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*NWS* TG June 2010
Dex Club on 19th June 2010
Photos: Daf

First event at the Dex Club. Although I missed having a 2nd music room a little bit I think it really worked as a venue for TG - nice one. Shame it was a bit nippy for using outside for long but can't have everything.
Photos: 147
Photo views: 93,087
View Ratio: 633
Comments: 3

Submitted: 21-06-2010

reFre5h.... The Second Coming!!
Club 414 on 9th April 2010 | View Event
Photos: Daf

Just there for a short while so only a few photos. Hope you enjoy. Been AGES since I went to the 414
Photos: 101
Photo views: 31,062
View Ratio: 308
Comments: 0

Submitted: 12-04-2010

*NWS* Torture Garden March 2010
Mass on 20th March 2010
Photos: Daf

As per always a great event. Bit of a change to the layout used in Mass which I'm not sure I was keen on but had fun anyway :) *DO NOT VIEW IF EASILY OFFENDED*
Photos: 135
Photo views: 91,020
View Ratio: 674
Comments: 8

Submitted: 21-03-2010

*NWS* TG Love Hurts Valentines Ball 2010
S.E.One on 13th February 2010 | View Event
Photos: Daf

No such thing as a bad TG. Nuff said really. *DO NOT VIEW IF EASILY OFFENDED*
Photos: 209
Photo views: 124,612
View Ratio: 596
Comments: 24

Submitted: 14-02-2010

*NWS* Torture Garden - NYE 2009
Mass on 31st December 2009 | View Event | 1 other set
Photos: Daf

The NYE event that alsmost didn't happen! So glad it did. Is there ever such a thing as a bad TG ? I don't think there is. *DO NOT VIEW IF EASILY OFFENDED*
Photos: 190
Photo views: 114,985
View Ratio: 605
Comments: 3

Submitted: 04-01-2010

*NWS* Torture Garden - Xmas Ball 09
Mass on 5th December 2009 | View Event
Photos: Daf

Yet anothet great. Was quite full and busy! Not too bad though. Decided to take it a bit easy with photos -but also got the chance to do a behind the scenes for Lady Lucie's Fashion show.
Photos: 149
Photo views: 72,924
View Ratio: 489
Comments: 7

Submitted: 06-12-2009

*NWS* Torture garden - Halloween Ball 09
Mass on 31st October 2009 | View Event | 1 other set
Photos: Daf

Another sell out event from TG. Had a really good time - taa. Was amazed by Haunted forest Dungeon - GREAT EFFORT! Pre-photos to follow. *DO NOT VIEW IF EASILY OFFENDED*
Photos: 194
Photo views: 116,688
View Ratio: 601
Comments: 22

Submitted: 02-11-2009

*NWS* Torture Garden - London Fetish Ball
Mass on 3rd October 2009 | View Event
Photos: Daf

Not been since the Birthday Ball so glad to be back (shame about another clash) - was nicely busy - not too much not too little with lots of lovely + sexy people. *DO NOT VIEW IF EASILY OFFENDED*
Photos: 136
Photo views: 77,976
View Ratio: 573
Comments: 2

Submitted: 07-10-2009

Trance on Thames Free Beach Party
Festival Beach on 30th August 2009 | View Event | 4 other sets
Photos: Daf

First time at TOTT for a long time. Nice adition to what would otherwise been a quiet bank hol weekend. Lots of lovely people.
Photos: 155
Photo views: 38,751
View Ratio: 250
Comments: 22

Submitted: 31-08-2009

*NWS* Torture Garden Birthday Ball 2009
S.E.One on 16th May 2009 | View Event | 1 other set
Photos: Daf

THE event of the year when ti comes to TG and most likely fetish events in the UK. Job well done TG had a great night. DO NOT VIEW IF EASILY OFFENDED
Photos: 184
Photo views: 90,508
View Ratio: 492
Comments: 11

Submitted: 18-05-2009

Area on 2nd May 2009 | View Event | 3 other sets
Photos: Daf

I was supposed to be taking it easy and only stay for a bit! lol Lovely to see some friends I'd not seen for a while - common thing at Proactive!
Photos: 177
Photo views: 42,516
View Ratio: 240
Comments: 38

Submitted: 08-05-2009

*NWS* Torture Garden March Ball 09
Mass on 14th March 2009 | View Event
Photos: Daf

A great night where I behaved myself (relatively) and no camera malfuntion this time :). Lots of lovely friends around too.
Photos: 176
Photo views: 79,644
View Ratio: 453
Comments: 17

Submitted: 17-03-2009

*NWS* Torture Garden Sick Love Valentines Ball
Mass on 14th February 2009 | View Event
Photos: Daf

Very busy night for the event and felt like it for me - although had to stop taking photos after a bit as I lost a bit off the flash :(. Ah well - got to have a dance at TG for the 1st time in a while. *DO NOT VIEW IF EASILY OFFENDED*
Photos: 117
Photo views: 52,893
View Ratio: 452
Comments: 16

Submitted: 17-02-2009

Riot! The End!
The End on 18th January 2009 | View Event | 2 other sets
Photos: Daf

Well well well, blast from the past big style. Had a lovely night - something I feel has been missing in 2009 so far. Huge thanks to Ed, BK, Nolan + rest of the crew. *The End*
Photos: 263
Photo views: 86,684
View Ratio: 330
Comments: 96

Submitted: 21-01-2009

*NWS* Torture Garden Xmas Ball 2008
Mass on 6th December 2008 | View Event | 2 other sets
Photos: Daf

I've had such a good weekend,part of the credit must go to TG.Went with the pure intention of doing what I love there -taking photos.So be ready for a mammoth set!Also did some hanging out with some wonderful friends.*DO NOT VIEW IF EASILY OFFENDED*
Photos: 273
Photo views: 125,935
View Ratio: 461
Comments: 35

Submitted: 09-12-2008

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