trance? “Live and let live! Do what you want to do without thinking how others will look at you.”

Having played at some of the world’s top psy trance parties and festivals, I ask her to consider where her dream location would be if she could throw a party anywhere in the world, and what would be her perfect lineup? “The place would be Sinai desert (Egypt) and I would book Linkin Park, Sinead O’Connor, Tory Amos and Massive Attack.”

Dali’s favourite tracks of 2006 to get the party started are a who’s who of psy trance, featuring many HOMmega colleagues:

Infected Mushroom — ‘Becoming Insane’
Astrix — ‘Rounders’ remix
Sub6 — ‘The Clash’
Psy Craft — ‘Border line’ remix
XI — ‘Tribal Metal’ remix
X-noiZe feat. Tom C. — ‘Let Yourself go’
Delirious — ‘Hyper dance’
Silent Hill — ‘Power System’
MFG — ‘Positive Energy’

This Saturday’s Israelians event at the Coronet is the launch party for ‘Hectic’, Dali’s debut album, which has taken two years to put together. So what’s the concept behind it then? “About the concept . . . well, I guess it’s all connected in a way but not really one big concept . . . more like just floating with my moods.”

So far there are 6 tracks from ‘Hectic’ on the HOMmega website (, ‘Follow the Signs’, ‘Into Madness’, ‘Smack Snack’, ‘Connect to the Source’ and ‘Tripop’, all of which contain Dali’s trademark mix of incredible vocals with psy beats and guitar rifts. What, in her opinion, makes a good track? “Power, groove, emotion and concept.”

The lyrics to ‘Follow the Signs’ go: “I just wanna do my thing. Watch me becoming everything. See my wings they’re spreading all around. Watch me learning how to hold my ground . . . Why can’t you let me be the way I wanna be? . . . Follow the signs, become aware . . .” These sounds like very empowering words to me. What do they mean and how did they come about? “It’s a song about breaking up and about the idea that you can’t teach another person how to live. You need to show him because if you don’t it means nothing.”

With Saturday night being the UK launch of ‘Hectic’, can fans expect to hear most of the tracks from the new album? “Yes, people can expect to hear the whole album in the launch party. This is not the first time I’m playing my new material. I’ve already started doing the tour in Brazil, Mexico and more . . .”

Well it’s good to hear she’s got some practice in, cos I for one can’t wait! Thanks for your time Dali and we look forward to hearing ‘Hectic’ on Saturday night!

Astrix & Dali at The Coronet
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Saturday 20th May
At: The Coronet [map]

From: 10pm to 7am
Cost: Tickets On Sale on Monday 03 April 2006 @ £ 20+BF From April 03 to May 02 £ 20+Bf From May 03 to May 20 £ 25+Bf
Ticket Info: Tickets On Sale on Monday 03 April 2006 @ £ 20+BF
From April 03 to May 02 £ 20+Bf
From May 03 to May 20 £ 25+Bf
(All While Stock Last)!!!

Contacts & Info-Tickets:
Antiworld Box Office: +442083658918
Enrico: +447940527867
Marina: +447793220710
Maria : +447813684399 buy 10 get 1 free!!!

TICKETS CASH SALES can be collect from Never Enough at LondonHelp4u-84 Kingsway in Holborn WC2B 6AE or Brazil by Kilo-17 Oxford Street-3 Floor.
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets
More: Coming soon, the first appearance in the Uk in 2006 from the now infamous Avi Shmailov aka Astrix!!!
Supported by Dali, the amazing talent from HoMmega who you will no doubt remember from Psychedelic Academy 002 and Paradise City @ Alexandra Palace;and none other than Xerox and Illumination & the return to Antiworld from Oforia Live with a CD Launch!! Does it get any better than this ???!!
20th May 2006 @ The Coronet, Elephant and Castle, London, UK!!
Region: London
Music: Psy Trance. Tribal House. Acid Techno. Funky Techno. Techno.
DJ's: Main Room: Antiworld In CollaborationWith HOMmega:

Astrix (Live + Dj Set) First Uk Appearance in the last 6 Months!!!
Dali (Live - Hectic Album Launch)
Xerox & Illumination (Live)
Oforia (Live - Album Launch - BNE)
Eyal Yankovich Dj Set

Edoardo (Sonica Festival/Neurobiotic Rec/Italy)
Dj Anneli (Sweden)


Teknoworld vs Never Enough:
Techno - Hard & Funky - Electro House!!

10.00 - 12.00 : Eddie Santos
12.00 - 01.00 : Neil Pepi
01.00 - 02.00 : Dj Paul Panik
02.00 - 03.00 : Ross V Moon
03.00 - 04.00 : Mike Redina vs M.E.C
04.00 - 05.00 : Ziatek
05.00 - 06.00 : Animatek

Chill Out Room Hosted By Clockwork Prism:

Ambidextrous (Live)
Greg Prism

Who's Going? (27) : [J]KNERCIS, antiworld, anton@heat, Colliewobbles, Didoo, Disco Diva, fully_to_the_maximum, gergi108, GMReq, James Lawson, littlemissgenki, Maria, Maria., Matt, MEC, Mike Redina, Moonpatrol, Nrgflow, pablo, pam@pam, Pickled Pat, Prozak, Spud, twist, ViKa, Whatever!!, ~deleted10909 

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From: Maria on 18th May 2006 13:34.29
Bring it on Hope to see you all at Israliens this Saturday at The Coronet. Lots of Yay Looking forward to see Dali playing again for us at Antiworld. Woohoo oo oo oo

From: Less is Bat on 19th May 2006 16:19.55
She is HAWT

From: Ashley James on 21st May 2006 17:46.25
Good shit. Thumbs up

From: Neats on 23rd May 2006 11:24.03
Very interesting interview Thumbs up

From: anushka007 on 23rd May 2006 14:48.55
wicked read and I am glad the party went very well Thumbs up

From: Maria. on 25th May 2006 07:25.13
An awesome DJ, very kind on the eye, too. Wink It's been a while sinse I've really appreciated what a DJ can do and it's also been a while sinse any DJ has been the set of my night ! Thanks to Dali @ The Coronet, she rocked my world, and she deserves every bit of success she gets. You rock, girl ! Not worthy... Big grin Not worthy...

From: Banja on 25th May 2006 23:07.05
Heard her stuff few times moscow..she rocks...)))

From: Prozak on 30th May 2006 01:56.36
she was fab at the israliens

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