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Fusion interview with Anne Savage

Reported by K8-e / Submitted 27-09-06 21:17

It’s always a pleasure interviewing people you really admire and Anne Savage is one of those ladies for me. Iconic female djs like Anne, Lisa Lashes, Lottie and Sister Bliss have provided inspiration and entertainment to many for years now. Given it’s been two years since Anne’s last interview on HarderFaster and she has an upcoming gig at Fusion Stage 2 this Friday at Club ICE, Warminster, I thought it was an ideal opportunity for me to put my questions to the woman herself.

Hello Anne, it’s been well over 2 years since your last solo HarderFaster interview so I thought it was about time we caught up with you. What have you been up to in 2006? Can you describe a typical week in the life of Anne Savage?

Hi again! Well as we speak I am frantically trying to dry my clothes and pack for Ibiza, I leave in 2 hours. The airline lost my luggage from a gig in Cyprus two days ago and only delivered it this morning. It’s the Tidy V Extreme closing tonight so I’m looking forward to that, it’s really come into its own this year in Ibiza. I’ve toured most continents as both Dumb Blonde and Anne Savage, which was just brilliant. I even saw some giant pandas in China although the food was pretty horrific whilst I was there — ‘Braised Duck’s Blood and Chicken Gizzards’ both being on most menus. I’ve had lots of fun doing the Brits abroad holiday destinations midweek and the festivals and more serious gigs on the weekend. I’ve had a new release out on John OO’s label Joof with mixes from Pedro Delgardo and Steve Birch and now summer is drawing to a close I’m going to commit more time to getting serious in the studio.

I just read the latest entry in your tour diary at sounds hectic and not as glamorous as people would think! You’ve got a tour of China coming up, have you played there before and what do you most miss about the UK when you are away from home?

As I said earlier the food’s pretty grim and I ended up eating Macca D’s — inevitably I gained a few pounds — think Supersize me… Thankfully I’ve been that busy since I got back I’ve lost the weight. The gigs were great, their club culture is more ‘get a table and a bottle of Hennessy and get p*ssed’. There isn’t really a massive dancefloor with everyone facing the dj going nuts, which took a bit of getting used to. I asked my tour manager about this and she told me that the Chinese are quite a shy nation, which kind of explains it. I really miss my wireless connection when I end up in far flung places, and just being at the mercy of other people’s plans, I’m a bit of a control freak. Believe it or not I’m not a big fan of the sun or heat and I miss English crappy weather.

It was a while ago now but last year you played at Paris Hilton’s VIP London perfume launch. I’m an avid Heat reader, so firstly, was there any celebrity gossip from that party? And secondly, what sort of stuff did you play and how was it received?

Myself and Tim Healey did it together, we were sent a playlist before hand which was novel to say the least. When Paris arrived I’d played all the Michael Jackson in my collection and she had quite a hissy fit. She actually said ‘I hate this music — it’s my party — play some Michael Jackson’, which I thought was ace. Her Mum came to the rescue by handing over her latest single, which Tim slammed on and seemed to do the trick. She did a bit of a dance on the stage then was gone!! I think one of Tim’s mates nicked a life size cut out of her and we just made the most of the fabulous free cocktails. There were loads of other celebs there but it was really just a bit of fun. I’d definitely do it again though. It did make a few of the tabloids, but how many stories of her tantrums are there?!!

By now I expect most people will be familiar with your Dumb Blonde alias but for those who aren’t, give us the run down on your alter ego.

Well it’s me, playing breaks, house, techno and whatever takes my fancy but mainly breaks. It’s really taking off and I’ve played at most of the best breaks nights in the country — which blows me away. I’m so lucky to have been accepted by that community. I think people are sceptical at first but when I’m dj’ing I think it comes across how much I love it and they just go with it. The productions help, people seem to like them and really, it’s just dj’ing! I used to get really nervous before a DB gig but now I’m just myself, it’s just dj’ing a different kind of music, which I’ve done in the past.

You’ve enjoyed some extremely successful releases under that moniker: Sugar Lips’, and ‘We Have The Technology’, co- produced with Coburn, have won praise from your peers and clubbers alike. What’s next for Dumb Blonde?

Well I’ve got a new website being made which I’d love people to check out www.dumblondetv. I’m working on an animation of my alter ego and some visuals which are pretty cool. I think it’s important to try and keep the Anne Savage and DB identities separate to avoid confusion. I’m hoping to do another collab with Coburn when they are less busy, but I’m concentrating on some new solo material to be ready for next year. I’ve also joined a new management company, Fusion bookings, who look after other talent on that tip, which has given me a lot of confidence in the future. My DB myspace is so come and be my friend!

Moving onto your Anne Savage productions, you’ve been working with Vinylgroover & The Red Head producing some cracking techy hard dance which I’ve seen tearing up clubs this year. Have you been back in the studio with the boys, in the studio with anyone else, or working on anything solo that we can look forward to?

Thanks, yes ‘The Pod’ did particularly well. They’ve had computer problems recently but we will be working on the follow up as soon as they have the studio back up and running. I’ve also done something with Marzz on Dutch label Detox coming out soon, and a new project with Mark Sherry which I’m really excited about. I have another project with tidy coming out but am sworn to secrecy at the moment, and possibly another comp for Crimbo.

What’s in your box at the moment? Which producers are really tickling your fancy?

Goodness, there’s so much going on, Ingo and Paul Maddox making electro, BK doing the same, Nick Sentience making breaks!! I love it.

I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet but you have a show on MoS radio and you’ve stood in for Dave Pearce on his now legendary ‘Dance Anthems’. How do you find radio work compared to club dj’ing and is the show mainly Anne or Dumb Blonde?

I love my show but it is quite a commitment as it’s live every week Thursday 6–8pm GMT sky channel 0198 or just at the Ministry site (sorry for the plug!!). I’ve had some great guests on, it’s the Tidy Boys this week and I’ll be chatting to Amadeus about his departure from tidy as he wants to set the record straight. It’s a very diverse show, I play my Dumb Blonde half hour which is creeping up to an hour, as there’s so much good music out there, then a guest mix, anyone from Amber D, Sander van Doorn (21st Sep) to up coming talent like LED. I’m also running a comp to do a Savagecast — anyone can send in one track — unsigned, one will be played each week and the winners will be on the download.

I’m sure you are quite bored of talking about Faking It now but I had to mention it as I loved the series so much, particularly your episode, which is probably one of the most memorable. How did it all come about in the first place and when they approached you did you have any idea how monumentally successful the show would be? And of course are you still in touch with Sian?

I got the call and went for the interview. They were looking for the mentor, and the poor girl got me! I didn’t realise at first that I would have cameras there 24/7 for a month and a complete stranger would be moving in, but it was a brilliant experience and I’m so glad I did it. I got a lot of TV work from that and since then have been asked to do tutorials and talks at a number of music institutions and colleges.

Have you ever taught anyone else to mix or was Faking It enough for one lifetime?

I’m always getting people asking me to teach them and hundreds of emails. It’s very hard to give out sound advice as the scene has changed so much from when I started, but I do my best.

As one of the original Tidy Girls your career has gone from strength to strength over the years and I think it’s fair to say you are one of the leading female djs in the world. Did you ever think you would be in this position when you started out and how much pressure do you feel to maintain your status?

I think if you are there from the beginning you will always have a certain amount of respect, but clubbers are fickle and you are only as good as your last gig, but I thrive on the pressure and wouldn’t have it any other way. I also think it’s healthy that there is a lot more competition for us more established djs, if no new talent comes through the scene would just fade away.

Also it’s that time of year again, the DJ Mag’s World’s Top 100 DJs Poll. Who will you be voting for this year and do you feel the outcome of the poll is actually relevant or is it really all about who has the best marketing machine?

Yes it’s a weird one alright. I’ve been in it for 6 years or so and it strikes fear into me every year, but you know, it’s all forgotten 2 weeks after the results come out and I think after all this time of being in it, it’s more exciting for the new entries. It really doesn’t affect my bookings where I am in the top 100 at my level. I think you are either top 15 or it’s irrelevant. I’m voting for Sander van Doorn, Metric, Hyper, Jody and Danny Mac.

Lastly you are headlining the Defective hard dance room at Fusion — Stage 2 @ Club ICE, Warminster on 29th September. Fusion is best known for its hardcore and was one of the legendary events from back in the day. Will you be making time to check out any of the hardcore acts and what do you have in store for the Fusion massive?

I will definitely be looking forward to taking a trip down memory lane. It’s not that long ago I had a whistle round my neck you know!! I will obviously be dj’ing my usual Anne Savage hardness, do not fear!!

Photos courtesy of Anne Savage. Not to be reproduced without permission.

Catch Anne at Fusion Stage 2 this Friday:
Fusion Event II
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Friday 29th September 2006
At: Club ice [map]

From: 20:00 - 06:00
Cost: £18
Ticket Info: Ad. Tickets £18 + BF (From all Outlets) or

£18 no BF from
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets
More: With 'Digital Circus' Going Down In History At One Of THE Events Of Summer 2006, We'd Like To Say A Massive Thankyou To All Of You That Made It Such A Memorable Night!!!

We Now Turn Our Attention To Fusion - 'Stage 2' At Club Ice, On The 29th September!

5 Arenas, Over 60 Artists - Hardcore, Hard Dance, DnB, Old Skool
Region: SW England
Music: Trance. Acid Trance. Euro Trance. Hard Trance. Tech Trance. Psy Trance. Nu NRG. Hi NRG. Hardcore. HardStyle. Hard House. Acid Techno. Techno.
DJ's: Arena 1 - Fusion / THC

Dj Sy
Darren Styles
Ramos & Supreme
Billy 'Daniel' Bunter
Kevin Energy & K Complex B2B
Geos Crew
Dougal & Gammer
Project Bosh
Mc's Storm, Whizzkid, Marley, Casper, Smiley & Knight

Arena 2 - Defective

Anne Savage
12 Inch Thumpers
Billy 'Daniel' Bunter
Little Gem
Damo Nu-Religion
Jason Chance
Jason Ireland
Paul Dee & Tripoli

Arena 3 Rampant

Ramos & Supreme
Vibes & Livelee
Ronnie G & Stoner
Barry K
Miss Special K
Mr Hyde feat Mc Knight
Mc's Knight, UV, Casper & Roni G

Arena 4 - Paradox
Dj Hype
Nicky Blackmarket
Wing & Twigz
Karn Evil
Lewid D & Viper
Twony & Connekta
Dj Ammy
Dj Rome

Arena 5 - Q-Bic & Hardcore Distortion

Ralph Mignano
Flatfoot Sam
Barry K
Mc's Motion, Vandal, Lloydy & Trigger

Who's Going? (3) : FReAK, little gem, Project Bosh 

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From: Neats on 28th Sep 2006 13:20.27
Fair play Thumbs up

From: Yojo - Cyberkitten on 28th Sep 2006 13:42.51
Top read Kate Big grin
Anne Savage was my first fave feline jock Hugs
Great to catch up on her news & views Mmmwwah! xx

From: Euphoria on 28th Sep 2006 16:34.16
Ladies of Hard Dance... You look great, is it possible playing after you? I might get distracted Wink

From: DJ Destructo on 28th Sep 2006 19:33.12
Anne played an awsome set at WEMF this year, hope to see her again sometime Smile

From: snowqueen on 1st Oct 2006 14:43.54
Anne is my queen of hard danceSmile

From: Lucy Fur on 2nd Oct 2006 20:11.07
Anne u r a legend! I will never forget before i started djing how i blagged my way into eden on my own just to see u play and u let me stay with u for the night! U wont remember but i always will Heartbeat

From: Simon_Vegas on 3rd Oct 2006 13:02.06
Great read! Wink

From: sexyminx on 10th Oct 2006 20:34.47
Wicked interview Big grin Loved hearing your sets at Camden. Keep up the good work Woooooot!

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