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Do you want to Knowwhere it all began?

Reported by James Rae / Submitted 18-04-17 13:01

In the run up to Knowwhere’s big reunion party, in collaboration with Planet Angel on Friday 9th June, we caught up with the Knowwhere promoters from back in the day - Pablo, Anthony Dean and Stevie - to take them back to where it all started.

For those of you who may not have been around in those early days, we thought you might like to know where ‘Knowwhere’ came from. The three amigos promise these ‘recollections’ are as accurate as time and other factors allow!

Way back in 1997, the formative idea for London’s favourite Trance party was born in the living room of an Ealing flat... Knowwhere ‘Daddy’ Pablo takes up the story:

A group of us were going to the Gallery regularly - Ig, Tracey, Laura & Ben 9000 to name a few. The after parties always ended up at my flat in Ealing in those days and soon became so popular that at one point there were up to 80 clubbers squashed in, enjoying the party. Most of the core people were voicing the opinion that it was becoming harder to find Trance being played all night, so these ‘crack-ons’ became full-on Trance parties in their own right for a while. Fast forward to 31st December 1999 with 100 people in the flat for 3 days of partying it became obvious that a new venue was needed!

A few months in to the Millennium Ian Betts informed us that Sleepless was to end and so the idea of a Trance club night not in my flat was born! Anthony Dean & myself thought why not and came up with the name ‘The Awakening’. One week before the debut party I got a call from a club, based in Reading, who used the name ‘The Awakening’ and were concerned that their name was being used without permission.

So, it was thinking caps on. We ended up at Ig’s flat, I say we, Anthony Dean was away visiting his girlfriend (Tracey’s) parents at the time, so Ig, Penny, Stacey, Barney, Jono et al sat around, beers in hand, bouncing names at one another. Until Ig said what about Nowhere? I got on the phone to Anthony and asked him if he knew where I was last night? Anthony asked me ‘Where were you last night?’ and I replied ‘Nowhere!’. I was so excited, we had finally found our name. Anthony came up with the unusual spelling and Knowwhere was born.

Then came ‘Middle of Knowwhere’ which was the middle of the dance floor of the 414 where the first party was held under the Knowwhere banner, downstairs in the club was known as ‘Here’ upstairs was ‘There’ and halfway up the stairs was ‘Neither Here nor There’ and to complete the name, we put notices up the street saying ‘Road to Knowwhere’ and of course if the ‘Mrs’ asked where were you last night you could answer Knowwhere and it would not be a lie!

A few months later we realised it was too much for Anthony and myself to carry on alone. We needed another person to join the Knowwhere family. There was only one person for the job and Stevie was that person.

Thanks guys! I’d actually been a regular ‘punter’ at Knowwhere for a while, so when I left my previous promotion, Ground Zero, (at which the Knowwhere crew had occasionally run a separate room for us), and the guys offered me a spot on the team I nearly bit their arms off!

What are each of your fondest memories of Knowwhere?

For me it has to be our first club night at Heaven and my DJ set there. I played my first tune and looked up to see every hand in the club in the air, everybody was feeling the euphoria I was, and for me that was so special and something I will never forget.

For me it has to be a night at the Soundshaft. I’d had a pig of a day the day before I was due to play at the Soundshaft for Knowwhere and was not in the best of mind sets to DJ in, however all that changed when I walked into the club seeing the club bouncing, feeling the euphoric atmosphere. How could I be unhappy when all my friends were having such a good time? It put things into perspective and I realised how good things were.

For me it’s the Fridge which happened to be the launch party for Adam White’s record ‘Ballerina’. I had organised a surprise which was having one of our clubbing friends, Megan, who had trained as a ballerina, to come and dance on stage in the beautiful break-down. I didn’t quite realise the logistics of this until the night itself. I had to almost carry/drag Megan through the crowd on the dance floor to put her on the stage as ‘Ballerina’ played; then as it was finishing I had to manhandle her again and placed her in the DJ booth to ‘have it large’ which sent the crowd crazy. I thought at that point we were giving something back to all our clubbers and had really created an unforgettable moment for hundreds of people.

What was your favourite venue over the years?

I think we all agree on this one, it has to be the Soundshaft. We all say it felt like home. Not having a ‘stage’ it became personal, about the people on the dance floor, our VIPs who are our friends. It was more like a private party than a club night.

So, Knowwhere was known for banging out the ‘Anthem’ tracks, tell us about that.

Of course, THE anthem for Knowwhere has to be ‘Everyday, Lange mix. This came about when one of our clubbing friends, Andy Kinnear, gave me a copy at the Soundshaft and asked if it could be played. So, as a favour to a friend, I put the track on in my set. I looked up to see it going off on the floor. I feel it has the right vibe for the type of club night we were promoting and the words sat well with the promoters, DJs and Clubbers alike. It stuck, and will always be associated with the Knowwhere brand. One other time Everyday was played at the Fridge, the crowd went wild seeing Agnelli & Nelson climbing the scaffolding, even the bar staff stopped to watch!

DJs. Who did it for you guys?

Dom Pardy played the first set at The Fridge - his parents were there, coming to see ‘their boy’ play. He was playing some big chunky tunes but he was a little unsure as there was no one on the floor dancing. He called me over to the decks and voiced his concerns, I told him ‘look around you mate, look at the people at the bar.’ All were either nodding their heads, tapping their feet or counting out the beat. I told him to give it 5 minutes and if he was still worried to call me back over. I was right within 5 minutes everything changed, no one was tapping they were all on the floor having it large. Great memory.

I have three different ones for three different reasons:

Pathfinder always played amazing tunes, never played a filler set.

Anthony Dean. For me - he is ‘Mr Knowwhere’ and plays with his heart and soul.

Finally, I think Pablo. He brought it together and although, I’m sure he won’t mind me saying, he made a few judgement mistakes during his sets on occasion, he never once lost the passion. He played tunes he knew and loved and knew his friends would love too. Each set he did, it was as if he was playing for his mates in his lounge at the first after parties, it was personal to him.

For me it has to be Ian Betts, he just got it. You just had to dance when he played, His tunes always had enough power to keep my feet moving and amazing melodies to keep my head interested. great chunky beats which got in your head space and made your whole world turn upside down.

What attributes and values that you think sets Knowwhere apart from other parties?

It may sound corny, but we think everyone involved in running the night over the years, and the people who did us the honour of coming along month after month, were the main factors contributing to Knowwhere's success.

We also realised very early on that to make it successful it had to be focussed on ‘True Trance for True People’. Great music, combined with open and friendly promoters who wanted everyone to be part of the Knowwhere family. We didn’t need a VIP area because we believed everyone, be they our paying guests or the army of paid and unpaid helpers, were our VIPs and they were always front and centre on the dance floor.

What can we expect from Knowwhere’s reunion on June 9th?

First and foremost, fun. We want people to get a refresher of that special Knowwhere buzz that they love, and for some, a chance to experience it for the first time. Inclusivity is still our watchword, we want everyone to be happy, and have a safe night enjoying their favourite music with old friends who loved and enjoy the same. What we really want is to give something back to the Knowwhere family.

We're collaborating with Planet Angel - one of London's longest standing parties known for their ultra-friendly crowd – and we figured they would be the perfect partners to celebrate our reunion! They really embrace festival culture, so as well as all the awesome music there are areas of creativity with face painting, a festival stall shop, activities and games areas with Lego, giant Jenga, Space Hoppers - it's crazy! We can't wait to join forces and put on what is sure to be one hell of a party!

Images courtesy of James Rae and UKClubPix. Not to be reproduced without permission.

Planet Angel presents: Knowwhere Reunion
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Friday 9th June
At: Fire [map]

From: 22:00 - 06:00
Cost: £15 + bf
Ticket Info: Tickets available from Skiddle
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets
More: On Friday 9th June Planet Angel join forces with Knowwhere for a very special one off party - Planet Angel presents: Knowwhere Reunion!

Expect 3 rooms of awesome music, the outdoor garden area with fun games and activities, face painting, the Planet Angel shop, the food court, great DJs and of course lots of lovely like-minded people!

In The Main Room we journey through Trance past and present with Knowwhere hosting an epic rosta of top DJs! Expect everything from uplifting Trance favourites to classic Euphoria! Meanwhile in Room 2, the Planet Angel Funky Lounge goes all out with a musical journey encompassing Breaks, Jungle, Drum & Bass and more! Finally, in Room 3, we have 'Feel the Funk' hosting the finest blend of Funky House music!

Of course there’ll also be all of the trademark Planet Angel art, interactivity and fun things to do like giant Jenga, the art canvas, magnetic poetry, Connect 4 and much more - with an added dose of fun and excitement (and an epic DJ lineup!) from Knowwhere, including our biggest ever headlining DJ! We can't wait to make the big announcement!

So come and join us for double the fun, as Planet Angel and Knowwhere combine for one epic party!


MAIN ROOM : Knowwhere Reunion (Trance Past-Present)
ROOM 2 : Planet Angel Funky Lounge (Breaks, Jungle, Drum & Bass)
ROOM 3 : Feel The Funk (House Music all night long!)
GARDEN: Games & smoking area
Region: London
Music: Trance. Euro Trance. Hard Trance. House. Bouncy House. Funky House. Club Classics. Liquid Drum and Bass. Jump Up Drum and Bass. Jungle.
DJ's: ROOM 1: Knowwhere Reunion (Trance)
Dave Pearce
Adam White
Anthony Dean
Ian Betts
James Rae

ROOM 2: Planet Angel (Breaks, Dum & Bass)
Dan Stoves
Chris Wood

ROOM 3: Feel the Funk (House)
Scott Mac
Dave Minns
Mr Chip
Little & Large (Semi & Funky Little Ant)
Kris Noble

Who's Going? (3) : James Rae, Matt, Quin. 
HF Photographer: Matt HF Reviewer:

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From: Quin. on 20th Apr 2017 12:17.06

From: Latex Zebra on 21st Apr 2017 12:35.43
Always loved the enthusiasm and passion the Knowwhere guys put into their parties and I have fond memories of playing for them at the Soundshaft.
A shame I can't come along to this but I'm sure with names like Planet Angel and Knowwhere this will be an epic night.

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