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Ephexis INside for Freeformation
Written by benz on 12-12-06 20:05 (3775 views) (2 comments)
There are still a lot of people who seem to think that all hardcore music is about cheesy pianos and naff vocals, dripping with saccharine musical motifs. I suppose they can’t necessarily be blamed given the mainstream representation of hardcore. It’s a shame that the more underground strains of hardcore don’t get quite the same exposure, as it would probably pleasantly surprise a lot of people. The Nu Energy Collective and their Freeformation parties have done sterling work to educate the masses on the breadth and diversity within the ‘ardcore spectrum, and have always been keen supporters of the less overtly-cheesy strains. Their next party this Friday 15th December at Hidden once again sees their bright new hopes Ephexis in tow with their much-acclaimed live PA. Psy-freeform anybody? [Full Story]

Hard Dance Awards preview with Andy Whitby
Written by mostwantedkat on 08-12-06 00:23 (4678 views) (7 comments)
I had a best friend called Whitby. She had a brother called Andy. Andy was a DJ. He played deep house and breaks (and was also really rather good I might add). One day whilst meandering through the concrete jungle that is our glorious second city of Birmingham, I happened to walk past a massive poster for Sundissential. There emblazoned across the whole thing in huge letters was the name Andy Whitby. F*ck me, I thought, that’s one hell of a change of musical direction. [Full Story]

Getting in amongst it with Jonathan of Get In Publicity
Written by HarderFaster on 06-12-06 21:09 (3892 views) (19 comments)
Once upon a time I worked full-time in a rather stressful deadline-driven office job, where I used to have to regularly screen my calls from a few over-enthusiastic promoters and PR bods who’d somehow managed to get my daytime number and, much to my manager’s displeasure, would consistently call with their ‘urgent’ feature requests that all had to be done, well, yesterday of course! One of these over-zealous upstarts was a guy named Jonathan who worked for a company called Most Wanted. I recall one particularly passionate argument about a ‘perfect’ feature that was ready to go now, yet as always I refused to make it live without reading it later outside of office hours. No dear reader this job isn’t all bubbles and frolics, you can make a good few enemies very quickly in fact. But I digress, times have changed, I no longer have an evil boss making me paranoid and I’m not the only one to have jumped ship to the world of self-employment, so has Jonathan Llewellyn. [Full Story]

Come and meet the world’s number 4 DJ — Christopher Lawrence
Written by Getinpublicity on 06-12-06 17:37 (4927 views) (4 comments)
This year’s DJ Mag poll turned up some rather big surprises that have had message boards buzzing since the results were announced. One such topic that’s hot as hell is, “why and how the American DJs romped their way into the top 10, practically dominating it?!” Well, if you’re a follower of the DJ Mag Top 100 you should know it was very different five years ago. Our home bred jocks dominated the world’s biggest poll and did so for a long time. Then in came the Dutch, and now the Americans. [Full Story]

Tekelec’s Ali Wilson and Matt Smallwood prepare for Ignition
Written by Danny Gilligan on 06-12-06 02:00 (6012 views) (24 comments)
When Ali Wilson met Matt Smallwood at Trinity in 2000 who could have guessed where this chance encounter might lead? Once they realised they lived around the corner from each other, the guys became close friends and drinking buddies, making tunes together and hanging out at events like Riot! When Ali launched his ground-breaking label Tekelec in 2005, hailed throughout the scene for being innovative thanks to its trade-mark fusion of tech-trance, techno and electro, it was inevitable that Matt would soon be in on the production action. Tekelec tracks have received support from the top names in the industry, including Paul van Dyk, Carl Cox, Marco V, Andy Farley, Judge Jules, John Askew and Sander van Doorn, with Coxy even naming them his producers of the year in a recent DJ Mag. With them playing a rare back to back Tekelec production showcase of their new material at this Friday’s Ignition at The Fridge, it was time to get an update on what’s been happening in the worlds of Ali Wilson and Matt Smallwood… [Full Story]

HeatUK Evolution: Natural Selection — a look at dance music’s gone-but-not-forgottens
Written by e99 on 04-12-06 23:54 (6117 views) (16 comments)
As HeatUK celebrates another night of timeless classic tunes with Evolution: Natural Selection at Koko in London on December 9th, we took a look at some bits of dance music’s past that didn’t survive the evolutionary cull — for better or for worse! [Full Story]

Pendragon preview with Antiworld's Sutekh
Written by The Fridge on 30-11-06 19:38 (5669 views) (12 comments)
It’s not every day dreams come true, but this Friday night at The Fridge they’re going to be doing just that. Many years ago Sutekh started going out to Pendragon raves in Tyssen Street and grew up regularly going to their parties for four years. The friends he met, the connections he made and the music he was listening to played a formative part in his musical development: in short, Pendragon got this up and coming dj into dance music. [Full Story]

Tasty’s 5th Birthday and the battle of the brands
Written by e99 on 30-11-06 15:54 (6718 views) (2 comments)
Tasty’s biggest party to date is rolling in to town this Saturday with the help of some of the country’s leading club promotions to give a truly national representation of the hard music scene. London house/electro heroes Digital Love, Midlands party-nutters B2T and Nailed, Global Gathering highlights Contagious Clubwear, hardcore legends Fusion and the South Coast’s finest — Hard South. We got the people behind these club brands to give us the lowdown on what they are all about — and what they’re going to be bringing to Tasty. [Full Story]

A Logical preview with Edwin Van Cleef
Written by Maxine on 29-11-06 21:58 (4615 views) (14 comments)
I could use this space to try and build hype for this producer but I don’t really need to. This producer has been steadily impressing the industry with his tracks and sounds for a while now. His electro fused, energised, techno beats are being dropped all over the world and his new label has been gaining support from many genres and labels. He has upcoming releases on Oblivion, Limbo Bimbo, Beat Technique and Digital Assault but this is only the beginning. [Full Story]

DJGRH comes to Knowwhere
Written by Knowwhere on 29-11-06 21:57 (5793 views) (14 comments)
Gary Holden otherwise known as DJGRH has wanted to be a dj since he was a toddler, but it was his crucial collaboration with Paul Maddox producing the awesome ‘New York, New York’ that really put him on the dance music map. Signed by tidy who sold it by the truck load, the track was subsequently remixed by OD404 and went on to be featured on MTV and a number of hard dance collaborations. Named after his favourite place, Gary’s now been to the city that supposedly never sleeps three times, most recently being his first proper holiday in eleven years. It’s safe to say then that he’s one of the most hard working lads in the music industry, having achieved a considerable amount in the last eight years. [Full Story]

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