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Sunday 14th September

Earthdance South Africa
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On: Sunday 14th September
At: Nekkies Resort (South Africa) [map]

From: Gates open 10:00 13.09.08 - 16:00 14.09.08
Cost: R170 Presale - R200 @ the Gate
More: The Global Festival for Peace

Every year Earthdance joins like-minded people across the planet at over 300 Earthdance events in a joyous celebration of non-stop music, dance and peace. Earthdance strives to raise awareness of issues affecting society today while raising money for local charities too. At 1am on Sunday morning all Earthdance events link via the “Prayer for Peace” meditation, a song that is played at all events at exactly the same time, connecting all participants at every Earthdance.

This year's Earthdance international theme is "Honoring the Earth", with a focus on saving the forests and the preservation of pristine wilderness zones. We are all aware of the issues facing the future of our planet and as man's destruction of our natural habitat and the effects of climate change become more and more visible Earthdance wishes to draw attention to our home and the fact that we are all as much a part of the probem as we are the solution. Changing your lifestyle to lessen your impact is easier then you may think, all it takes is a little bit of effort. (An immediate thing to do is car-pool to the event. Rather then drive alone, share the costs with friends and keep fuel emissions down.)

We will also continue the success of last year's "Global Om" by uniting our voices once again with a synchronized global "Ma", (pronounced MAAAH) which will follow the global prayer for peace link up. The sound of "Ma" is common in most of the world's languages as the meaning for "mother" and is the perfect syllable for to unite our voices in support of this year's theme, the healing our mother earth.

Earthdance 2008 returns with multiple stages blasting Psy-Trance, Electronica, Breaks, Rock, Indie, Electro, Dub, Minimal, Progressive, Tech-House, Rockabilly, Funk, Drum n Bass, Techno, Hip-Hop, Balkan, Fidget, Chill and other Worldly beats.

Musical happenings on multiple stages from friday till sunday evening.

Alan Funk Band, Anti-Alias, Broken Toy, Bretheren, Bruce, Bruce Willis, Cabins in the Forest, Closet Snare, Cooks, Corona, 500 Mills (Counterstrike), Craigus, Danalog, David Dazure, Digital Rockit, Dino Moran, Dj Dope, EMP, Fletcher, Goldfish, Graham French, Gravity South, Green is for Turbo, Headroom, Hyphen, Isochronous, Jan, Kid of Doom, Killer Robot, Kolo Nova Movie Band, Lapse, Liver, Magnum Hi Fi, Marshall, Miss H, Mix n Blend, Nasty Ed, Niskerone, Peter A, Pete Bones, Pierre, Quake, Regan, Richard, Russell Shanglee, SFR, Shift, Sibot, Slug, Spekta, The Commercial Hippies, The Realist, Toby 2 Shoes, Tuneraider, Xatrik, Zion Linguist.. and more to be announced...

Friday night Groovers Paradise
The Psychedelic Groove Lounge : From 6pm till Sunrise
Featuring Prog and Psy Trance.
The Earthdance Mashup
Hosted by Arcade
Featuring Breaks, Fidget and Minimal beats
Theme : The Dance Hippy Dance 60's, dress the part!

Saturday morning site-wide dub transmissions.

Saturday's Full Effect
Psy-Trance Floor > From 13h00 Saturday till Sunday Afternoon
Hosted by Nano Records
Urban Beats Floor > From 13h00 Saturday till Sunday Afternoon
Hosted by GoodTimes & ShadoworkS
Featuring Bands, Breaks, and Beats.
Stretched Floor
Saturday evening Drum N Bass till sunrise hosted by Homegrown.
Sunday daytime : Deep House / Afro Beats / Electro-Soul hosted by Keep it Real
Lineup times announced closer to the event.

Décor :: Artescape, Blaize, Tentickle, GoodTimes
Shade and Structures :: Blaize
Visuals / Projections ::
Image Master Blink, Afterlife, Story Boy, Photosynthetic, Rosebud & Grumpers (feat SimStim), Phospotek and more!
Performances by Pan Performers

The Outreach tent
Earthdance strives to raise awareness of issues affecting society today while also raising money for local charities too. Besides local schools near to the event, organisations that we have most recently supported include : The Earthchild Foundation and Tools4Schools. This year some of these plus other amazing origanisations will be present at Earthdance with info about what they are doing and how you can get involved. Get involved, be the change!

Peace Camp will once again host a chilled space, including the Heart Space sacred space, healing area, kids play area and activities, workshops and more.
Full listings and timetable for planned evets will be available on our website and facebook groups prior to the event.

The Conscious Cinema, with thought provoking documentaries and more.

We always need a hand, so feel free to email us if you are interested to work at the event, plus all creative ideas are welcomed, so if you have something in mind that might fit the event please give us a shout.

Keep it tidy:
On arrival all cars will be given refuse bags and charged a R10.00 fully refundable deposit, bring us your campsite's litter and get your money back before leaving! Please separate Plastic, Tin, Paper and Card, from other materials (No Glass is allowed at the event) to help us Recycle what we can.

Price : R170 pre sale (incl booking fee), R200 at the gate. @ the usual Ticket outlets full listing online soon. Tickets on Sale late August.

Gates open on Friday between 14:00 – 00:00 to holders of Prepaid ticket holders only.
Gates re-open on Saturday from 10am till Sunday afternoon for Prepaid and Gate tickets.

Region: South Africa/Cape Town
Music: Trance. Psy Trance. Techno. Breaks. Electro. Hip Hop. Soul. Rare Groove. Chillout / Leftfield.
DJ's: Alan Funk Band, Anti-Alias, Broken Toy, Bretheren, Bruce, Bruce Willis
Cabins in the Forest
Closet Snare
500 Mills (Counterstrike)
David Dazure
Digital Rockit
Dino Moran
Dj Dope
Graham French
Gravity South
Green is for Turbo
Kid of Doom
Killer Robot
Kolo Nova Movie Band
Magnum Hi Fi
Miss H
Mix n Blend
Nasty Ed
Peter A
Pete Bones
Russell Shanglee
The Commercial Hippies
The Realist
Toby 2 Shoes
Zion Linguist

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  Sunday 14th September
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