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HarderFaster Awards 2009 - Did your vote count?

Reported by HarderFaster / Submitted 17-02-10 23:12

Loved or loathed? Rocked it or lost it? The HarderFaster awards are all about what made you dance, what made you scream and what made you shout in 2009. With the range of votes being spread out again this year, it just goes to show what a discerning lot you all are with your individualised tastes but as always there has to be winners and winners there are, so dear reader, read on!

This year we've awarded more joint prizes to reflect the spirit of the voting, rather than the exact number polled. We hope that the 2009 winners will be happy to share their accolades and be encouraged for the future.

So, well done everyone and without further ado, let's get on and reveal the winners!


HarderFaster Club Night of the Year 2009
Which was the best overall promotion of the year?

Winner: Zoology

Third year in a row for the Zoology crew - their heady cocktail of differing music and extended opening hours helping them to the honours again this year very closely followed by runners up Frantic.

Special mentions go to Puzzle Project, Party Proactive and Spangulation who all featured strongly as well.

HarderFaster After Party of the Year 2009
If the night is just not enough then this is where you'll be.

Winner: reFre5h

A change this year and just in time to help celebrate the second birthday. From honourable mention last year to winners in 2009, reFre5h show that afterparties can be different.

Runners up spot is taken this year by the stalwarts of the after hours scene, Twist.

HarderFaster Day Party of the Year 2009
Don't fancy a late night? This is the daytime party where it's all happening.

Winner: Trance on Thames

Winner by a long way, yet again, and richly deserved for Richard and his team for their innovative location and amazing music!

Honourable mention goes to the HarderFaster Xmas Party, and, one to watch for 2010, Odyssey!

HarderFaster New Party of the Year 2009

Winner: Psy-n-tific

A great start to what is quickly becoming a HF member favourite for the free Vauxhall based party.

The runners up slot is taken by Halcyon along with honourable mentions to Lost Dawn and Odyssey.

HarderFaster Festival of the Year 2009
What was your favourite festival of 2009?

Winners: SW4 & Glade

A tie this year for top spot as HF users show their love of diverse music from commercial to underground.

Honourable mentions go to Glastonbury, Global Gathering and Secret Garden Party.

HarderFaster Venue of the Year 2009
What was your favourite clubbing venue in 2009?

Winner: 414

Out by a mile, our users have voted for the home grown delights of Brixton's legendary venue, tea, toasted cheese and some of London's hottest DJs swung it no doubt.

Honourable mentions to Ministry of Sound and Matter.

HarderFaster New Venue of the Year 2009
What was your favourite new venue in 2009?

Winner: matter

matter takes top honours this year following big names and top events really bringing the venue into the public eye while Cable, despite a late start takes runners up.

Choons 'n Labels

HarderFaster Tune of the Year 2009
Your pick of the crop for tunes produced this year?

Winner: Carl Nicholson & K-complex - Outta Here 2009

Despite a plethora of answers covering all genres under the sun there can be only one winner and out of the chaos comes order with Outta Here 2009 taking the glory.

HarderFaster Remix of the Year 2009
Your pick of the crop for tunes rerubbed this year?

Winner: Andy Farley & Base Graffiti - The First Rebirth

A pretty similar story for the remix crown but scene legends Andy Farley and Base Graffiti rise above the rest with their sampling of Age Of Love.

HarderFaster Album of the Year 2009
Which DJ mixed album was the best of the year?

Winner: Technikal - Klubbed Together

More awards for the boy wonder and you just can’t get enough of Technikal’s beats.

HarderFaster Label of the Year 2009

Winner: Electrik Shandy

Following a successful stint on the HF Podcast schedule, the Electric Shandy stable gets your seal of approval.

You also voted in your droves for Red Sky, Impact and Anjunabeats.


HarderFaster Producer of the Year 2009
This year's top producer

Winner: Trevor Dans

Showing that he has a very bright career ahead of him, HF’s very own Trevor Dans and last year’s New Producer takes the Producer of the Year 2009 spot.

Honourable mentions to Karim and last years winner Technikal.

HarderFaster New Producer of the Year 2009
Who has consistently shown they've got what it takes in the new producer stakes.

Winner: Matt Church

A hotly contested section this year with some strong showings, eventually taken by Red Sky Digital’s Matt Church

Honourable mentions go to Rob OTT and Steelo.

HarderFaster Remixer of the Year 2009
Who's made the best remixes this year?

Winner: Technikal

Well it would have been strange if he’d only won one award wouldn’t it?!

Honourable mentions to Karim, MDA & Spherical and Activa.

DeeJays and Performers

HarderFaster DJ of the Year 2009
Who was your favourite DJ in 2009?

Winner: Phil Lankester

For a second year running and having secured a residency at quickly growing event Halcyon, Phil Lankester has been voted the HarderFaster DJ of the Year!

Honourable mentions to Phil Reynolds Karim and Andy Farley.

HarderFaster Live Act of the Year 2009
Which or who was your favourite live act in 2009?

Winner: Libra9

And again running away with the award, are there no bounds to what this artist could achieve?

Honourable mentions to Lab4 and Infected Mushroom.

HarderFaster Resident DJ of the Year 2009
Which resident DJ at which club made it their own in 2009?

Winner: Latex Zebra

One of the hardest working individuals on the London scene today with a dedication second to none, our sh!t poll maestro takes the resident award slot for 2009.

Honourable mentions to Phil Lankester and Ped.

HarderFaster International DJ of the Year 2009
Outside the scope of regular clubbing, which world class DJ ranks as number one?

Winner: Tiësto

After an amazing day out in London’s Victoria Park, the globetrotting Dutchman is your International DJ of choice.

The runners up slot also featured to Armin Van Buuren and Carl Cox.

HarderFaster Up and coming DJ of the Year 2009
Who showed the most promise for big things?

Winner: Mark Day

With appearances across the country from squats to some of the top clubs, Mark Day has had a whirlwind year topped off by winning up and coming DJ 2009

An honourable mention goes out to Wayne Smart.

HarderFaster Set of the Year 2009
Which DJ played your favourite set this year and which event was it at?

Winner: Phil Lankester at Halcyon

Another award for 2009’s unstoppable force, closely followed by Tiësto at Victoria Park.

HarderFaster Content

HarderFaster Photographer of the Year 2009
Who was the best contributor to HarderFaster's Photo section?

Winner: Daf

Of course with his beautiful photosets and amazing skill there is no-one to touch our number 1 photographer.

Honourable mention go to Technoman and AVC.

HarderFaster Feature Writer of the Year 2009
Who was the best contributor to HarderFaster's Feature section?

Winner: Agnes

A very close run section this year as Agnes Klos just takes the honours with her unbridled enthusiasm and in depth coverage of the London dance scene.

Adam Symbiosis enjoys the runners up spot while honourable mentions go to Tara and Steve Milton.

HarderFaster Review Writer of the Year 2009
Who was the best contributor to HarderFaster's Tune Review section?

Winner: Latex Zebra

Your resident DJ also floats your boats with his words of wisdom on tracks.

Dean Zone and Pete M take joint runners up spot.

HarderFaster Thread of the Year 2009
Which was your favourite thread of 2009?

Winner: Motivational Posters by Taz

Motivational Posters takes the crown for another year showing that the old ones really are the best ones.

Honourable mention goes to Dzerzhinsky for Classic Quotes and NickSentience for Rock n Rave..shutting early..

HarderFaster Member Awards

HarderFaster Member of the Year 2009
Who was your favourite overall HarderFaster member in 2009?

Winners: Kerb, Benton Wells & Slink

Amazingly there is a three way tie for the honours this year! We think this threesome is the stuff of nightmares but who are we to argue with your votes.

HarderFaster Intellectual of the Year 2009
Which HarderFaster member gave you food for thought in 2009?

Winner: DMX

A shock result for intellectual – love him or hate him, DMX takes the coveted Intellectual of the Year followed closely by Benedict.

HarderFaster Redeemed Member of the Year 2009
The member who in your eyes has redeemed themselves the most.

Winner: Donnie

Was it his selfless acts at the Xmas Party, or his smooth way with words on the boards? Donnie comes up smelling of roses this year.

Honourable mention to Hanky, Kerb and Midas.

HarderFaster Party Animal of the Year 2009
Who was HarderFaster's party animal in 2009?

Winner: Webbo

Taking the top spot again by a long way Webbo will still be there long after you’ve retired.

Honourable mention yet again to Adam Symbiosis, do these guys ever sleep?

HarderFaster Smoothest Operator of the Year 2009
Who was HarderFaster's smoothest operator during 2009?

Winner: Donnie & Kerb

Well another tie and another set of joint winners. Who knows what goes on behind closed PMs?!

HarderFaster The Dark Side of the Year 2009
Which HarderFaster member did you love to hate in 2009?

Winner: DMX

A well deserved winner using no doubt his amazing Machiavellian talents to pick up his second award, while honourable mentions go to Donnie and Midas.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is it. Thanks to all who took time to vote and here's to a successful 2010. Keep your eyes out for next year’s winners and keep partying hard!

Photos taken from the HarderFaster archive. Not to be reproduced without permission.

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From: Hitch the Knife on 18th Feb 2010 06:33.14
Well done Ped me old mate! x

From: ~deleted1390 on 18th Feb 2010 08:42.56
Thanks again for all the votes for Zoology and for the 414! A real honour that people still think we're offering something worth voting for. I honestly didn't think we had a chance this year so this is a big suprise. I'm sure it'll piss a few people off too.
Best resident and review writer for me too. Great stuff!

From: Hi Freak1c on 18th Feb 2010 09:04.05
amazing stuff well done to all the winners well proud of you all. top work.

From: cheerio on 18th Feb 2010 09:15.54
quality stuff Ped. Smile

From: STACE on 18th Feb 2010 09:35.41
Woooooot! Trance on Thames take it again! Big grin

Nice one Ped for the Psy-n-tific success.

From: Tartipants on 18th Feb 2010 09:39.21
Well done Latex, 414 and zoology! YAY!!!!

From: Shasa on 18th Feb 2010 09:40.31
Woo woo woo, go Trevor Dans!
And woot for honorable mention to MDA & Spherical.

From: phil lankester on 18th Feb 2010 09:51.14
Wow, wasn't expecting that! Congrats to everyone else, Dan, Ped Mark etc! Thanks to everyone that voted! I'll need to up my game even more now! lol!

From: bennett on 18th Feb 2010 09:51.36
Massive props to Phil, Mattie & The Mac!!! Sterling work boys! Thumbs up

From: SEBASTIEN on 18th Feb 2010 09:57.22
Nice one mr Mac!!!!

well done the trev

From: Electrik Shandy on 18th Feb 2010 10:07.24
Thanks to all those who voted for ES, such a surprise!

From: Timmy Whiz on 18th Feb 2010 10:23.38
WOW reFre5h takes the top for best after party Woooooot! thanks everyone!!!

congrats to all the other winners and runners up too Thumbs up

special well done to Phil for the tripple!!

From: waynesmart on 18th Feb 2010 10:23.53
Well done to all and thanks to every 1 that voted for me

From: ck on 18th Feb 2010 10:48.07
That's a real "in your face" for the people who still slag off 414 despite not being there since 2003. Big grin
Well done all! Claps Hands

From: Funboy Hashtag Yoloswaggins on 18th Feb 2010 11:34.40
Big grin

thank you so much for your support guiz

Big grin Big grin Big grin

From: Pete M on 18th Feb 2010 12:29.48
Wow. Runner up in Best Reviewer. Nice one. Big grin

From: Darz on 18th Feb 2010 13:50.29
Congrats all around!

From: anushka007 on 18th Feb 2010 13:52.39
Oh my god!!! Congrats to all!!!!!!!
Timmy I am so happy that your hard work, late nights of working hard on your party and not paying me attention Mad have paid off!! Really happy for you guys!
Well done to Phil Lankester Heartbeat you so deserve it babe!
I am not surprised at all with 414 , or Zoology or Matt Church or TRANCE ON THAMES being TOP WINNERS. People of hardefaster love you!

From: Ped on 18th Feb 2010 14:04.34
Wow, really pleased with that! Smile A massive thank you to everybody that voted for both Psy-n-tific and myself and congratulations to all the other winners as well. Big grin

From: Matt on 18th Feb 2010 14:59.10
Well done to everyone, we had a lot more votes this year so the awards are fully deserved.

From: Pathfinder on 18th Feb 2010 17:43.38
Fantastic!! Thanks to everyone who voted for Trance on Thames

From: Dj Kristian on 18th Feb 2010 18:08.19
Add your comments here ! Well done to all winners and runners up so many nice Nights and Djs and Live act and Festivals etc all getting awards.You all deserve well done guys

From: Nikki S on 18th Feb 2010 18:38.04
Well done guys! Good read and a great laugh when it came to the HF content.

Ped - I'm looking forward to playing at the Psy-n-tific Birthday
Phil - Looking forward to our b2b on the Cohesion Boat Party!!

From: carl nicholson on 18th Feb 2010 21:22.41
Get the f**K in there Smile Thanks to everyone whom voted for me & Pete! Chuffed Smile

From: Agnes Klos on 18th Feb 2010 22:52.37
I am taken to heaven, literally. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me. It is like dreams come true. All the hard work and every drop of sweat on the dancefloor were worth it. Hope you enjoy reading more of the hot stuff from meSmile))

From: Daf on 19th Feb 2010 13:47.25
3-way tie! Seriously! ha.

I think the true intellectuals would have left this place many a year ago Wink

From: Dirty Old Bastard on 19th Feb 2010 17:47.29
again, for the 2nd year running I got pipped to the post for party animal of the year by Webbo and there should have been ab award for Crack On of the year - my house - lol

From: VinDiesel on 20th Feb 2010 02:30.22
Well done to everyone who won an award this year!

Nice one Refre5h...Timmy, Nicky and Kev you fully deserve it , for the hard work and continuous cheery enthusiasm you always have.
It was a pleasure for me to DJ at your party.

Well done to Webbo you legend!!! Nuff respect innit

I hope the awards spur people onto more success on the hard dance scene this year!

From: Mark Day on 20th Feb 2010 08:34.34
Very unexpected guys, thank you too everyone that voted for me - i love you all.
Congrats to Ped, Phil, Mr Zebra and of course Tiésto Big grin

From: Andy Force on 21st Feb 2010 07:12.47
Well done everyone! Especially Mark Day for taking my trophy, highly deserved Smile

From: Kether on 21st Feb 2010 10:52.18
DMX intellectual, lol.

From: Mark Day on 22nd Feb 2010 08:51.10
lol Andy - we can share ^_^

From: szatan on 23rd Feb 2010 10:37.13
congratulations everyoneSmile
Sati x

From: CLK on 3rd Mar 2010 19:13.13
Well done everyone Smile

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