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The Transmission Crew tell all and talk about their first London event on 24th February 2023!

Reported by Jessica Alici / Submitted 25-01-23 20:16

I first met George 20 years ago when she was a resident DJ for Milk Afterparty which I was helping run. Her passion for music back then was second to none so when I heard she was co-promoting Transmission party in Cambridge I was keen to find out more! The timing couldn’t have been better as on February 24th Transmission will be holding their first event in London! I was lucky enough to grab all 3 promoters – George, Nick and Greig to find out more about this brusquely booming bash!

When was your event Transmission born?

Transmission was born in September 2021, towards the end of the lockdowns and pandemic.

Where did the idea for Transmission come from?

Nick had been wanting to put on an event for some time and spoke to Greig in early 2021. Nick and Greig had met a few years earlier through an online music production course hosted by an amazing Canadian producer called Tim Penner. With only around 12 people on the course from all over the world (and the lessons starting in the early hours of the morning!), it was just pure chance that Greig and Nick were both based in Cambridge. They met up and reached out to a DJ and promoter called Petah of Found Sounds who was running underground music nights at the 2648 cocktail bar in central Cambridge. Greig had played at a few events with Petah and as the Covid restrictions were lifted, we looked to bring the underground dance music scene back. With Nick’s background in psy-trance and Greig’s love of progressive house, we decided to see if there was the appetite for a more trancey vibe, building up from progressive into psy. Petah kindly introduced us to the owner of the 2648, who agreed to give us a go playing these more trancey sounds. We realised early on that we needed more than just the two of us to play, and it was the classic case of a regular of Petah’s nights, who would come up to Greig and ask what tracks were playing and send him mixes on Soundcloud, that got us to bring George onboard and complete the trio that make up our Transmission team today.

Introduce us to your team – your names, musical background, roles etc

George was very active in the late 90s and early 2000s, DJing trance and hard dance across London’s underground venues, including The Fridge, 414, Soundshaft, Stratford Rex, George IV and the main floor at Heaven amongst others. George recently got back into DJing and now focuses on progressive house and techno, and loves other genres such as indie dance, progressive and psytech; she also hosts a monthly show on Bloop London Radio.

Greig (artist name Teknaut) has been DJing for the past two decades and is a massive fan of John 00 Fleming (JOOF Radio) and his style of sets. His love of lush melodies, intricate soundscapes, and hypnotic beats means he will play anything from progressive house and deep trance, through to techno and psytrance to build the energy as the evening progresses. He has also dipped his toes into producing his own music and has released on the iconic Yomo Records under his Teknaut alias.

Nick (artist name NIXIRO) started DJing eight years ago and has been producing music for 10 years. His passion is psytrance in all its forms, from psychill, to psydub, psytech, progressive, full-on, forest, dark and hi-tech psytrance. He also plays a lot of progressive house and some techno.

What do you personally like most about the clubbing/rave/underground electronic music scene?

We love the music, the people, the acceptance and lack of judgement and attitude. People can leave their problems and worries behind and just enjoy themselves in the moment, eyes closed, dancing in the dark with a smile on their face. For each of us, the passion for the music and clubbing experience then morphed into a passion for playing and producing the music. It’s such a fantastic experience to play our favourite (and our own) tunes to a crowd that loves the music as much as you do. Many artists in the underground scene make no money at all from their productions, and so it truly comes from a place of love and passion that they pour in countless hours. We are forever grateful for without all this amazing music to play we wouldn’t be able to put these events on.

It’s also been super exciting to help build the underground music scene in Cambridge - typically you would have had to travel quite far to listen to this kind of music. There were some fantastic raves and very successful large club nights in Cambridge in the 90s. Recently a revived underground clubbing and electronic music scene has grown in Cambridge in no small part due to the Found Sounds techno events started by Petah. There is also a great house and disco scene, and a long-standing connection with Drum and Bass in the city.

Where did the event name Transmission come from?

This was the best of a bunch that were suggested between the three of us, and almost has the word Trance in it Big grin

Describe one of the most fun nights Transmission has had…

That’s a hard one - they’ve all been great! Each one has a slightly different feel, and the music we play often has a slightly different emphasis for different events, but it’s always a lot of fun, warm, uplifting with a really nice friendly crowd, and we’ve met many lovely people through our events. The venue itself has a great underground (it is, quite literally, underground) vibe to it with low ceilings, dark and compact dancefloor, which is awesome to play out to.

Describe one of the least cool nights and why…

Again, a hard one! We haven’t had any bad events, although one of the nights when the back of the venue flooded was interesting! It can get a bit crazy in there when the place is busy, we've sometimes struggled to actually get to the decks in time for a set due to taking so long to cross the dancefloor!

Describe the music policy at your party…

We focus on melodic underground electronic music that makes you want to close your eyes, smile and dance. Our evenings in Cambridge generally start with progressive house, leading on to higher energy deep trance and melodic techno, and finishing with progressive and full-on psytrance. For the Looking Glass event, the focus will be on progressive house, deep trance, indie dance and progressive techno.

What do you think makes a good party?

A good party has great music, a fantastic venue with the right ambiance, and a wonderful crowd who are welcoming and accepting of others. The sound system is also hugely important: it needs to be powerful yet crystal clear without destroying everyone’s ears.

What events have you been to in the past that inspired you to put on an event?

Underground trance-based events at venues such as the Fridge (Electric Brixton), Heaven and various warehouse parties for events such as Megadog, Megatripolis, Club UK, the legendary Escape from Samsara, Pendragon, Milk and many of the other events focused around Brixton and Hackney in the late 90s early 2000s. More recently, John 00 Fleming's "JOOF Editions" events in Brighton, "Dance Love Hub" in London, as well as "Up Close and Personal" in Manchester.

Transmission is usually based in Cambridge but you’re hosting your next party in London and it’s for FREE! ? What was your reason for doing an event in London?

We wanted a new adventure, to explore the opportunity to DJ and host an event in London, and reach a new crowd with our vision for melodic dance music…and a fun night out!

What do you feel are the similarities and differences between the Cambridge and London party scenes?

The differences are huge. London is a massive world city, with a renowned clubbing and dance music scene, catering for every taste, with a huge array of events every week, hosting some of the best-known names in electronic music. Cambridge is a relatively small city with a large student population, and the clubbing and events scene can be affected by the availability of venues and licensing - it’s rare in Cambridge to have very late-night events, running right through to the morning. The scene here in Cambridge is much smaller; however, there is a dedicated community of electronic music lovers of all descriptions, and a good variety of events taking place, with great, friendly crowds that remind us of many of the London events we used to attend.

Your Transmission event in London will be at the Looking Glass Bar, 49 Hackney Road E2. Can you tell us about this venue?

The Looking Glass is a beautiful speakeasy styled venue, with a great industrial interior, and perfect for hosting events such as ours.

What can people expect from this London event on the 24th February 2023?

We will be bringing lush, melodic vibes with rolling bassline, across the very best of progressive house, deep trance, techno and indie dance. Music to make you smile, put your hands in the air and get lost to on the dancefloor.

Lastly, where do you hope to see your Transmission party 1 year from now?

We’d love to do a much bigger event at some point and be in a place where we could invite some up-and-coming underground producers and DJs to play, but for the most part it is to continue having fun, and ensuring the people that come enjoy themselves.

To check out more information on the Transmission Party click here:

All images are courtesy of the Transmission Crew and the Looking Glass. Not to be reproduced without permission.

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