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Reported by Craig Gunn / Submitted 02-04-14 07:15

Lost Dawn returns to the Prince of Wales for another mega all-day mini festival with the awesome Nick Warren. But what makes Lost Dawn a compelling night out is the multi-faceted approach to musical programming. On May the 10th we say a final farewell to the mighty electro trio that is NEON HIGHWIRE, who have chosen Lost Dawn as their farewell gig, and welcome two hot new acts; one spearheaded by the legendary Mark Doggett (aka K90) and his new show DRAYTON and the jazz dance collective that is Stacey Kitson and Kris Noble re-invented as the THE NATURAL SELECTION. I sent them a quick fire Q&A, it’s not Paxman, but hey we like 3 for 1 offers…..

Nick Warren

For the un-initiated who are you and how did you come about?

NEON HIGHWIRE: Neon Highwire are three men who want to make you move with beats and synths and guitars and voices and a whole lot of confusion. We all knew each other from different bands before and ended up in London at the same time. We’d all been independently thinking about harnessing an electro beast to our guitars and vocals. So we got on and did it!

DRAYTON: Drayton is the latest musical incarnation of writer, producer and vocalist Mark Doggett…a.k.a K90 / Sparky Dog!

NATURAL SELECTION: The Natural Selection started with Kris and Stace (Monkey and Red Dragon) doing an electro swing DJ & vocal set at a mate's house party, for something different to break up the usual house and trance! It went down so well, we considered doing it again somewhere and the lovely Lost Dawn boys gave us this opportunity.

Best describe your sound and where you draw your musical influences from?

NEON HIGHWIRE: A wall of synths and bleeps and guitars and vocal harmonies propelled by a big bass drum. What comes through most from our influences is the drive of people like Boys Noize, Modeselektor and Soulwax in our beats and basslines, there’s quite a lot of early Bloc Party, Sonic Youth and Mogwai in the guitars. Vocally, just us really. There’s some Hot Chip in there somewhere. Oh and Lionel Richie is of course the guiding force in everything we do.

DRAYTON: The Drayton sound sits somewhere between House, Nu Disco and Deep House with influences ranging from 80’s movie soundtracks and electro pop bands such as Pet Shop Boys, Human League, Depeche Mode, Donner Summer and Giorgio Moroder! Modern day influences include Chromeo, Miami Horror, Goldroom, M83, Daft Punk…the list goes on!

NATURAL SELECTION: Animal-based electro-swing! Influenced by Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace, The Correspondents, Gabby Young & Other Animals amongst many other evolved species.


How does the song writing process work within your group?

NEON HIGHWIRE: Totally open – we’ve all started some, finished others. The album is definitely the sum of our parts, even down to us all singing lead vocals on different songs, and as you’ll see at the show, switching instruments all the time!

DRAYTON: Firstly, Mark is generally responsible for the writing, production and engineering of the music as well as being lead song writer and lyricist. However, two of the tracks to feature in the live show are either co-written (in the case of forthcoming single “The Love Has Gone”) by Drayton and vocalist D Star, or sung by D Star and written by somebody else (in the case of a cover just completed that we’re keeping a secret until May 10th!). With the first point in mind and taking into consideration Mark’s musical background and experience, the song writing process usually begins with either a catchy musical hook, a phrase, sentence or story that’s as Mark put’s it “...that’s popped into my head from an everyday situation!”

NATURAL SELECTION: We currently haven't written any of our own complete tracks, as we've just formed, but the instrumentalists provide individual elements over existing tracks so they "evolve" (sorry, had to get more Darwinian references in) into something different. Vocals are also taken from one song and mashed up over a totally different tune in some cases.

What can we expect at the Lost Dawn live show?

NEON HIGHWIRE: A lot of energy. We play it like we want you to dance and dance you will! No breaks if we can help it, there’s little remixes all across the set so the music flows into itself. We might bring some Haribo.

DRAYTON: Catchy electronic beats and grooves, sing-a-long vocals and an energetic and fun stage performance!

NATURAL SELECTION: The simian-like Kris Noble will be mixing a selection of electro swing tracks whilst clarinetist Alison, keys player, Talitha together with Red Dragon (Stace) on vocals will provide live elements, putting our own twist on existing tunes.

Neon Highwire

What are the future production plans for your group?

NEON HIGHWIRE: We released our debut album ‘Relate’ last Autumn and are working on a few remixes to really bring out the dance animal in the songs – we might also pull together a B-sides EP to go with that.

DRAYTON: Even though the project itself has been in the works for over two years,
publically Drayton is still in its infancy so we’re excited to see what happens once the debut album ‘Runaway’ is released on April 28th! Album two is already in production so the idea is to reach out globally with the live show and see where we end up! The vibe and interest in the music so far has been fantastic so we’re looking to build on that!

NATURAL SELECTION: If it goes down well at Lost Dawn, we'll do more and seek out more fabulous talent to join our Darwinian menagerie, hopefully evolving into making our own tracks if we gain an animal with studio skills Smile

What have been your best ever live gig performance?

NEON HIGHWIRE: Playing with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs at 93 Feet East
was an incredible experience. The crowd were beyond up for it and then we got to jump into the crowd for his set and experience it the other way round!

DRAYTON: May 10th will be our debut live show!

NATURAL SELECTION: As this is our first gig together as a crew, we thought we'd mention a few individual highlights (Talitha so wins this one):
Stace - singing live at Gatecrasher with Adam White DJing and Mad Mick on live saxophone. I opened singing a downbeat and very ethereal remix of Grace "It's Not Over" and got the whole crowd to sing with the chorus, it was a pretty special experience. Also - singing live at Trance On Thames takes some beating! Kris - DJing on a boat in a cave in Ibiza. Alison - playing at The Tate Livepool in a hurricane, and also at Crystal Palace Overground Festival. Talitha - playing piano at Madonna's wedding! I was resident pianist at the Carnegie Club @ Skibo Castle, where it was.

Natural Selection

If you had a dream rider what would you request on it from the Lost Dawn boys?

NEON HIGHWIRE: I’d like Duran Duran and Soft Cell c.1985 in a cagefight backstage. I’m backing Almond all day. Nasty piece of work.

DRAYTON: Ahh, we’re not flash so just so just the usual beers, champy pampy, wine,
vodka, fruit basket, meat platter, crisps, nuts and Xbox One, 50” flat screen TV, makeup artist, masseur etc!

NATURAL SELECTION: Bananas, unlimited Haribo and a fire extinguisher (dragon flames).

Finally last words to gee up the crowds!...

NEON HIGHWIRE: It’s probably our last gig for a while so we promise at LEAST 180%.

DRAYTON: The Bar’s open!

NATURAL SELECTION: *inserts a variety of animal noises*


All images courtesy of respective artists. Not to be reproduced without permission.

Lost Dawn and Nick Warren present The Soundgarden
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Saturday 10th May
At: The Prince of Wales [map]

From: 2pm-4am
Cost: £12.50 adv / £15 door
Ticket Info: On our Facebook Page or Resident Advisor or Lost Dawn website
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets
More: Lost Dawn returns to the sunny roof terraces of Brixton’s Prince of Wales with another signature all-day mini-festival kicking off from 2pm until 4am with art, electronic music, one insanely massive headline act and plenty of Pimms….

Headlining our event for an exclusive, London only, three hour performance is the mighty NICK WARREN. You can tell when Nick Warren's on the decks. The music emanating from the DJ booth is that perfect club mix of driving percussion and soaring musicality, bursting out of the speakers, soaking everyone in melody, drenching them in sound. Warren's impressive career has seen him release the very first “Back to Mine”, a staggering eight albums for “Global Underground”, and one for “Renaissance”. He is also in control of A&R for record label Hope Recordings, as well as being a member of the highly acclaimed duo Way Out West. Starting as tour DJ with Massive Attack, moving onto a residency at super club Cream and playing at every self-respecting club on the planet, has led him to this natural position as one of the world's most respected DJs.

2013 saw two releases on Hope Recordings, a remix of global pop sensation Lana Del Rey's 'Summertime Sadness' and the breathtaking original track 'Devil's Elbow’ while a landmark 20th anniversary edition of the Renaissance masters series album landed, which Nick was honourably asked to compile. Warren's diverse abilities assume a classic timeless sound, whilst still injecting a glossy and modern slant into his powerful productions.

Nick’s debut performance at Lost Dawn is in anticipation for a summer release of Nick’s new concept album The Soundgarden which promises to demonstrate why Warren is still at the top of his game and showcases why he is still standing as a giant within electronic music. From Hope Recordings as well in support one of Nick's favoured production duo's Bambook will be oo warm-up duty

Following a fantastic 2013 with her tracks supported from the likes of Fatboy Slim and storming live shows from NY to the Cayman Islands as well as her weekly radio show on Select UK , Lizzie Curious is one busy girl. With 6 new tracks for 2014, and running her Curiosity Club we can't for her to bring her sound to our sunshine terrace...

Headlining the daytime band roster we have for one final performance NEON HIGHWIRE. With their sound lovingly referred to as "surrealist geek electro" or "nihilistic deeply distorted-bass driven house", whatever it is what you'll get is energy and powerhouse performance.

Our next artist is announced - DRAYTON. Is there nothing Mark Doggett turns his hand to, he can't do? With the legendary K-90 under his belt, Dataless Recordings, Sparky Dog and more, this time think 80’s synth pop, classic movies, Commodore 64’s, Pac Man, Studio 54 and discotheques, blended with cutting technology and sounds of the future, and what you’re presented with is Drayton.

Debuting their live show is The Natural Selection! Stacey Kitson, Kris Noble and newcomer Wolfe Hogan combine for an electro swing extravaganza, featuring live vocals, furious strings and a beat designed to get you all flappered up!

Kick starting Lost Dawn, soul disco Balearic brother and Point Blank FM resident DJ DAVE STEWART will whisk us through hits from the 70s to the present out on the terrace. Check him out from 5am-10am Wednesday morning's on 90.2 FM for his "Between the Sheets" show.

We also welcome a true London legend, DR DUZZIT who has spun more tunes than you've had hot dinners. With years of boat, beach and club parties to his name, we're proud to be hosting the birthday boy on this special occasion.

We have repeat offender Jack Sumpter with his trademark big hair and bigger tunes mark as well as 414 regular BSE and Futurity's Birthday boy DJ ERC. Debuting we also have MESSY A and newcomer PETE RAVER. Having impressed with his first set way back at the Star of Kings, SPRINKO joins us once more for a progressive, summery sound that will find its natural home on our Terrace.

Our Master of Ceremonies and one of our favourite regular guests will take you by the hand and lead you through the myriad live acts and bands during the day with his microphone and DJ skills is the mighty STAKKER.

Maverick Movement join us again after spicing up the Gold Room at our 4th Birthday Party - this time David Cardoso and his MAVERICK MOVEMENT has sole charge of rocking your night with their funky and deep house style in the Gold Room!
We're proud to present our live artist for the event, Miss Hazard!

Not content with breaking word records, graffing around the world or being named as one of the top female street artists in the UK today, Miss Hazard comes to Lost Dawn ready to blow your socks off during her live artwork session, and you get the chance to own a piece of her work!

All this plus the mighty Lost Dawn residents Adam Symbiosis, Craig Gunn and Miss C....what are you waiting for - grab your ticket and your sunglasses now
Region: London
Music: Trance. Old Skool. House. Deep House. Funky House. Prog House. Vocal House. Electro House. Soulful House. Tech House. Techno. Breaks. Electro. Funk. Disco. Soul. Jazz. Indie.
DJ's: Nick Warren
Lizzie Curious
Neon Highwire (live)
Drayton (live)
The Natural Selection (live)
Adam Symbiosis
Craig Gunn
miss c
Jack Sumpter
Tony Duzzit
Dave Stewart (Point Blank FM)
Maverick Movement (feat. David Cardoso)
Dj Erc
Peter Raver
Messy A
Live art from Miss Hazard

Who's Going? (6) : B.S.E, Cerberus, Lost Dawn, Matt, Merekat, VinDiesel 

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