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Banco de Gaia

» The 9th Of Nine Hearts

Reviewed by Pete M / Submitted 11-07-17 12:48

Label: Disco Gecko Recordings
Format: CD
Genre: Ambient / Electronica

This is the second of three Banco de Gaia reviews on HarderFaster, the first being the 20th anniversary of Big Men Cry. This album, The 9th Of Nine Hearts, was released in 2016 on Banco's own Disco Gecko imprint and was accompanied by single releases for "Burn The Witch", "The Princess And The Sky Goat" and "Le Foucauld".

Essentially, 9 follows the ambient path of previous albums and is more mature than his earlier offerings. That said though, there are moments of pure hedonism and euphoria thrown in too; with the ravey "91" being a stand-out moment. There's also a downtempo feel as well with "Burn The Witch", which isn't a Radiohead cover, leading the way. The combination of real drums and electronics is a fairly good mix for me.

My favourite track on the album is "91", which harks back to the heady days of rave. That is when 9th lets itself go and has fun after the ambientness of "And So We Dream Of Futures Lost", which is almost Moby-like. Indian atmospherics take over on "The Princess And The Sky Goat", which is probably the strangest, but most exotic, track on here. On this track, there are glimpses of his Desert Dwellers mix, which he did of "Shiva Nataraj".

Banco de Gaia hasn't really lost his touch but there are bound to be comparisons between this and Last Train To Lhasa which was, for me, his stand-out record. This album shows a maturity but still a willingness to...leap out and dance. That, for me, is the beauty of Banco. You never know what you're gonna get.

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