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Here come the likely lads! Preview to Twisted and Chemical Reaction

Reported by Steve Milton / Submitted 25-09-06 19:24

If you were to take say, five guys of all roughly the same age, add a comfortable pub, a significant thunderstorm and several pints of Kronenberg what do you end up with?

The answer? Well, read on and no doubt all will become clear.

When I was asked to do a preview for the forthcoming Twisted and Chemical Reaction event at the Fridge on October 7th and then told who I’d be interviewing I have to admit to a smile creeping across my face. The potential for wrongdoing was just too much to pass up on and it wasn’t much effort to get everyone together, imbibe them with alcohol and basically see what happened next. Well, that was the plan and quite frankly it wasn’t long before it went out of the window like a liberated canary. I did my best to make sense of the proceedings but as they say, “you can’t polish a turd” so this is it in all it’s glory.

The Ice Box room of the Fridge, will be hosted by Chemical Reaction, and while Yoji and Scott Project take centre stage in the main room four of HarderFaster’s best-known faces go back to back for 3 hours of mayhem that will no doubt provide a feast of fun for all. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you the likely lads; Markus Buhmann, Matt Dahl, Karl Alexander and last but no means least Daegal Brain.

We meet outside the tube station in Stockwell. I’m last to arrive as usual so with no time to lose we head to Matt’s local pub. Manchester United verses Celtic is on the TV and most attention is focussed there but we have bigger fish to fry and soon we’re safely ensconced in the corner and getting down to the serious business of drinking. With the vocal chords suitably lubricated we move on to discussing the matter at hand. I’m determined to get all the juicy gossip out of these chaps but I feel they have other ideas as a fresh set of beers arrive.

I get my first question out, just to ease them into things . . .

OK then, first of all how did you guys get to know each other? Can we blame HarderFaster for that or was it down to something completely unrelated?

Daegal: What’s more of a mystery is how I didn’t manage to meet Markus until a few years ago; we are from the same town in New Zealand, went to the same school, our Dads worked together . . . STALKER!

Markus: Yeah I should have met you in our primary school years and like Daegal said our Fathers worked together 20 odd years ago, but they didn’t get on at all so you can blame HarderFaster for me meeting Daegal. I got a demo from him at Mezmerise pre-party and then through him I met Karl about 4 years ago. I met Matt properly at Ian Betts’ old Thursday night at Inigo, Old School, New School, apparently I’d met him a year earlier at a house party but we were both very, very drunk that night and I can’t remember much of anything of that party.

Daegal: As for Karl, we were both playing and attending a rather rocking trance event called Mesmerize at the 414 in 2000. Matt probably realised what a bunch of monkeys we are and felt quite at home joining in.

Karl: Haha yeah, and we also had the contract at the time to provide djs on Fridays and Saturdays at the Prince of Wales, Brixton, for pre-club warm up sessions. Daegal was recommended by friends who played for the night and he came to play at the POW and then became a regular at Mesmerize — it was to become his first London residency. I met Markus when I played for Ground Zero at the Spotted Dog in Willesden and hit it off and later met Matt who was his flatmate at the time when Daegal, Leigh and I went over for a mix session.

Matt: God knows, I think I got them free in a pack of cornflakes or something like that!

The 4-way back to back you’ll be playing sounds like a bit of a dodgy gay porn flick, so come on then . . . who out of all of you would be most likely to star in one and I want justification!?

Karl: Oh definitely Markus — it’s the German breeding that makes him a natural choice for it (and he has a fetish for wearing adult baby-grows)

Daegal: Hahahaha . . . . Let’s just say they don’t call him “The Buhmannator” for nothing!

Matt: Das Buhmann, I’ve managed to convince people that he was a male model for adult baby clothes before, so I reckon it’s just a short career step to for him to star in a German fetish video dressed in a giant baby romper suit.

Markus: Well I it reckon it should be decided by a naked wrestling match between Sketch (Matt) and Karl, possibly in a town square I reckon, and as for why, what goes on tour, stays on tour (naughty schoolboy faces all round).

I think you should explain yourself further . . .

All: Not a chance!

“Hey boys, look at the size of my canon!”

While I’m on the subject of the back to back, how is that going to work out? Will it be a free for all fighting for deck time or will you organise something beforehand?

Matt: Being the slick, professional djs that we all are, we’ve thought long and hard about this and had come up with the perfect plan. Unfortunately just as we were about to write it down, we were all distracted by something shiny and the plan was lost forever.

Daegal: Naaaah we’ve played together plenty of times before . . . it always seems to come together nicely ad-hoc, so why spoil it with planning? What could possibly go wrong?


Karl: Seriously though, we all know each other and our music selection/styles really well plus we all talk a lot during our sets, gauging the crowd reaction and how we should take things forward to keep the vibe going. Most likely on the night we’ll each do a short section ourselves and then go for a four-way mash up, but we like to keep things fairly free flowing.

Markus: Also I’d expect singing into convenient beer bottles or record brushes, flouncing about behind the decks and possibly matching t-shirts.

So in between all this nonsense and when the others are playing, will you be purposefully looking through your records trying to find those tunes that are really difficult to mix out of just to play havoc with the rest of them and in the process make yourself look better?

Markus: We all play nicely together, we’re scared of Fi.

Karl: Well, apart from Daegal, he’s the one who is notorious for threatening to drop strange/difficult tunes then walk away leaving you looking like a complete numpty — the Top Gun theme tune remix is one example. Another time he stuck a record with an incredibly camp half naked man in leather straps in the front of my bag while I was playing . . . I was left standing there holding it trying to figure out how the hell it got there.

Daegal: No! Karl will probably try and get me back by slipping a certain record in my crate when I’m not looking though. He did blush when his girlfriend pulled him up on it.

Matt: The mere thought hadn’t even begun to speculate about the merest possibility of crossing my mind.

“Do you think I can get catalogue work?”

By now we’re well into our third pint and the light show and heavy rain outside are showing no signs of abating. But of course there are worse places to be stuck in so we soldier on regardless. My next question . . .

I played a back-to-back at a party with a mate once and the sly git would adjust the pitch while I wasn’t looking. Who’s going to admit to doing the same thing or something equally underhand?

Matt: Dear God man, don’t start giving them ideas like that, don’t you realise just how impressionable those three are, who knows where it’ll lead. If I get an electric shock because one of them has rigged the contacts of a car battery to the cross fader, just to put us off, I’ll be holding you responsible.

Daegal: Nope that’s Space’s department. The HF legend can always be counted on for such antics, which so far include: unplugging the mains to the booth on the final tune of the night, and getting his c*ck out in front of Ian Betts, asking him to “sign this” . . . the look on Ian’s face!!!

Karl: No, pitch adjustments are a no-no — however flange, other effects and knob twiddling on the tune playing are all fare game.

Markus: Maybe at house parties — definitely not in a club. There’s plenty of time to stitch each other up when we’re not playing. Sketch is particularly good at this.

Now we’re starting to enjoy ourselves and I notice it wouldn’t look out of place if there were some dominoes on the table, which inspires me for my next question:

“How much for your wimmin?”

Like myself, and if you don’t mind me saying, non of you are youngsters any more. Who amongst you has lost their hardcore and is the first to dive for the comfy seat and a cuppa on a night out?

Markus: I haven’t so much lost my hardcore, but I’m fond of taking disco naps to keep my hardcore topped up.

Karl: Oh that would be me.

Matt: Pfft . . . speak for yourself Granddad. I know there were rumours that Saga holidays were looking to sponsor our trip to Finland and Estonia earlier this year, but they are unfounded (although I’ve heard that Saga are talking to Karl and Daegal about becoming travel reps for the company and I overheard Markus talking to some people from Pfizer about becoming a spokesman for one of their products, “Niagara” or something. Although I didn’t know he knew so much about waterfalls. As for losing my hardcore . . . Pah, my weekends are still all drink, drugs and banging music (a pint of lager top and a couple of easy listening tunes on the pub jukebox on a Saturday night and a couple of Aspirin for the hangover on the Sunday morning).

Daegal: Pretty much all of us! I’m into running at the moment. The problem is with the clubbing scene is that it takes itself far too seriously!

So OK then, imagine, there you all are, playing away and all of a sudden it kicks off big time, who’d be the first to dive in and sort it out and who’d pretend nothing was happening and hide in the corner?

Daegal: Karl would definitely come in handy in such situations . . . though he’s more likely to talk people first. Which is good for them . . .

Markus: Yup I agree, Karl would be in there in a shot, and there would be bodies everywhere soon after and as to hiding behind record bags, I’d probably be taking a disco nap there.

Karl: I admit I’d probably dive in first, followed shortly after by the “Wall of Meat” (who’d be a hell of a lot more effective).

Matt: Hahaha . . . neither for me, I’d be off to the bar to bag myself some free drinks while everyone is distracted.

“I dunno chaps, none of these tunes has really moved me.”

Finally the storm has passed and we make plans to go back to Matt’s via the off license for a bit of a mix and I grab my chance for a final question.

While we’re on the subject of violence who would you choose to fight (amongst yourselves) man to man in the gladiatorial arena and what would be your weapon of choice and of course anything goes?

Karl: I’d like to take on Daegal armed with guns that fired ambrosia custard and happy humous.

Matt: Knowing Daegal’s love of cheese, I once bought him some original Cheddar made in Cheddar. His reaction to receiving this rather thoughtful gift was to bash me around the head with it. So with this in mind I reckon taking on the Brain both armed with wedges of Somerset’s finest would be the way to go.

Daegal: Is this a fantasy of yours? Mind you I’ve already taken Matt on with a piece of cheese . . . hmm I don’t think I’ve tried “the camembert slap” on Markus yet . . .

Markus: Not Karl, because if I got through him I’d have to deal with Fi and that prospect terrifies me. I’d probably go for Sketch, for no reason except that he’s a foreigner, and I’d use a taiaha.

And that was that. A short walk later saw this motley crew emptying the fridge of the local off-license and moving on to sample some of Matt’s fine hospitality. I have to say they’re a fine bunch of decent chaps (whom I kidding?) who definitely know how to have a good time and thanks to them the long journey home was relatively painless as the alcohol took its toll and I slept nearly all the way.

Going out drinking on a school night is neither big or clever but I reckon I can pretty much guarantee there’ll be a bit of both plus lots more nonsense besides in the Ice Box of the Fridge come the 7th October.

See you on the dance floor.

Photos courtesy of Karl Alexander, Daegal Brain, Markus Buhmann and Matt Dahl. Not to be reproduced without permission.

TWISTED's 8th Birthday
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Saturday 7th October 2006
At: The Fridge [map]

From: 22:00 - 06:00
Cost: Advanced tickets £12 - MOTD
Ticket Info: £12 Early Bird Tickets from Ticketweb - MOTD

For information and concession guestlist, email:
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, clubbers extraordinaire – welcome on board Twisted Airlines Flight 0710 for the maiden voyage of the sensational Airport clubbing concept.

Tonight’s Airport destination is The Fridge in London, our scheduled time of arrival is 10pm. Your captains on this flight of musical fancy are international clubbing legends Yoji Biomehanika and Scot Project/[b], who will be lifting you off the ground with a dazzling mix of hard dance, European trance, techno trance and hard house.

Your Head Steward for tonight will be [b]Trevor McLachlan
, ably assisted by guest cabin crew Latex Zebra. Both are on hand throughout the flight to warm you up with a stunning selection of the hardest most euphoric tunes as our flight rises higher into the atmosphere.

Should you require refreshment of a different nature, please feel free to unbuckle your seatbelts and visit the IceBox, where host Chemical Reaction will be serving up a filthy session of underground UK hard dance.

Emergency exits are to the front and rear of the plane but we guarantee you won’t want to use them until our flight lands at 6am. Should you wish to show your appreciation at any time during the flight simply blow on the whistle attached the lifejacket under your seat and wave your hands in the air.

In the event of your breath being taken away, you will find your oxygen masks in the compartments overhead. Please don’t worry as this is a common occurrence at Twisted events. Please do not remove the masks from the plane for later use as club wear.

Advance boarding passes are available but can also be purchased at the passenger gate on the night. We thank you for travelling with Twisted Airlines and we hope you enjoy your flight.
Region: London
Music: Trance. Euro Trance. Hard Trance. Tech Trance. Psy Trance. HardStyle.
DJ's: Main Room

Yoji Biomehanika
Scot Project
Trevor McLachlan
Latex Zebra

Ice Box

Daegal Brain
Marc Antoine
Markus Buhmann
Karl Alexander
Matt Dahl
Neil MD

Who's Going? (61) : *VaNeSsA*, -David-, AB, Adam Symbiosis, anushka007, big trouble, biggobbob, clactonmike, clubbers-essentials, ClubCasualty, Craig Paxton, Crimson - Crazy Fool, D4nnii, Daegal Brain, DanJ, Davey_Boy, DJ Widow, DJ Zone, djdyju, dori, Dr DUZZIT, ED_case, Euphoria, freak-a-freak, fullah-sugah, Getonit, Gordon Darley, Gosia, guy garrett, Hot Chips, K.A.R.L., Karl Alexander, kevsey.d, King_of_Sketch, Lorenzo Barrero, Lynda, madphil, malcy_p, Marc Antoine, Matt Church, Mike Harris, MissyT, Mizz_behavin, Neonpink, Not Marcus, paul jack, Pirka, PolysexualBex, Puppies, purplepodium, Sats, sexyminx, Symbiosis, Timmy Whiz, Trevor McLachlan, TwistedPhil, Van-Man, vixta, wide_eyed_raverbaby, witch hunter, ~deleted1390 
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From: bunny on 26th Sep 2006 08:38.12
Tee hee hee Very silly but great interview!

From: Tartipants on 26th Sep 2006 09:23.55
Rolls On Floor Laughing Brilliant!

From: Sats on 26th Sep 2006 10:02.11
Laughs out loud what a great interview!!! I love the choice of photos!

From: Richard Launch on 26th Sep 2006 10:25.21
Nice one fellas...! Very funny interview.

From: Lisa B on 26th Sep 2006 10:39.34
Wicked interview... Very witty indeed x

From: djdyju on 26th Sep 2006 11:43.33
Very entertaining interview Thumbs up

From: anushka007 on 26th Sep 2006 12:27.37
boys: i am truly honoured for having you to be part of this show.
And I cannot wait to see what four of you come up with.
Love the fotos Tee hee hee

Steve – that is fun read Thumbs up

From: suzy-q on 26th Sep 2006 13:10.04
Laughs out loud what a bunch of crazies!! Tee hee hee

From: ~deleted9531 on 26th Sep 2006 13:40.10
Laughs out loud

Bunch of gh4yers Roll eyes (sarcastic)

Thumbs up

From: K.A.R.L. on 26th Sep 2006 15:14.23
Rolls On Floor Laughing Brilliant. Looking forward to hearing this lot at Twisted.

From: Mike Harris on 26th Sep 2006 16:14.19
What a top bunch of lads, i have a lot of time for these guys! Thumbs up

From: Red5 on 26th Sep 2006 20:01.46
Top blokes all around Thumbs up

From: General Zod on 26th Sep 2006 20:56.46
Brilliant! I must confess, Markus is incredibility photogenic! Wink

From: Carine on 26th Sep 2006 21:16.16
You guys rock!!!

From: Maria on 27th Sep 2006 12:23.12
Wicked! See you all at Twisted 8th birthday!!!

From: Euphoria on 27th Sep 2006 17:14.18
Might have to pop in to hear you guys Wink

From: ~deleted1390 on 27th Sep 2006 22:25.38
You fools. I love you all, some more than others but...

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