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The Tidy Boys are Back To Clean Up London

Reported by Macavity / Submitted 13-04-11 21:20

In a few weeks the Royal Wedding finally takes place; but while Wills and Kate prepare for the pomp and circumstance of Palace protocol London poises to welcome the return hard dance’s own regal couple – The Tidy Boys.

Worthy of any award for ‘Outstanding Contribution’ to the harder side of dance music Amadeus Mozart (who changed his name for charity) and Andy Pickles are the creative geniuses who came up with Tidy and Tidy Weekender brand. Packed with energy and plenty of ideas the Tidy label became the cornerstone of hard dance scene releasing more compilations, tunes than you can shake a stick at!.

Years before the YouTube revolution they produced countless off-the-wall Tidy TV sketches full of their self-depreciating and creative sense of humour. In fact without their energetic music and devotion to making sure everyone has a damn good time, the hard dance scene was a lot less fun. A few years ago they took a sabbatical to concentrate on other parts of their lives. The great news is they are back. This is not only fantastic for hard dance but also means that if you are in London on the bank holiday then get ready for an almighty treat as the boys bring their infectious passion to Riot's 10th Birthday at the Den. The night is also the launch of their brand new three-part collaboration with BK 'All Alone' which is an ambitious three-part hard dance stormer.

To find out more we had a chat with the guys fresh off their sold out Tidy Weekender Reunion ahead of their much anticipated return to the London club scene.

It's your return to Riot! to celebrate our 10th birthday. Are you looking forward to it and did you enjoy it last time you played for them?

Yes we loved it last time, for us it was an inspirational gig that restored faith in our scene, Hard House is what we are about and Riot captures the true spirit of what love about it.

Andy Plays at Tidy Weekender

Riot is back at it's spiritual home, The Den (formally known as The End). How important is a venue to the atmosphere of a party?

The venue is very important. We are not big fans of massive open air festivals and large arena gigs. Personally we love more intimate clubs, with a low ceiling, great sounds, smoke and lasers. That’s where the scene started, it was all about the music and not the large inflatables hanging from a wet tent roof.

There seems to be a real buzz around harder music again with the sell out of the Tidy Weekender; the last Riot in London, Timeless, Storm all smashing it at the moment. Why do you think this is?

Most things in life come round a few times, fashion and music are certainly culprits for this - so it was only a matter of time. The great thing about hard house was it never did over commercialise, even in the boom of 99 to 2004 it stayed off the radios and TV, it was a cult underground movement that never really died, it’s always been there, but now people are once again looking back and realising it was a great time. If the music is good, well produced and gets in the heads and hearts of clubbers it will be around forever. We sense a new fresh crowd who are going to love both, looking back at the classic tracks of the past, but also maybe be inspired by the new producers and productions that are now re-igniting Hard House.

Hard Dance's Answer to Ant & Dec

Music wise. What's doing it for you guys at the moment? Your favourite producers and tunes. What do you think the sound for 2011 will be?

What we love about Hard House & Hard Dance is that there is a nice wide variety of sounds within the scene, groovy, hard, bouncy, epic and melodic, dirty dubs and full of vocals. They all go to make up a vast range of tracks. We also like the fact the big names from the past are still there, influencing and inspiring the next generation,. People like BK, Maddox, Andy Farley, Ian M, Guyver and even ourselves are in the studio still producing great music. New producers such as Jon BW, Robbie Muir, Sam & Deano etc are coming through and adding their own twist on what has gone before. The sound has evolved enough to get people excited again, but hasn't gone off at a tangent which alienates long term fans. 2011 will be the beginning of phase 2 of Hard House, with new club nights emerging and also the rebirth of some great classic brands.

Still on the music tip, you will be launching your new single at Riot. Tell us about how you work in the studio? What type of sound does it have?

Our new single with BK is a follow up to ‘Shadows’, it comes out on Tidy at the end of April and we are very excited about the concept. It’s one track in three parts (not remixes). Part 1 is a 140 bpm classic Hard House groove which moves and evolves into a very catchy hook that gets right into your head. Part 2 is slightly faster and goes more ‘anthemic’ which reminds me of the Signum style hard trance. Part 3 is a 150 bpm Hard House stomper which ticks every box in the book, fast, powerful and feels like Tony De Vit has come back and made a hardbeat track with every trademark moment you could wish for.

What else have the tidy boys been up to, any compilations on the horizon? Tell us about any concepts.

2011 is a year where we come out of retirement and get back on the road, release a couple of new albums and singles, we also are planning a new tour. The first release is the Hard House Bible which we mix and compiled for Tidy, a combination of Old Testament classics and a New Testament disc full of new releases. The new single with BK as we have mentioned, plus a live album as recorded at the Weekender.

DJ wise what are the Tidy Boys plans for this year?

The Tidy Weekender Reunion at Pontins in Prestatyn as a bg launch pad for this and hard house in general - the harder generation came back out to play for 3 more days and nights and everyone’s favourite clubbing weekend. We are also back out in Ibiza in June for a week for another boot camp, a hard house holiday not for the faint hearted. We also have a few other surprises later in the year that will be announced soon.

You both spend a lot of time together. What are each others most annoying habits? Do you and Andy ever row and if so what about and who wins?

We don't spend as much time together as people think. Andy has a very successful Education Software company called U-Explore with 32 staff based in Sheffield and I'm (Amadeus) his Creative Director, as well as also being a director of a Social Network called BeAddictive and also owning a Design marketing company Motel Red. Add to this we both have families and live 180 miles apart. We have know each other for 20 years this year and we are best friends as well as business partners, we have travelled the world together and even shared a bed, but we are more like brothers than lovers, we never have big rows, never fallen out, its a nice happy partnership. Yes we have constructive disagreements, but it's never on a personal level. We don't take life to seriously and still love what we do.

Amo in the Mix

You have toured all over the country and the world. What's the funniest or strangest thing that's happened to you on tour?

We hate this type of question, funny things usually only seem funny at the time and it’s always hard to relay that back years later, most of the silliest stuff we have done was on Tidy TV including simulated anal sex with a cucumber while wearing fluffy boots.

The most memorable thing we did on tour was driving through the night very fast across the desert from Las Vegas to Los Angeles to catch a plane, or the time us and Anne Savage almost died driving into a articulated lorry in 5 foot of snow on a motorway in Norway - by rights we shouldn't be here.

If you were you were to start a riot. Were and what would be your reason for starting it?
We would have enjoyed rioting a lot more back in the 80's when Maggie Thatcher was in power, seemed more worth while back then, now we have gone soft in our old age - however if petrol prices keep going up we would certainly be involved in that.

Riot’s Decade and Dance takes place on 30th April at The Den. The shenanigans will be preceded by a pre-party held at Cyberdog from 3pm til 6pm with BK & Helen G

For more info go to

Riot's 10th Birthday With The Tidy Boys
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Saturday 30th April 2011
At: The Den and Centro (formerly the End) [map]

From: 10pm till 6am
Cost: EB £5 / Adv £10 / Door £15
Ticket Info: Limted £5 tickets available from More On The Door. Advance tickets then go up to £10. MOTD.
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets
More: “and It’s Going Be A Right Royal Riot!”

Get the Fcuk Right In! After our sell out January ‘Payback’ party Riot! Is back celebrating a ‘Decade in Dance’- this time on the Royal Wedding weekend presenting the ultimate hard dance DJ royalty – THE TIDY BOYS.

Yes you heard us right – after the Boys performed their only 2010 London show for Riot! at Matter they have agreed to bring us an un-missable show stopping performance at our tenth birthday bash….

Andy and Amo describe the last Riot! as; “a breath of fresh air” & “the best party in the capital they had played in years…”

Don’t miss your chance to join them & cast of hard dance A-listers in what is set to be London’s hard dance event of the year.

So move over Kate and Will …….GET READY FOR A RIGHT ROYAL RIOT!


Main Room -It's a Royal Riot

Room 2 - Bootleg Social

Room 3 - Centro

The Den & Centro / West Central Street / WC1V 1JJ
10pm till 6am /

LIMITED £5 TICKETS / STANDARD ADV £10 / DOOR £15 (0844 870 0000 24hr hotline) - Facebook Page - Facebook Event Page - Twitter - website
Region: London
Music: Hard Trance. House. Hard House. Acid House. Electro.
DJ's: THE Tidy Boys, Anne Savage, BK , Scott Attrill, Andy Farley, Ed Real + SPECIAL GUEST

Room 2 - Bootleg Social
TOBIE ALLEN / Lizzie Curious / PAUL SHARP / Hoopz / RICHARD HOLDWAY (Old Skool Rave Set)

Room 3 - Centro

Who's Going? (6) : hejro, Lovable_raver, mad.dancer414, Raf, Tara, totty 
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