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Phatt Bass (Adrenaline Dept Remix), Warp Brothers
More/Wounds, Coquillage & Crustace
Shadows Fall, Skyfield
Access (John Askew Remix), DJ Misjah & Tim
Cassiopeia, BluSkay & KeyPlayer
Savoy/Lethargic Altercation, Tasso
Broken Age, Iversoon and Alex Daf
Jump Around, Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion meet $pyda
Order 77, Quade77
Continuum, Phil Reynolds & Costa Pantazis

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25th Oct 2011
8th Nov 2009
26th Jun 2008
3rd Mar 2008
31st Aug 2007
7th Jul 2007
30th May 2007
2nd May 2007
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3rd Feb 2003

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[colour=red]Talking Hardcore, Depeche Mode & Jimmy Sommerville (amongst other things) with Techno producer Chris Coles![/colour], 1st Jun
[colour=red]A candid chat with the illustrious Latex Zebra, ahead of his debut on Onhcet Republik![/colour], 18th May
[colour=red]NEM3SI$ from Techno Label Onhcet Republik talks about ethos, the scene & gives a heads up on a very exciting remix of a renowned classic anthem![/colour], 15th Apr
[colour=#31ABC6]Latex Zebra: roving bus reporter, gimpy-knee-man or Darren F@cking Nugget?[/colour], 13th Sep
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[colour=red]The Final Zoo[/colour], 19th Oct

HarderFaster DJs >> Latex Zebra
Music Style:Trance with a bit of bollocks. Techno, House, Hard Dance, Old Skool and Cheesy stuff. Basically, I play most things given the chance.
Date of birth:29/04/74
Residencies:Zoology - Promoter/Resident (2001-2011)
Alumni - Promoter/Resident
Brixton Trance Undeworld - Promoter/Resident
Subversion - Musical Director/Resident
Management Agency:Me!
Bookings Contact: Dan Nugent - No spam please. Smile
No. of records:A lot.
Started playing:1995
All time top 3 tunes:1. Gat Decor - Passion (Flying)
2. Virus - Sun (Perfecto)
3. Hardfloor - Hard Trance Aceperience (Harthouse)
Signed to:No one but have released on Vinyl Zoo, Riot, Electrik Shandy and Pitch Bend
Sample set: Some here.
Worst DJing moment:Probably my August 2002 set at Vinyl Zoo. One of those nights where everything that could go wrong, did! I walked away crestfallen. Frown
Would most like to play:Happy to play anywhere with an up for it crowd and plenty of beer.
Most enjoyable set you've played:Trance on Thames August 16th 2008.
When you're not DJing you're:Fighting crime in a Spandex costume under my alter ego Platic Pony!
Favourite DJ:My friends.
Favourite Venue:Club 414
Favourite Promotion:Subversion
Brixton Trance Underworld
Zoology was pretty cool.
Favourite Producer:At the moment... Steve Haines.
Favourite Label:Sick Slaughterhouse
Biggest Influence:My wife; DJ Widow
Drink:All of it
Non-music pastime:Being a Dad.
Words of wisdom:The World doesn't owe you a favour.
Other Comments:I didn't know it was gonna do that!

Last updated:
15 Jan 2014

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Updated 28-03-07 12:03
Latex Zebra galloped onto the scene in 2001, and hasn’t looked back since. He's one quarter of the Vinyl Zoo/Zoology partnership and also a damn fine DJ.

Latex Zebra has been DJing since ’95, perfecting his skills before looking for club sets....[expand]

Updated 07-10-10 10:10
Latex Zebra - Plastic Pants - Vinyl Zoo 1
Latex Zebra - Waterproof - Vinyl Zoo 2
Latex Zebra - Supersonicus - Vinyl Zoo 5
Latex Zebra & DJ Widow - Shadow Boxer - Vinyl Zoo 5
Latex Zebra & DJ Widow - Solitaire - Unreleased
Latex Zebra & DJ Widow ...[expand]

Past Sets
Updated 29-12-03 10:12
WAKE UP! @ George IV 28/12/03
Space Invader @ The HQ Club, Leeds - 2002
Strech @ The Purple Turtle, Camden - 2002
Mothership Abuduction @ The Imperial Gardens, Camberwell - 2002

Upcoming UK Sets
Updated 05-11-07 12:11


Ascendance @ The Swan, Kingston 17/11/07
Alumni @ Club 414, Brixton 22/10/07
The Breakfast Club @ Club 414, Brixton TBC


Zoology Techno vs Hard @ Club 414, Brixton 07/12/07
Harderfaster Xmas Party - Somewh...[expand]

Recent photosets featuring Latex Zebra
## Zoology Hard ##
& STACE bday

414 & Streatham (3rd October, 2008)
(Photos: anushka007)
Great party at Zoology and happy Birthday STACE
Zoology Classic's vs. Alumni
Club 414 (3rd August, 2007)
(Photos: Carla 414)
*BAKLASH (Afterparty For After People)*
Club 414 (5th May, 2007)
(Photos: BakLash Sister)
Fantastic party. Wicked sets by everyone. Next BakLash: Saturday 5th June 2007 - BakLash's 2nd Birthday.
External Links - profiles, sets, interviews etc
Link Submitted
Vinyl Zoo Label Profile - Energy UK 19th Mar 2003
  Upcoming sets:

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22/05/20 - Sonance - The Second Birthday, 22nd May
HarderFaster Christmas Extravaganza 2019, 7th Dec
Echo 20th Birthday Boat Party, 4th May
HarderFaster Christmas Extravaganza 2018, 1st Dec
TRANCElucid - September, 22nd Sep
Brixton Trance Underworld, 27th Jul
Club 414 Presents Trance Night, 9th Mar
Brixton Trance Underworld, 26th Jan
Because, 29th Dec
HarderFaster Christmas Party 2017, 2nd Dec

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