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Mark Vidler

» Mashed

Reviewed by Adam Symbiosis / Submitted 13-03-07 10:40

Label: Virgin Records
Format: CD
Genre: Mash up

What a strange release. Here at HF Towers we get a fair few choice tracks sent into us, from noise to cheese to the plain outlandish, the quantity never falters, just the quality. So what is it about Mashed that was so strange?

On first view you’d think Mashed was a collection of hard as nails house / trance remixes thrown together for the benefit of your local gurner. Flipping the cover over reveals singers and stars from rock, pop and dance’s recent back catalogue. Franz Ferdinand, David Bowie and The Shapeshifters. Iggy Pop, Blondie, Moloko and more. Surely uneasy bedfellows on the best of days.

However those of you more used to listening to Kiss 100 or Radio 1 during your days at work may recognise some of the tracks featured here if not at least the style of productions and if by chance you are a mobile / pub / party DJ you might even find this release is right up your street. For those of your still confused by it all, the mash-up can easily be described as two or more songs spliced together to make a new song. Take one backing melody, add one accapella and volia, one song to get two different groups of people from the bar to the dancefloor.

Released by Virgin Records under license from EMI, the majority of the mash-ups on this CD come courtesy of Mark Vidler who’s been pumping these Frankenstein’s music monsters out for some years. Starting off with The Beach Boys and The Beatles to produce Sgt Smile the productions pumped out from his workstation have in fact impressed artists and labels alike rather than landing fat libel cases on his doormat leading to more remix work and ultimately this album.

One of the most instantly recognisable tracks on this compilation, as it’s been played everywhere on commercial radio recently, has to be Eric Prydz’s Proper Education, sealing his status from underground house star to fully fledged commercial producer du jour. Fusing a sample from Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall Part 2” with a fat electro beat it’s a passable crossover track and one of the better tracks contained on the album.

I have to say, I had a sneaking admiration for David X. Kicking off with the RnB influenced bass from “Gotta Have Your Love” before launching into the well know riff from David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” with the vocal’s from Liberty X’s chart topper. Good but I was still left thinking the sum of he constituents wasn’t greater than the parts. Sometimes classics, as with any remix attempt, should instead be left well alone and in this case maybe my red shoes were better left off.

Track 6 worked better than I would have expected as well. Passenger Fever, an amalgamation of Fever sung by Peggy Lee way back when with the melody of Iggy Pop’s Passenger, seemed to fit together exceptionally well and again was one of the strongest tracks.

In all as I stated at the start this was a weird affair. The thought process in getting two great tracks and trying to make them one fantastic track is obvious and apparent and I have no doubt there are going to be long lines to buy this album. For me though the attraction of various classics ripped apart and mashed-up, single length edits, 3 to 4 minutes in length for the most part and the fact I’m not a radio, party or mobile DJ means I won’t be heading that queue.

Out Now.

Franz Buffalo – Malcom Mclaren Vs Franz Ferdinand
Boogie Oogie Music – Madonna Vs A Taste Of Hoey
Missing Groovejet – Spiller Vs Everything But The Girl
Horny As A Dandy – mousse T Vs The Dandy Warhols
David X – David Bowie Vs Liberty X
Passenger Fever – Peggy Lee Vs Iggy Pop
Flashing For Money – Deep Dish Vs Dire Straits
Can’t Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head – Kylie Minogue Vs New Order
Hella Lola – No Doubt Vs The Shapeshifters
Doctor Pressure – Mylo Vs Miami Sound Machine
Proper Education – Eric Prydz Vs Pink Floyd
Rapture Rider – Blondie Vs The Doors
Notorious Trick – Duran Duran Vs Kelis
Sing Back connection – Elastica Vs Moloko

Adam Symbiosis Smile

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From: voodoobass on 13th Mar 2007 17:02.07
Eeek, sounds hideous, rather you than me, mate...! Vice magazine gave this one 'Worst Album of The Month'. OK, so it was kinda funny when 2 Many DJs did it, but this just looks painful!

From: voodoobass on 13th Mar 2007 17:03.35
Also, all the best mash-ups are generally done illegally, the fact that this is out on a major label also smaks of commercial cynicism.

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