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Twist's latest residents prepare for the Twistathon

Reported by Twist / Submitted 27-09-06 19:54

Twist is the infamous party that changed the face of London’s after hours scene. Born nearly four years ago, it has managed to sustain an almost fanatical and dedicated following in the face of an ever changing scene. Ahead of this Saturday 30th September where Twist hold a rare night time party for those who perhaps are not aficionados of after parties, we interview the three newest Twist residents: Tom Basquil, Steve Maynard and the latest Twist sensation Paul Batten.

The newest addition to the Twist collection is Paul Batten. Having only just started playing out, he has already played at Tasty, Ignition and is due to play at Wildchild at the end of the month. Going from strength to strength, the future is bright for this rising start!

Next up is Tom Basquil. Having been a Twist resident for just over a year now, he has well and truly settled into the party. Since becoming a resident he has landed himself guest slots at Colours and has sets coming up at Ignition and Warning.

Having started out at the Purple Turtle in 2004, Steve Maynard has a string of gigs behind him including Frantic, Heat and Wildchild and future gigs at Harder (Brighton), Insekt, Tasty and The Gathering.

Now, let’s get to know these guys a bit better!

How long have you been going to Twist and how did you feel when you were invited to play?

Paul: Two years. It was a great feeling to get to play at the best after party in London. I just knew I had one opportunity to prove myself and it went really well. The Twist crowd loved the funky/hard techno. Quality stuff!

Steve: I’ve been going to Twist since it started. I used to go to the Viaduct before Twist was born, then it was refurbished and the name was changed to Fire. It took a while to get going but when it did it was amazing. I’ve had some of my best clubbing memories at Twist. When I first started going I didn’t even know how to mix, so I learnt a lot from watching the Twist djs, and I was amazed when I finally got a set down there.

Tom: I have been attending Twist for 2/3 years now and the parties are always wicked! Before I became a resident I was used to listening to some of my favourite djs play there, every one of the residents had made their mark on the scene and to be asked to play alongside them is something to cherish!

Twist has only ever held one other Twistathon party several years ago at Fire, were you there?

Paul: I don’t think I was but I definitely missed out!

Steve: Hummm... I may have been there at some point in the normal Twist hours, I don’t remember going to Twist at night time though.

Tom: No, this will be a new experience for me. I’ll be getting there as soon as it opens and there’s no way I’ll be leaving before it’s over so its going to be one hell of a looooooong night! One that I’m really looking forward to though!

Why do you think Twist has remained top of the pile as other after parties have come and gone?

Paul: It has a strong bunch of regulars a wicked atmosphere and really feels like your part of something. The social side is cool too, you can pretty much sit down and have a chat with practically anyone there.

Steve: I think it has a lot to do with all the hard work Steve and the team put it when it first started. They created an amazing party atmosphere that was proven because it didn’t matter which club it was in, the atmosphere was always there.

Tom: Well the loyal crowd who rarely, if ever, get let down with the quality of the parties are a big part of the success as are the incredibly dedicated team who go out of their way each and every week to deliver the best party they possibly can. It’s certainly a winning combination!

If you could change sex for a day and become a female dj, who would it be and why?

Paul: Lisa lashes probably, she’s banged out some wicked sets in her time and used to play some wicked filth. You don’t hear about her as much as you used to, but I heard her play in Ibiza this year and she rocked it, big time! Plus she’s got a cracking set of bazoingas!

Steve: Lisa Lashes, so I could rinse her bank account, suppose I’d only be able to spend it on shoes and handbags though.

Tom: Has to be Elle (Louise Savage) just so I could be a DirtyB*tch for the day lol!!

What is your favourite venue you have played in and which one do you want to play that you haven’t?

Paul: I really enjoyed playing at Es paradis in Ibiza, it is amazing! You just walk in and your jaw drops the decor and arrangement is mind blowing! I would love to play at Amnesia, I think you have really cracked the dj world if you ever get to play there!

Steve: I suppose that has to be Turnmills, it wasn’t the main room though, that’s where it’s at. I’d kill to play at Fabric.

Tom: The Renaissance Rooms was wicked as it was nice to get to play in a big room and following on from that I would love to play the main room at Brixton Academy — what an immense view! It would be an amazing feeling to see all those clubbers bouncing around to your tunes!

What has been your favourite memory of Twist, so far?

Paul: Definitely having the filth kings Basquil and Karim warm up for me the other week. Those two are complete legends in my eyes!!!

Steve: There’s been so many. Other than my first set, it has to be driving down from a club in Leeds straight to Twist, arrived just in time to see Justin Bourne play an unbelievable set! Remember that one Nardi? Hehe!

Tom: I’ve been asked this a few times lately so instead of repeating myself I’ll say that I love the intimate set-up at Crash, where you’re nice and close to the crowd and can clearly see them. It makes it perfect for interaction. Seeing the crowd going mad is brilliant and there’s a few memories of this that have stuck.

Does your set differ depending on what time you play?

Paul: Definitely, if I play early I’ll play some funky techno or some bouncy/uplifting/classic hard house always goes down well! Haven’t played second yet so who knows. But if you play last everyone knows what to expect at Twist, a damn good sound system battering sweatathon full of energy and filthy beats. That’s the Twist trademark to me!!

Steve: Yes, if I’m on early I love to play funky hard house, sometimes a little bit of funky techno. It’s a little bit annoying sometimes because I seem to have this label that I hate — a ‘filth dj’! That’s not what I’m all about.

Tom: Definitely, the last set is all about the hard stuff for me, but if I’m playing first then I like to pull out the more groovy tunes. I believe a night/morning has to progress somewhere, build up the tension so to speak.

Do you all talk to each other about what each other is playing?

Paul: Not really, I think everyone has there own style, especially Karim!

Steve: No I don’t actually like Paul or Tom, they both smell, especially Tammmm.

Tom: There isn’t really a major plan apart from knowing who else is playing and at what time; this pretty much dictates how the morning will progress. Everyone is capable of suiting their slot, so you can compliment each other’s styles.

Which actor would you choose to play the story of your life?

Paul: Brad Pitt one of my favourite actors and he looks like me.

Steve: There’s no point in hiring an actor, I could probably do it better than most — ha ha.

Tom: I really can’t think of one I’d really like… so I’ll say Roger Moore and I’ll call the film that too.

Finally, why should people who have never been to Twist come and have a look at this special 12 hour all night super bash?

Paul: If you love hard house or techno this is going to be a one off must see event! Justin Bourne, Superfast Oz, Chris Liberator Steve Maynard, Tom Basquil and Marcopilf. Need I say more? I can’t wait, it’s going to be wicked!!

Steve: It’s a chance for people who can’t be arsed to get out of bed at 5am to come sample the amazing Twist atmosphere, djs and music.

Tom: Well I know there’s many people who wouldn’t dare go clubbing on a Sunday morning, so this is a perfect opportunity for them to see what all the fuss is about. And there are some who think the music is just relentlessly hard, I’m sure they will be proved wrong if they pluck up the courage to come and check it out, because as the night goes on for 12 hours, there is plenty of time to progress through the styles us lucky ones get to hear weekly.

Besides all that, I believe it’s a very strong line-up in the main room and the Arcade will be hosted by a top quality techno party — Techstyle. So even if you hate hard house, there will be some wicked techno to feast upon! You can’t go wrong!

Photos courtesy of Twist. Not to be reproduced without permission.
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From: MR_S on 27th Sep 2006 20:46.04
Tom: Has to be Elle (Louise Savage) just so I could be a DirtyB*tch for the day lol!!


From: Jennie B on 27th Sep 2006 20:57.54
Can't wait for Saturday night now....esp with these guys playing 2 sets each!!!!!!!

Gonna be SO good!!!!

From: Disco Diva on 27th Sep 2006 21:01.34
Cool interview fellas, see you all Saturday Thumbs up

From: Redrum on 27th Sep 2006 21:11.11
haha some funny answers there. Great read.Lots of talent between them. Looking forward to seeing them play on Saturday.

From: MissNasty on 27th Sep 2006 21:41.51
I will be dead by the end but it will be worth it!!!

From: paul jack on 27th Sep 2006 22:40.36
its going to be wicked!

From: Toxic on 28th Sep 2006 02:22.30
Nice unbiased interview there! HF editorial sinks lower and lower.

From: Jennie B on 28th Sep 2006 08:59.02
Rolls On Floor Laughing...Still moaning ShaunRolls On Floor LaughingRazz

From: dr phil on 28th Sep 2006 11:07.24
No fair no fair! Bangs Head

I am sure it is gonna be fantastic... particularly the 2nd sets, you know I Heartbeat my filth. Slayer

From: dr phil on 28th Sep 2006 11:18.35
BTW Mr Batten, a challenge.... Basquil turned me into The Hulk, Maynard has left me unable to walk unaided, what you gonna do to me next time ur on last..... Devilish

From: Getonit on 28th Sep 2006 11:28.19
Looking forward to this messy wk/end, nice interview guys. Music is going to be spot on Smile

From: Paul Batten on 28th Sep 2006 13:19.47
Dr. Phil i played the last set a couple of weeks ago after karim and basquil, you missed out matey! I'll see what i can do for you at twistathon!! The price is right, the twistathon is gunna be wicked people, get yourselves down there!!!

From: *cheeky chick* on 28th Sep 2006 14:07.08
Bring it on

From: Glyn Waters on 28th Sep 2006 15:36.37
Top draw Thumbs up

From: Jazzy on 28th Sep 2006 17:25.19
Absolutly wicked interviews!! Well done guys
you really have outdone yourselves and shown
that the price really is right!!! Can't wait to see
you all this weekend!!

From: richbowenuk on 28th Sep 2006 18:34.38
Thinks its been said already!!

TOP interview!!!

From: Jennie B on 28th Sep 2006 18:39.30
Laughs out loud....jaz the price is right!

From: Aaron_Moorish on 28th Sep 2006 20:59.33
Great Interview Big grin

From: Menthol Taz on 29th Sep 2006 13:47.59
Nice one guys, have been going to Twist since the early days at Viaduct - great crowd, great music & a great promotions team behind it..... well done! Cya soon x

From: Zel on 29th Sep 2006 15:06.23
Thumbs up

From: J_T on 30th Sep 2006 08:45.27
Woohoo oo oo oo its saturday, cant wait for this, wicked interview guyz, Twist Slayer

From: Vikki Ward on 2nd Oct 2006 14:35.03
whos that hot guy in yellow?? Wink Mmmwwah! Heartbeat xx
Well done to you all! Twistathon was wicked!!

From: katie b on 2nd Oct 2006 15:48.13
Paul batten great addition to the Twist massive such a great dj and all round top bloke. Played 2 wicked sets at the twistathon

From: sexyminx on 3rd Oct 2006 20:30.00
OI OI mass Nuff respect innit to you guys & wicked interview. All the dj's at Twist are phat Not worthy... Nice 1 to Batten for his new residency. Paul thanks for giving me your 1st cd over a year & half ago, when you gonna do another 1? See you all at the weekend Woohoo oo oo oo

From: Steve Twist on 3rd Oct 2006 22:24.27
he's just done another one - excellent, Minxy.

From: sexyminx on 10th Oct 2006 21:17.04
Thanks for letting me know. Batten please make sure you have a copy for this minx this sunday Hugs Keep up the good work to all the Twist crew Woooooot!

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