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Eat Static

» Implant

Reviewed by Pete M / Submitted 07-10-21 15:08

Label: Planet Dog
Format: CD
Genre: Trance / Ambient / Dub

Revisiting past glories seems to be the in thing at the moment but here's a revisit worth looking into. This was originally released in 1994 and developed a cult following. This is Implant, Eat Static's second album, lovingly restored and remastered for 2021. And what a remaster it is.

This is on three discs and expands the album to new horizons. The imagery present on the original release is intact but now includes previously unseen designs and a sonically rich sound; launching the album to new heights and expanding its reach beyond the stratosphere.

CD1 is the album itself. The remastering brings it in line with newer, more modern, material and each track sounds fresh and bold. As with the previous remaster of Abduction, the sonics are clear and will cause large amounts of dancing. The alien squelches, acid bass-lines and layers of psychedelia are all fresh as a daisy and capture the true essence of 1994.

CD2 comprises the Epsylon EP and the Bony Incus single, originally available on 12" vinyl. Both the EP and the single have been sonically enhanced and brought bang up to date. The Man With No Name remix of Incus sounds especially fresh, as does the original track. The whole thing is a joy to listen to.

CD3 contains dub tracks from long-lost compilations and Cocoon and You Are Being Taken. The bass on the dub tracks is heavy and will cause rampant skanking. Its a good selection actually and shows the many facades of Eat Static; not just the pumping side but the more reggae/dub side.

This is one to buy if you weren't able to buy the 1994 original and even if you did buy it. The extra content is worth it!

CD1 - Implant (Remastered)

1. Survivors
2. Abnormal Interference
3. Implant
4. Dzhopa Dream
5. Panspermia
6. Area 51 (Nucleonic Mix)
7. Cydonia
8. Uforic Undulence

CD2 - Epsylon / Bony Incus (Remastered)

1. Epsylon
2. Dionysiac
3. Peeow!
4. Undulattice (Uforic Remix)
5. Bony Incus (Original Mix)
6. Bony Incus (Man With No Name Remix)
7. Bony Incus (Shape Head Mix)
8. Bony Incus (Mucor Mix)

CD3 - Dubs (Remastered)

1. Cocoon
2. You Are Being Taken
3. Freedom Ridge
4. Lugubrium Dub

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