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There’s a Re:Form on The Horizon

Reported by Miles Gorfy / Submitted 05-02-18 09:31

Re:Form is coming to town with the first of their day raves Re:Form - A New Horizon (The Day Rave) at Lighthouse Club/Bar in Shoreditch on Saturday 3rd March 2018 from noon to 11pm.

After 2 years of successful events Re:Form is well established in Southend. The natural progression is to migrate to London and ahead of their launch, I caught up with two of the promoters Emma and Casey.

Hello Re:Formers! For those of our readers who don't know your brand, can you give us a short history with highlights and lowlights?

Em & Casey: First, we would like to say thank you for having Re:Form feature on HarderFaster. Means a lot mate.

Re:Form is an event that caters for the very best hard house and trance, brought to you over two rooms. With a plethora of talented DJs bringing you tunes you know and love, all the way up to brand new music, from scene legends and newcomers alike.

The Re:Form promoters are Emma, Casey, Andy, Stuart and Elliot. We started just over 2 years ago in Southend at 'Sax Underground Club' (wicked venue and staff).

Em: I and fellow Promoter Stuart Burkett had talked for a few years about doing an event together. We had both run events in the past so when Stu brought the subject up again, I was like "Yes, lets do it!". We then put it to Casey and Andy, they agreed and we teamed up to run a night together. Casey and Andy are both Southend boys and had run events there previously. After some discussion Re:Form was born!!

From its inception Re:Form was about the old skool party vibe and a 'family' feel to the atmosphere. Rather than being just another night out, we focus on the sound, lighting and decor to give an all-round experience. We pride ourselves on having AMAZING sound, we use 'The Hammered Sound System'. Our man travels all the way from Cambridgeshire to set up and run the rig. We have original 1990s hand painted UV backdrops and hand-make decor for our events, especially our themed birthday events; we try to make each party a visual feast for the eyes, with added lights and lasers to boot.

We are a close bunch of friends and work so well together...even when I am being a 'mardi cow'. We have the same ideas and aspirations on where we want to take Re:Form, a clear path for what we want to achieve and what sound we want to be pushing.

We have a huge army of helpers too, I would like to thank each and every one of them, plus the DJs who have played for Re:Form so far. You all helped us get to this point!

Our Resident DJs are London legend Matt Clarke and Southend legend Reece Collins. Both are awesome people, and fantastic DJs.

All we want to do with Re:Form is bring the best music and people together and have a damn good party...what more can you ask?

Every single event is a highlight to us, but if we were to pick one or two, it would have to be when the mighty Paul King and Lab4 played for us. Both events were so much fun. Emma has known Lab4 forever and it was her dream to book them. Paul King was one of our dream DJs to book also as he is one of our heroes in music too. To have them all play at Re:Form and to be front and centre, having it large was truly SPECIAL for us all. Lovely humans they are too!!

As for low has to be when the cd begun badly jumping during a 'White Trash Monkeys' set, for Casey to then reveal that it was jumping because some of his sweat had somehow got over the CD/Laser. The look on his face was priceless! So not such a low point, but funny none the less!

Southend has always been a great town for music, whether it's electronic or live bands. What do you think it is about Southend that keeps the scene alive?

Em: I moved to Southend after I met the "Old Man" so I was relatively new to raving in the area. I had been to Megabyte a few times in the past with Dan Madams back in the day. It was at another event called Concept that I met Casey. I have also been to Funnyskins in the past here too. All very good events.

I find the clubbing in Southend brilliant. Smaller venues with great vibes and people. I wouldn't change my clubbing time in Southend and long may it continue with other events yet to grow. We love a good sound system, HH and Trance in "Saffffffeeennnddd".

Casey: Southend is where I discovered Hard House and Trance, via a local pirate radio station called Premier FM. They were pushing the underground scene in Southend and I have met many friends for life within the local scene. There has always been a great raving community here and long may it live!

You've started dipping into the production world. How is that going and who are you working with?

Em: I am utterly loving this experience Miles. We have been extremely lucky with our first track 'Emma-Nate vs Half a Monkey - I Get A Rush'. It was made at home, in our lounge with Casey engineering it and we loved every second. Lots of gin and tonic was consumed in the process of making that tune lol. To achieve a number one and to feature in the top 100 tracks of 2017, for me personally, was all I dreamed and wanted for our first tune and then some. Casey did a great job of engineering what was our first track together and I am extremely proud to have a track with my hubby. I have also had the pleasure of working with D-Fi on our forthcoming track "Consciousness" which is being released on 2nd February on Premonition Digital. Casey and I have recently been in the studio with Sean Inside Out, we made a banger of a track called "Black and Gold". I have wanted to make this track for years and the boys made my tune idea come true. Sean is awesome to work with and personally I learned loads from the studio day. My aim is to have 12 tracks by me, Casey and others completed by the end of year. Then on Re:Form's 3rd Birthday, which is my 40th birthday too, I can play a production set. That's my goal!

Casey: For me the key ingredient to production is plenty of biscuits and coffee. I am working on a few tracks for mine and Andy's, 'White Trash Monkeys' project. I am also working with Elliot Fletcher on a little banger, and Emma and I have a few collaborations this year with some of our favourite artists.

I am slowly working on a downtempo album inspired by images from the Hubble Space Telescope...yep, it's arty and farty! Lol! I can't wait to learn more this year.

Do you have any advice for someone starting to produce?

Em: Mine is simple - go for it and enjoy. Learn and continue learning the craft. And don't settle for any old sound – be creative and explore your musical soul within. Shit, that is deep lol.

Casey: Having spent the last 6 months with a major case of writer’s block, which has been a huge learning curve for me, my best advice would be: DON'T PANIC!!!!

The learning process is hard but very rewarding, I have been plugging away at it for years and it's easy to get bogged down into the nuts and bolts and loose creativity. So always be creative and the rest will follow, it's a hobby and it should be fun.

How are your DJing diaries looking this year?

Em: Well that's a great question my dear! We have four Re:Form events planned this year - three to be held at LightHouse Bar/Club in Shoreditch. We are looking for the perfect venue to host our Re:Form 3rd Birthday later this year. We are doing three daytime events and we're super excited, we can't wait to get our teeth stuck into London. Casey and I have been booked to play B2B at Vinyl Warriors vs Bioshokk (thanks guys) on the 12th May, at Protocol in Vauxhall. I can't wait to play B2B with my partner in crime again after our dream set at Twist in 2017. (thanks guys). Other than that, I'm free to do weddings, birthdays and Holy Communion at any moment’s notice.

In reality, I don’t really count myself as a DJ. I have only been doing it 2 years and I learnt so I could play at Re:Form with the boys and have an even better experience at our event. I totally love mixing and I have got the bug big time. I'm still at the beginner’s stage and I’m so grateful for all the moments I have got out of it already.

Casey: Having played a 'White Trash Monkeys' set for Nokturnal down in Kent (thanks for the set guys), our year is ticking away nicely with the gigs mentioned by Emma above. My DJ partner in crime Andy, is to become a father for the first time this year, so I will also be putting myself out there under my Half A Monkey solo guise.

What are your top memories from parties past? Do you have a favourite party that you’d go back to in time if you had a choice?

Em: Oh Yeah! The question I have always wanted to be asked on HarderFaster. Sit around children while Aunt Emma tells you a story HeHeHe.

I started raving when I was just 17, I got taken to SunnySide Up one morning, given a treat and put on the podium and well the rest is history. I have been so lucky to have seen the start of so many amazing events like Frantic, Heat, Tasty, Sunflowers, Provocation, Pickle, Solid Sunday, Club U4oria, Ghost and Fevah to name a just a few. I have seen raving in London grow and bloom and I have been in the utter thick of it for years... And I mean right in the middle of the mischief. I have met and become friends with many of the greats, had such a laugh with the DJs and ravers. I will giggle about those times until I'm grey and old. I love my Hard House and Trance family with every breath in my body. I am influenced in my promoting for Re:Form with my experience in those times, watching so many major brands grow and mature, I learnt from the best in my eyes.

If I could go back to any time and any event, without any doubt it would be 'Fevah @ The Tube' all freaking day long. The best people, music, DJs and times I EVER had. The venue, the sweat dripping and the pure bass line pumping on that sound system. That’s my happy place so thank you Fevah boys for all the moments. But a close second would be going back to Grays Inn Road 'Sanctuary/Self Indulgence' day's in Holborn - they were weird, in a good way, wonderful and amazing days! I’m surprised I lived through them. lol.

Casey: I came to raving in about 2001, 'Frantic' at Camden Palace was utterly mind-blowing. The energy I experienced as I walked through that flashing tunnel and out to the beautiful vista that is the 'Palace' was simply something to behold. On the same night, K90 blew me away, as this was the first time I had heard him perform his stunning music.

The Hard House scene has changed a lot in the last 10 years. What is your take on this and where do you see it going in the future?

Emma & Casey: Who knows what the future will hold? As long as the ravers rave and the music makers make music, then the dance floor will have us both front and centre!! Of course it's not like it was, but that’s not the point.... Music evolves, people grow up, get commitments and families.

Leave ya bullshit at the door and dance the night away. Surely that’s why those of us who are still left carry on doing it? Make a point of introducing new people to the scene, they really don't know what they are missing!!!

Thanks to social media, promotion has become easier than ever; where should readers go to follow what’s happening in your music and DJing?

You can follow us on Facebook on:

And for Re:Form mixes:

Next Two Events:


9th JUNE

Tell us about your first club/rave experience? Were you hooked instantly or did your attraction develop over time?

Em: I was hooked instantly. I never really felt I belonged anywhere before I started raving. I was still young and unsure of myself, as soon as I got to 'SunnySide Up' and met the people that was it. I'm 40 this year and I still rock that dancefloor like I am 17. I love the people, the music and the moments we all have together. It is like a FAMILY and I find that very special. I have known some of the people that I met on that first day of raving all this time, to this day...that's insane.

Casey: My first time was as I said above, Frantic at Camden Palace 2001. Nothing beats it for me and I have had Hard House for breakfast ever since.

How did you get your first gig, and thinking back to that set - what do you feel you got right and what do you feel you got wrong?

Em: I gave myself my first set at Re:Form's 2nd Birthday Pirate Party and I loved every second. It was an insane moment stepping up to the decks and slapping down that first tune, the place went nuts. Not because it was a good mix as I was shaking like a leaf, but from the support everyone gave me. It was crazy. My nerves were so shook up, afterwards I spewed in the loo. I loved every second of the set, not the sick bit afterwards lol.

I have learned not to panic and just go with the flow and enjoy myself. Now I thrive on every set and if I fuck up, oh well! You just have to carry on and hope it doesn’t happen again. I wish I had learnt to mix sooner. I'm grateful to Casey and Elliot for teaching and guiding me along the way. Oh, and my best mate Ann-Marie aka A-Dj is also my fave person to mix with - she rocks! We learnt together and bounce off each other so well. She is also available for weddings and engagements too. Lol

Casey: My first ever set out was at a pub on Southend seafront called the Minerva. Playing b2b with my best pal DJ Nasty, there may not have been many people but all of our close mates were there to cheer us on.

The set for me which blew my mind to play, was when Andy and I had our White Trash Monkeys debut set at Sunnyside Up. I never expected the response we got that night, the whole room seemed like they were with us at every touch of the jog wheel. It was the most mind blowing of experiences, Andy and I just bounced of each other for the whole hour, each tune, each transition just seemed to take us all exactly where we wanted to be. It was pure joy.

Who and what would you say are your most recent inspirations?

Em: Too many to mention, so many talented people in the industry right now. Long may they reign!

Casey: I am really liking stuff from all over the world at the moment, I am taking inspiration from Psy-Trance to Indie and back to Hard House again. For me, it is more what people do that makes them inspirational to me. How they hold themselves, their outlook on the world. I think I am getting old lol.

What advice do you wish you’d been told and heeded in the past? Music or non-music related.

Em: Hehehehehe. To never follow a man constantly, all night at a club, because they will end up as your husband. Trust me! I married him.

I say "Never have any regrets, learn from the sadness, laughter, the good times and bad. Live life and don't regret". Go forth and prosper my ikkle unicorns!!

Casey: I would say it is advisable never to attempt to eat a large ice cream cone when you have a beard and no napkins! Schoolboy error right there!!

What CD do you have on in the car at the moment?

Emma & Casey: Matt Clarkson - Production Mix.... It's a banger and the kids love it too, which is a bonus.

Tell us an interesting fact we won’t know about you?

Em: I love writing poetry and performing on stage. If you ever fancy a poem, hit me up... I also cater for weddings, funerals and birthdays. Only £5 per poem.. Bargain!! (joking, they are free) :-)

Casey: I once ate so much Slush Puppy my poo turned green!! lol

What’s the most shocking thing you have done which your friends might consider out of character?

Em: hmmmmmmm that’s a hard one... I don’t think I have done anything too shocking that my friends have not done already. That’s the company I like to keep HeHeHe

If anyone has a story please feel free to inbox me and remind me

Casey: Probably kept my t-shirt on during a set.... Oh no, that’s never happened!!

If you had the time to take up a hobby, what would it be and why?

Em: I would like to learn pottery, then Casey and I could re-create that moment in Ghost. I would solely learn it to do that. He could haunt me any time.... Casey that is (wink wink).

Casey: Puuuuuuuuukkke, lol! I would like to take up drone cinematography and make footage of ancient monuments and castles etc. Not just being a 'peeping Tom', lol.

What is your favourite dessert?

Em: Anything with chocolate for me, you should see me at the desert part at the All You Can Eat restaurant, I am like an angry hippo. I will literally get every little dessert and sweet available and try to get through the whole lot. I love cakes too. Oh and cheese cake. I love cheese cake. Miles that question was a hard one!

Casey: Has to be The Sahara. Not that hard Miles Wink

Thank you Emma, thank you Casey. Looking forward to seeing you at Re:Form - A New Horizon on March 3rd 2018.

Images courtesy of Re:Form. Not to be reproduced without permission.
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From: WEBBO on 11th Feb 2018 14:33.16
Best thing ive read all weekend
Wicked interview and cant wait for ReForm in a few weeks
Bring it on Smile

From: xmassd on 29th Mar 2018 16:24.28
Good onya lil Em! That's how I remember meeting you back in the late 90's on the dancefloors of Frantic, SSU, Pickle, U4ria, Heat etc... always giving it sum - and look now a easy 20 years on and you're still going strong! pure love of the music and the scene - you are a proud ambassador and purist for the ol HH crew and all that it encompasses.. keep up the good work Em and crew and I look forward to see Re:Form on tour to Australia in the near future..x big love, Disco Dan Christmass...x

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