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HarderFaster Forums >> General Mayhem >> Ched Evans case has been referred to the court of appeal due to new evidence

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venomous fairy

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Matt wrote on 10-05-2017 03:18 PM

No, I haven't missed it at all.

I can't see how witnesses to sexual history being listed by the defence to intimidate the victim wouldn't raise issues and concerns about procedure and conduct when the law was specifically changed to prevent this in court.

That's why Evans' legal team had to go to court to ask for permission to list the 2 witnesses in his case, it was exceptional and they knew it.

"in the court". I have more than once now said I was talking about pretrial - before it gets to court.

If you can't see how using someone's history against them to discredit them can affect them, then you probably won't understand any of my points. different example: The last GP I saw has used my medical history and an admission of being a recreational drug user as a basis to not allow me to have access to zopiclone or tablet form sumatriptan because I am obviously a pill junkie. Despite the record of migraines and clinically diagnosed insomnia based on a hospital sleep clinic admission.

In the same way that if a girl is sitting there facing the prospect of someone being a character witness against her - like a boyfriend after a bad break up, etc, or a one night stand they have managed to dig up, you start thinking twice about whether or not you want your life dragged through the mud knowing that the jury might be influenced by what is said in court. And lawyers can say shit in court that is not allowed so gets struck off the court record but the jurors have already heard it and a seed of doubt is planted.

Yes, it's not allowed. But yes, it's done. Because let's face it, lawyers are not lovely old ladies who only have everyone's best interest at heart. Defence lawyers are paid to get someone off the hook, even at the expense of the victim.

Unfortunately I really am having to do some "proper" work this afternoon but will come back later if possible.

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Old Post10-05-2017 16:07 PM
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If I were you, Ched I'd just keep my mouth shut and your head down.

Ched Evans warns women are 'putting themselves in danger' by drinking as there are 'genuine rapists out there'

Evans was found guilty of raping a 19-year-old woman in a hotel in 2011 and sentenced to five years in prison before the conviction was challenged and subsequently overturned

Evans says women need to take more care and authorities need to do more to make them aware of the dangers they may face.

“A lot of work needs to be done in relation to consent because I definitely think that the police have an agenda to find ways to charge people and the easiest one is the drunk one," he told The Times.

"I also think that women need to be made aware of the dangers they can put themselves in because there are genuine rapists out there who prey on girls who have been drinking."

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Old Post18-05-2017 10:08 AM
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