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HarderFaster gets filthy with Lucy Fur

Reported by K8-e / Submitted 18-11-09 20:03

Girls and boys across the land, both good and bad are getting ready for the one party that brings everyone together over cracking tunes and roasting beats, the HarderFaster Xmas party. Closing Santa's Grotto, after their rip roaring set last year, is none other than naughty pair Lucy Fur and K8-e. With just days to go we asked K8-e to find out what Lucy is asking Santa to bring her this year.

It's been a while since you've had an HF interview (2006 would you believe?!), time goes so fast! How has 2009 been for you - what's been your highlights?

2006 really? I must have been having fun! The most obvious highlight would be being signed to Toolbox. I truly believe they are the best hard house label within the scene. Others include playing in Ibiza for the first time, gaining a residency for Coalition in Manchester alongside Nik Denton and Ross Homson, being asked to play the foyer again for HHA, recording the Toolkit album for Toolbox and having five of my tracks out this year.

The last few years have been a difficult time for the scene with some key players like Justin Bourne and Marc Johnson hanging up their headphones and many nights struggling to draw a crowd. What's your perspective on how things are as someone who is regularly DJing and out and about in the thick of it?

The credit crunch has a lot to answer for. People choose to go out twice a month rather than every weekend as they try to be sensible with their pennies. I don't blame them, I have been affected this year and I know many other people have. I am very lucky to still be playing at least two/three times a month. Having said that, I have played at and been clubbing to some amazing parties this year which have been busy and had a great atmosphere- like Insomniacz in April, the last ever monthly Twist event back in May, Storm's 200th event in Sept, HHA just gone and the Toolbox party last weekend. There are so many good nights coming up too - I for one am excited about the winter months.

Your name is practically synonymous with filthy hard house but how would you personally describe your style these days?

Pretty much the same! But the good thing is, I do get a varied amount of set times so people get to see all sides of me. I played warm up at Storm's 200th event for example and some people actually said it was the best set they had ever heard from me. That made my day!

Since we last spoke you've been pretty busy in the studio working with different engineers and creating your own distinctive sound - what's happening on the production front for you at the moment?

I do not get in the studio as much as I like as the producers I like to work with are Midlands upwards (and of course I am London based). I have however, managed to put a project together with the help of Mr Denton, which is due out in December this year. It is the Lucy Fur Presents 'Girls @ Work' EP, which consists of tracks from Jo Jo, Kirsty Lee James, DJ Elle and myself. I think my New Years resolutions will be to try and do tracks every other month (she says).

You mentioned the EP for Toolbox above - you're also signed to the Toolbox agency - tell me more about what's happening at Toolbox Towers at the moment?

Well the end of the Toolbox tour is scheduled for Feb 2010 where we have the 10th birthday bash. I have also been DJing 10 years next year so this event is going to be and event and a half! The agency is going well with more and more interest as the months go on and the new site has just been finished There is an MP3 site being built as we speak too so we can move forward with the digital releases. More albums are in the pipeline too - I could go on and on really!

The Girls @ Work EP is a good chance to expose female talent in the scene and it seems the girls have really got it going on in the last few years - there has been a massive explosion of female hard dance DJs regularly getting some of the top gigs. Who's leading the crop from your perspective?

Thing is, all the girls are also personal friends and I love seeing them all doing so well. I actually had a discussion the other day with someone and we realised that many female DJs from say five years ago, are not around now which is sad. I fully support the girls used for the EP so I am going to say they are my top three!

There seems to have been an influx of producers in the last few years to hard house - who are your consistent favourites?

Ross Homson, Nik Denton, Paul Maddox, Weazel, Wayne Smart, Adam M, Tom Parr, myself (!).. again I could go on. There are people doing amazing tracks but these guys always deliver.

What's been the standout tunes of 2009 for you?

I can't answer that as there have been so many - but I bet they are on Toolbox!

You have been to Ibiza twice this year, I know you have had a few years off so what has inspired you to return in 2009?

Music! I have such a varied taste these days that I couldn't wait to get over there. I went in July for a week and then returned in September for the closing parties. It was amazing and I had a wicked time both times round. I said I was only going to go out a few times and both visits I went out every night! Couldn't help myself! It's all about Calvin at Pacha (twice!).

It's no secret you have a lot of love for Calvin Harris. How did this obsession start and where will it end?!

Do you know what? It's funny because I have always been a fan but this year has got a bit silly. It will never end Kate! How can you ask me that? Haha!

I have seen him every month since July. July a DJ set in Ibiza, August a DJ set for his album launch in London where I met him. September I saw a DJ set back at Pacha, October I saw him and the band at the HMV Forum London (which was fantastic) and I have just booked tickets to see him DJ in Northampton in November. I follow him on Twitter everyday, have his website open daily at work and even have Calvin video folders on my phone. The video for new single 'Flashback' was filmed the night I was at Pacha in Sept and there is an official video from the album launch on youtube which I make a guest appearance, haha!

If you could put on your shoes and get ready for *any* weekend - what would your ideal weekend consist of?

Love it, haha! That's a tough one because depending on the day you ask, you would get a different answer. As this is a Monday and I am still shattered after the weekend, I would say a good girly weekend with lots of wine and maybe even staying in. Nah - actually it's always about going out, so I would have to say full on weekend with the girls, loads of Jacques cider, dressing up and going clubbing every time!

X Factor - are you watching it and who do you want to win and why?

I was, but I can't be bothered anymore. As long as Olly wins, I don't really care! How can Miss Frank go out when those twins are still in? Plus, I am not usually in on a Saturday to watch it and Sunday nights if I have been out all weekend, I like to be asleep! All about I'm A Celebrity coming up - I love that show.

What would you like Santa to bring you for Christmas this year?

A winning lottery ticket. Enough said.

Where can we catch you play over the next few months?

Bring on the winter!

28/11/09 HF Xmas Party @ Clerkenwell House, London
04/12/09 Coalition Trilogy @ Alter Ego, Manchester
05/12/09 Awsum birthday @ Hidden, London
11/12/09 So DJ's Vs Digital Mafia @ Kerbcrawler, Leeds
26/12/09 Devious @ Le Prisienne, Folkestone Kent
31/12/09] Twist @ Union, London
01/01/10 Zoo Years Day @ 414, London

Obviously the gig we're all excited about the most on the board is the HarderFaster Xmas party - just how excited are you - I know I can't bloomin' wait?!

I had so much fun at the last one and so happy to be doing it again with a very good friend of mine! Yes, that's you Kate! I am thinking a Xmas outfit and lots of drink, haha, should be a good laugh! But I don't want to win any fridge magnets this year- I got about 10 last time! (lol - Ed)

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Photos copyright and courtesy of Louise Savage. Not to be reproduced without permission

HarderFaster Xmas Party 2009
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Saturday 28th November 2009
At: Clerkenwell House [map]

From: 2PM till Midnight
Cost: Suggested donation £5
Ticket Info: Suggested donation for Cancer Research £5
More: With the sound of ringing checkouts and screaming children, it must be Xmas again and with those merry notes comes the HarderFaster Xmas party!!!

This year we’re at the slightly earlier date of Nov 28th but we haven’t spared the reindeer in finding a fantastic venue to celebrate the winter festivities in. With décor to wow even Mrs Claus, a top notch sound system that’ll keep the kids awake and ice cold beer served by the pint (along with a veritable feast of other drinks at the bar) it could only be the hidden gem that is Clerkenwell House. Tucked away in the back streets of Hatton Gardens, a short walk away from Farringdon station, you’ll think all your Christmas’ have come at once if you’ve yet to sample it’s delights!

And part of the delights is the line up. But in true Xmas fashion we won’t be giving you all your presents to open all at once. Instead over the coming weeks we’ll be revealing top treats in the form of some of your favourite and much loved DJs appearing over the fantastic two floors of music!

In the proud tradition of HF Xmas and your generous donations at the door, this year we’ve decided to focus on a charity which helps to combat a disease that will touch all of us in some way over the course of our lives. With millions of new patients diagnosed with cancer every year, Cancer Research UK helps to fund studies and research into beating the disease. We suggest a £5 donation at the door, though please feel free to donate more if you wish as with previous years each and every single penny of profit will go to the chosen charity.

Watch out for more announcements in the coming days and weeks and don’t forget to add your name to the listings!

Ho, ho, ho it’s the HF Xmas Party!
Region: London
Music: Trance. Acid Trance. Euro Trance. Hard Trance. Tech Trance. Psy Trance. House. Deep House. Funky House. Hard House. Prog House. US House. Vocal House. Tech House. Techno. Breaks.
DJ's: The Elves Lair:

Ben Gold
Jack Michaels
Fabio Stein vs Simon Qudos
Viceroy vs Alan Banks
Adam Symbiosis
Rich, Hitch and The Witch
(Pathfinder and Steve Hitch ft Stace)
The Gunslingers (Craig Gunn vs Craig Heldsinger)
Judy vs Rick Deacon

Santa's Grotto:

Santa’s Secret Surprise back to back
Lucy Fur vs K8-e
Nikki S vs Phil Lankester
Phil Reynolds vs Ben Bennett
Latex Zebra vs MDA & Spherical
Miles Gorfy
Matt Church vs Kevin Shepherd
Dave Mac vs Nicky D
Steve Milton vs Andy Harkin
Ped vs Andy Force

Who's Going? (88) : *Ellie*, Acidhed88, Adam Symbiosis, Agnes Klos, Alan-Banks, Andy Dunford, Andy Force, antiworld, B.S.E, BeBe, bennett, blackchic1, Cerberus, ChiccaBabe, Claire99, Daf, Dean Zone, Didoo, dj_kinetic, djdyju, Donnie (retired), El Hombre, Euphoria, Faster Toni, Fi, Frani Heyns, Gordon Darley, guy garrett, Harry PT, hejro, Hitch the Knife, J4mes, jackVanChallis, James Terry, JRP, junky_stepz, Katey_xx, Katied, Lambs, Lucy Fur, luke warner, Mark., Martin Begley, Matt, Matt Church, Matt Dahl, Merekat, Miles Gorfy, miss marie, NatNat, Neonpink, Nicky D, Nomi Sunrider, Party Penny, Pathfinder, paul jack, Ped, phil lankester, pixieness, Plan9, Private1, Red Sky Digital, Riff and Raff, rob.O.T.T., RussT, Ryan Wilkinson, Safe As Fuck, Sats, skaramanga, SleeplessAndy, Slink., STACE, Staggo, steelo kuchiki, Stev0b, Tara, The Joey, Tinks, treesa, VinDiesel, voodoobass, WEBBO, Wu Ming, wykah, x-ray, xffx, ~deleted1390,  
HF Photographer: ChiccaBabe HF Reviewer:

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From: Danny Gilligan on 18th Nov 2009 20:07.39
Nice interview lucy i look forward to sharing a drink or ten with you at twist NYE its going to be huge!!

From: Gordon Darley on 18th Nov 2009 21:33.26
Utter leg end! Keep up the good work Ms Fur Smile

From: ~deleted1390 on 19th Nov 2009 07:51.57
Loving your work Lucy and you can't beat a bit of Calvin.

From: waynesmart on 19th Nov 2009 11:18.39
Fat interview as always hun and thanks for the mention. Love ya x

From: Nicky D on 19th Nov 2009 14:45.29
Great interview Lucy, looking forward to your set with K8-e x

From: Alan-Banks on 19th Nov 2009 16:26.56
How filthy! Nice interview!

From: ravechick on 20th Nov 2009 09:01.22
good interview roomy !! keep up the good work Smile xxxx Heartbeat

From: Brett Wood on 20th Nov 2009 18:17.27
Good luck deserve it babe.. Wink

From: Gem Stone on 22nd Nov 2009 20:17.16
Wicked interview hun! xxx

From: Lucy Fur on 23rd Nov 2009 12:38.10

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