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» Kaleidoscopes

Reviewed by Pete M / Submitted 20-01-11 21:47

Label: Ververywrongindeed Recordings
Format: Digital
Genre: House / Techno

Now for something dark on Veryverywrongindeed. This is by Deepgroove and contains remixes from Gentleman's Club and Tim Sheridan. Its a low-ended house-infused techno whumper with a lot of unease about it.

As is usual with VVWI, you get sinister electronica with hints of space-age techno. Here though, with Deepgroove, things are more claustrophobic with a minimalist beat and plucky synths moving around the bassline. Weird sounds are also present as well in a groove-based, uneasy-sounding, cascade of sound. Its a well meaning, lively, soul with a distorted brain at its centre. With that in mind, its quite eerie. Cool.

There are two mixes by Tim Sheridan, the lead boy of the Veryverywrongindeed camp, and here, the rhythmic stance of the original is further lowered and turned into more minimalist techno. There's the odd glitch effect used and the claustrophobia of the lead mix is edged back slightly. Saying that though, the plucky synths make a reappearance so you're still in familiar territory. A piano riff appears fleetingly to break through the cloudiness but after that, its back to the minimal. The dub mix follows the remix but is shorter and is used more like a reprise more than anything else.

Gentleman's Club provides the final mix. Actually, this is the second mix on offer; its the second mix on the digital release and comes between both the Tim Sheridan mixes. While this moves along the lines of the previous mixes, the beats are mid-ended so they seem louder and less claustrophobic. Again, there's more weird sounds incorporated into the body of this functional version with the original's riffs coming in. This is impressive stuff. As is usual from the VVWI camp.

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