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Fast rising star Domek talks about 'A Changing Disaster', his remix of NEM3SI$ 'The Fourth Kind' and his mega popular podcast 'The Playground'!

Reported by Jessica Alici / Submitted 22-11-21 12:52

Hailing from the Czech Republic we welcome Domek! A budding new super talented techno DJ and Producer who is already making big waves with his killer productions and energising podcasts. With this rip-roaring rapid success we decided it was time to talk!

So Domek, firstly, where were you born and how did your childhood influence the artist you have become today?

I was born in Czech Republic and my childhood was pretty much influenced by my father and his love of electronic music, specifically Trance music. Since I was a child, I used to listen to my father’s records, and this ignited a fire deep inside of me that represented a love of electronic music. When I was a teenager, I started listening to House music which I deeply loved and I still do, but as I grew older I couldn’t resist falling in love with Techno and love this genre more than anything else. It is music that gives me unbelievable feeling and I know this will stay with me forever.

What is your first memory of music?

I think I was about 6 years old, and my father was taking me to school in the morning. He used to take me every day and he always played loud 90’s music. I remember: La Bouche ‘Be My Lover’ was played a lot and to this day, that is one of my all-time favourite tracks!

Tell us your artist story so far?

I started playing on decks when I was 15 years old and used to like House music. I was so into it that within few months I had already started producing it myself. I quickly became very good at it and from early on was making quality music, but back then I never kept a backup and my computer’s hard drive burned out completely which led to me losing all my music and projects. I quit making music at that time because I didn’t have the money to afford a new computer and I felt my dream was gone. Years went by and then the pandemic came about. I was bored and really began questioning my life. On 2nd of January 2021, I opened FL Studio again for first time in years and I started making music. Since then, I’ve been active, creating tune after tune, creating my own podcast called - “The Playground” which has been a huge success, charting in many countries. I’ve been getting up to 10k listeners on Spotify too. I’ve been playing on radios and shows around the world and am now moving to Prague to become a resident DJ in a Techno club. My dream is finally becoming a reality and I love the progress I’ve made in just few months, and still feel there is so much more to come!

Other than music what are your biggest loves?

I love my girlfriend Kristina, my parents, grandparents, siblings, friends; and I feel so happy to have people by my side who support what I love. I also love sports, specifically Calisthenics that I have done for 4 years. I also love nature and the sun!

How would your friends describe you?

I guess my friends would describe me as a good person who is funny, reliable and crazy about music. Yes, the last one I am sure about, haha.

Who or what are your biggest influences and inspirations?

I have many producers and DJs that give me inspiration as I see them grow. A few of my absolute favourites are: Cosmic Boys, Jay Lumen, Victor Ruiz, Julian Jeweil and Metodi Hristov. Those are absolute brilliant artists who give me strength and inspiration every single day.

You have a remix out on Onhcet Republic, tell us about it…. your vision, the sounds used, how it came together

When I was asked to do this remix, I first listened to the original by NEM3SI$ and knew that I had to inject it with a little piece of me. I felt that a track titled - “The Fourth Kind” has to be magical and should make you feel like you’re being visited by extra-terrestrials and taken to outer space. I used a fast plucky bass, a variety of different sounds that go with each other and a melody that fills me with joy. All combined with the vocal that came from the original which helps creates an epic journey to another dimension.

What is it you love about techno music?

I love the energy, the incredible feeling of excitement and power that absolutely absorbs me. I can listen to Techno when I wake up, when I go to sleep, during the day at work. It’s just incredible and I love every second of it.

What is upcoming on your horizon and what are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Right now, I want to focus on creating music, I want to make a lot of music and I know eventually things will come together. I will be playing at the club and hopefully one day I can start being a DJ who travels the world, does what he loves the most and whose music is admired as much as I now admire others.

What has been a highlight of your career?

I am still waiting for the big moments, but I’d say a highlight of my career has been recording my podcast ‘The Playground’, and seeing it reach the top 10 of the best music podcasts in the world for some time on Apple Podcasts. Also achieving Beatport’s Top 10 Techno releases at 3rd place with my track ‘Sensation’, as well as receiving every single feedback that I get from my listeners, that is the biggest highlight, satisfaction and motivation for me.

What has been a lowlight of your career?

The lowlight is right now as I haven’t been as active making music and I have had a lot of personal stuff to deal with, which includes moving to my home country, specifically to Prague. As I am busy doing this, I see numbers and engagement going down on my artist pages, but I know as soon as I start working and giving it my all again it will recover. Another lowlight was having some of my first gigs cancelled when I was so excited to play.

How have you coped through the whole Covid 19 pandemic situation?

I don’t like the pandemic situation, I’m sure nobody does. But I have tried to make it as positive as possible. The pandemic pushed me to start making music again and was instrumental in encouraging me to move things forward. The downside of course was our loss of freedom that resulted in me becoming quite a lazy person spending a lot of time at home. Now I have moved to Prague I believe I will start living more fully again and be more sociable than I have been recently.

Tell us about one of the most magical memories of your whole life and why?

One of them would be me playing for the first time in a club. I was nervous but this soon passed once I hit the play button on the player. The feeling was amazing. The crowd energy and reaction to playing my own tunes was incredible. I can’t wait for more. Other special memories are of when I am at home with my love, when I am traveling to different countries, eating tasty meals, and of course partying in a club. Really any time spent with my family is also heart-warming and precious to me.

Have you ever suffered with ‘writers block’? If so, how do you deal with it? If not, what is your secret?

I did but thankfully it never lasted more than a day. I usually have ideas or some kind of inspiration. Sometimes I just play with different sounds or just jam around. When I really feel like I am not moving forward I just stop and leave it to another day, when my inspiration is back. One thing I have learnt is that it is not good to push it when you feel it’s not working.

Do you think artistry can be taught?

I think we are all artists in some way. I don’t’ think it can be taught but rather, expanded. Of-course you can learn techniques and different skills and be more educated in your field, but if you want to be a better artist, I believe you have to grow on your own.

What are your biggest dislikes in life?

Probably the way we as humans live, the system we live in and support. Our behaviour towards nature and all life on Earth. The selfishness and stupidity we as humans still have. I hope for the best, and a future where we’ll learn from our mistakes and change the way we live.

If someone wrote a book about your life, what would it be called and why?

A Changing Disaster” I guess. I have had bad moments in my life where I have been at rock bottom, but I try to learn from every bad moment and know that I am growing as a person and that things always get better. Music is one of the best things in my life and always has had a very positive influence on my life.

If you could have one super-power – what would it be and why?

Teleportation. I would like to be at any place at any given time. I love to travel, and I’d love to just think of a place, blink my eyes and be there! I could think of many more superpowers but this one is my favourite!

Do you make music full time? What other work have you done/ do you do?

I don’t currently but I’ll do all it takes to enable me to do music full time. It will take a lot of time, hard work and effort, but I know I can do it. I have done a lot of different jobs in my life, I can’t really do anything for a long period of time, I always get bored and need a change. The last work I did was as a forklift driver. The only thing I’ll never get bored of is making music and anything related to that!

Lastly, what is your life mantra?

My mantra is to be happy and healthy with my closest family and friends, to bring happiness to people’s lives with my music and to achieve the dreams I’ve dreamed.

You can buy Domek's epic remix of NEM3SI$ - 'The Fourth Kind' here:

You can follow and support Domek & buy his music here:

All images are courtesy of Domek and not to be reproduced without permission.
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