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Reported by Jessica Alici / Submitted 05-03-18 09:24

Lyktum aka Dejan Jovanovic has just unveiled his soul to the cosmos! His album ‘Human’ was recently released on the mammoth Iono-Music label - and this is a trip any psy-head does not want to miss! The music – a beautiful tantalising blend of driving beats, spiritual melodies and hypnotic swirls! With a “message in every track” – read on to delve deeper into the meaning behind the music!

Firstly tell us about Dejan Jovanovic. Where were you born and raised? What’s your earliest childhood memory & what shaped you into who you are today?

I was born in Belgrade/Serbia, raised in Zemun, just outside of the capital.

I remember I was very active in sports in my youth. I’d wake up each morning, take the ball and kick it about with friends until school, after school I was hooked on training football and basketball every day of the week. At age 11 I truly met my passion - music production, and ever since then - I have had this crazy drive to make music.

What was your first taste of music? What style was it? What was the first record you bought?

It was ambient electronic, synth-based compositions, I guess you could categorize it as pure cosmic flow music. The first album I ever bought was “Jean Michel Jarre’s - Oxygene 7-13”, I was 6 at the time, and I still appreciate this timeless work of art.

How and why did you get into making your own music? Do you play any instruments?

As far as my memory serves, I remember my older brother was banging psytrance in his room when he first discovered it, I was so intrigued by it. It felt natural to take a step further into this dimension of psychedelic music and let creation take its path.

I play some instruments, but nothing professionally, I like to record them and then chop little bits and pieces out of the recording. I do possess some keyboards, flutes, guitars, sarangi, shehnai and a few other percussive instruments that I record weekly for my upcoming ambient project.

What is it that resonates with you and psychedelic trance?

It is this feeling of pure love towards cosmic art, it’s as if there is a language from my soul communicating through vibrations and translating it into trance symbols. The resonance is real, with psychedelic trance I keep on discovering more synchronicities about life itself.

Where did the name Lyktum come from and what does it mean?

I will try to be as short as possible on this one, as the frustration with this name is ridiculous. I was about 20 years old when I saw the name Lyctum on someone’s t-shirt. I really liked how it was spelt and took it. It does not mean anything specific. At the time I was not aware of brand trademarks and how serious the legal implications of using a brand name can be. I knew there was a company with the same name – they were making construction materials, they noticed me using the same name for my project and wanted to sue me for an unaffordable amount. They pursued this for about 3-4 years. Eventually, we came to an agreement that I just change a letter in the name. This was still very humble of them. So; I went from being called Lyctum to Lyktum. As it turned out, in Icelandic language the word Lyktum means “At last”. So; ‘at last’ the frustration was over – nailed it haha! This story almost got published in the New York Times by my uncle’s friend who was dying to write an article about it, but I just couldn’t allow this name to get any more negative publicity! Choosing a name for a project nowadays is hard, everything is already taken.

Talk us through a typical day for you….

Very simple, wake up, eat, take a walk, turn off the internet connection, start a music session, focus, work until very late. Me happy Smile

What do you love about being an artist and what do you loathe about it?

I love the fact that by being an artist I can avoid boring life and give inspiration to others by doing what I was born to do, simply to create. I loathe the sacrifices I have to make - to make it all worthwhile - just to have a decent living, and this includes me not being so social online, so my apologies to some of your readers who might of sent me a message and didn’t get a response.

I read that you have a “truthful vision of creating vibration itself” through music via “mathematical intelligence”. This is quite deep and very intriguing. Can you expand on this?

I was very careful when phrasing that. Working with frequencies on a daily basis is truly a gift from the universe for me. Frequency is above all other values, it’s conscious; it is the consciousness of existence. I say: “mathematical intelligence”. “Intelligence” because it is alive and it stores information in micro and macro and we are the result of it, aware or unaware, it’s the unconditional truth. “Mathematical” as we are geometrical creatures after all, that are part of this cosmic vortex that blasted us out in both duality and symmetry. The fact that there are more songs than there are stars in our Milky Way, suggests that vibration is the only truth of love and it transcends dimensions to its origins of source. It’s beyond comprehension; only with numbers (Hz) we can measure its depth and flow throughout infinity. I say “Truthful Vision” as the Universe is working through you and me and we’re discovering our own self-potential of what we can be.

You’ve recently released your third album ‘Human’ on Iono Music – congratulations on that. Tell us about it – the collaborations, the sound, the concept, the message you’re hoping to deliver in the individual tracks and as a whole….

Thank You! The collaborations were specially selected from true artists who I admire very much - for their compassion towards music and visual design, their passion, it’s so inspirational and I’m forever grateful for their work and companionship on this album. Not to blow my own trumpet here, but this album is a far cry away from any popular gimmick style. On each session I was keeping in mind that I should approach this album more artistically and make a milestone in how deep I can go; keeping the faith that it will become timeless someday hopefully – only time will tell.

The concept Human is rather complex - in the process of creating it, I was travelling to South America a lot, to learn about human qualities and what we are essentialy. This journey was, without a shadow of a doubt, the best decision I have ever made. I was true to my words when I announced that the ‘Human’ album is being made - at this point, the album was writing itself naturally through me and the vision expanded into a visionary state. The ‘Human’ album is spiritually connected as a concept and it has a progression, 5 tracks have a daytime atmosphere to 5 tracks with a night time atmosphere, so I feel it’s a perfect balance - as in – equilibrium. The track tittle IS the message, it’s already been delivered in the description of the Human release, give it a read Smile

In the teaser of your album you say some beautiful words - in particular ‘music chose me’. Do you feel music production is your ‘calling’? Do you feel any of us have a choice over what we do, or more that we are chosen?

Why, thank You! I do feel that indeed; music is my calling and I am music’s calling. The force of intention is the strongest tool the universe provides us with, thus; do what you love, and you will understand why we are chosen to be as we are. Everyone has a choice, but it’s the laziness that stands in the way, amusement is not your friend. Discovering yourself is the hardest job on the planet, so good luck and maintain love in everything - because everything is possible (no cliché intended).

When are you at your most creative and what/who inspires you?

Life itself inspires me the most, nature and travelling is also definitely a big part of this creativity; by seeing new places; and meeting new people. My drive for musical creativity rises even higher when I’m experiencing new things, then this manifestation of being present - translates into music and reflects how I felt during my journeys.

What do you think makes a ‘good’ artist?

What makes a good artist is rather simple I think, to be involved constantly in its works of creation, BUT when digging deeper into the depths of mystery, that takes courage and that makes an artist one of a kind, because good isn’t always good enough.

How do you think your friends would describe you?

A very complex and charismatic humble human being.

What are your hopes, dreams and plans for 2018?

To travel more and be more involved. I’m currently planning a release date for my side project’s album with Nerso called “Nertum – Consciousness Awakened” on Zen Mechanics’s record label Sourcecode Transmissions, we are hoping for a release in May 2018. I also plan to launch a few new projects, an ambient one (currently working on an album) and a faster psychedelic project.

Tell us about the last thing that made you laugh? (can be a joke, a film, a person, a situation)

I can’t remember what I was eating yesterday, let alone what made me laugh last, hahahaha, oops there we go. Thanks!

Dejan – thanks for taking the time to talk with us – good luck with everything xx

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Images courtesy of Lyktum/Dejan Jovanovic. Not to be reproduced without permission.
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