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Cosmic Gate & Super8 & Tab - Noom (Estiva Remix)
Reported by starkprofiles on 20-04-18 16:09
Nic, Bossi, Janne, Miika - could there be a mightier force for trance good than the assembly of Cosmic Gate & Super8 & Tab!?

Well Wake Your Mind Records reckon there just might! In that pursuit, the label throws another name into the ‘Noom’ ring this week. Step-up a man as currently on fire
[Full Story]

Betsie Larkin with Dennis Sheperd & Liuck - Driving Through The Dark
Reported by starkprofiles on 20-04-18 16:07
Since her ‘Invincible’ and ‘Unite’ deuce hit stores & floors last year, Betsie Larkin’s been firmly back in song-writing swing. Those releases teamed her with Mark Sixma and Roman Messer and her first for 2018 sees the US singer stay within the European production quarter.

This time ou
[Full Story]

Jordan Suckley & Sam Jones - Pursuit
Reported by starkprofiles on 20-04-18 16:01
VANDIT clicks nimbly back into collaboration mode this week, welcoming in the process two new names to its label fold.

Having previously left crater-sized impressions on clubfloors with their ‘Hijacker’ and ‘Wilma’ team-ups, this particular twosome already have an impressive track record
[Full Story]

John O'Callaghan - Choice Of The Angels
Reported by starkprofiles on 20-04-18 15:57
Chasing up extra-quick on the heels of his DJ Mag “8/10”-scoring ‘Next Stop Muddy Waters’ (“acid most sulphuric!” said the Mag), John O'Callaghan is back. Not letting the production pressure drop but for a moment, next out of his studio gate comes ‘Choice Of The Angels’.

[Full Story]

Solarstone & Rabbii - Untitled Love
Reported by starkprofiles on 20-04-18 15:55
Has Solarstone’s ‘. - - - - ’ album been saving its singles best for its singles last? Well that’s for you to tell us!
Either way, it shouldn’t go unsaid that reaction to ‘Untitled Love’ potentially marked the track out as a new first among equals for his more eclectic, exploratory s
[Full Story]

Sied van Riel & Natalie Gioia - Hold Me Close
Reported by starkprofiles on 09-04-18 07:42
Of late they’ve given us Giuseppe Ottaviani’s deliciously moody techno formation ‘Legacy’, the more celestially mood-some ‘Learning To Live’ from Cold Blue and John O’Callaghan’s moodily-charged ‘Next Stop Muddy Waters’.

So where on the mood spectrum will Subculture land next
[Full Story]

New On VANDIT: Alex Ryan - Atlantis
Reported by starkprofiles on 09-04-18 07:40
If you’ve started to feel a change in the weather, more warmth in the air or sun on your face, all we can say is… lucky, lucky you!

If not, well hey… join the club! The sun’s been an all too scarce a sight through VANDIT’s window too. Frankly we could use a ray or two to break the clou
[Full Story]

Markus Schulz & Emma Hewitt - Safe From Harm
Reported by starkprofiles on 09-04-18 07:39
Placing the spotlight on song-centric trance, today sees Markus Schulz unveil the first track from his new capsule project through Spotify (

‘Safe From Harm’ has him on a first time studio-connect with Australia’s Emma Hewitt - a singer/songwriter who ha
[Full Story]

Digital Rush & Mhammed El Alami - Wonderlust
Reported by starkprofiles on 28-03-18 17:06
The operative word around VANDIT parts of late has been ‘teamwork’. Within the last four weeks, that’s given us M.O.R.P.H. x Mark (Sherry) on ‘Magnetar’, as well as the reteaming of PvD & Alex on ‘Breaking Dawn’. In-line-with, we have another force multiplier for you this week in the p [Full Story]

Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Mark Sherry - Magnetar
Reported by starkprofiles on 28-03-18 17:04
Imagine if you will the near limitless uplift of Alex M.O.R.P.H. in a head-to-head with the every-bit-as-boundless tech flight of Mark Sherry. An electrifying X proposition, without doubt. We are after all talking about a meeting of two trance minds capable of preparing a stylistic alchemy so perfec [Full Story]

John 00 Fleming - JOOF Editions 4
Reported by starkprofiles on 12-03-18 16:50
To truly push the envelope, logic dictates you must first bin its respective rulebook. In conceiving his JOOF Editions series, that’s what John 00 Fleming did with mixcomp’s rubric. He imagined a higher, more reflective calling for the medium, taking it beyond that of mere DJs’ ‘calling card [Full Story]

Lostly - Any Given Sunday EP
Reported by starkprofiles on 06-03-18 14:03
To say that Lostly’s been making waves of late is a bit like saying that Mr. Bolt’s quite nippy, Bill Gates is doing alright or Einstein knew a thing or two. North, south, east and west, you couldn’t hit a trance floor in 2017 without hearing one of Andre Frauenstein’s lamentingly titled, mu [Full Story]

Subculture - Mixed By John O'Callaghan & Cold Blue
Reported by starkprofiles on 05-03-18 15:35
When is an artist album not exactly an artist album? When, for that matter, is a mixcomp by no means a straight-forward mixcomp!? Well, for one, when Subculture does them! For their upcoming long-player, the label has rolled the central elements from both mediums into one compelling collection, mean [Full Story]

Paul van Dyk & Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Breaking Dawn
Reported by starkprofiles on 28-02-18 13:40
Goes without saying (but we’ll do it anyway!) that together, PvD & Mr M.O.R.P.H. have proved themselves the most potent of studio forces. In 2016 ‘We Are’ enjoyed a record-busting four-week run at the top of the Beatport trance chart and now the two German legends are back with a second bolt o [Full Story]

John O'Callaghan - Next Stop Muddy Waters
Reported by starkprofiles on 28-02-18 13:29
Hanging a hard stylistic right from his ‘Two Trees’ release, its ‘Next Stop Muddy Waters’ for Subculture boss, John O’Callaghan.

Leaving the piano-rich, upliftingly themed vistas of ‘Trees’ behind, the Irishman’s next singles juncture sees him head down a markedly different road.
[Full Story]

Paul Oakenfold presents Mount Everest - The Base Camp Mix
Reported by Macavity on 19-02-18 17:43
Paul Oakenfold presents Mount Everest - The Base Camp Mix, a double CD album of tracks inspired by his 2017 trek 17,500ft above sea level to play "The Highest Party On Earth" at Base Camp, Mount Everest.

The Base Camp Mix is the first in Paul's Soundtrek series adventures to the wo
[Full Story]

Cosmic Gate - Wake Your Mind Sessions 003
Reported by starkprofiles on 19-02-18 17:38
With matters ‘Materia’ to attend to, Cosmic Gate’s ‘Wake Your Mind Sessions’ series went on hiatus last year. Absence, as they say, only makes the heart grow fonder and today the news those left bereft in ‘17 wanted, nay needed to hear… ‘WYMS’s back, baby!! Reinstated to its tradit [Full Story]

Project 8 pres Shane Kinsella - Fading Away
Reported by starkprofiles on 19-02-18 17:34
Under his Project 8 appellation, Shane Kinsella follows up his VANDIT debut ‘Serenity’ with killer new cut ‘Fading Away’. Through it the Dubliner further extends his stylistic range, dexterously proving himself to be skilled in the ways of multiple trance arts.

Whilst ‘Serenity’ cast
[Full Story]

Zoo Brazil - The New Album - 'Point Of View'
Reported by starkprofiles on 10-02-18 11:16
A point of view indeed. One musician’s of course, but that of an individual who’s proved - over many a year - to be as scene-enduring as he’s been artistically inspirational. Whilst Zoo Brazil may not make longplayers all that often, when he delivers, they typically become classics in their ow [Full Story]

Pierre Pienaar - Matahari
Reported by starkprofiles on 10-02-18 11:13
Achieving big through his solo ‘Higher State’ release and the show-stopping PvD team-up ‘Together Forever’, Pierre Pienaar ranked up last year. When it comes to his first of 2018 - well title-wise, everyone’s favourite Namibian-based trance merchant came within a whisker of having us foxed [Full Story]

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