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Brandon Block gets Funky 414 London!

Reported by Latex Zebra / Submitted 16-09-09 17:39

Legend, pure and simple, is the term usually attached to the name Brandon Block. From his earliest hellraising days to his more laid back style today, things are never simple and straight forward with the godfather of partying hard. As he heads to the epicentre of clubbing hard, a legend in itself, Club 414, to grace the decks Latex Zebra picked up the phone to talk about drinking, the credit crunch and eating grubs.

Brandon Block is one of few DJs whose very name conjures up the essence of the word party. He has been part of the scene for almost as long as there has been a scene and he has pretty much seen it and done it as well.

He has hosted radio shows, been on TV (more on that later) and played up and down the country and all over the World. He still does in fact. On September 26th, Brandon Block returns to Club 414 to play at the new house event Funky 414 London. After weeks of missed calls, text messages and family crisis (mine actually), holidays (both of us) trips abroad (him, lucky git) and driving round the country for gigs (him again) we finally managed to find a time that was right and sit down for a very pleasant chat.

The first, and most obvious, question I asked was what he is up to right now, well other than gassing with me on the phone. “It’s kind of a strange time out there at the moment but I have a residency in Watford for Bed delivering cutting edge vocal house.” Not one to let a quiet scene keep him quiet he travels all over the country on Saturdays playing, “Up north, down south… The midlands, hard to pick a place! Electro parties in Kent, another house night in Derby.”

Brandon is no stranger to the 414. As well as a few unnamed, or unremembered other parties, he also played back in the early naughties for Sleepless during their year long stint at the 414. With fond memories he said “It’s a long time since I’ve been there and I’m really looking forward to coming back.”

Ask about the current downturn in clubbing and just about everything Brandon says is optimistic, taking the rough with the smooth. “There are some really good gigs, some not so good and plenty of excellent ones. It’s seems like the luck of the draw sometimes.” Still when you’re flying off to ”Eygpt, Thailand and Ibiza” to name a few, you can’t really complain.

Getting serious for a moment he tells me, “The credit crunch is affecting people a lot, people can’t afford to go out as often and pick and choose a lot more. Bank holidays,” he continues, “Holidays, they all have an effect as well. It’s the usual things”

Moving away from the doom and gloom of recession we talk some more about music, it’s clear that this is something he is still passionate about after all these years. So much so that we laugh when he reveals, “I think I’m having a bit of a mid life crisis musically at the moment! I’m playing electro stuff but I really want to find stuff with a groove, good old house music, tuneful stuff. I can spend days looking through my music to find the right stuff.” Asked about the current electro rebirth? “It probably won’t last too long,” he muses.

So what does he have up his sleeves for Funky 414 London? “Plenty of classics,” I’m sure everyone attending will be pleased to hear. “I’m playing a lot more classics at the moment as well.” This coupled with his current sound of party music is sure to have the place rocking.

Brandon Block's production career whilst not prolific has certainly been a commercial success with two chart tracks, one hitting the top 20. “Once I get a bit more time I’ll hook up with my mate who I produce with and we’ll do something.” When you’re playing all the over the place, time in the studio is probably hard to find, I ask. “Production isn’t really my main thing, especially at the moment.” Of course not a bad thing to be able to say with two chart hits under your belt.

No stranger to TV, his infamous appearance at the Brits in 2001 made headlines the next day. As well as this he has appeared on reality TV “Reality TV, It’s coming to halt,” he tells me, thankfully I imagine many readers will think. I asked if he was ever offered I’m a Celebrity. “I was up for that a long time ago.” Would he have eaten the grubs, I pestered? “I would have probably eaten horse shit if they’d asked me to at the time!”

To finish off I moved on to the topic of his legendry status as a party animal. He won Muzik Mags “Caner of the Year” award a few years back! “I’ve stopped drinking at the moment. My sessions are very few and far between,” he chuckles to himself. “When I do have ‘em now, I have ‘em!” A few two dayers in Ibiza recently confirm there is still plenty of life in him yet. “People still fall by the wayside and I can still drink like a fish.” Proving in no uncertain terms you never really lose it.

That said “I don’t find myself enjoying it as much, I’m getting older and do I really want to be falling rounds the streets at 40 like an idiot. There is the odd occasion where we must make the effort and have a big piss up,” he continues. “My reputation does precede me though, but I’ve yet to meet anyone who comes near.”

So what’s a quiet night for Brandon now then “Just a few drinks down my local, I still see a lot of my old school friends so we just do the normal stuff.” With that we chatted a little longer as I walked the dangerous line of potentially organising a meeting whilst not being seen to throw the gauntlet down. Sensing frailty he warns me, “Don’t hurt yourself.” A meeting outside of a pub it is then.

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On the 26th September come and get a taste of the old magic from one of the scenes liveliest characters. Brandon Block at Funky 414 London.

Photos courtesy of Brandon Block and Club 414. Not to be reproduced without permission.

FUNKY 414 LONDON (With Brandon Block)
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Saturday 26th September 2009
At: CLUB 414 [map]

From: 10pm-10am
Cost: £12 OTD before 12am. £15 after. Members-Ladies £8b412am.
Ticket Info: Only 100 £8 Tickets available.
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets
More: Brandon is probably one of, if not the most entertaining and unique DJ and personality you'll ever find. He's best known for his uplifting party house music behind the decks, and his infamous havoc causing antics on the other side of the turntables. Brandon's taste is eclectic and when it comes to pleasing the dance floor, he will play anything that will move the crowd.

Brandon is no stranger to television and has presented programmes including "Off Your Med" (MTV), "The Dogs Balearics" (C4), "Brandon Block's Brits" (Teenage Rapture), "MTV Europe Tour" - presenting and Dj-ing at BCM Majorca, Corfu, Mykinos and Ibiza (MTV), "The Brit Awards" (2001 and 2002) - interviewing behind the scenes (various), "Pacific TV" (Bravo), "Las Vegas, Party City" - documentary (C4/Sky) and he has been a guest in several programmes including "The Salon" (C4), "The Pop Years" (ITV), "Banzai" (C4), "Up Late With Ralph Little" (BBC Choice), "Jo Wiley" (C4) and he even starred in the film "Club Lamonde", now out on DVD. More recently he also appeared on Celebrity Fear Factor and Celebrity Detox……
Be warned - be prepared, Brandon is always guaranteed to rock the party!

Club 414 is proud to have such a renowned celebrity dj perform at the venue, and hope this is the beginning of more great things to come.

Supporting Brandon on the night are resident Funky 414 dj's Roland London, Matt LaMoo & Werner with special guest Digital D, MagistrateJULES & Adam KEISNER.
All to take place in that warm and friendly atmosphere which only the 414 knows how to produce.
Wicked sound system & intelligent lighting.
Terrace roof garden will be made available for those who smoke.

The legendary and award winning Club 414 leads from the front, renowned for its friendly but firm door staff, the smiling and helpful bar staff.

Ticket Sales info please contact

Club 414
414 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, SW9.

Turn left outside Brixton tube station, walk past the KFC and round to the left onto Coldharbour Lane. Club 414 can be found one minute walk on the left hand side.
Region: London
Music: House. Funky House.
DJ's: Brandon Block
Matt LeMOO
Digital D

Who's Going? (6) : B.S.E, Carla 414, Digital D, Dirty Old Bastard, Matt Church, phil lankester 

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From: ~deleted1390 on 16th Sep 2009 17:56.44
Was an honour to interview such a legend.

From: Darz on 17th Sep 2009 00:04.30
Whenever I've seen him he's always got a smile on his face and looks as if he's genuinely enjoying himself, not alot of DJs these days have that!

I remember seeing him on the dancefloor near the DJ box in Pacha Ibiza at the end of the night in 2003. The night was Underwater, Darren Emerson was DJing. Anyway, Blocko walks past and Emerson says to him, "Alright Blocko, didn't realise you was here tonight", to which Block replies, "What are you doing here mate?" LOL me and my mate were in histerics - it was Darren Emerson's event!!!

I seen him quite a few times in Ibiza last year too, he was looking after his mate in a wheelchair the whole time, I thought that was really nice of him.

Hope the event goes well!

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