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Jessica Alici

Registered: Mar 2003
Posts: 1040 - Threads: 211
Location: West London

[Edited by Jessica Alici on 08-06-2018 16:52 PM]

Steve Morley (aka Nemesis/ System E / Alichi Chevalier / Cosmic Warrior) is offering production services in the following styles: House, Trance, Psy-trance, Techno, Chill Out & Pop.

Services included:

*Full Production
*Studio advice and installation
*Tutoring - music theory, music production, audio engineering

Email: for more info Smile

To hear samples of his work check out these soundcloud links:

See below for his impressive discography:


Cathar & System E - 'Conspiracy' (Iono Music)
Nemesis - 'Lost Minds' (X-Trax)
Nemesis - 'Overlord' (Gain Records)
Nemesis - 'Between Worlds' (Krafted Underground)
Nemesis - 'End Game' (Nano Tech)
Nemesis - Schicksal / 'Klopfgeist' (Iono black)

Sons of Shiva & Cathar - 'Kundalini Shake' (Timelapse)
Sons of Shiva - 'Mandala Manouvers/Nirvana Engine' (Iono Music)
System E & Cathar - 'Flame of Consciousness' (Reincarnations Recordings)
Clubbers Delight ft SJ Johnson - 'See You' [Alichi Chevalier Remix] (Superstitious Recordings)

System E & Cathar - 'Voices From Beyond' (Iono Music)
Spectro Senses vs System E – ‘Arctic Quest’ Single (Digital Nature Records)
System E – ‘Sign Of The Times’ EP (Digital Nature Records)
System E – ‘A New World’ EP (Digital Nature Records)

System E - Time Travel' EP (Digital Nature)
System E - 'Warrior Spirit' EP (Ovnimoon Records)

System E - 'Falling Skies' EP (Uxmal Records)
System E - 'Evolution of Mankind' EP (Ovnimoon Records)

Steve Morley – ‘Forever In My Heart’ – Blue Soho Recordings
Steve Morley – ‘Reincarnations’ – Together Recordings
Velislav Slavov – ‘Edge Of Our Hope’ (Steve Morley Remix) – Rebooted Recordings
Amos ft Sarah Jane Neild – ‘If It Happens’ (Steve Morley Remix) – Digitized Recordings
Amos & Riot Night ft Claire Willis – ‘Written In The Stars’ (Steve Morley Remix) – TBC
Steve Morley – ‘Libera Te Tutemet’ – Digitized Recordings
Steve Morley – ‘Phoenix Rising’ – Together Recordings
Steve Morley – ‘Rain From Heaven’ – Defcon Recordings
Liquid Vision – ‘Flare’ (Steve Morley Remix) – Digitized Recordings
Zirenz vs Aurosonic – ‘Fade Away’ (Steve Morley Remix) – Afterworld Recordings
Ciro Visone – ‘I Will Never Leave You’ (Steve Morley Remix) – Trancefixion Digital
Venom One ft Johan Mendelson –‘Earthquake’ (Steve Morley Remix) – Coldharbour Recordings
Steve Morley – ‘Inner Sanctum’ – Digitized Recording

Releases 2013
System E - Resurrection (Goa Records)
Steve Morley – Turning Point (Trancedental Recordings)
Cosmic Warrior – Through My Eyes (Free-Spirit Records) – Artist Album
Cosmic Warrior – Experience EP (Free-Spirit Records)

Releases 2012
System E – Judgement EP (Free-Spirit Records)
Cathar – The Union (Free-Spirit Records) – Artist Album
Sonic Wave Control – Sixth Sense (Free-Spirit Records) – Artist Album

Releases 2011
Cathar – First Contact EP (Free-Spirit Records)

Releases 2010
Dave Holmes – Samsara 2011 (Essential Recordings)

Releases 2009
DJ Alici - Ankhesenamun '09 (Elasticman Platinum)
Steve Morley - Sacred City 2009 (Essential Recordings)
Dave Holmes - Equal in Love (Razor Records)
Steve Morley – From Within (World Of Trance)
Dave Holmes – Wonderland (Fevah)
Starchild – Redemption (Elasticman platinum)

Releases 2008
Sean Cronin & Steve Morley - Monocerotis (Essential Digital)
Sean Cronin & Steve Morley - Cyclone (Essential Recordings)
Sean Cronin & Steve Morley - In Dreams (Essential Digital)
Steve Morley - Remembrance / Changes (Essential Digital)
Dean R & Dave Holmes - Get Away (Razor Records)
Dave Holmes - Samsara Revisited (Massive Trax)

Releases 2007
Steve Morley – From Within (world of trance)
Steve Morley vs Hemlock – The Shadow Dancer (nukleuz)
Steve Morley & Sean Cronin – Enlightenment (nukleuz)
Dave Holmes – Samsara 2007 (massive trax)
Dave Holmes – Wonderland (fevah)
Starchild – Redemption (elasticman platinum)
Steve Morley – Crossroads (massive trax)

Releases 2006
Steve Morley & Jessica B - Final Frontier (inspired)
Steve Morley – Questions / Artificial Intelligence (black tiger)
Steve Morley – Southern Skies / Sweet Surrender (black tiger)
Steve Morley – Surrender your Love (essential recordings)
Steve Morley – Touched by God (essential recordings)
Steve Morley – M3.2 (essential recordings)

Releases 2005
Steve Morley - Reincarnations 2005 Remix (relative)
Steve Morley & Graham Gold - the Beacon (relative)
Steve Morley - One Moment In Time (essential recordings)
Dave Holmes & Jessica B - the Flight (razor records)
Dave Holmes - Hold Me (razor records)
Dave Holmes - Stronger then Steel (razor records)

Releases 2004
Dave Holmes – Samsara 2004 (Pitch Control)
Steve Morley ft Starchild – First Light (Jump)
Marc Johnson & Dave Holmes – Jericho (Elasticman)
Massif Dj’s – Silence (Massif)
Neon Lights – Fine Day (Voltswagen)
Dave Holmes vs T-Boy – wonderland (Fevah Records)

Releases 2003
Marc Johnson & Dave Holmes – Respect (Elasticman)
Sharkboy – The Revolution (Y2K)
Steve Morley – Reincarnations 2003 (Y2K)
Jessdoll & Dave Holmes – The Club (Smile Records)
Shaf de Bass vs Dave Holmes – The Arrival (Fevah Trance)
The Alici Project – Code Red (Intensive/Duty Free)
Nemesis – No Good (Bang On)
Dave Holmes – Freedom (Tidy Trax)
Steve Morley – Sacrifice (Tidy Trax )
Starchild ft Alici – Love Don’t Live (Neo)
Starchild – Something New (Conception)

Releases 2002
The Alici Project – The Sign (Mustard)
Evolution – Turn To Me (Twisted Minds)

Releases 2001
Soulman – Total Chaos (Tindy Tunes)
Status 1 – Pressure (Twisted Minds)
Starchild – Redemption (Slinky)
Dave Holmes – Devotion (Tidy Trax)
Soulman – The Rhythm (Blue limited)
Pathfinder – Hard Rain (Twisted Minds)

Releases 2000
DJ Alici - Synergy (Cream)
MD – Coming Up Strong (Combined Forces)
Raw Traderz - Rising (Flammable)
DJ Alici presents Nautica – My Religion (white label: Alien)
G-2000 – Seven of Nine (Spotsound)
Dp Crew – Wide and Ready (Move the crowd)
DJ Alici - Passion (Cream)
Soulman - Nowhereland (Move the Crowd)
DP Crew - Klubbin' Pussy (Move the Crowd)
Clubbers Delight - Groove Pleasure (It Records)
C.O.E. - Loose My Mind (Spotsound
Kinky Boy - State Of Mind (District)
DJ Alici - Ankhesanamun (Cream)
Hot n' Horny - Gimme That Ass (Blue)
Nautica - Tomorrow (Alien)
Formentera - Tears (RCM)
Nataraj - Nataraj (Soundz)

Releases 1999
G2000 - Millenium (Spot Sound/ Nukleuz)
Project A - Angel Hair (Soundz)
Ahura Mazda - Ahura Mazda (Liquid)
Nautica - Magic Love Thing (Alien)
Foreign Affair - Blackout (RCM)
Profiler - This Is Who We Are (Alien)
Project A- The Arrival (Soundz)
The Time Traveller - Freakin' Babe (RCM)
Soulman - Back To The DJ's (Celebrative)
Kinky Boy - What Is Love (Antigroove)
DJ Lunatic - Don't Break My Heart (RCM)
Dave Holmes - Samsara (RCM/ Tidy Trax)
Pacific Heights - Stand Up For Your Love (Celebrative)

Releases 1998
The Time Traveller - Dance With Me (Club Antique)
Clubbers Delight - U And Me (2play)
Physical Motion - Le Theme (Club Nautique)
D-Tune - Into The Light (2special)
Steve Morley - Reincarnations (Jinx/ NEO)
The Time Traveller - My Love Is Guaranteed (Club Nautique)
Clubbers Delight - About You (2play Rec)
Soulman - Put Your House (Celebrative)
Firedancer - White Sand (Circles)
Firedancer - Fall (Circles)
Club Zone - Feel Good (High Rotation)
Midas - Gravity (Vinyl Vibezz)
Virtual Structures - Nite Flight (Vinyl/Vibezz)
Re'aktiv - Keep On (Vinyl Vibezz)
Cruz Control - Energy (Krazy Logs)

Releases 1997
Clubbers Delight - Feel So Good (Wanna Be)
Club 602 - Musical Lessons (Wiggle|Emi)
Mdma - Freakin' To The Ma (Rush Attack)
Soulman - U Gotta Dance (Celebrative)
Drugzone - Cocaine (Rush Attack)

Releases 1996
Mna Project - Take Me To The Top (Up Beat)
Annie Way - What Is House (The Same Hippies)
Soulman - Put Your House...... (Planet House)
Alici - I Want Your Love (Spin|Emi)
Dynamic Bas - Your Lover (Spin|Emi)

Releases 1995
Siruis 5 - Shine On (Spv)
L'Auberge - Neriah (Friends)
Timezone - Imagination (Dance Street)
Alici - Angel Of Love (Midtown/Motor)
The Hunter - Eternal Light E.P. (3 AM)

Releases 1994
Exposure Traxx - Part III And IV (White Label)
Exposure Traxx - Part I And II (White Label)
A.M.A. - Rave Odyssee (Touch Down)
Alici - Nightstalking (Horizon Records)
Alici - Silver Clouds In A Yellow Sky (Out Soon!)
Dr. M. - Nightvisions (Basic Energy)
The Cyber Prince - Cyberotic Passions (Trashcan)
Position 69 - Take Of Your Underwear (Yellow Mellow)
Positive - Peace, Love And Happiness (Midtown)
Alici And Ralphie Dee - Dancing In The Temple (Mentality)
The Dreamer - The Cyber E.P. (Stealth Records)
Alici - Mindphase I (Direct Drive)
UNR - Bitch (Rotterdam Records)
Alici - Overdose E.P. (See Saw)

Releases 1993
Rts - Merry X-Mess (Rotterdam Records)
Alici Meets Ralphie Dee - Fucked In The USA (Jump)
Eurotrancer - The Floating Fifth (See Saw)
Eurotrancer - The Floating Fifth (See Saw)
Alici - Theme Of Roar (Direct Drive)
UNR - I'm The Master (Rotterdam Records)

Releases 1992
Alici - Fantasies Of The Mind (See Saw)
Divine Orgasm - Creator (Basic Beat)

From 2013 onwards
Con Philips – ‘Bogota’ (Steve Morley Remix) – Digitized Recordings
Sean Matthews – ‘Asbolution’ (Steve Morley Remix) – Fraction Records
Billy Gillies – ‘Fireworks (Steve Morley Remix) – Fraction Records
Venom One & Mastro ft Mosko – I Will Rise (Black Hole Recordings)-(Amos & Steve Morley rmx)
Allen & Envy vs Adam Deane – Anarchy (Together Recordings) – (Steve Morley rmx)
Johann Stone – White Walkers (Discover Dark) – (Steve Morley rmx)
Ikery Project – Mad World (Trancendental Recordings) – (Steve Morley rmx)

Pre 2013
Matt Church & Kevin Shepherd - Deep Space (Essential Nu Breed) - (Steve Morley rmx)
Pierre Pienaar - Titan (Nukleuz Green) - (Steve Morley rmx)
Mr Rivaz - Command Control (Essential Nu Breed) - (Steve Morley rmx)
Jessica B - The Guardian (Essential Recordings) - (Steve Morley rmx)
Sonic Elevation - Ocean Groove (Essential Nu Breed)- (Steve Morley rmx)
Jessica B - Forever Young (Essential Recordings) - (Steve Morley rmx)
Jam X - Future (Massive) - (Steve Morley rmx)
JBF – Control (Massive) (Steve Morley rmx)
Detox Twins – Monster (Massive) (Steve Morley rmx)
Mario Lux – Tomahawk (TK-421) (Steve Morley rmx)
Michael Angelo & Jim - One Step Beyond (six:thirty) (Steve Morley rmx)
Steve Morley – Reincarnations (Y2K)-(Sharkboy vs Dave Holmes rmx)
C&A – Sweet Dreams (Double F double R) – (Sharkboy rmx)
Technikal – The Beginning (Alphamagic)-(Dave Holmes rmx)
Rob Aken – Astroglider (Conception) – (Alici rmx)
Techtonic – Debut (Groovilicious/Strictly rhythm) – (Alici rmx)
Boccacio life – Secret Wish (Dj in the mix/NEO) – (Alici rmx)
Ratty – Sunrise (Alici rmx) – (NEO)
Dario G –What’s On Your Mind (Manifesto)-(KLUBDOCTORZ rmx)
Cosmic Gate – Fire Wire – (Data/ministry of sound) (KLUBDOCTORZ rmx)
Accesz - Do What We Would (Sony UK) – (KLUBDOCTORZ rmx)
Lisa Pin UP- Turn Up the Sound (Tension) - (KLUBDOCTORZ rmx)
Lightforce – Join Me (Slinky)
Ian Van Dahl – Will I (Freestyle Records) – (DJ Alici rmx)
Kristine W – Stronger (RCA)
Danks-k – Who’s Back (spotsound)
Bruno – Rendez-vous on the Moon (edel germany)
Upserver - Talk To Me (Spotsound)
Main Ingredient - Old School Madness (Anti Groove)
Centerfold - Thinkin' Twice (A La Bianca)
Jon The Dentist vs ollie J - Feel So Good (Tidy Trax)
Space Angel - It's Your Time (Alien)
Formologic - Everlast (Flammable)
Rebel Rebel - Happy Girl (Lube)
Clock - Sunshine Day (Media UK/Universal UK)
Phatt and Phunky - Friday Night (Universal UK)
Scoupex - In My Dream (Circles)
Gilda - I Want To Know That (Celebrative)
Megaman - Megaman (CNR/ Arcade)
Critical Mass - Burning Love (CNR/ Arcade)
Tiny Tod - Discoland (Wea)
Jade - Don't Walk Away (BMG/ Giant)
The Allnighters - Black Is Black (Dos Or Die)
Rmb - Experience (Low Spirit)
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Fly (CNR/ Arcade)
Cologne Summer - Brazilian Mouthwash (Le Petit Prince)
Rts - Poing (Rotterdam Records)
Transform - Transformation (See Saw)
Co3 - Heaven's Ritual (See Saw)

~ Mix Compilations ~
The Dave Holmes Files (RCM)
The X Tracks - Dave Holmes (Razor White)

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Jessica Alici

Registered: Mar 2003
Posts: 1040 - Threads: 211
Location: West London


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