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Outer Limits (South Africa) on 16th January 2010 | View Event
Photos: *antixa*

GROWL******due to FUN there are no photos of many sets I enjoyed without the responsibility of my camera** thanks to MMD + crew ***RABDOM L wowmanwowmanWOW****
Photos: 14
Photo views: 10,162
View Ratio: 726
Comments: 0

Submitted: 21-01-2010

Disasterpeace vs Village - Abduction
Secret Venue (South Africa) on 4th April 2009 | View Event
Photos: *antixa*

Respekt to the Disasterpeace & Village crews for throwing a most enjoyable party! Kuntact from Portugal ruled the roost with a grinding gorgious DJ set! Special mentions to Rubix Qube, Khopat, Skarab & Dirty Motion vs Smugg Juggler
Photos: 58
Photo views: 18,467
View Ratio: 318
Comments: 0

Submitted: 09-04-2009

Groovy Troopers - Vision Serpant
Secret Venue (South Africa) on 25th March 2009 | View Event
Photos: *antixa*

Congrats on an excellent party! Very well done indeed. Psy floor: Applause to Jester for an amazing set, EMP & Hiyarant's live sets & Kanan K7 for grinding tunes. Viral lounge: Spekta, Six-Six-One from Enough Weapons & Mix n Blend shook it well!
Photos: 38
Photo views: 15,527
View Ratio: 409
Comments: 1

Submitted: 30-03-2009

The Village - Acid Test
Secret Venue (South Africa) on 14th March 2009 | View Event
Photos: *antixa*

The Village party was crazy&alotta fun @a stunning new venue. Anxious for the April party VS Disasterpeace(@the same venue!)with Khopat&Kuntact -t's going to be a large production!Check: "AntixA photography" page on fb for photo-set summaries ;)
Photos: 37
Photo views: 7,136
View Ratio: 193
Comments: 0

Submitted: 16-03-2009

3000 AD - African Dope productions
Fiction, Long street, Cape Town on 4th March 2009
Photos: *antixa*

The Rumney brothers have teamed up and joined their solo acts Twelv & Richard tha 3rd to make Biscope! Check Check ;) Dope had them over for their weekly Wednesday party that now features 'girls for free' :D
Photos: 14
Photo views: 4,506
View Ratio: 322
Comments: 0

Submitted: 10-03-2009

Masqued Ball
Secret Location Cape Town on 28th February 2009 | View Event
Photos: *antixa*

Rezonance crew's Masqued Ball was HOT!! :) Cheerz to HF's Amelton for teaming up on the photos. The international DJs didn't disappoint & EMP's live set got loads of wows ;)
Photos: 29
Photo views: 7,245
View Ratio: 250
Comments: 0

Submitted: 04-03-2009

Beartrap presents Creature of the Wheel
Secret Location Cape Town on 14th February 2009 | View Event
Photos: *antixa*

Well done Beartrap! - what a fun party!! Sets worth a mention were from Sway, Dirty Motion, EMP, Menog, Headroom, SwiTcHcaChe & Super evil :D
Photos: 53
Photo views: 12,535
View Ratio: 237
Comments: 4

Submitted: 18-02-2009

Origin Festival
Rainbows End on 2nd March 2009
Photos: *antixa*

This year's Origin was held in a amazing valley between mountains and had scorching weather on order!
Photos: 36
Photo views: 9,475
View Ratio: 263
Comments: 0

Submitted: 03-02-2009

Disasterpeace vs MMD
Cape Town - Outdoors on 17th January 2009
Photos: *antixa*

This event RAWKD!! Killer music, Professional production, Amazing visuals from two teams, jUst enough decor, Kickass DJs = a sIcK party over-all! :D
Photos: 65
Photo views: 10,458
View Ratio: 161
Comments: 0

Submitted: 20-01-2009

Secret Venue (South Africa) on 31st December 2008 | View Event | 1 other set
Photos: *antixa*

Two maSSive stages, 6000 people and about 70hours worth of Psy trance & Breaks!! Alien Safari & Vortex's NY Rezonance catered for everyone and clearly pleased most ;)
Photos: 31
Photo views: 7,275
View Ratio: 235
Comments: 0

Submitted: 12-01-2009

Sound Squad NY Revolutions
Outdoors, Cape Town on 31st December 2009
Photos: *antixa*

Amazing outdoors' Breaks festival was jUst the thing to do on NYE!! Organizing was tiptop, DJs were troopers and the music jUst the bEst!! Big up guys...lets to it again before NY!! ;)
Photos: 51
Photo views: 9,000
View Ratio: 176
Comments: 0

Submitted: 12-01-2009

Alien Safari - Absolum LIVE
Secret Location on 13th December 2008 | View Event
Photos: *antixa*

Thanx to Alien Safari for a cool weekend! Kudos to Lost & Found who really rocked the earth, Absolum all the way from Spain, and Rubix & the PlusMinus from home base!
Photos: 24
Photo views: 6,921
View Ratio: 288
Comments: 3

Submitted: 16-12-2008

Secret Venue (South Africa) on 22nd November 2008 | View Event
Photos: *antixa*

Swiss trance gawd; Mekkanikka, MMD's Japan export; Damage,& the country's best Psy trance producers and DJs in a little forest. Now really - what MORE could you want! Well done MMD & Beartrap on a killer party!
Photos: 64
Photo views: 13,041
View Ratio: 204
Comments: 0

Submitted: 25-11-2008

Groovy Troopers
Secret Location Cape Town on 15th November 2008 | View Event
Photos: *antixa*

Groovy Troopers' 10 Year anniversary went down as expected! Lovely weather & lovely venue :D
Photos: 30
Photo views: 11,023
View Ratio: 367
Comments: 0

Submitted: 18-11-2008

3000 After DOPE
Fiction, Long Stret, Cape Town on 9th November 2008
Photos: *antixa*

Legendary record label African Dope recently took over Wednesday nights @ Fiction on Long & it's appropriately being called 3000 After Dope! Check it out, it's Dope :p :D
Photos: 13
Photo views: 4,048
View Ratio: 311
Comments: 0

Submitted: 09-11-2008

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