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Dream Architect and Multiphase ‘Become A Dream’

Reported by Jessica Alici / Submitted 23-05-18 17:15

Dream Architect (aka Estefano Haze) and Multiphase (aka Jannick Andersen), both hailing from Denmark, have teamed up for another epic collaboration. ‘Become A Dream is set for release on Furthur Progression Records on the 4th June 2018. Having worked together on projects before, we decided it was time to find out more about this winning formula.

Firstly; can you tell us a bit about your background and the journey that lead you into producing psy-trance?

DA: It’s hard to say where and when it all began. I have been interested in loving, listening, producing and creating music since the bloom of childhood. Spending countless of hours playing both blues and rock music on guitar, piano and drums. In 2007 I met a French dj & producer at an underground rave, who was travelling around Europe while living and producing music in the back of his truck, I was invited to see how he worked with synthesizers and how to explore new methods of composition and understanding the basics of electronic music theory. After the meet up, I discovered a new way to express myself and the possibilities of being a laptop musician. Since then I have been able to put my imagination on a test through the journey of electronic music production.

M: My background isn’t so interesting to be honest; A Danish small-time village teenager with no musical background, discovers electronic music back in the mid-90’s and is immediately hooked. Around 97-98 I first found psytrance (or goa as much of it was called back then) and then it developed quickly from there. Starting with Astral Projection I went further and further down the rabbit-hole from Hallucinogen, Koxbox and X-Dream to Etnica, Pleiadians, Shakta and so on.

My first psytrance party was in 2000 where I sneaked in as a 17-year old. So now I have actually been going to psytrance parties for the majority of my 35-year-old life.

Where did the two of you meet?

DA: I met Jannick by both attending, organising and playing for more than a decade now in the Danish progressive scene. I don't think it was before around 2012 we discovered that we had the same passion for both psy prog and also tech house. We shared the stage many times before we decide to do music together

M: I started DJ’ing in the mid 2000’s and Stefan was part of a crew making electro, techno and progressive parties in Aarhus – the city where we both live. He booked me for a couple of events back then, and I think that was the first time we talked. We would only later start producing together though. We had both started separate production projects and had a handful of separate releases when I think we randomly met at a party around 2012-13 and agreed that we should do a collab. Since then I think we’ve finished 6 or 7 tracks together.

You’ve collaborated before with great success! What made you decide to collaborate initially? What did you feel would be the benefits of merging your sounds?

DA: I don’t think we had any specific reason for collaborating except for our common interest in the music. I think our taste is quite similar so it’s rather easy to agree on how a track should sound.

M: I think it initially started just for fun, but we quickly found out that our sounds could be a good match. His sound was a bit more uplifting and offbeat, and I think it was a good match for my sound, which was more understated but still with focus on melodies.

What’s your current studio set up?

DA: Good question, my iMac 27, Logic X combined with Ableton, Focal Solo6 Be, Virus TI, RME Babyface and numerous of soft synths – to be honest I almost only use my Virus TI, to my ears nothing really compares to it.

M: I have just 6 months ago set up my studio in our basement, which is kind of a dream. No neighbours, lots of options to do acoustic treatment and my girlfriend (soon wife) almost can’t hear a thing either! I have a studio PC, some Klein + Hummel (Neumann) speakers and a Roland TR8 drum-machine. For synths I’m using only software today. Dreaming about a Moog Sub 37 and a Roland SH-101 for the hands-on feel, but at the moment I’m doing ok.

Talk us through how you go about making a track together?

DA: I wouldn’t say we have any fixed rules to begin with, mostly we start out with a hook or melody and then shape the kick and bass around it. After a session or two together, we normally both do a bit of homework which could be to search for a spoken vocal to build a story etc.

M: The first tracks were made in Stefan’s studio where he made most of the preliminary work and I brought some samples, melody-ideas and stuff on USB. The past couple of tracks have been made in my studio though. “Become A Dream” actually started as a project in his studio. We worked on it for a long time and had problems finishing it, so ]we actually ended up bouncing all the elements and starting from scratch in my studio – using only the best parts.]

Are there any downsides when working together?

DA: Since we use different DAWs it has sometimes been a bit complicated when sitting in front of the wheel in each other’s studios – but after some time you adapt to the sequencer and everything runs smoothly.

M: First of all; time and logistics] As a father and having a full time job it can be a challenge to find the time to meet up in the studio. Since I already take forever to finish a track, the process takes even longer when collaborating. Then there is of course the differences in taste and artistic vision with the track. Sometimes we can disagree in a particular sound or the direction/structure of the track – so we often have to find a compromise.

What and who are your biggest inspirations?

DA: We are both big fans of liquid soul and lots of other Iboga artists, also I'm very inspired by both the old and new Scandinavian uplifting psyprog

M: In general? As a geek with a university degree I will say that I am very inspired by science and especially the thought of the huge, endless universe. Also I’m very inspired by nature.
In terms of music I am very inspired by both early Scando trance (Son Kite, Ticon, Vibrasphere etc) more up-to-date progressive psytrance as Protonica, Liquid Soul and Ace Ventura. For the past years I am however mostly listening to deep house and techno like Stephan Bodzin, Len Faki, &Me, Sasha, Einmusik, D-Nox & Beckers, Patrice Baumel and many more.

How would you describe your sound?

DA: I would say my style could be described as floating progressive morning grooves linked with transitions and sound signatures that contains a spirit of Scandinavian trance feel. Dream Architect is rather new project, and I try to focus a bit more on psy elements than what I'm used to when producing under my other act Estefan guise.

M: Progressive psytrance for the daytime.

Do you ever suffer from ‘writer’s block’? If so, do you have any tips for overcoming it? If not, what’s your secret?

DA: I’m almost certain that everyone suffers from some kind of block when working with creative stuff. I suppose all you can do is to embrace it and let it pass naturally. What I tend to do during my blocks is to: start organising samples, learn more about synthesis, clean my desktop, acquire new tools and knowledge to improve my skills as a producer. Generally, within a short period of time, the block will disappear by itself.

M: Yes. All the time – mainly at the last 20% of a track where most of the preliminary work is done, but you need to blend it all together and make it a strong, coherent track.
The easiest process for me is usually the initial idea/concept for a track. I have several ideas in my head for tracks – the tricky part is finishing the tracks I’m already working on.


-WORK. The best advice would probably be to just keep working through – suddenly a great idea can appear out of nowhere, even when you’ve been stuck for weeks. Often the best ideas are actually “happy accidents”.

-Brian Eno once made a deck of cards called “Oblique Strategies” made to promoting creativity. The idea is to pick a random card and then it comes with an idea like “Use an old idea” or “Take away the elements in order of apparent non-importance”. I think this works really well. There’s also an app for it on iPhone.

Aside from music, what are your other passions?

DA: Besides music I spend a lot of time trying to improve my language skills. I'm actually sitting in Spain now studying Spanish. Also I run and do yoga – being active helps me concentrate better when sitting hour after hour in front of a computer in the studio.

M: My son, food, nature, running, science.

You’re upcoming release ‘Become A Dream’ is coming out on Furthur Progressions on the 4th June 2018. Tell us about it? What was the idea behind it, and what does the track mean to you?

M: It started as a sketch on Stefan’s computer which we worked on for a while, before we got stuck. Then we reworked the entire thing on my computer, where I think it became a more coherent track.

I think the breakdown means a lot to me. Having a melody-like change tempo (and even time-signature from triplets to 4/4) is always something I’ve found have a really strong effect, and after lots of hard work and fine-tuning I think we’ve managed to pull it off.

Guys - thanks for taking the time to do this interview - best of luck with the release!

You can purchase Dream Architect & Multiphase - ‘Become A Dream’ exclusively through Beatport on the 4th June 2018. Click here for Furthur Progressions releases:

To follow Dream Architect & Multiphase on Facebook & SoundCloud; click below:

Images courtesy of Dream Architect & Multiphase. Not to be reproduced without permission.
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