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If you think you'd like to write some vinyl reviews for us then we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line saying who you are and what your experience is and we'll get back to you.


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Dynamic Intervention - 'What Ya Gonna Do?'
Reviewed by Pete M on 02-01-24 11:16 (3242 views)
Rating: Genre: Hard Dance
Happy New Year! We start off 2024 with a banger from Dynamic Intervention. Sort of. Its a remix package from Sabretooth, BurtNinja and Emma-Nate & Casey F. This was released way back in 2004 and, lo and behold, its an anniversary!

A high ...
[Full Review]

Jessica Jane & Radikal - 'The Call to Rave'
Reviewed by Jessica Alici on 04-12-23 14:05 (4717 views)
Rating: Genre: Techno

Jesika Jane teams up with Radikal for this total techno banger - 'The Call to Rave'! With a deep stomping kick and ...
[Full Review]

Luke&Flex - 'Play Hard EP'
Reviewed by Jessica Alici on 04-12-23 13:54 (4321 views)
Rating: Genre: Hard Techno

Luke&Flex release their debut EP on Onhcet Republik Xtreme with the slaying duo of tracks on the 'Play Hard' ...
[Full Review]

DKLUB - 'All You'
Reviewed by Jessica Alici on 04-12-23 13:45 (4072 views)
Rating: Genre: Techno

DKLUB - 'All You' is a deep moody techno sizzler. Filled with militant ...
[Full Review]

Interflow - 'Storyreel (Satoshi Tomiie Mixes)'
Reviewed by Pete M on 14-11-23 13:14 (4274 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance
Storyreel was actually released earlier in the year with all the mixes, including the Satoshi Tomiie and Flying At Earth mixes, incorporated into the package. But now, the Satoshi mixes are released on their own with new edits and new remastering on ... [Full Review]

Various Artists - 'Trance Trax 5'
Reviewed by Pete M on 14-11-23 12:46 (2848 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance / Techno
Hooj Choons unveil a new Trance Trax comp and this one further blurs the trance genre. This isn't typical trance as you know it i.e. there's no dramatic uplifts or soaring vocals; although they have done that in the past (see Tilt - Invisible) and ... [Full Review]

Jendrex - 'Autumn'
Reviewed by Pete M on 25-10-23 17:48 (3646 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance
Autumn is upon us. Actually, its already here and Sub.Mission unveil their latest opus in the form of, yep, Autumn by Jendrex, This one features remixes from Eugenio Tokarev and Danish legend Daniel Kandi who runs Always Alive. I don't know if he ... [Full Review]

Snubbelrisk - 'Snowfield (Remixes)'
Reviewed by Pete M on 22-10-23 16:17 (3560 views)
Rating: Genre: Progressive
With remixes from Glenn Morrison, Cass, Jag Limbo and an ambient mix, Snowfield, by Snubbelrisk, gets the remix treatment and being on Hooj, its suitably expansive and immersive. Sort of.

As part of an ever-expanding dance music dynasty, ...
[Full Review]

Indra - 'Nature Decides'
Reviewed by Jessica Alici on 15-09-23 16:10 (5402 views) (1 comment)
Rating: Genre: Psy-trance

Indra releases his killer two tracker EP on Iono-Music and it is ...
[Full Review]

One Function - 'Imagine'
Reviewed by Jessica Alici on 15-09-23 16:08 (6277 views)
Rating: Genre: Psy-trance

One Function is back on Iono-Music with a new release called ...
[Full Review]

Eliyahu - 'Enduring Spirit'
Reviewed by Jessica Alici on 15-09-23 16:02 (4639 views)
Rating: Genre: Psy-trance

The super talented Eliyahu has just released on the mammoth ...
[Full Review]

Otto K - 'A Strange Dream'
Reviewed by Pete M on 29-08-23 12:31 (5202 views)
The essence of mystery. That is the ethos behind Lost Language. A lone cube in a room full of mainly uninteresting artefacts and structures. The cube is multi-facated; be it trance, progressive or even psychedelic. Don't open the cube lest you be ... [Full Review]

Banco de Gaia - 'Altered Realities'
Reviewed by Pete M on 07-08-23 17:24 (5087 views)
Rating: Genre: Electronic
The Banco de Gaia machine rolls on. But its not a new edition of the Rewritten Histories album or a new single. Its actually more interesting than that. A Banco de Gaia remix album that collates some of his remixes from back in the day to now. ... [Full Review]

Liquid Bloom feat. Porangui - 'Fire Gathering (DISSOLV Remix)'
Reviewed by Pete M on 21-07-23 16:39 (4612 views)
Rating: Genre: Electronic
The ReGen series is the gift that keeps on giving. AtYyA was the first to remix the series with seven tracks from the original album. Mose was the second but he remixed the entire album; taking in lengthy versions of Fire Gathering, Sacred Blessing, ... [Full Review]

Dreamy - 'Airi'
Reviewed by Pete M on 11-07-23 11:19 (4940 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance
Titan Audio enters the fray once more with Airi, the new release from Denmark's Dreamy. After appearing on Bifrost and Perfecto Fluoro, under Divisional Phrase, the erstwhile Dane marks his latest release on trance behemoth Titan Audio.

A ...
[Full Review]

Iyakuh - 'Ocoyo'
Reviewed by Pete M on 13-06-23 18:17 (4752 views)
Rating: Genre: Ambient
Is Ocoyo by Iyakuh an electronic album? Well, not strictly but it depends what you mean. There are certainly electronic elements entwined within its cavernous tracks but its more of an ambient album with just a hint or two of organic nature elements ... [Full Review]

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