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Harderfaster exclusive: Marco V on ‘Combi:Nations: II’ & much more
Written by Getinpublicity on 17-10-06 21:32 (3408 views) (10 comments)
They call him “the clean living Dutchman.” Marco V is the most unassuming dj and superstar on the planet, yet his popularity is undeniably huge. His driving ambition, acknowledgement of change, and all round positive approach to what he does lies at the heart of his continued success. [Full Story]

Protect humans with jam
Written by Adam Symbiosis on 16-10-06 15:14 (8516 views) (5 comments)
Being a promoter is an interesting and exciting job from the outside, promoting excitement, great times and great parties. Some promoters though have to promote themselves 24–7 even if they have nothing to talk about other than how great they are, thinking people forget they’re talking it up just to line their own pockets. Sometimes, however, there are people who put on parties for all together more altruistic reasons. With this in mind I went to meet two lovely ladies to talk about suffering, doing something you love and jam. [Full Story]

Welcome to the colourful world of Wid & Ben
Written by HarderFaster on 13-10-06 12:37 (6768 views) (13 comments)
Given the current state of the hard dance scene, with even some of the top names packing it in to jump on the electro bandwagon and once dependable big name promotions resorting to running events every six months, those that go the extra mile are few and far between. It’s no wonder then that the few who do successfully put their all into dj’ing, producing and promoting hard dance are making a name for themselves. Two of the most hard-working and talented individuals around right now are Kettering-based Andy Widdop & Ben Thomas aka Wid & Ben. [Full Story]

Back to Bedrock with John Digweed
Written by benz on 12-10-06 10:37 (5551 views) (10 comments)
With Bedrock’s Anniversary round the corner, we thought it was high time that someone tracked down hand honcho John Digweed to trace back the club/record label/brand’s history and construct some sort of Bedrock timeline. It has been one of the most influential names in dance music for the past decade, making and breaking new djs and artists with its high-quality series of single and compilation releases, and global events. If it’s cool, quality, underground house music that you’re after, Bedrock is always one of the first places to look. [Full Story]

Knowwhere WeAre5 reviewed
Written by Adam Symbiosis on 11-10-06 20:47 (5793 views) (9 comments)
It’s interesting the different sounds, colours and thoughts you experience pre party. Tonight as I made my way to the Knowwhere 5th birthday party, it was a rendition of ‘Under The Boardwalk’ outside the Embankment tube station. Beautifully sung by a female vocalist I decided to listen for a while, but was it a taste of the vocal bliss that was to come down at London’s Heaven? [Full Story]

Brazilian minimal duo Ung & Bastos
Written by Kiko on 11-10-06 20:11 (8196 views) (8 comments)
Breno Ungierowicz and Renato Pires Bastos became friends in a very peculiar way. Picture the scene: they went clubbing to Rio de Janeiro’s Bunker in 2000. There, found out they were pulling the same girl at the night, so started an argument. After solving the embarrassing situation, Breno stayed with Alessandra and — believe it or not — they still stayed friends. More than that, from that night Breno and Renato had become musical partners, without even knowing. [Full Story]

Interview with Astrix
Written by Sonal Scott on 11-10-06 15:50 (12733 views) (5 comments)
Astrix produces music which lights up the dance floor. Avi Shmailov, better known as Astrix, has gained the respect of musicians and people all around the world for taking psy trance to the next level of music production. ‘Eye to Eye’ (2002) and ‘Artcore’ (2004,) his last two albums, have certainly put him on the dance music map. [Full Story]

HeatUK goes double Dutch with Charly & MvDJ at the 5th birthday
Written by Batch & benz on 10-10-06 17:15 (7250 views) (23 comments)
Our Dutch neighbours are generally recognised as the people who put on the biggest and most stunning hard dance parties in the world, giving new meanings to the words ‘scale’ and ‘spectacle’. They’ve got it pretty good over there, with regular events bringing the biggest names in the hard dance world to extravagant, multi-thousand capacity events. Dance Valley, Sensation White (and indeed Sensation Black), Q-Dance, In Qontrol, Impulz, Emporium Party... they are spoilt for choice. Why then do so many of them make the pilgrimage over the channel to our fair isle? Well, Charly & MvDJ are two young Dutch djs who are here to tell us why them and their countrymen can’t get enough of the UK. [Full Story]

Kutski gets ready to take you to musical heaven @ Tidy & Extreme Euphoria's 1st Birthday Fiesta...
Written by mostwantedkat on 06-10-06 21:21 (4716 views) (9 comments)
Kutski (n): K-utt-skee ~ alarmingly good dj who blends hard house and evil scratching skills with whatever else takes his fancy, resulting in a sensational musical experience that has clubbers gagging for more. In short, a phenomenon. [Full Story]

Viva Simon Vegas!
Written by K8-e on 04-10-06 20:13 (8100 views) (27 comments)
Some people are born entertainers and they don’t come much more entertaining than Simon Vegas. He is a natural behind the decks, with enough energy and enthusiasm to not only get the party started but be the last one standing as well. His high jinx off the decks are the stuff of legend. I could tell you about the time I met Simon, when he was MC’ing to hardcore into a makeshift microphone (using some headphones) at an after party or the time he played at a CyberKitten Filthy Sunday Stomper earlier this year making his entrance on a giant orange spacehopper, but none of these stories really do the man justice, let alone pay homage to his talents behind the decks. [Full Story]

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