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Latex Zebra: roving bus reporter, gimpy-knee-man or Darren F@cking Nugget?

Reported by Miles Gorfy / Submitted 13-09-17 12:54

Latex Zebra will need no introduction for regular visitors to HarderFaster or his friends on Facebook.

For those fresh to this gem, Daniel Nugent has been mixing multiple genres for over 20 years, he co-promoted the infamous Zoology parties, plus Alumni and Brixton Trance Underground, he has been a regular winner in the annual HarderFaster Awards and, to top it all, he achieved the smoothest three-point-return to HarderFaster, after an epic flounce!

I met up with Dan at Club 414 to talk all things club-related.

Hello Latex Zebra, how’s it going? Fancy a drink?

Hello sir! Vodka and Coke please... Make it a large one as well!

And I didn't flounce... I took a sabbatical Wink

We first met back around 2003 when I started coming to Zoology in this iconic venue. Can you tell us the history of Zoology and give us an update on where it is now?

Well B.S.E, RedCaT and I started Zoology in November 2001, and, after 10 full years of monthly parties, we put it to bed in November 2011.

We had some great times with loads of cool DJs like DJ Wag, Altern-8, Andy Whitby, Man With No Name (his name is Martin really) and loads of others. All alongside fantastic sets from our residents over the years including Markus Buhmann, Matt Dahl, Adam Symbiosis, Elvis (not the dead one), Jim Wild, DJ Forth and, of course, you, Miles Gorfy!

We teamed up with Frantic for one event at the 414... We had a lot of fun doing things people thought we couldn't do!

10 years was a good mile stone to reach and the nature of the scene was changing so we felt carrying on as a monthly party would devalue its name and reputation.

Last year was the 15th anniversary and we'd thought for a while about doing another party but it had to be in the spirit of Zoo, with a star guest people wouldn't expect at the 414 who wasn't just the flavour of the month. So, we aimed high and booked the legendary Billy Nasty alongside some up and coming talent - Will Renville and Craig Fowler - and we had another wicked party.

This year we're back on November 10th for our 16th Birthday. We've roped in one of our old residents (Miles Gorfy) and we've got Jerome Hill as our special guest. This guy is a mixing demon, scratching FX and proper party Techno... Just the kind of sound we love at Zoology. It's going to be brilliant. We also have R&D who are proper killing it with their Experimental Session at Gigalum.

After this, who knows?

The 414 is under threat of redevelopment and it feels like a constant battle. We can never plan too far ahead. I'd love to be chatting again in four years as we talk about Zoology 20!

Having taken a break after Zoology (is that right?) you're back with another promotion. Tell me more?

Haha. I threw Alumni the month after the last Zoology - no rest for the wicked. B.S.E, Matt Church (from Swamp and Puzzle Project) and I were keen to do a party together, and we came up with All We Need Is. It was a cool concept and focused on pure house. We did a couple of events but it was a bit of a struggle so we've kind of kept it on the back burner. It is an idea we really like though and something we may revisit.

I was desperate to play more Trance though (my favourite style) and convinced the guys we should do some Trance parties. They agreed and Brixton Trance Underworld was born. (Not UNDERGROUND!). It's a play on Swedish House Mafia and a cool name in itself. We did random events here and there and then I kind of focused on Alumni again for a couple of years.

Earlier this year I wanted more Trance again and we all agreed to do a relaunch... Then we got the chance to go every other month with the rather cool Hard House party HDM... The next one is September and is a sort of birthday party. It's actually got a November birthday but with Zoo... organising two birthdays in one month is a bit much so September is our first actual Birthday event even though we're technically 3 years old! The event listing wiht the line up is at the end and it's a cracker!

We can't forget Alumni, although to be honest, after Louise's homemade punch, I have trouble remembering anything. When did Alumni first start, when is the next event and how has the music policy developed?

Ahh yes, the punch. Jesus!

I got a booking in 2005 for Old Skool Euphoria at the Fridge. I remember chatting to Louise at the 414 and it went something like this.

Louise: I didn't know you played Old Skool.
Me: Yeah, I love it, got loads of old tunes.
Louise: Really, why don't you do an Old Skool Party here?
Me: Erm, yeah. OK

My wife came up with the name, Alumni was born, and we started as a random Thursday night party to avoid clashing with a lot of other events at the time.

It's never been a regular thing, we have done weekend night parties but now tend to focus on Saturday afternoons.

The music policy is pure classics and is anything from the start of Dance Music to... At the moment 2004. Originally it was 2000 but you need to keep it fresh otherwise there is the potential for every party being an anthem bash of the same tunes... One thing Alumni has always been about is obscure tunes from the past that have been forgotten as well as big stuff. We cover most genres but tend to leave the Happy Hardcore side and Jungle alone. You have to be careful with Classic Parties as they have become almost a dirty word... Do them right, and occasionally and they're amazing. Not sure when the next one is... Probably not this year but who knows. Certainly, end of January otherwise.

That's quite a happy sack of promotions under your belt. What other events are you involved in and where else are you playing?

Not really involved in any others as a resident but I've been fortunate enough to play for loads of events covering loads of styles. Lorenzo has threatened to offer me even more sets at his excellent Trancelucid events so we shall see.

In the coming months, I am playing:

Brixton Trance Underground on the 22nd September
Trancelation in Bristol on the 23rd September
An 8 hour set at the 414 on the 30th September
Dark Matter at Union on the 21st October
HDM at the 414 on the 22nd December
And hopefully another Harderfaster Xmas Party as well, hint, hint!

About your 8-hour specials?

Yeah, I did one about 10 years ago which was something I'd always wanted to do in a club. Being one of the first of my group of friends with decks meant I got to play for ages at House Parties... In a club though is something else.

The first one was a success; I'm still chuffed to bits about how busy it was. When it's all about you it's quite ego bruising if it fails. Glad it didn't.

All the Zoo residents did 8-hour b2b nights in the last year. I wanted to do it again though so September 30th I will be doing it again... 3 till 11, just in case.

This will be a different vibe than the night event. More House and Techno, and then Trance for the last part. Will probably be less reliant on classics as well.

I’ve noticed you putting out a couple of techno mixes recently. Are you heading in that direction?

Always happy to do the odd Techno set here and there, but I have no plans to become a pure Techno DJ. I tend to have little focuses on styles - I might not put a Hard Dance mix out for ages then do a couple close together. If I just do trance mixes every few weeks it’s all a bit samey; you end up with variations of all the other mixes out there. Given that I’m capable of playing quite a few different styles I might as well promote that now and then.

How many styles do you have in your coin purse?

House (various styles), Breaks, Techno (fast and slow), Trance (Psy, Prog etc), Hard Dance and classics from each. I'm such a gig whore I'll play most things given the chance!

I've been enjoying the tracks coming out on Tangled Audio, how is the production work coming along?

Yeah not bad. Getting into it again. Was really chuffed to get a track on Tangled last year. Always loved their work and when I did a track with Luke Warner last year it was the label I really wanted to sign it... They did.

Hopefully I’ll have some more stuff for them in the future, possibly a remix. We shall see.

I did a track with the awesome Curtis & Craig earlier this year and we decided to give it away free. Perhaps a little regret as with some patience I'm sure it would have been signed as it got some great feedback and support from a promo run.

I'm working on a solo track with an engineer right now and have plans to do more in the future. Would like to modernize some of my old Vinyl Zoo tunes... Watch this space as they say.

Is there a plan for the Zoology label to put out any music in the near future?

We've toyed with the idea of Vinyl Zoo Digital and even have a logo. We're all getting kit at home to work on tracks so who knows... I did say watch this space.

What are your top memories from parties past?

I have great memories from Peach back in the day, as well as Club UK.

DJ Wag and Altern-8 at Zoology as well.

I love going out as a DJ or clubber and I can count the really bad nights on one hand.

In 20+ years of going out that's not bad. Mainly good memories.

Do you have a favourite party that you’d go back to in time if you had a choice?

Club UK parties and any of the Zoo's I don't remember, a couple, and the same for the Alumni's... I probably struggle to remember some of them more. I wonder why?

The dance scene has changed a lot in the last 15 years. What is your take on this and where do you see it going in the future?

The scene has grown and shrunk and grown and shrunk again. It seems pretty big with the EDM boom and unlike some others, I welcome it. Sure the pop star DJ and ghost production, pre planned set thing is a bit cringey but it has introduced a new generation to dance music. Eventually they tire of the cheese and want more serious music. That's where DJs and parties like us come in.

Thanks to social media, promotion has become easier than ever. Where should readers go to follow what’s happening in your music and DJing?

I have a small Facebook presence and a DJ Page at plus I have a twitter feed at

And pages for Alumni, Zoology and Brixton Trance Underworld too.

Do you think the accessibility social media provides has influenced promoters asking DJs to sell tickets?

It's been a thing for years but social media has amplified it and possibly led some promoters to exploit it more.

Because I’m vocal about certain aspects on social media, some of my stance has been lost in the red mist. So, here it is again:

I’m not against DJs being asked to sell tickets for gigs that they’re booked for - most DJs want their mates along and are happy to do their bit of promotion. But not if they’re penalised if they don’t sell any. I’ve booked DJs who have apologised for not bringing many with them. Isn’t that terrible, that a DJ should feel they have to do that?

A promoter’s job is to promote and the DJ is there to DJ. I understand that there are risks with promotion, I have some experience in this area, but you shouldn’t put an event on if you’re not prepared to put the work in and, in extreme circumstances, to take a hit.

It’s about booking the right DJs and not just a DJ who can sell tickets - that reduces quality control.

I’ve heard horror stories of bedroom DJs easily able to shift to 20 tickets to their eager friends and then banging it out at midnight. These DJs feel they’ve earned the right to play what they want, when they want, just because they’ve sold a load of tickets. And, in a way they have, so you end up with DJs wanting their place in the sun and no consideration to any other DJ or the flow of the night.

This has taken away some of the craft of learning to play out, of working a crowd, knowing your set time and the DJs around you.

Then it gets lazier and you have back rooms full of one hour back to back sets, all the DJs selling tickets and half the time back to back with DJs they’ve never met before. It’s utter laziness from the promoter and actually shows zero respect for the crowd.

If you can book line ups of 5-6 DJs that all push the a**e out of your party, sell tickets, and are all great DJs of course you’re going to take advantage of those kind of DJs. For me, being a great DJ is the most important thing.

Finally, the social media aspect of ticket sales is cringe worthy… “Down to my last few tickets… contact me quick.” No, no you’re not… And even if you are, it’s not like the promoter wouldn’t be eager to give you more. It devalues the DJ and the promotion. People see through it… I even see some of the promoters taking the p**s out of themselves now.

It’s not going to stop though as there will always be DJs willing to do anything for a set and a promoter ready to take advantage of that.

Tell us about your first club/rave experience?

Some illegal rave in 1990... I can't even tell you the name as I just went with some older mates when I was 16... It was amazing though.

Were you hooked instantly or did your attraction develop over time?

I was hooked before. I remember hearing Adamski – NRG and just thinking "Yep, this is what I've been waiting for."

How did you get your first gig & thinking back to that set - what do you feel you got right & wrong?

Through my friend Lunch, who is a bit of a legend in the underground scene for being a total party animal.

He had some friends who ran a party called Man Made Noise. They'd heard some of my mix tapes (yes that long ago) and liked them. I was invited to play at a couple’s wedding reception (no s**t) and played a ferocious set of Acid Trance and Techno. It was my audition and I got the part.

A few months later, it was 1996 I think, I did my first club set.

I wouldn't change a thing. Maybe I’d change our travel plans as we got there later than expected, but still well in time for my set. Perhaps I should have taken the bus.

I smashed it, had the whole place rocking and had the bar staff dancing on the bar. I hid in the toilet after the set I was so overwhelmed by the amount of people wanting to congratulate me (at least I think that is what they wanted to do)... My first panic attack!

Who & what would you say are your most recent inspirations?

As a DJ... John Askew. I love his sound. If he played one of my tunes I would be so happy!

As a promoter, probably Paul Jack who ran Party Proactive many years ago and is now behind the LWE events like Junction 2. He just has such a clear promotional mind and isn't weighed down by nostalgia. He knows who to book and how to throw amazing events.

I also have massive respect for the Trance Sanctuary crew. I hope they're proud of creating what is probably the best Trance party in the country. They should be.

What advice do you wish you’d been told & heeded in the past?

I never really got any advice. I wish I'd started a little sooner and pushed myself more.

I'm not complaining though. At 43 I'm unlikely to hit superstar DJ status but my name is known and it's always humbling when people approach me in a club and ask if I'm Latex Zebra.

When it happens at a bus stop then I might get freaked out.

I've DJ’d for over 20 years now and played hundreds and hundreds of gigs. I'm sure plenty of new DJs would love to do what I have done and I'll always have those memories.

No regrets.

Music or non-music related. What CD do you have on in the car at the moment?

With two kids and a wife who all have differing tastes we usually end up on Radio One as it causes the least arguments. From time to time I blag one of my mixes.

Tell us an interesting fact we won’t know about you?

My step dad was the voice of Joe 90, a TV show from the 70s, and also appeared in a few movies, including the original Straw Dogs.

What’s the most shocking thing you have done which your friends might consider out of character?

Haha... Went out and didn't get wasted.

If you had the time to take up a hobby, what would it be & why?


I've got into Forged in Fire, a TV show where they have to make knives in a competition. I don't like knives and am not violent but the crafting is amazing. Would love to give it a try.

Seriously considering a blacksmith course in the future.

What is your favourite dessert?

Ah man... I'm on a diet at the moment. This question hurts. I love cheesecake.

Anything else?

Can I just do some cheesy thank yous please?

To my wife Yvette who puts up with someone who probably spends more time thinking about DJing and Promotion than is healthy.

To Chris (B.S.E), Richard (RedCat) and Matt Church for being fantastic promotional buddies (and good friends) who put up with my ego and control freak nature.

To my friends and supporters, please don't be upset if I forget to mention you, like Tracy, V, Paul, Kelly, Ian, Liz, Gerry, Ade, Rowan, Dani, Nathan, Jaqs, Kayleigh, Will, Sophie and countless others.

Big up to Lorenzo for all the bookings and every other promoter that books me, whether I sell tickets or not. Including yourself, Miles.

Finally to T & Louise at the 414 for their constant support and friendship. Please take time to object to the latest planning application against the legendary 414 at the link below.

Images courtesy of Latex Zebra and The HF Archive. Not to be reproduced without permission.

Catch Latex Zebra at these events this month:

Brixton Trance Underworld - Birthday B2B Bonanza
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Friday 22nd September 2017
At: CLUB 414 [map]

From: 23:00pm till 7:00am
Cost: £5 Before Midnight £10 after ID REQUIRED FOR ENTRY
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets
More: The First Brixton Trance Underworld was about 2... maybe 3 years ago... We've never had a birthday party so we've just picked a random month to now celebrate our birthday from.

To make it something special we asked all the residents who they'd like to go to B2B with and then added a few extra quality DJs to make the line up even more amazing!

Our first guest is the legendary Greg Brookman. Greg started out producing and quickly made a name for himself with Hard Dance classics such as Panzan. He has had his work released on some of the finest Hard Dance labels including Nukleuz, Masif and Shock Records. As a DJ he has graced the decks at parties like Frantic, Heat, Wildchild, Twist and many, many more.
He'll be DJing alongside resident Latex Zebra for their first ever back to back. Expect driving and uplifting Trance!

Our next double act are the driving force behind the amazing Transcend parties. Now in their 5th year, Transcend has brought some of the finest names in Trance to London (via Brighton and Bristol) including Signum, The Thrillseekers and Manuel Le Saux.
Promoter and residents Ben Dursley and Phil Dickinson, both versatile DJs in their own right, will be dishing out some quality Trance for us on the night.

Next up is one of London's hottest talents, Will Renville. No stranger to the 414 or BTU, Will has quickly made a name as one of the best new DJs around, his appearance on so many line ups confirms this.
House, Techno, Psy and Trance, he probably plays Disco as well. Will has graced the decks at promotions up and down the country including Trance Sanctuary, Lost Dawn and Zoology! At venues like Ministry, Egg and of course, the 414.
Alongside B.S.E they will be delivering a ferocious set likely to include plenty of Acid and plenty of Trance!

Luke Warner is our next special guest and will be teaming up with resident Matt Church.
Luke has a fine DJ pedigree playing at Peach Goes Hard, Tidy, Frantic and his residency at the legendary Addiction parties.
Perhaps better known for his productions, including a release with our very own Zebra, his tracks have received support from top DJs all over the World!

Our final double act for the night are Craig Fowler and Fin.
Though only starting DJing a few years ago he has earned sets at Trance Sanctuary, Lost Dawn and Zoology along gigs at some of the premier Psy Trance parties. Craig Fowler has earned a reputation as a solid Psy Trance DJ, though that's not all he can play.
He plays alongside Dance Love Hub resident Fin. Another quality Psy DJ (you don't get a residency at DLH otherwise) who again has played around the country for the finest Psy events.

See you there for what will be the biggest Brixton Trance Underworld yet!
Region: London
Music: Trance. Acid Trance. Euro Trance. Hard Trance. Tech Trance. Psy Trance.
DJ's: Latex Zebra b2b Greg Brookman
Dickinson & Dursley
B.S.E b2b Will Renville
Luke Warner b2b Matt Church
Fin McLaughlin b2b Craig Fowler

Who's Going? (2) : Lorenzo Barrero, Matt 

Latex Zebra - The Full 8 Hour Story - Part 2
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Saturday 30th September 2017
At: CLUB 414 [map]

From: 15:00 till 23:00
Cost: Free!
Ticket Info:
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets
More: 10 years ago Latex Zebra was lucky enough to do something very few “local” DJs get to do. He took over a club for an entire night to play an 8 hour set. Something usually reserved for the big name DJs and the brave ones at that.
It’s fair to say it was success, the club was busy, people danced and he made it 8 hours without wetting himself of clearing the club.
The set comprised of House, Trance and Hard House classics interspersed with newer tunes and his signature German sound of the time.

Well he’s doing it again. This time the focus will be off classics, catch him at Alumni if you want a classics set, this will be a journey (ughh, that term is awful) through more modern sounds (with maybe one or two classics here and there) through House, Trance, Techno and probably some Breaks. No Hard House this time round.
This set will not be recorded, you want to hear it, come to the club and listen.

Finally. It’s free. All day!
Region: London
Music: Trance. Acid Trance. Psy Trance. EDM. House. Deep House. Prog House. Vocal House. Soulful House. Tech House. Acid Techno. Deep Techno. Funky Techno. Minimal Techno. Techno. Breaks. Soul.
DJ's: Latex Zebra - 8 hour set

Who's Going? (1) : Lorenzo Barrero 

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From: Latex Zebra on 13th Sep 2017 21:53.09
That fucking Elf outfit... You bastards. I never sent you that picture!

Thanks for the interview Miles. Always nice to catch up and talk shit.

From: Matt on 14th Sep 2017 15:02.06
Good interview, nice balance of interesting information and tongue in cheek.

Father Christmas says "No regrets" Darren F@cking Elf!

From: ceekay on 20th Sep 2017 16:39.53
Darren Fucking Nugget is a legend! Big grin

From: ceekay on 20th Sep 2017 16:39.53
Darren Fucking Nugget is a legend! Big grin

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