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Column by Tom Bailey
Submitted 14-Jul-09 (58961 views)
Tom Bailey July 2009 Update


*July Top Twenty
*Trance Addict Remix Competition
*The Progressive Showcase

Welcome to July! Hard to believe we're already half way through 2009, the year has flown by. This month's update features all the usual nonsense & informatory spewings. Read on (it'll waste a good ten minutes).

*July Top Twenty

As always we commence the update with the hottest twenty tracks currently residing in my CD wallet.

01. Dakota 'Sin City' [Coldharbour Red]
02. Glenn Morrison 'Satellite' [Morrison Recs.]
03. LYS 'San Francisco Rain' (Instrumental) [Rising Music]
04. Riva 'For How Long?' (Wippenberg Instrumental Mix) [Garuda]
05. Moogwai 'Viola' (Russell G & Steve Haines Remix) [CD-R]
06. Paul Rigel 'Orion' [Neuroscience Deep CD-R]
07. Khaz & Boris MD 'Eliana' [Coldharbour]
08. Luke Chable 'Lime' [Neon Recs.]
09. Russell G & Steve Haines pres R&S 'Slipstream' [Baroque Limited]
10. Little Boots 'Stuck On Repeat' (Ali Wilson Tekelec Remix) [This Is Music]
11. My Digital Enemy 'Opus Dei' (Stef Vrolijk Remix) [Alternative Route]
12. Luke Chable 'Pressure' [Neon Recs.]
13. Dash Berlin 'Man On The Run' (Andy Duguid Remix) [Aropa]
14. Andreas Bergmann 'Pure Hagelslag' [68]
15. Noel Sanger 'One More Time' (Grube & Hovsepian Dub) [Dissident CD-R]
16. Myon & Shane 54 'All Night Rock & Roll' (Squash 84 Remix) [Jigsaw]
17. Nick Bugayev 'Impromptu' [Different Pieces]
18. Ee-Sma 'Rush' [Stereo Seven]
19. Bansi & Riktam 'Bass Master Zorro' (Jerome Isma-ae Remix) [Iboga]
20. Denis A 'Cuba' (Robert Babicz Summer Remix) [DAR]

*Trance Addict Remix Competition.

For those of you who are not familiar with the gargatuan site that is then before we begin this segment of the update I suggest you head over there to check it out. Simply put the site & it's forums are a vast (this doesn't really do it justice but I preferred 'vast' to very very very big) network of information & conversation for electronic dance music. The site has almost 90,000 members & over the years has seen in excess of 9.5 million posts registered on it's forums.

The site has many facets including the sharing of radio shows, live sets & other media, constant updates on club nights (with reviews & ads), individual sub-sections for every area of the globe, production & DJ tips & sub-forums, a reviews section for new material, non-edm discussion & much, much more.

Over the last few years the site has engaged in various remix competitions, in order to showcase the immense number of talented amateur producers that frequent the site & to give them added exposure. Recently voting has been taking place for the 11th edition of the TA remix competiton, with an array of producers competing for the prestigous honor. The track which featured in the competition was the awesome anjunabeats anthem Alt+F4 'Alt+F4', a track which I'm sure most of you are familiar with.

Across the last month or so voting has been taking place with the entire community deciding the winning remix. As an added incentive to the competition the organisers decided to offer prizes to the winning remixer & I was extremely excited when the organisers asked me if I would like to get involved.

As a result the winning remix will be broadcast on the next edition of The Progressive Showcase, with full credit & a special profile of the winning remixer being posted prior to the show. I'll have more information closer to broadcast but having received the winning remix I can't wait to feature it, the production work is terrific.

*The Progressive Showcase.

The Progressive Showcase rumbles on each & every 2nd & 4th Monday of each & every month, exclusive to The show has now totalled 95 shows (since it's inception on trancemixers & subsequent broadcasts via digitalvibes, clubdv & & shows no sign of letting up as the popularity of the show continues to rise unabaited. I'm in the process of planning something special for our 100th episode, which will be broadcast on Monday September 14th.

In the meantime I'm extremely excited about the July editions of the show, episode 036 & 037 (these episode numbers represent the number of broadcasts on by the way). For the first show in July I'll be presenting the winning remix of the TranceAddict remix competition & will once again be splitting the show in to two halves in order to present a wider range of music. The show is scheduled for broadcast on Monday July 13th with the winning remix featuring in hour two of the show.

Episode 037 is still a work in progress as I'm aiming to recruit a headlining guest mixer. It's been a while since we welcomed our last guest & I wanted to make this one extra special, so watch this space! This show will go out on Monday July 27th, with details coming as soon as I have them.

The June editions of the show were both enthusiastically received & once again I cannot convey my whole hearted appreciation of your support nearly enough. Episode 034 featured a straight up two hour studio mix from myself featuring an assortment of brand new tracks, exclusives & one of my all-time favourite tracks.

Episode 035 saw my experimenting with the format of the show a little as I presented two seperate one hour mixes featuring different sounds. Hour One featuring some deeper, darker tracks & Hour Two featuring a much more trancey orientated show with the bpm raised. The idea behind this slight change was to allow the shows to more readily fit onto CDs & also to enable listeners faster downloads (both of these issues have been raised previously). I'm always open to new ideas regarding the running of & format of the show so don't be afraid to get in touch.


As always the update ends with a bevvy of free downloads of all my material from the previous month. I know I keep saying it but I really will endeavour to get some more 'Bonus Mixes' uploaded sometime soon. For now enjoy these audio entrays...

The Progressive Showcase
Episode 034 - Tom Bailey Two Hour Set

Originally broadcast on Monday June 8th 2009.
Exclusive to


01. Bansi & Riktam 'Ride The Snake' [Plastik Park]
02. Only Ten Left 'Twitch' (Trim The Fat Remix) [Modifi Music]
03. Cirez D 'Raptor' [Mouseville]
04. Nick Curly 'Pujante' [Cocoon]
05. DJ Pierre 'Come Together (What Is House?)' (Alex Kenji Instrumental) [King Street]
06. Glanta 'Who Is Jon Loss?' (David West Remix) [Tolerant]
07. Cirez D 'The Tunnel' [Mouseville]
08. Eelke Kleijn 'Pretpakket' [Baroque]
09. Francesco Pico 'Madness Recall' [Baroque]
10. Alter Breed 'Shadow' [T-Freq]
11. 16 Bit Lolitas pres Glowfield 'Reefteef' [Bits & Pieces]
12. DJ Remy 'Knalpot' [68]
13. Dean Newton 'Amnesia' (Russell G & Steve Haines Remix) [Avanti]
14. Tarrentella 'Karma' (Chris Nemmo Remix) [Whoop Digital]
15. Dibby Dougherty 'Se7en Bells' [Baroque]
16. Tom Glass 'Sunset Above Us' [Hope]
17. Moonbeam ft Avis Vox 'About You' (Dub) [High Contrast]
18. Beltek 'Rumble Clouds' [Electronic Elements]
19. Maor Levi 'Lital' [Anjuna Deep]
20. Tom Glass 'We Were Kids' [Hope]


The Progressive Showcase
Episode 035 w/ Tom Bailey

Originally broadcast on Monday June 22nd 2009.
Exclusive to


Hour One

01. Craig Gallon 'La Terrace' [CD-R]
02. DJ Pierre 'Come Together (What Is House?)' (Alex Kenji Instrumental) [King Street]
03. Only Ten Left 'Twitch' (Trim The Fat Remix) [Modifi CD-R]
04. Daniele Papini 'Hidden Source' [Break New Soil]
05. Cirez D 'The Tunnel' [Mouseville]
06. Tomic 'Groove' (Karl Johan Remix) [Spiral Trax]
07. Little Boots 'Stuck On Repeat' (Ali Wilson Tekelec Remix) [This Is Music]
08. BT 'Rose of Jericho' (Sultan & Ned Sheperd Remix) [Black Hole]
09. Bansi & Riktam 'Bass Master Zorro' (Jerome Isma-ae Remix) [Iboga]
10. Russell G & Steve Haines pres R&S 'Slipstream' [Baroque Limited]


Hour Two
01. 16 Bit Lolitas pres Glowfield 'Calling New York' [Bits & Pieces]
02. Komytea 'Destruction' [Komytea Records]
03. Myon & Shane 54 'All Night Rock & Roll' (Squash 84 Remix) [Jigsaw]
04. Andy Duguid 'Signals' [Black Hole]
05. Ingram, Matt Smallwood & Wilson 'Perfect Sunrise' [Toolroom]
06. Beltek 'Rumble Clouds' [Electronic Elements]
07. Fabio XB & Andrea Mazza 'Light To Lies' (Gareth Emery Remix) [S107]
08. Bat For Lashes 'Daniel' (DJ Eco Bootleg Remix) [CD-R]
09. Eddie Sender 'Call For Justice' (Danilo Ercole Summer Remix) [AVA Blue]
10. Dakota 'Johnny The Fox' [Coldharbour Red]
11. JPL 'Forgetting What You Were' (Ljungqvist Remix) [Alter Ego Digital]


Well that's the lot for this month's update, I've got plenty more news that I'd love to share but right now there are a whole lot of events & guests TBC so you'll have to hold tight, keep checking the blog & page for more information, I promise very soon that there will be a very big announcement!

That's enough teasing for now, have a great summer!



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