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Psy-Sisters Present Set For Love 2021!

Reported by Jessica Alici / Submitted 26-07-21 09:02

Rena Psibindi - singer, songwriter and psytrance DJ and producer! With all those titles you’d think she was more than busy enough but one of Rena’s many qualities is that she always finds the time to support worthy causes. So, it was no surprise when she approached me asking if I wanted to get on board with the next Set for Love Fundraiser – in conjunction with the charity Last Night A DJ Saved My Life – which works to help to create a sustainable future for children in developing countries.

Psy Trance Sisters kicked it off in June and have already raised half of the target which is awesome!

Techno Sisters will be live streaming on Friday 30th July 2021 and are hoping to double this!

HarderFaster decided it was time to find out more about the artists who are taking part, and ask why they feel it’s so important to support this campaign.



Psibindi is an international DJ and prolific vocalist best known for her distinctive selection of powerful psychedelic trance, interwoven with her signature psy-FX vocals. The classically trained Indian singer (aka Rena) and accomplished psychedelic trance DJ has made waves as a producer in recent years. From studio to stage, her stunning live performances at Ozora and Boomtown festivals had large crowds of dance-floor warriors stomping to their heart’s content.

Signed to UK label Aphid Records, Psibindi teamed up with psytrance maestros Aphid Moon and Mechanimal. Together they created three Beatport chart storming EPs, ‘Psychic Traveller’, ‘Binary Star‘ and ‘Elliptic‘, which have been played to energetic crowds at some of the most vibrant dance floors across the world.

In 2020, ‘Binary Star‘ caught the attention of global superstar DJ Nina Kravitz who played the track during her eclectic Hot Steel DJ set at Cavo Paradiso Club in Mykonos. In 2021, Psibindi’s forthcoming release with Mechanimal on Aphid Records ‘Luminous Rays’ was handpicked by BBC Radio 1 DJ Jaguar and played on her BBC Introducing Dance show on Radio 1.

As founder of the creative global platform Psy-Sisters, Psibindi continues to push the boundaries for female artists in the music industry. As a result, hundreds of women from across the world have emerged to showcase their respective talents on the network.

In summer 2021, Psy-Sisters Global South campaign was featured in Mixmag by journalist Anu Shukla. The campaign highlights inspiring female DJs who are fighting oppression with music. Psy-Sisters joined the likes of DJ legends Carl Cox and Nightmares on Wax to raise funds for sustainable projects in developing countries with live streamed DJ sets for Set For Love appeal founded by charity Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.

Psibindi continues to thrive under different monikers. Her onstage presence takes on a distinctive new life when she performs as the frontwoman of her alt-rock band Sentience Machine. The band’s debut single ‘Black Mirror‘ was a response to the global pandemic, and delivered with conviction, a critical message about keeping the spirit of music alive. The record was given rave reviews by UK pioneers, Asian Dub Foundation, and by renowned British singer-songwriter, Charlotte Kelly from the legendary group Soul II Soul.

Career Highlights

Psy-Sisters Set For Love DJ fundraisers. ‘Luminous Rays’ played on BBC Radio 1.
Nina Kravitz featuring ‘Binary Star’ in her Hot Steel DJ set.
Playing at Ozora and Boomtown Fair.
Psy-Sisters Global South campaign featured in Mixmag.

Career Lowlight

Being told in my early career that I could not be marketed in mainstream music because I was Asian.

Why is it important for DJs and artists to join together to raise awareness about important global issues?

Music is a powerful tool for activism. As artists, we can really make a difference to inspire others and raise awareness about important issues and Set For Love is a shining example of bringing artists together to achieve this.

Set For Love’s hugely successful fundraising campaigns have brought the global DJ community together, including A-list DJs like Carl Cox and Nightmares on Wax, to raise funds for people in developing countries who have been neglected by their governments during the pandemic.

I took part in Set For Love’s Covid 19 Relief Appeal last year. It was so inspiring to see artists showing resilience in the face of adversity and come together to fundraise for people living in crisis. That’s the true power of creativity.


I am excited about Psy-Sisters Set For Love Techno Night on 30th July. We have got a great line up; Jacki-e, Jesika Jane, Florescence and Dot Dash. We have reached over 50% of our target so far! It would be fantastic to reach our target of £500 for children in developing countries.

My alt-rock band Sentience Machine have a new release on 16th July. ‘Microscopic Enemy’ is a powerful and emotive response to lockdown suppression. It’s a reference to the impact on mental health; caused by economic and social hardships. We have a single launch on 1st August at iconic Camden venue Fiddler’s Elbow.

I am also really looking forward to getting back behind the decks for Butterfly Effect and Orange Cormorant Festival in Cornwall.

Lastly, my forthcoming EP ’Sentient Rays’ with Aphid Moon and Mechanimal is due for release this Autumn on Aphid Records.

To follow Psibindi:



Ebru began her dance music adventures in 1993 at a home studio in North London spinning old-school acid house tunes. She started DJing professionally in 2010 and has since played many unforgettable high-energy techno, progressive and full-on psytrance sets for the London underground party scene, as well as in South Africa and in various countries around Europe. Ebru is the first female DJ and producer signed to Green Tree Records and her first-ever compilation ‘Illuminate' raced up to No 1 in the Beatport Top 100 psytrance charts and stayed there for 14 days.

Career Highlight

OZORA main stage 2017, taking over the decks from my all-time fav Perfect Stranger to play to the packed dance floor.

Career Lowlight

The Pandemic!!

Why is it important for DJs and artists to join together to raise awareness about important global issues?

Music is life, and life is music. Calling yourself a DJ comes with the massive responsibility of creating positive energy and uniting crowds. We have the power to influence people not only with our music but also with our attitude towards our environment. We must show that we care.


At the moment I am fighting to get our music venues back and I am a strong advocate of the Let Us Dance movement. I will not be silent about the masses watching football in Wembley when we are not allowed to dance. I am very much looking forward to playing at Psymera festival mainstage in August. I will also be releasing an EP in the Winter.

To follow Ebru Al:



Raver for over 25 years, DJ for over 20 years, producer and promoter over 12 years!

Turkish born London based DJ producer Bahar Canca is one of the most colourful and vibrant female DJs behind the decks and on the dancefloor. For over two decades Bahar has been playing a variety of pumping dancefloor music from techno, trance to funky progressive psychedelic grooves, to full-on psytrance dancefloor blasters, that consistently leave a lasting impression on the dancefloors across the world. It was during the mid-90s Bahar arrived in London to study film and soon became spellbound by the thriving kaleidoscopic dance music scene; the diversity in genres and sound and how it was removing boundaries and bringing everyone together. Inspired by these flavours and sounds the artist Bahar Canca was born!

With multiple connections across many dancefloors, Bahar soon found her first residency in London at the infamous trendsetting Rude Not 2. From this moment onwards Bahar took her incredible talents to many of London’s famous dancefloors regularly playing at all the hotspots and superclubs including Ministry of Sound, Turnmills, Studio 338, and Egg to name a few, as well as playing for some of the UK’s finest psychedelic promoters including illumiNaughty, Elixir of Life, Alchemy, inSpiral Lounge events, Astral Circus, Tribal Village and more. Playing regularly at some of the UK’s largest psychedelic festivals including Noisily and Boomtown Fair, Bahar also began to take the world on by storm and joining the line-ups at some of the world’s premier dance music festivals including OZORA Festival in Hungary, Universal Paralello, Sonica Festival and more.

Outside of her busy DJ schedule, Bahar is also the Founder and Creative Director of the hugely successful PsyBoutique Festival which is in its 10th year and has put on incredible intimate boutique events at stunning locations across Turkey and the UK hosting some of the world’s finest psychedelic talent including Perfect Stranger, System 7, Gaudi and more.

Career Highlights

Playing LIVE set before Juno Reaktor at BoomTown and playing LIVE set at Troxy after Infected Mushroom. Playing my own music to a big crowd is a buzz and a big test on my producing skills which did not fail me, I rocked it!

Career Lowlight

This last year and a half has shed the lowest light on all artist as there have been no gigs and no gatherings…I can't wait to be back on the dance floors again!

Why is it important for DJs and artists to join together to raise awareness about important global issues?

We are in the entertainment industry so I do not like to go too much into the politics as I feel our duty is to provide release from day-to-day problems. But, yes! I feel it is good for us to be able to raise funds for good causes.


I am very much looking forward to Noisily, Psy-boutique and Boomtown 2022!

To follow Bahar Canca:



DJ Sati has been playing in the techno and psychedelic scenes for over 15 years performing all over Europe at parties and festivals. She is also a member of EXPO RECORDS, MANDALA BOOKING and PSY SISTERS. A long-standing DJ on London’s underground scene, resident DJ for The Psychedelic Way, Sati has also performed at some of London’s most iconic clubs such as O2 Academy, Brixton Academy, Ministry of Sound, and the renowned Fridge club in Brixton.

Sati has also ventured into music production, with her debut EP ‘Yesta’ released on Panmusic Records. In addition to this Sati is a freelance graphic designer for labels such as IONO, TECHSAFARI and EXPO, and has been working with NANO RECORDS, IBOGA, DIGITAL OM and many more.

Sati works closely with festivals around the globe such as New Healing Festival in Germany, Festival for Life in UK, Antaris Festival in Germany and Transition Festival in Spain, delivering her music and graphic design skills.

Sati is also the Creative Director for Psy-Sisters, Mandala Bookings, The Psychedelic Way and Expo Records.

Career Highlight

Playing her live Ableton set @ Indigo O2 London before Infected Mushroom

Career Lowlight

My headphones breaking during my set at Connection Festival; it was the most stressful set I have ever played.

Why is it important for DJs and artists to join together to raise awareness about important global issues?

It's important because musicians and artists know how to use their music and art to connect with people, they can shine a light on issues and express emotion, or share ideas with society. They can trigger unexpected feelings that can affect people on a deep emotional level, which is why it can be a powerful tool in building empathy and shaping our perceptions.


I am looking forward to playing at the following:
14th August - The Psychedelic Way - London
16th-22nd August - New Healing Festival - Germany
28th August - Neurotrition - Devon
18th September - The Psychedelic Way - London
1st October - Psychedelic Barn Party - Somerset

To follow Sati:



I learnt to mix in 2013 and put a few mixes up on Soundcloud. An old friend whom I hadn’t seen for a few years heard one of them and got in touch to see if I was interested in doing a dance music show on Saturday evenings for a community radio station that she was launching. The first show was in Feb 2014; and it’s gone out every week ever since then, playing the best in new techno releases, with my mix in the first hour and a guest DJ for the second hour.

Four years later I was asked if I was interested in doing a show focused on music made by women. Although this was something I really wanted to do, I was a little reluctant to commit myself to a second weekly radio show. But I thought it was worth doing, to increase the visibility of female DJs and producers and to show that there are plenty of women making great music. I wanted to challenge the stereotype that there aren’t many women in dance music who produce their own tracks. That show is Draw the Line Radio Show.

I started to learn music production in 2015. My collaboration with American DJ / Producer Eric Louis ‘Marionette‘ was released on Get Physical Music and reached No. 4 in the Beatport Indie Dance / Nu Disco chart. My remix of 'One Way Forward' by The Kid Inside went top 30 in the Beatport top 100 new releases chart. I’ve also remixed ‘Human Robot’ by The SloaneRanger, ‘Silence of the Sands’ by Quint S Ence, ‘Rush Hour’ by Liquid Static, ‘Repetition Catches Chaos’ by Mila Chiral and ‘Time and Space’ by 10-80P.

My most recent releases are remixes of ‘Emotional’ by Electric Djinn and ‘HVV’ and ‘Copacetic’ both of which are by Mrs Dink. I’m currently working on my first EPs, one techno and one drum and bass. I’m also a member of the music collectives Sisu and female : pressure.

Career Highlight

Playing at MeetUp Berlin in August 2019. One of the organisers of MeetUp, Mila Chiral, did a guest mix for Draw The Line Radio Show and she subsequently asked if I’d like to come to Berlin to play at a MeetUp event. To play in Berlin, the spiritual home of techno, was a great thrill.

MeetUp is a wonderful event, combining a panel discussion to open up the evening (the subject when I was there was women in radio and I was one of the panel members) followed by DJ sets and dancing into the early hours. I was on the same bill as Lady Maru and Mila Chiral and it was such a highlight for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Career Lowlight

I’ve always wanted to have a DJ Residency with an event series as I’d love to be able to have regular gigs at the same event, get to know the crowd and establish a rapport with them. I got one once too, only for the event series to fold before I’d even played one gig for them. I was gutted!!

Why is it important for DJs and artists to join together to raise awareness about important global issues?

Together we are stronger and our voice is louder. Singly we achieve very little but united we can be much more effective in making the world aware of various global issues through music. Spreading awareness about causes I believe in is very important to me and uniting with others helps that awareness spread further than it would if I was doing it on my own.


I have a gig for Sisu at North Shore Troubador, Liverpool on 27th August. I do two weekly radio shows:- A Darker Wave every Saturday on Nlive Radio, which is techno and Draw The Line Radio Show every Friday on HNT Radio, which is multi-genre and features music made by women.

To follow Jacki-E:



I was exposed to a lot of rock, goth and EBM when I was younger so I was more into heavy sounds. Then I watched Love Parade in 1998 (on TV, unfortunately!) and my love for electronic music started! I decided to take up producing 3 or 4 years ago, it's been a long journey but I'm finally getting to realise my own music soon. Expect something hard-hitting yet with melodic, dystopian and weird textures.

Career Highlight

I’m extremely grateful for everything that has happened on my journey so far but my highlight is doing well in the recent producer challenge I took on, the fruits of which can be heard soon! This has helped me to push myself further.

Career Lowlight

There have been a few, from empty gigs to sets cut short. However, my biggest regret was the very rubbish presentation I did. I was extremely nervous and not prepared enough as well. Wish I had done a better job and felt I wasted people’s time but you live and learn. Sorry….

Why is it important for DJs and artists to join together to raise awareness about important global issues?

We’ve got a strong community with a loud voice so why not use it. Yes, for some crazy reason we have extremely power-hungry and unfit people running the country but having a supportive community that can help tackle issues that will affect us and generations to come. They are called global issues for a reason: they affect us all and denying that is just lying to yourself!

Voting matters for many reasons and, as Brexit showed us all, decisions that politicians make have a huge impact on everyone's lives. If you have a voice and social media presence that can help fight racism, sexism, toxic masculinity, climate change, injustice and poverty then use it as best as you can.


Playing my first set in a while with Psy-Sisters fundraising event Set for Love.
Most importantly finishing first EP soon… Stay tuned!

To follow DotDash:



Since a very young age I've always been around music. My mother was a jazz singer and she inspired me to sing and learn guitar at the age of 14. Growing up I knew nothing about electronic music, and my main focus was the genres of rock, blues and soul.

During my music degree some friends took me to my first psychedelic trance party and I instantly fell in love with the music and the vibrant loving community that comes with it. Age 19, I started playing at events around London and gained a residency at Club 414.

Now at 23, I am signed to Spanish/English label Maharetta Records and I have played at Boomtown Fair, Giving Tree Festival and Magic Castle Festival in Switzlerand. I've even played as far as Goa, India at the legendary Shiva Valley and Symposium Festival.

I feel incredibly honoured to have had these experiences at such a young age, and I can't wait for more to come along once the world has come back to normality.

Career Highlight

My highlight has got to be when I played at the Magic Castle Festival in Switzerland. Wow, what an experience it was to play a set in the grounds of an ancient castle on top of a mountain! It was just beautiful. That moment will stay with me forever.

Career Lowlight

I don't know if you could call this a low light, but during a psytrance set at my residency, someone came up to the booth and begged me to play anything by Robbie Williams. I think he might've been in the wrong place!

Why is it important for DJs and artists to join together to raise awareness about important global issues?

I believe that we as DJs and producers hold a special power. The power to bring people together through a shared passion of music. Growing this kind of community is so important to me, and as a young DJ, this will enable me to address these global issues in a unique way, one that will resonate with my peers and the younger generation.


Next month, after such a long time, I'll be making a comeback at the Tribe of Frog Outdoor Party and Psymera Festival. I was also booked for Noisily Festival and Boomtown Fair which have both been moved to 2022! I can't wait to be back on the decks, doing what I love most and putting smiles on peoples’ faces. See you all on the dancefloor!

To follow Florescence:



I got into rave when I was young, I bought my first decks (belt drives!) at the tender age of 14 and was heading off to hardcore/drum n bass events when I was well under-age. I was hooked from the start; not just by the music, lights and effects, but by the huge sense of family and unconditional love on the dancefloor and in the chill-out zones. I began promoting when I was 18, started running my own labels around 5 years later, but I didn’t have the confidence to play out until my mid-20’s. This was also when I learnt how to produce and went onto complete my Music Technology Degree.

I’ve always loved all electronic music styles and still do, and have raved, played, produced and released multiple genres including house, hard house, trance, psytrance and techno! My biggest love is definitely techno and I fully committed to this a couple of years ago and have been lucky enough to release on labels such as Prospect, Bush, Set About as well as my own labels Onhcet Reublik/Xtreme.

I recently signed to Solamente Records which I am thrilled about and I can't wait to start gigging again!

Career Highlight

Carl Cox supporting my label Onhcet Republik, signing my music to legendary label Bush Records, my signing on Set About Music getting into the Beatport Top 30 and most recently signing my music to Deborah De Luca’s incredible label Solamente!

Career Lowlight

Playing live sets and having technical issues has happened and is never fun but throwing up behind the decks during one of my sets when I first started out was mortifying! The sickness came out of nowhere and I had no time to make it to the toilet, so I just crouched down behind the decks in the DJ booth and did it into an empty carrier bag! Luckily it was dark so I think I got away without anyone seeing, but it still haunts me. To this day I keep a carrier bag in my DJ bag with me, just in case ;-)

Why is it important for DJs and artists to join together to raise awareness about important global issues?

It’s sad that it falls to artist and others to do this, and shows that those in power and the whole system in general is totally at fault and needs overhauling!

Unfortunately, it's not easy to get people to join a revolution since everyone has so much going on, just trying to stay afloat themselves; and many of us don’t even know what bigger issues the world is facing. It’s important that each and every one of us does what we can to raise awareness and help others.

The rave scene to me has always been about a shared love for the music but also, acceptance of all, and letting go our egos whilst celebrating all that is good within us.

If we as artists can use this platform to raise more awareness and much needed financial support to help tackle these issues then that can only be a good thing.

Upcoming Projects/Future Hopes

I am very excited for my upcoming release on Solamente Records as well a new release on my own label Onhcet Republik/Xtreme! I also am excited to get back behind the decks once safe events get back up and running again.

To follow Jesika Jane:

To follow Psy Sisters:


Psy-Sisters presents Set For Love Techno night is on 30th July 2021 featuring Jacki-e, Jesika Jane, Florescence and DotDash

Tune in for some banging techno and donate here: Set For Love fundraiser

Psy-Sisters are raising funds to create a sustainable future for children in developing countries. Every penny you donate during the live stream will support this very worthy cause!

Online Event:
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