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Jody Wisternoff from the legendary Way Out West gets ready for Outside In
Written by e99 on 21-09-06 15:34 (2442 views) (5 comments)
Gods of prog don’t come much bigger than Way Out West. The duo of Jody Wisternoff and Nick Warren were amongst the original bastions of the progressive house sound with their epic, intricately woven productions that spanned the area between house and trance (and later breaks). Tracks like ‘Ajare’, ‘The Gift’ and their remix of ‘Le Voie Le Soleil’ defined an era, and around the turn of the millennium their sound became tinged with dirty growling basslines and crashing breakbeats. Nick is generally the better known dj of the two, but Jody’s dj appearances are met with similar fervor amongst dance music fans. [Full Story]

Vaccine present The Gallery: reviewed
Written by josie on 20-09-06 19:45 (4258 views) (6 comments)
After being slated… slated I tell you, following my last review, I will this week be offering no opinion on the trance scene whatsoever, apart from saying that having scoffed airily how commercial and pedestrian The Gallery is, I now have to eat my words, humble pie, and any other penance-related foodstuffs the clubbing public see fit. Flying in the great and the good from the four corners of Europe, Vaccine assembled a stellar cast for their first foray at the wheel of Turnmill’s The Gallery. [Full Story]

Introducing the art of visual mixing: Addiction present VJ Meskalin
Written by Andy T on 20-09-06 18:28 (4013 views) (3 comments)
For those eight glorious hours on the dance floor most clubbers are blissfully unaware of the days, weeks, even months of meticulous planning that all contribute to the success of the party. With today’s hedonistic youth being more demanding than ever, bricks, mortar and djs just simply aren’t enough. Promotions spend a small fortune on production, making sure they have the biggest and brightest lasers, to the coolest décor, the most beautiful dancers, and of course, something fundamental to any club night, the visuals. [Full Story]

Decimation interview with Alter Ego of Opeum
Written by Allan@Nu Energy on 20-09-06 10:57 (6339 views) (14 comments)
Like any strong structure, the hard dance scene is built on a foundation of solid dedicated support from those within it, not to mention an unstoppable wave of pure passion from those that truly understand what it is to find yourself rushing like a demon in the middle of a smiling, euphoric 3 am dancefloor as the dj drops the latest arm-raising beast like a sonic juggernaut from the speakers. Enter 25 year old hard dance producer and dj Alter Ego, known to his chums as Danny Schwarz. Like most of you reading this, present company included, Danny is a clubber first and foremost, but in recent years he’s seen his unstoppable passions grow from the dj decks, into the studio and now onwards into his first big promotional venture in next Saturday’s Decimation party at Farringdon’s intimate Epicurean Lounge. [Full Story]

The resurgence of the free party?
Written by dj kinetic on 19-09-06 17:07 (2981 views) (12 comments)
It’s your Saturday night, it’s your choice:

A) £15 entry, drinks at £3:50 a pop, a taxi ride home after that nasty kebab, remember to avoiding that messy pool of drunkards spilling out from the dive next door, thrashing out the r’n’b to the Elizabeth Duke masses.


B) Free entry, as much booze as you can carry, a free ride home from a fellow happy raver and some scenic country views to match . . . and definitely no bling bling attitude.
[Full Story]

Preview to tidy Leeds @ Mission with Lisa Pin-Up
Written by mostwantedkat on 18-09-06 20:52 (5468 views) (10 comments)
An original tidy Girl. A musical institution. A hard house legend. dj, producer, party animal extraordinaire. A fanatical following. World wide dance floor devotees. The one. The only. Ladies and gentlemen, she may not need an introduction but she damn well deserves one — Lisa Pin-Up! [Full Story]

For those who love music: the Proactive story
Written by Proactive on 18-09-06 13:28 (7264 views) (20 comments)
Sitting down to write the official history of Party Proactive is both an exciting and daunting prospect. Exciting because it’s going to be the first time even we’ve seen all we’ve achieved written down in black and white and daunting because if this is going to be the official history I’d better make sure I don’t leave anything out! And there’s a lot to remember . . . [Full Story]

The Olly Perris brain-picking sessions ’06: Innovate preview
Written by Jamie McCarogher on 13-09-06 18:55 (8101 views) (23 comments)
Olly Perris is a 22 year old dj/producer from Southampton, UK. He started mixing at the tender age of 15 and had his first release at the age of 17, which went on to sell over 3000 records within its first week on the shelves. Since then this man has been going from strength to strength. Aside from running the Addiction Digital label, Olly can still be found playing out somewhere most weekends. Ahead of Olly’s set at Innovate at the Fridge this weekend, I had the opportunity to get together with this real life legend and pick his brain . . . [Full Story]

The house of Turnmills
Written by e99 on 13-09-06 18:31 (9692 views) (9 comments)
Turnmills has always been a London clubbing institution — the original Farringdon superclub which has always kept itself on the cutting edge of dance music. It gained its world-wide reputation on the strength of two legendary nights which helped to shape the sound of hard music. Trade, one of London’s earliest legal afterparties, is generally cited as the birthplace of hard house, and The Gallery has always been a champion of various styles of tougher music, and of course a world leader for trance. However, house music events have played an increasingly important part in the club’s success since the mid ‘90s, and still form an integral part of its eclectic schedule. [Full Story]

Brixton through and through — Danny Tappenden gets the HF treatment
Written by benz on 12-09-06 01:08 (8971 views) (38 comments)
Brixton has for many years been one of the hubs of London’s dance music underground. Far from the tacky West End and East London’s trendy bars and clubs, it’s a place where all the more underground forms of dance music have always been able to flourish. Its liminal location on the edge of London’s innermost regions mimicking the location of the music played there on the periphery of mainstream culture, it has often served as a centre for various forms of counter-culture. [Full Story]

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