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The Call to Rave - Jessica Jane & Radikal

Jesika Jane teams up with Radikal for this total techno banger - 'The Call to Rave'! With a deep stomping kick and ba... [Read More]

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..The sight of the incapacitated person with their pants around their ankles having people inserting ice cubes is beyond humiliating and potentially dangerous,
GHB expert Dr Caldicott from Adelaide on the increasingly common practice of reviving unconscious clubbers by sticking an ice cube up their arse


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Pan talks getting caught short crossing the Sahara, acid eyeballs and tells us Trance is the Answer, plus shares his thoughts on his latest release 'Beyond the Horizon' - all from a beach in Spain!
Written by Jessica Alici (26th September, 2023)

Pan is back with a bang! His latest release Beyond the Horizon’ (Psyworld Records) shot straight into the Psy-trance release chart at number 2, and with a plethora of upcoming releases in store, we thought now is the perfect time to check in with this Psychedelic Trance God of the Wild! [FULL STORY]
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Iono-Music artists One Function, Eliyahu, Invisible Reality and Dual Vision talk Robert Miles, kids, dogs and vinyl, while we chat about their current releases!
Luke&Flex talk influences, the Irish rave scene, why Flex wears a mask and Play Hard, their new EP out now on Onhcet Repbulik Xtreme!
Lyktum expands on his new album ‘Home’ – talking about his love of storytelling, creating new harmonies and the concept behind his musical works.
Miss C chats about living with the KLF, DJing in a huge cat’s mouth, training her brain and the upcoming super-duper Superfreq Grande party at LDN East this Saturday, 16th September!
NEM3SI$ - I Live for the Night – talks superficiality, psychopaths, and bittersweet success, ahead of a plethora of evocative, emotional, and passionate upcoming melodic techno releases!


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