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What it takes to sell a house quickly is one of the questions we are asked most often when we meet a person who has decided to sell a property. We have therefore decided to dedicate this post to everything you will need to have available to sell your home.
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Graduated documents and sales
It may seem unusual to you, but trades that are blurred due to the lack of documents certifying the regularity of a property are far from a rare thing. Although apparently it may seem like a simple distraction on the part of the seller, it is not uncommon that the property does not meet the necessary requirements for the sale and therefore does not have the relevant certification. So what are the indispensable ones for an effective sale?
The required documents to sell a house
Let's start with the documents that you will necessarily need to sell the house. First of all, you will need to make sure you have:
• Deed of ownership of the property
• Ape - certificate of energy performance of the building
• Mortgage certificate
• Updated cadastral plan
• Certifications of regularity of the plants
• Personal documents
Before moving on to the explanation of other documents that may be necessary for the sale, let's delve into some specifics of those we have just listed.
Deed of ownership
A deed of ownership means a document that certifies the regular possession of the property to be sold. It could be the deed of sale in the case of purchase of the house, however different documents may also be present, such as the sentence of attribution of the property by a judge or a deed of donation.
This document is essential to ensure that whoever sells the property is first of all the legitimate owner of the same and that he is fully authorized to sell it.
Ape - energy performance certificate
Indispensable for the sale of a building is also the presence of the energy performance certificate which classifies the property being sold in a category between A and G, based on the energy consumption of the building.
The presence of the APE alone is not however sufficient for the sale of a property, as it must be recent and updated, especially if the property has been subject to modifications or adjustments.
Mortgage certificate
The presence of a mortgage certificate of the property being sold is also very important. It is a document that is issued by the Revenue Agency and which serves to ensure that the property being put up for sale is not subject to provisions such as injunctions, mortgages or foreclosures.
This document is therefore necessary to demonstrate that there are no debts of any kind on the property and that it is therefore possible to proceed with the sale.
Cadastral plan
Another fundamental document for selling a property is the cadastral plan. In other words, it is the document that verifies the correspondence of the building structure with what is deposited in the land registry.
Very useful in this sense is the presentation of a historical cadastral survey that allows to reconstruct the history of the building and the changes that could have occurred even later.
In the absence of a historical survey, it is however essential to make sure that the cadastral plan actually corresponds to the state of the building as a discrepancy could cause a renunciation of the purchase or in any case lead to disputes or problems that in the best of cases would end up lengthening the time. of purchase.
Regularity of the plants
Also important for the sale of a house or a property in general is the presence of certificates attesting the regularity of the existing systems.
Consider that the certification of suitability of the electrical, plumbing and heating system is not in itself mandatory for the sale, even though these are documents normally requested by buyers.
Personal documents
Although they are often not considered among the documents necessary to sell a house, the personal documents of the seller or sellers are also indispensable for the success of a real estate sale.
In addition to the identity card and the tax code, a document issued by the registry office certifying the seller's marital status is also required.
In the event that the buyer or seller are non-EU citizens, the presentation of the residence permit will also be required.
Other documents
In addition to those we have mentioned to you, other documents may be needed or useful to sell the house immediately.
In the event that the building is inserted in a condominium context, the buyer could legitimately request the condominium regulation, as well as requesting the vision or copy of the minutes of the condominium assembly, especially as regards decisions already approved. as could be the case, for example, for the execution of condominium works.
The condominium budgets are also among the documents that may be requested before the sale of a house together with the proof of payment of the condominium expenses, especially with regard to important or extraordinary interventions.
If, on the other hand, works are already in progress, the purchaser has the right to request the presentation of all the permits that certify the extent and suitability of the works already started.
With regard to payments, in the event that there is a mortgage on the property for sale, the buyer may request the relative documents and proof of previous payments. However, the debt situation should also result from the mortgage registration we have told you about in the mandatory documents.
However, we remind you that, as we have already explained in a dedicated post, nothing prevents you from selling a house even in the presence of a mortgage.
A final type of additional document that may need to be produced is that relating to the lease agreement in the event that the property being sold is rented.
What to do if something is missing to sell the house?
Given the long list of claims we have shown you, you are probably wondering what you should do if any of these documents are missing.
First of all, check with the real estate agency that is dealing with the negotiation or to which you intend to entrust the sale of the property which are actually necessary for the sale of the building and which ones could possibly be presented at a later time.
If some of the documents are missing, consider that you could always request a copy from the competent body, that is normally the land registry office or the Revenue Agency for most of the documents, while for the energy classification and suitability of the systems, the relative documentation is normally issued by the person carrying out the work or by a technician specialized in this type of certification.
Finally, consider that very often it is not those who sell the house who have to deal with the registered documents, but it is the intermediary who requests the documentation, thus helping the owner even in this delicate phase during the sale of their property.

What it takes to sell a house

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