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432 Label Party: Did you get the message?

Reported by Yeahbaby / Submitted 11-10-17 09:27

On October 14th, Yeah Baby Productions join forces with Danish record label 432 Records to bring London some of the finest progressive psytrance music the scene has to offer. We caught up with the two of the four founders of 432 Records - Morten Granau and Joel Rowdy - to find out more about the label and get some great tips for up and coming producers and DJs.

Yeah Baby Productions co-owner Dino Ciancamerla aka Neutrino gives us some insight into taking his music to the next level.

And we find out what we can expect on the night at London’s mighty Steelyard venue in London Bridge.

For those who don't know, please give us a brief history of the 432 Label and how it came about?

Joel Rowdy: Well, that is a long story. Phaxe and Morten Granau met through a common friend in the early 2000s and shortly after started playing with music production together. You can say that the friendship of Morten and Phaxe was the early foundation for 432 Records.

In 2008 I booked Phaxe for a party I made in the small town of Roskilde in Denmark. I think there was maybe 150 people at the party. After that we became friends and Phaxe later introduced me to Morten. I was never supposed to be their "manager", I was just helping them with some paperwork and stuff, because this in not really their strong side. It somehow evolved in to Iris Music, my booking and management agency. For many years we talked about starting a label. One day Morten Granau said: "Guys, now is the time. Let’s make this label we have been talking about for so long". And a few years later, we started 432 Records.

It just happened naturally somehow; there was never any master plan or anything like that.

Each of you (Phaxe & Morten) has his individual flavor and style in your solo projects. But for anyone who has heard tracks like “Jellyhead” (one of my absolute favorites) or the masterpiece that is “The Collective”, and of course your more recent collaborations “Lost” and “Yellow”, will be able to notice that some EXTRA special magic happens when the two of you get together. What would you say causes this?

Morten Granau: It is because we are very different, both as human beings and as producers. We are good at filling each other's gaps. Both of us are strong in different areas, which makes us a very strong duo. Also it has something to say, that we worked together in the studio for more than 10 years. In the studio we kind of communicate on a different level. Some things don’t need to be said out loud, it just comes naturally. We are good at making a plan before we start the track and share the same vision for the outcome.

These days, a lot of people collaborate remotely via the internet. As long-time close friends, do you have the opportunity to spend time in the studio together? Do you have a specific process that you follow when the two of you collaborate?

Morten Granau: We always work together in the studio, never over the internet. It is easy, because we live 10 minutes from each other! When we are physically together in the studio, it creates a special energy - that cannot be created in the same way over the internet.

I meditate one hour every morning before making music to get in the right state of mind. When I meditate my ego vanishes and I empty my mind. You can compare it to having an empty canvas before you start a painting. It is like sitting with a blank piece of paper in front of you, to create space for ideas to evolve freely.

When we make a track, we always start out discussing the idea of the track. What should be the vibe and the timeline of the track? Which direction do we want to take it? Phaxe and I compliment each other very well when we work like this, we think very differently, yet very similar. It is hard to explain, it is a kind of magic. Sometimes these "preparation talks" stretch over many days or even weeks, before we actually sit down in the studio and start the track.

There was mention of an album at one point which these days is quite unorthodox in the progressive and psytrance scene. Is this something you can elaborate on?

Morten Granau: I still want to make an album, but I do not want force the music to come out. It has to come naturally from within. So, who knows when it will come, it could be years, it could be months. It is also hard to create space in your creative consciousness, when you travel across the world more or less every week. It comes when it comes.

Traveling can be hard work. What keeps you going and motivated to keep doing what you do.

Morten Granau: People think being a DJ is an easy job - I can assure, it is not! Travelling and being alone in some random place on the planet all the time comes with great personal cost to a human being. It takes a very special kind of person to be able to handle this kind of job.

For me, meditation is the key to help me through this. Meditation is the most important thing in my life, more important than my music or even my family. I believe meditation and my spiritual awareness has been the key to my success.

It gives me inner peace. The biggest stress factor is that you are over-thinking things. Meditation is clears your consciousness and makes your true self shine.

Of course, support from my fans is also a big factor.

Joel, having had a vast experience within the music scene as a promoter, Label Manager, Artists Manager, DJ & Booking agent, often all at the same time, what advice would you give to producers who feel ready to have their tracks listened too by the Record Labels? Perhaps you could give us some Dos & Don’ts that cover promotion and social media and how to get your music to the people that matter.

Joel Rowdy: It is a hard question and difficult to cut down to a few words. However, I can give a few general dos and don’ts of things you can do and things that have helped me in my own DJ career.


1. Get out there and MEET people. It does not help to just sit at home and make amazing music. You need to get out there and network with people. Networking is the essence of any type of business. Go to the festivals, go to ADE etc.

2. Be humble and be grateful. It is important to be humble as a person and with your attitude towards your music. Be grateful for other peoples’ feedback, listen to it and reflect on it.

3. Team up with other newcomers - together, we are stronger! At the end of the day, when I teamed up with Phaxe and Morten Granau, we were all just newcomers. We were "rookies", but by working together, we made it to the top.

4. Help other people! It is a good way to network and you’ll receive goodwill from others. When you can help other people in the business, do so. It could be as a volunteer at a festival or helping another producer rebuilding his studio. Karma never fails and it will help you in the long run.

5. Get noticed, be different! You can do this in many ways. I can give a funny real life example - in 2010 I played the opening set on the main stage at a big Easter event..... in a full-body chicken suit and I hired 2 dancers in chicken outfits as well. I came jumping out of a big Easter egg before my opening set. Phaxe helped me making a cool intro with some chicken sounds and stuff. It was absolutely hilarious! After that intro, every artist and manager present knew my name and listened to my set. I can say with 100% certainty, this is what kick started my international DJ career. Along with playing good sets, of course!


1. Do NOT spam! Do not spam or bug label owners, other artists etc. It has to be a fine balance - you need to be proactive with regards to networking and social media presence, but if you overdo it, people will simply get fed up. I could mention more than a few artists who killed their career from talking too much, sending too many messages etc. You need to talk but please find a balance.

2. Make sure you are ready! Before trying to get bookings at big events and festivals wait until you have a decent and realistic product. If you manage to get booked at a massive festival and your set absolutely sucks, it will be hard, if not impossible, to get rid of that history. Good things come to those who wait! Do not be too eager; trust me, it will backfire.

3. NEVER become arrogant. Do not lose your senses and get caught up if you run into a hype. Always be humble and grateful. It is easy to get caught up in the hype and think you are the king of the scene or whatever, but do not fall in that trap. You might get away with it for a while, but when the hype is over, nobody will look your way.

Neutrino, you have been DJing for 15 years now, you are a DJ on Furthur Progressions Records and have played at pretty much every major club venue in London including the main room at Ministry of Sound on more than one occasion. We hear you have started producing and would love to know where you plan to take this.

Neutrino: I have such a huge passion for music and especially the progressive sound. It’s really tough to just be a DJ; producing is the logical next step. Not only to get the type of gigs that I want but also to be able to manifest my passion for music into a product that I can share with others. I have dabbled over the years but I have never given myself the amount of time that it really takes to get my productions to level that I would want or expect from myself.

Just two months ago I made the decision to cut back on work in a big way and give myself three days a week in the studio, honing my skills and taking my music to the next level. And I have no regrets. Luckily my wife Kerry (co-promoter of Yeah Baby Productions) is very supportive of what I am trying to achieve. She really believes in me and helps keep me motivated along the way.

So far, I have completed two solo tracks - one remix and one collaboration with my label mate CIMI. It’s a process though and although the early days have been very productive I am trying not to rush things. My plan is to have a full live set or at least one hours’ worth of music ready for the festival season next year.

Phaxe, Morten Granau & Ghost Rider have all been a massive influence and inspiration for me musically, it is an honor to be playing my new productions side by side with them at the 432 Label night.

Finally, you guys have joined forces for your first 432 Records venture to the UK with event producers Yeah Baby Productions who are a well-known driving force for the progressive sound in London. Can you give us a little insight into what party goers can expect from this event?

Joel Rowdy: I do not want to reveal too much, but I can tell you that every 432 party has a message. We want to give people something they can take home from the event; something they can reflect on, something that can teach them new things. You’ll just have to come along to the event to see what I am talking about.

For this party we have special decorations, flown in from the other side of the world; it’s the first time we have used these at any of our events and we are very excited!

At the October 432 Label party, you will experience an event where the personality of the organizers shines through. Not only in the music, but also the intimate atmosphere, the vibe and the message of the party.

I could sit here and tell you we will have a killer sound system, massive lasers and bla bla bla. But that is just standard. We try to take our events to a higher level than that. Come on the night and you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks to Joel, Morten and Dino for your time.

You can catch live sets from international progressive masters Phaxe, Morten Granau & Ghost Rider with support from Naughty Notes, Joel Rowdy and London local Neutrino at the 432 Records Label Night on October 14th.

Access All Areas:

Facebook Event:

Morten Granau:
Ghost Rider:
Naughty Notes:
Joel Rowdy:

Images courtesy of 432 Records and Yeah Baby Productions. Not to be reproduced without permission.

432 label night (London) - Phaxe, Morten Granau, Ghost Rider
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Saturday 14th October
At: The Steelyard [map]

From: 21:30 - 06:00
Cost: £20 Presale £25 OTD
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets
More: Yeah Baby Productions & 432 Records presents: 432 Label Night - London.

VENUE - The Steelyard, London Bridge

We plan to put on a very special show to celebrate this incredible lineup with 3 of the hottest progressive artists in the world right now!!!

Bohemian Groove (Denmark)


Access All Areas
Region: London
Music: Trance. Psy Trance.
DJ's: *** LINE UP ***

* PHAXE (432 Records / Iboga) Denmark

* MORTEN GRANAU (432 Records) Denmark

* GHOST RIDER (432 Records) Israel

* JOEL ROWDY (432 Records / Spin Twist) Denmark

* NAUGHTY NOTES (Dynamite Recordings) Denmark

* Neutrino (Furthur Progressions Records) UK

* * * PROG BOX TAKEOVER * * * (21:30-23:30)

* CRIPT (Prog Box Digial) Switzerland

* DUTON (Prog Box Digital) UK

* HARIBO (Prog Box Digital) UK

Who's Going? (1) : Neutrino 

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