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The mystical world of Sati

Reported by Club414 / Submitted 23-11-09 18:38

If you've paid attention to the rave scene at all, you've probably noticed there's a lack of girls in the spinning business. Even in the mainstream, most people can't name a female equivalent to Fatboy Slim or Moby. Some people might argue that it's not an issue of numbers so much as it is a lack of visibility, but, from the outside at least, DJing seems to be an all-boys club. So let us introduce you one of the most talented up and coming female DJs, Sati.

So how did it all begin?

I had always been into music. Back in Poland I managed a drum n bass club. I’ve always admired my DJ friends for what they do and how much happiness and joy they can give out to people with their music. When I came to London back in 2005, I was lucky to meet my dearest friends who were also DJs. I kept watching them thinking – if they can do it – I would be able to do it as well. First time I touched decks was over three years ago and I fell in love from the first touch. I instantly knew it that this is what I want to do.

Where did the name come from?

Sati came from a fantasy novel by Christopher Pike under the same name. Sati is influenced by The Bible and Hindu mythology as well as modern day Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism and that is reflected in Sati’s philosophy. When I opened the book and read first few sentences I felt like it was a book written about me!

Who have been your main influences over the years?

My first and main influence is Hernan Cattaneo – an amazing Argentinean producer. My DJ friends and off course my partner Isaac (DJ Prozak) who always pushes me to work harder and who was one of my first teachers.

Who has impressed you recently?

Headroom (South Africa), Zen Mechanics (Holland) and M-Theory (UK / Italy)

You’re known for playing driving and groovy psychedelic trance. Is this is the music you have always been playing?

I started off playing trance then I moved on to techno but I must say my heart and my mind belong to Fairy Land and this is where I discovered psychedelic trance. Music from a fantasy world full of fairies and demons. The place I belong!

You played at the launch of Auralphonix, can you tell us more about this party?

Auralphonix is a new concept for Thursday parties, with good vibes and off course very good psy trance and progressive underground music at Club 414. I was really looking forward to this event and with the 414 having undergone a refurbishment during the summer, it has now been taking London by storm.

You are also Resident for Cohesion @ The 414.

It was first psychedelic party I ever went to. I started to play for Cohesion about a year ago and joined residents Prozak, Miguel and Mark Sinclair in Feb 2009. It is the only monthly psychedelic party in London and to be part of this was like a dream come true. Our guests are the finest DJs and Producers in the UK & international psychedelic scene and we work closely with many record Labels like Free-Spirit, Alchemy, Liquid, Mandala, Boom Shanka, Mutagen, 24/7 and Tactic. We have hosted under our roof names such as: Journey (Italy), Tron (Mexico), Loud (Israel), Neutral Motion (Japan), Moon (Mexico), Tactic Mind (Israel) and Compressor (UK) to name but a few. Also watch out for a special Cohesion on this NYE!

Putumaj? Is that some sort of polish dish?

Haha, no! PUTUMAJ is psychedelic festival for charity held in Poland.

And you are obviously are part of it?

Yes and I am very grateful for that. I have been involved with Putumaj for about 3 years. It was the first festival I played for and actually I was the only female DJ there! I like the concept of using music in such a great way to help other people, the idea of doing something good while we enjoy ourselves. The People who created it - Rafal (DJ Nozyo) and Damian - are two of the biggest hearts I ever met.

Beside DJing you are also know as promoter of Oneness. Could you tell us something about that?

I created Oneness a couple of years ago with Dean (DJ Kito). It’s a charity event where you can hear all genres of electronic music, something for everyone. Oneness is a party that celebrates the spiritual relationship we all have with each other and everything within our universe. It is about moving forward as one entity, about the creation of positive energy and acceptance of everyone and everything. Keep your ears out for the next Oneness Party in 2010!

What have been your highlights in the music scene so far?

Playing on the main stage of indigO2 for Antiworld in January this year; going to Milan with Free-Spirit Records and watching DJ Prozak playing in the famous squat LeonCavallo and the come back of the legends of electronic music – Orbital!

What can we expect from you in a set and how would you describe your sets?

I describe my sets as groovy, energetic and unpredictable, even though you can hear my ‘sound’ when I play. I am not afraid to push the boundaries and the crowd and take them to another level, I read the crowd and ride off the energy of the club and I give them as much as I think they can handle. My music crosses over minimal / progressive / psychedelic and techno mixed together in a way that blends then back into one genre creating my own style of ‘Sati’.

What’s the secret of a good set?

Know your music!

As a female DJ do you try to promote the next female generation?

Yes of course. Girl power!

What advice would you give to up and coming DJs / Promoters?

Do what you believe is good, and stick to it. Do not go where the wind blows, have respect for yourself. There are many people, who are willing to abuse you, don’t let them!

And finally few quick questions:

Tune that never fails?

Techtronic – Gin & Tonic
Apple Pie or Donut?

Mmmm Doughnuts

Summer or winter?

Summer of course

Favourite drink?


And finally Simpsons or Family Guy?

What, you didn’t hear the word?
The word is the bird!
Family Guy of course, haha!

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*Cohesion New Years Eve Special :D
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On: Thursday 31st December
At: CLUB 414 [map]

From: 22:00 - Midday
Cost: £10 before 22:30 £15 before Midnight £25 after
Ticket Info: Tickets from Accessallareas
and from Club 414 Brixton
More: Cohesion will celebrate the New Year In Style
Come join us for a great night to be had.
All the residents will play

Keep watching this space...
Region: London
Music: Trance. Acid Trance. Psy Trance.
DJ's: ------------------------------------------------
Mechanimal (Live) - (ElecTrify)

Sati (Cohesion - Oneness)

Prozak (Cohesion - Free-Spirit)

Beamish (Escape From Samsara)

Miguel (Cohesion -Gathering)

Mark Sinclair (Pendragon - Earth Dance)

Who's Going? (7) : BZYQNS, CLK, Club414, D-Viant, pam@pam, Prozak, szatan 
HF Photographer: AVC HF Reviewer:

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From: CLK on 23rd Nov 2009 20:37.56
Nice interview, amazing girl & DJ... Deserves every success she gets xx

From: Prozak on 24th Nov 2009 18:13.44
Well done my love,
great interview Smile

From: pam@pam on 25th Nov 2009 10:50.27
Go go Girl Power...!! So proud of you...!! Hey people she is my best friend...!! Smile xXxXxXxXxXxXx.....

From: STACE on 25th Nov 2009 15:50.41
One of my favourite chicks. Heartbeat Talented and lovely. xxx

From: ViKa on 25th Nov 2009 18:31.54
MWaH MWaH My Super Star Dj Sati! We believed in you from you first set at Danny's Squat Smile You Rock Girl!Keep up pumping hugs!X

From: pam@pam on 25th Nov 2009 18:41.42
Yep was The Gathering afterparty...!! Wink X

From: Faster Toni on 26th Nov 2009 10:54.30
Keep it pumping chickThumbs up

From: szatan on 26th Nov 2009 13:48.40
Thank you guys love you all loads!! xx Sati xx

From: Tara on 27th Nov 2009 14:05.33
Congrats on a wicked interview Mmmwwah! Looking forward to seeing what 2010 has in store for one of the most talented chicks on the scene! xx

From: Mark Day on 27th Nov 2009 20:22.07
Nice Big grin

From: Ualda on 29th Nov 2009 11:04.53
Go go go Go Girl Go Go go go

From: Vickie Parker on 29th Nov 2009 21:46.29
Nice one darling! xoxo

From: hejro on 30th Nov 2009 21:28.45
family guy is a pile of shit

From: nrg hia on 1st Dec 2009 05:19.05
Well done Princess You rock so hard!
Miss You x

From: nrg hia on 1st Dec 2009 05:21.08
I remember that party xoxo

From: Jay OM on 15th Dec 2009 08:08.21
Well done, good stuff...and good luck for the future!

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