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First Contact EP, Cathar

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5th Aug 2008
27th May 2008
28th Mar 2008
14th Feb 2008
8th Nov 2007
9th Oct 2007
16th Aug 2007
10th Jul 2007
29th Apr 2007
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[colour=red]Lifeforms detected at Astral Circus![/colour], 14th May
[colour=red]Andy Force interviews Sourone ahead of his UK debut at the Zenon Records Special[/colour], 11th Oct
[colour=red]Harnessing the rational to illuminate the transcendental with Hedflux[/colour], 14th Jun
[colour=#31ABC6]HarderFaster Awards 2014 - The results are in![/colour], 15th Apr
[colour=red]Astral traveller Laughing Buddha joins the circus to preview his new album[/colour], 21st May
[color=red]Dance music sage Robin Triskele brings the Astral Circus back to Brixton[/color], 21st May
[colour=red]Atma returns to London for a music revolution![/colour], 5th Feb
[colour=red]Infected Mushroom unveil their Army of Mushrooms at Halcyon[/colour], 3rd Dec
[colour=green]Notes from Glade 2012[/colour], 15th Aug
[colour=red]Mutagen production masters Mechanimal get ready to join the Astral Circus[/colour], 18th Jul

HarderFaster DJs >> Andy Force
Music Style:Progressive, morning and full on Psy Trance
No. of records:1500+
Started playing:2006
All time top 3 tunes:Mescaline - 1200 Micrograms
Choci & EC1 - Give It To Me
Solar Stone - 7 Cities (AVB Remix)


Sample set:See website
Would most like to play:Outdoor Parties
Most enjoyable set you've played:Planet Angel, April 2008
When you're not DJing you're:Partying somewhere..
Favourite DJ:Jack Michaels, Jurrane, Pete Wardman, Kristian, Fromem Ory
Favourite Venue:One with a good sound system!
Favourite Promotion:Party Proactive, Waveform, Planet Angel, Magnetix
Favourite Producer:Astral Projection, 1200 mics, Zen Mech, U Recken, Fearsome Engine,
Protonica, Protoculture, etc
Favourite Label:Shivlink, Dacru, Nano, Free Spirit, Iboga, etc
Biggest Influence:Trade
Drink:Vodka with anything
Non-music've stumped me on that one....Shopping for tunes...?

Words of wisdom:"If you always put limits on yourself and what you can do, physical or
anything, you might as well be dead. it will spread over into your
work, your morality your entire being. There are no limits, only
plateaux. But you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it
kills you, it kills you." - Bruce Lee

Do what you love, and the rest will follow....

Progress is imperative in the machinations of life - Laurence Malice
Other Comments:It wasn't me

Last updated:
03 Oct 2020

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Past Sets
Updated 11-07-08 00:07
Planet Angel - April 18th 2008
Secret Warehouse Party - May 24th 2008

Upcoming UK Sets
Updated 11-07-08 00:07

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Astral Circus presents Journey 'Limitless' Album Launch with Space Tribe, 24th Nov
Astral Circus presents Psy-Fi Festival London Launch Party, 20th May
Astral Circus with Burn in Noise * GAUDI * K.i.M. * Hedflux & many more, 26th Jun
Tribal Village - A Psychedelic Adventure, 9th May
Astral Circus pres Sinerider, Omsphere, Quanta, Dataura, Nanosphere & many more, 24th Oct
Astral Circus 2nd bday * Sonic Species * Pspiralife * Mechanimal + many more, 27th Jun
Astral Circus presents AMD * Dickster * Aphid Moon + many more, 15th Nov
Tribal Village – A Psychedelic Adventure, 21st Sep
Vibe Festival 2013: 27-30 June, 27th Jun
Tribal Village - A Psychedelic Adventure..., 8th Jun

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