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InnerZone - 'Mind Altering Devices'
Reviewed by Pete M on 06-09-21 18:36 (2363 views)
Rating: Genre: Psytrance
The rebirth of Dragonfly, which began with the Order Odonata : Metamorphosis compilation in 2019, continues with InnerZone's debut album, Mind Altering Devices. The album bridges the gap between full-on psytrance and Goa trance. Its eight tracks ... [Full Review]

Twelve Sessions - 'Eternal Presence'
Reviewed by Jessica Alici on 03-09-21 15:36 (2656 views)
Rating: Genre: Psy-trance
Free-Spirit Records welcomes back Brazilian detonator Twelve Sessions as he celebrates an epic 10 years since his very first FSR debut with this super-psychedelic blaster. 'Eternal Presence' not only celebrates just how far Senor Sessions has come ... [Full Review]

Foggy Ray - 'Turing Test'
Reviewed by Pete M on 02-09-21 14:26 (2109 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance / Psytrance
Foggy Ray drops the latest on Pharmacy and its a combination of full-on trance and psy. It has the usual Pharmacy attention to detail and the poise and stature of a hybridised beast.

Only one mix here, the Original Mix. I don't ...
[Full Review]

Costa Pantazis - 'Themis Principle'
Reviewed by Pete M on 17-08-21 12:06 (2265 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance
On to Metamorph we go and the Themis Principle by Costa Pantazis. This is fairly rampant trance with a psychedelic undertone and a remix from Jay Flynn on the flip side. This also comes with an instrumental mix and an instrumental version of the ... [Full Review]

Merlin's Apprentice - 'Revolution EP'
Reviewed by Jessica Alici on 10-08-21 15:55 (2671 views)
Rating: Genre: Psy-trance
Psychedelic trance sorcerer Merlin's Apprentice aka Steve Birch drops another bomb on Free-Spirit Records and it's not for the faint-hearted.
The 'Revolution' EP erupts with the infectious 'Luna', where our budding alchemist samples one of the ...
[Full Review]

KEEWL (Journey OM & Cyclon) - 'The Future of Mankind Is Psychedelic'
Reviewed by Jessica Alici on 23-07-21 11:15 (2303 views)
Rating: Genre: Psy-trancr
This release is fast furious & full power psychedelic madness! With a militant kick & driving bass that are infectiously complimented with deep risers, harsh stabs & a plethora of mesmerising hypnotic lines - this release will captivate your mind, ... [Full Review]

dr trippy - 'Jig Reel and Rave'
Reviewed by Pete M on 23-05-21 13:45 (3556 views)
Rating: Genre: Electronic
Maverick producer dr trippy drops his latest on Banco de Gaia's Disco Gecko imprint. Its a tale of reggae-influenced electronica and is perfect for a Saturday night jigathon at the local watering hole.

This guy's been on my radar for a ...
[Full Review]

Hybrid - 'Nails'
Reviewed by Pete M on 08-05-21 13:40 (4373 views)
Rating: Genre: Progressive / Trance
Welsh breakbeat wizards Hybrid return with the follow-up to their last single, Flashpoint, on Distinctive. Nails is the new single and includes a remix from Pure Trance don, Solarstone.

Moving away from breaks, the Hybrid team weaves a ...
[Full Review]

Darkskye - 'Event 201'
Reviewed by Pete M on 03-05-21 20:40 (4323 views)
Rating: Genre: Techno / Progressive
India's Darkskye provides the new release on EL-EL now and its an EP of techno and progressive with remixes from Peetu S. and Paul Pearson. It contains three originals and two remixes. The dark comes into the light. Lets embrace it.

The ...
[Full Review]

Desert Dwellers feat. Paul Stamets - 'One Giant Consciousness'
Reviewed by Pete M on 26-03-21 16:47 (4840 views) (1 comment)
Rating: Genre: Ambient / Electronica
The Desert Dwellers emerge now with their new single, a collaboration with mycologist Paul Stamets. Mycology, if you didn't know, is the study of fungi and their role in medicine and food as well as their dangers. The track touches on the unique ... [Full Review]

INFINX - '?tman'
Reviewed by Pete M on 16-03-21 19:31 (4534 views)
Rating: Genre: Psytrance
US psytrance behemoth Pharmacy Music hit back with a new release by INFINX, an American producer who is a member of the Los Angeles psy fraternity. Here, he drops Atman. There's only one mix on here: the Original Mix.

Dark and light, yin ...
[Full Review]

100th Monkey - 'Fly Higher Dub'
Reviewed by Pete M on 11-03-21 19:08 (4526 views)
Rating: Genre: Electronica / Dub
100th Monkey drops his latest single on Disco Gecko, with remixes coming from dubsalon and ManMadeMan. For those who don't know, 100th Monkey is an electronic music legend; dabbling in the odd psytrance tune and firing off remixes under his own ... [Full Review]

Various Artists - 'Order Odonata : Metamorphosis'
Reviewed by Pete M on 10-03-21 15:04 (4281 views)
Rating: Genre: Psytrance
Dragonfly Records is a solitary beast. Swathed in mystery and adorned with an image of a solitary dragonfly on its crest. the great awakening from its cocoon brought with it a new single from Hautacam, remixes of Saturday Night by Youth and, in ... [Full Review]

Dave Ralph - 'Chasing Stars (Danny Howard Back To Trance Remix)'
Reviewed by Pete M on 05-03-21 15:46 (3989 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance / Progressive
Dave Ralph returns. Well, its not really a return as the first package, featuring a remix from Adam White, was just released. Now though, Radio 1's Danny Howard steps up to the podium for a chunky trance mix. There's only one mix on offer here and ... [Full Review]

Hautacam - 'Golden Corner'
Reviewed by Pete M on 05-03-21 13:24 (3965 views)
Rating: Genre: Psytrance
There are some labels in the dance music community that need very little in the way of introduction. Perfecto Fluoro, Armada, Pharmacy..even Lost Language. But there's one label that has been active in the background, casually releasing tracks and ... [Full Review]

Bryn Whiting - 'You Are Still Alive'
Reviewed by Pete M on 17-02-21 22:25 (4158 views)
Rating: Genre: Hard Trance
At the tail end of 2020, Tidy Two, the trance arm of Tidy Trax, the premier behemoth of hard house, released a track by Bryn Whiting called "You Are Still Alive", which featured a remix from Nicholson, who has had tracks released on various ... [Full Review]

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