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Back2Basics - 10 Years of Party Productions & Tomorrowland Stage Hosts

Reported by Agnes Klos / Submitted 04-09-13 07:37

B2B Productions is a Belgian organisation that for a decade has been bringing a true value to the psytrance dance scene. Known for its unbeatable reputation of providing the best tunes from the greatest psy DJs in Europe and beyond, B2B (Back to Basics) has undeniably become a brand with a high status. Today thousands of party-goers around the world recognise the name B2B and associate it with the one of the most notable global music festivals on this planet, Tomorrowland where B2B has been hosting its own stage since 2007. Recently the excitement spread throughout the scene in Belgium when B2B announced that their 10 year celebration party will take place in the city of Antwerp on 5th October, with the promise of a mind-boggling line-up, some breathtaking decoration, lightshows and visuals, in the true tradition of B2B. I had a chance to chat with the man who is the organisational brain behind it all, Michael Kiriloff and find out more about the history of B2B, the upcoming party and Tomorrowland.

Hi Michael, thank you for taking some time out to answer some questions for HarderFaster. First of all, could you introduce yourself please? Tell us how you got involved with music and how you got to the place you are at the moment?

Well, it al started 11 years ago with listening to CDs of Astral Projection, Man With No Name and all the other legends.

I liked the music so much that I got more into it and then I started to mix myself. Until September 2003, when the first B2B party was there, a party for like 50 people. It has evolved to parties over 2000 people (indoor). The first real big party was in 2005 when I used the legendary Bosuil venue for the first time, a party with names like Ananda Shake and Lamat.

From that point on it all has started, meeting more artists and cooperation with bigger artists. I started creating bigger parties with a high standard of production, that is why in 2007 I got my first stage at Tomorrowland festival and in 2008 . . . 5 years B2B in the Grenslandhallen Hasselt. A party with over 2500 people and a crazy line up. And now. after 10 years I hope to do it again and elevate the production values in the psytrance scene again.

How did you come up with the whole idea of B2B? Can you take us to the very beginning and describe how, when and who started the whole concept of B2B? How did you transform the whole concept from ideas into reality?

Wow - the first idea was to make small cosy parties, well that changed with time. In the beginning I started with somebody else, talking on the train about the parties, and I said "let's make a party and let's call it Back 2 Basics", so we just did exactly that.

Then I was away from the organisation for a year until 2004 where I picked it up again and started to book more international acts. I just wanted to create a larger psytrance scene for everybody.

And from 2004 it really became to grow. I saw how some people were destroying the scene with parties that were badly organised and so on. Therefore, I decided to change it.

It is also important to mention that if you want to achieve the goal of organising a good party, you need a team who delivers a good quality of work so I came with the ideas, started to put it in motion and changed the ideas into reality Wink

What is the ideology of B2B?

Crazy parties that are well organised with a stunning production but still feel free, without all the rules of the normal commercial parties. Bringing the psytrance to a higher level and to the people. Showing the people that its not about dope but that the music is the dope and it is the music that will bring you to a higher state of mind! A transcendent experience! It is exactly what we want to bring! But in a cleaner way Wink

Why have you decided to have your own events? Is there a gap on Belgian scene that B2B parties aim to fill in?

There is no gap that I want to fill, I just want to make psytrance parties like it should be done. And making them something that nobody will forget!

What is the music policy of B2B?

Trance trance and trance! Psychedelic, oldksool, progressive and of course full on! The scene is still after 10 years very small, but already now looking at the ticket sales I see that it will be a very international party! A lot of foreigners will come. My aim is to make people discover this type of music.

Is the name perhaps symbolic in any way or maybe there is an interesting story behind it that you would like to share?

Well, like I have mentioned it before the name simply means getting back to the roots, but hmmm, the feeling is still there but it just cost more now. People nowadays want good productions and I put effort to meet these demands and satisfy the appetite of the audience.

You also host a stage at the world renouned festival, Tomorrowland. Could you tell us how this adventure has begun?

I just walked up to the organisation of Tomorrowland in 2006 and asked them if they were into the type of music and events I organised and to my delight, they said that they had already known me from the parties so they gave me the spot!

The first stage began in 2007 with artists such as Astrix, Lani, John 00 Fleming and others. Back then the stage was located on the beach! The stage that used to be from Cafe d'Anvers and it was also the first year that Tomorrowland became a two day festival and I had my spot there on the Saturday.

In 2008 the stage was located above the tunnel of Love Stage but this stage was not exactly what I wanted. However, it turned out to be a blast, all big names came and played there: Infected Mushroom, Skazi, GMS, Yahel, Talamasca and many more!

Afterwards in 2010 I was given a stage to host on Sunday. It all happened when the festival became a 3-day festival but unfortunately at that point the stage was just hidden at the back, located over the mountain of the mainstage. That particular area was just a lost space of the festival so in the end, I asked for the old stage back above the tunnel of Love Stage. I got it back but on then on a Friday instead Saturday.

It went on in that manner for two years until this year 2013 when B2B returned to the beach! To the place where it all began! It was simply a huge party with a crazy line-up: Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Neelix, Bizarre Contact and so much more!

The nicest thing was that we saw it all grow from a 30,000 people festival to a sold out 60,000 people festival and that is each day! Having B2B stage at Tomorrowland has brought lots of good for the psytrance because it gave people a chance to discover the sound and they absolutely loved the power of it!

When it comes to nice memories, I would say, drinking 10 bottles of champagne with Astral Projection on the stage, happy people dancing, meeting interesting people and other big artists outside the psytrance scene and learning about how to make a great production.

Who makes up B2B team? Who is the organisational brain, who decides about DJs, who creates the posters?

I do everything on my own. I am responsible for creating the line-up, doing everything connected with the organisation and deciding about the posters and flyers (searching sponsors, deciding about the stage and decorations). Then once I have all the above mentioned elements of making a party, I start searching for the right people who can handle the job and who can help me work it out. Moreover, I have my team who is responsible for the sound (already working 8 years with them!)

B2B prides itself in being a brand that has already headlined some of the biggest names on the scene. Could you tell us about the past parties in Belgium and abroad? Which of them are you the most proud of?

D.A.D festival, but that festival had taken place already a long time ago.

With regards to the past parties, it depends, there were really nice ones like those of 604 and Karioo records, well organised and nice productions. But time change. There are still some organisations in Belgium, some of them small ones with a cheaper production and maybe for 400 people and there are also some bigger ones that still do one big party per year. But the budgets of these parties are completely different, as one can easily imagine.

If you were to describe the party to someone who has never attended it before what would you say?

If you want to have a new experience and simply have a trip but only on music, really do it. If you want a party where everybody is laughing and just enjoying themselves, do it! Or let me put it in a simpler way; go ahead and have a real trance music experience.

What do you have to do in order to prepare each party?

Haha . . . that is a question that gives an answer with a list of 20 pages.

The most important things are: Line-up, venue, promotion, sponsors, sounds, light, agreements with police and firefighters, agreements with the city, and I can keep on going, so on and on . . .

How do you advertise yourself?

There are teams in Belgium who do the flyers and posters dispatch and I use their services. Meantime, I deal with the publicity and advertisement on the Internet.

Could you describe the type of audience B2B wants to attract?

Everybody who loves the music, it does not matter who you are. No snobbism on the psytrance scene. The reason for it is that I remember distinctively situations that happened sometimes when I wanted to go to a psytrance party and young people would be saying to me that I could not get in as I was not goa enough for them and it was because I was wearing a shirt and vest. Ridiculous.

What is your DJ screening process for B2B? Do you leave the door open for the newly discovered talents?

Of course doors are always open for new talents but nowadays its difficult. If I find a DJ/act that I like, I try to book them.

What clubs/venues have you used in the past and why?

Bosuil, Grenslandhallen, Waagnatie, Waaiberg, Elewijt, Spiegeltent and plus many more. And to answer the question why such a choice; because it's a nice place where a psytrance party is possible to be organised. In the past, a lot of venues did not allow psytrance parties anymore. But nowadays I can even use the Waagnatie because all the promoters who ruined the venues are gone and the owners know that I will do a party right, it will be correct from small organisational things to the big ones.

Who provides decorations and visualisations?

This year the people who are responsible will include: Nils Psyberpunk from Switzerland and Opsys from Belgium (this is really gone be something crazy!) In the past, I have used services from Gansedoline, Jamie Murphy and other ones from England and much more that I do not remember on the spot.

What distinguishes B2B parties from any other party on the scene?

The production values! and the organisation of course. I have several decoration teams that work on the big productions. I always search for a good location where we can go on and have a party, without having problems with anyone. The sound man we use has already been working for 8 years for B2B and every time I have a big event, he takes everything he has to create an incredible sound.

I remember that even Infected Mushroom in 2008 said: "Man, what a fucking killer sound!"

Just to name two deco teams, it would be: Gansedoline and Nils Psyberpunk. This year we have two big teams turning the place into something incredible. We will also have more people working behind the bars and ticket stands so that we can avoid big queues and long waiting times. Sponsors who help us with the backbars so that the production looks top-notch.

And of course the lights and laser shows (there is always a little bit less of light as otherwise we lose the effect and the impact of the decorations. Last but not least, the visuals and that means a lot of them. Plus also Campattack - it is the guy for the job! He has also been working for 7 years for B2B!

What improvements would you like to make to the parties/organisation in the future?

Even more of the professional improvements but still I want the people that come to the party to have a feeling of freedom. And of course another aim is to have more people in the scene. It is because when you make a party of this massive size you need all the biggest names to get enough people so the new smaller but good ones don’t get the chance unfortunately.

The upcoming party 10 Years B2B Productions on 5th October will be headlined by iconic artists from the scene such as Infected Mushroom, Skazi, Neelix, John 00 Fleming, Bliss and many more. It is a very impressive line-up. What can we expect from this event?

I can only say - expect the unexpected haha. It is gone be a blast!

Infected with a Oldschool live set!! They will present their work from before 2007.

Skazi full live act and all the rest of live performances. The entire night, only big names, only quality. We also have a VIP area!

Thank you for your time Michael. It was a real pleasure talking to you. I'm very much looking forward to the massive party on the 5th October.

To purchase the ticket to 10years B2B Productions click here

B2B Productions is also proud to announce their support in the fight against breast cancer and will donate a part of the ticket revenues to The Pink Ribbon Foundation* We also dedicate our sincere respect to UZA for their groundbreaking research.

*The Pink Ribbon Foundation is totally dedicated to the research & awareness on Breast Cancer.100% is donated to the Koning Boudewijnstichting and their chosen scientific studies.

All photos are courtesy of and B2B. Not to be used without permission.

10 Years B2B Productions
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Saturday 5th October
At: The Warehouse Leeds [map]

From: 9.30pm
Cost: Early birds: 25 euro ,ends 15 august (excl: bookings fee) Normal presale 30 euro (excl: bookings fee) Door price :35 Vip tables available : please contact for more info
Ticket Info: Early birds: 25 euro ,ends 15 august (excl: bookings fee)
Normal presale 30 euro (excl: bookings fee)
Door price :35
Vip tables available : please contact for more info
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets

B2B Productions, for a decade a true value in the Psy Trance dance scene, always providing the best tunes of the greatest Psy DJ’s in Europe & beyond, is happy to announce their 10 years celebration party.
SAVE THE DATE & be prepared for a mind-boggling feast on October 5, 2013 in The Waagnatie in Antwerp.
We will arouse all your senses with some breathtaking decoration, lightshows and visuals, in the true tradition of B2B.
B2B Productions is also proud to announce their support in the fight against breast cancer and will donate 10% of the ticket revenues to
The Pink Ribbon Foundation*
We also dedicate our sincere respect to UZA for their groundbreaking research.

….So,After 10 years ...
B2B productions is proud to present you this night full of psychedelic full on and progressive madness, together with incredible decorations,visuals,light & lasershows, crystal clear sound and so much more …
And these people’s are the ones who will bring the madness to all of you …and all will be live!

Two decor teams, one from Swiss and a Belgian one

Nils Art’events Switzerland

opsys deco belgium

together they will turn the place to something unseen in Belgium
then some visuals …
we can call him a resident .. working together with Richard for almost 6 years
here is Campattack again
then we top it of with full color laser shows and some surprise animations !

location? => look upstairs
entrance ?
Early birds: 25 euro ,ends 15 august (excl: bookings fee)
Normal presale 30 euro (excl: bookings fee)
Door price :35
Vip tables available : please contact for more info

Tickets available on this link :

*The Pink Ribbon Foundation is totally dedicated to the research & awareness on Breast Cancer.100% is donated to the Koning Boudewijnstichting and their chosen scientific studies.
Region: International
Music: Psy Trance.
DJ's: ► INFECTED MUSHROOM retro live (Coast II coast/ HOMmega Production) Israel
No introduction needed for these two guys
Still the #1 in the world of the psytrance scene and now back in Belgium

► SKAZI live (HOMmega Producrion) Israel
Guitars .. violins …hard basslines and live !
Asher and Assaf both live on stage !

John '00' Fleming live (JooF rec.) UK
One of British finest ones , over 20 years more then 30 compilations, BBC radio show
Ministry of sound legend etc etc …
And for this party ,he will be presenting his new album live

► NEELIX live (Spintwist rec.) Germany
The new star in the progressieve scene !
Started in 1998 and produced more then 3 albums
This year he also arrived in the dj mag top 100 !

► BLISS live (Nutek rec.) Israel
BLiSS, also known as Yonatan Marcow, has been producing high quality and original Psytrance music since 2005,. His music has its own style, with lots of aggression and love that is mushed up into full on power trance

► SynSUN vs. Firaga vs. Norion (B2B productions) Ukraine / Belgium LIVE
To finish it al in a big boooom ..these residents will bring a big back 2 back set

► Harik Bauer live (Openings act)
A Belgium corporation with instruments and a nice bassline to open the party

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