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Progressive flavours with DJ R'Deem ahead of Neelix party

Reported by Agnes Klos / Submitted 25-03-13 08:17

Starting out at the age of 16 as a vinyl techno DJ, R’Deem, had mastered his DJing skills years before being introduced to the progressive psytrance scene. Shortly after discovering his new passion, R’Deem found himself playing at festivals such as VUUV, Indian Spirit, Tomorrowland and many more. Taking it a step further, in 2004 he introduced a new party organisation, Purple Snow Productions which brought artists such as Neelix, Ace Ventura, Symphonix and Ticon for the very first time to Belgium.

Nowadays playing with just CDJs has not been enough for R’Deem, therefore his sets are semi-live, which opens doors for creativity and brings more flavour to the sound. But R’Deem isn't stopping there; he's already working on his new project of deep and progressive house as Roscoe Deem.

Over the last few years R’Deem has broadened his musical horizons to Asia where he has had the honour of playing at the main stage of the New Year’s Eve festival in Thailand called 'The Experience'. This year was no different and after Thailand, I had a chance to talk to R’Deem just ahead of his upcoming gig at Sweet Fortress, with headlers Neelix, Guy Gerber and Marcus Meinhardt, brought by the Belgian crew Feestgedruis.

Hi Roscoe, thank you for finding time to answer some questions for the HarderFaster readers. First of all, could you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background and what you do.

Hi, my pleasure. To start with, my real name is Jan Peeters and I go by the artist alter ego of Roscoe Deem and also by my DJ name R’Deem. I live in Belgium and I am DJ, producer and managing director of Purple Snow Productions, a party organisation which I have run now for 8 years. The aim of the organisation is to bring psychedelic progressive music to Belgium.

When did your journey with music begin and how did you get into DJing in the first place?

I have always loved or been involved with music, my dad always played the guitar and as I young boy I used to play synthesiser and sing in the choir (laughs). My first real love for music was actually metal, rock - things like Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden and Metallica, but slowly my taste in music was changing and one day when I was around 16 years old we went to this underground techno party and seeing how the DJs were playing and what energy they brought to the dance floor. I quickly realised it was something that I also wanted to do. From then on DJing and electronic music have become a big part of my life!

At that time everything was still vinyl so I saved some money and got myself a cheap set-up, I believe everything was JB system and the turntables were one of those with the elastic band to propel it . . . very old school and I started buying lots and lots of vinyl (more laughs). I started out with raw pounding techno, which was the genre I practiced with and which allowed me to master my DJing skills for approximately the first 5 years of my journey. I started to get some bookings at small and more established parties and played besides names such as Claude Young, Marco Bailey and DJ Rush, etc.

Slowly though, my taste in music was changing and I was looking for some new directions and finally I found the answers that I was looking for in the more psychedelic scene to which I was introduced somewhere in 2001. First playing harder material that was linked with the Techno vibe and I remember that my first love for psychedelic started off with artists like The Delta and X-Dream. Also, the old school psychedelic and full on had a reservation in my DJ bag until one day I was caught by the progressive virus and up until now I never looked back. Recently I do have a bit of a side project where I play, what I like to call psychedelic, twisted deep house but this is still in the pipeline.

Do you remember the moment you fell in love with psytrance?

Like I stated in the previous question, I was introduced to psytrance somewhere in 2001 but my real love for the ideology, streaming and music came when I went to my first psytrance festival which was Samothraki (Greece) in 2003, since that festival progressive psytrance became the foundation of my musical preference.

Who did you take inspiration and influence from when you started out and who inspires you today?

My first inspiration came of course from the techno scene, since it all started there. Guys like Ritchie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Green Velvet, Johannes Heil, Dave Clarcke (I can go on with the list), were the “big boys” then and still are! They were the artists I bought my first records from. When I got into the psytrance scene the usual suspects were names like GMS, Man With No Name, Atmos, Talamasca, SBK but as I got more and more into the progressive vibe the biggest influence must have been Son Kite, unfortunately they stopped making music as Son Kite around 2008 or 2009. My influence today comes from the more rolling or pumping progressive. Artist like Ace Ventura, Ritmo, Symphonix, Liquid Soul and Neelix come to mind. But also a lot of very nice new young artist are popping up on the scene . . . Suduaya, for instance, is someone to look out for the next couple of years.

Your DJ set-up today is a bit different than just CDJs and mixer. You are playing semi-live sets which are rare on the psytrance scene. How did you come up with the idea?

Well, I don’t know if they are rare, you see people adapting to this way of playing in the deep/tech house, techno and minimal scene, but indeed, I haven’t seen too many people in the psytrance scene going in that direction.

I play now with Traktor and I use 3 controllers, one for sequencing two decks and two remix decks from which I can load samples, loops and can make small remixes on the fly. Also Traktor enables me to play loop based which means I’m not restricted to complete tracks, for instance I can loop in a break and then mix another break in and continue from that new track and even let the first track come back at a certain point. Options are endless and it opens up so many new ways of bringing your own taste and direction to a set.

I basically came up with this idea from when I was playing live under the project Loop Generation. Taking the elements from performing live and working in the studio as a producer, sparked the idea of combining the best of two worlds and that’s how the “semi live” performance (if it can be called like that) came into the existence.

How would you describe your sets to someone who has never heard you play before?

Hmmm, I do play a couple of different genres so each genre has its own kind of energy and atmosphere. The main genre I play is of course the psychedelic progressive, which is also my ultimate favourite genre! When I play this genre I would classify it as a pumping, driving, progressing psychedelic journey where heavy bass lines meet melodic euphoria.

Why do you have two names: Roscoe Deem and R’Deem? Are they symbolic in any way? Do you play different styles under each name? Or maybe there is an interesting story behind the choice of that specific name, share it with us please.

Well, it's kind of a strange story. Back in the techno days it even used to be something even completely different. Then I was DJing under the alter ego of X-Bound, but that is a whole different story (laugh).

The idea behind my current artist name came from Redemption and to Redeem yourself, giving yourself a second chance - as you might say, a way of bringing salvation by playing music and cleansing your body and mind by dancing and enjoying music. As Redeem for a DJ alter ego was a bit weird to me, I decided to try to keep the meaning behind it but make it look a bit more like a DJ name so I made it into R’Deem. From there the step to having a full artist name came easy by making the R an initial for a first name and the artist name Roscoe Deem was born. Nowadays when I do a psychedelic progressive DJ set I use R’Deem and when I do a deep, tech house set I use the complete artist alter ego of Roscoe Deem.

Could you tell us more about Purple Snow Productions and the artists your parties have brought over years?

The Purple Snow Productions is an organisation I have run now for over 8 years. Basically it started out due to the fact that there was no platform here in Belgium for psychedelic progressive music and that being the music I love the most, I created Purple Snow Productions in order to bring this genre to the party people in Belgium. First party I did was in 2004 with Son Kite, which turned out to be a big indoor event with over 1000 people attending. From then on, the platform was there and over a period of 5 years we brought artists like Neelix, Symphonix, Ticon, Ace Ventura, D-Nox and Beckers, Tegma, Xibalba, DJ Bim, Montagu & Golkonda, Fabio, Mapusa Mapusa, etc. for the first time to Belgium. Last couple of years it has been a bit more quiet because of different priorities and job commitments which unfortunately are necessary in order to live. None-the-less, some new plans for Purple Snow Productions are in the making and we will be back with more!

You had played at The New Year Festival in Thailand – The Experience. Could you tell us more about your adventure with Asia and how it all started? Was it your first time playing there?

My adventure with Asia began when I came for the first time to Thailand in 2008. At that time I was invited by the magic Phangan family to play on the very first Experience New Year festival at Koh Tao Island. Also, the week before and after the festival I had two gigs at Ban Sabaii, Koh Phangan. That year I was only in Thailand for 3 weeks (way to short Wink) but my love for the place was founded right there and then.

When I came back to Belgium the first thing I did was start thinking about coming back and I booked my ticket for my second visit only two months after I was back. The second time I went back for longer; which was 3 months! So, that year I spent two and a half months on the magical Island Koh Phangan.

The year after, we’re talking 2010 I also stayed 3 months, last year unfortunately things were not as prosperous and I couldn’t come due to circumstances and this year of course I was very pleased with being able to come back again to my “second home” on Earth Wink

I was very fortunate to be in contact with the magic Phangan family, organisers and owners of The Experience, Blackmoon and Ban Sabaii, and I have had the honour of playing as sort of a resident for them when I’m there on Koh Phangan. The first year I played two times at Ban Sabaii, which is for me the best place in the world to play, not just because of the fabulous atmosphere this little place creates but also because, for some reason, I played there my best sets that I have ever played so, for me, there is some kind of magic in the air at Ban Sabaii.

Second year I came to Koh Phangan I had again the privilege of playing as a resident at the Home of Happy People (Ban Sabaii) and slowly more gigs started coming my way. At that time I was also producing under Loop Generation and that year I had a chance to play as one of the live acts for The Experience festival, followed up by the R’Deem DJ set. For the first time I was also invited to play a Loop Generation live set at the Blackmoon festival, again followed up with a DJ set the next month. I was offered a set at the Shiva Moon party and shortly afterwards the Jungle Experience gig came in.

The third year I was unfortunately not able to come for the New Year festival. I arrived that year around the beginning of January. That year was a bit the same story as the year before with one more extra to add to the list, which was Sramanora Waterfall party. A techno, deep/ tech house party that was just starting out at that time.

Then there was the year of absence and this year the Experience, Ban Sabaii and Blackmoon were again on the list. Unfortunately, this year was once more a short visit of only good two weeks. I think it was about time I saw a bit more of Asia so we decided not to invest all the time in the “Shutter Island“(laughWink).

PS. For everyone who misses Koh Phangan parties and The Experience festival vibe - I have prepared a little present at the end of this interview!

Which other festivals in Europe have you played at in the past?

Most big festivals I have played at were in Germany. Thanks to my connection with the Symphonix brothers (who are doing the line-up for Indian Spirit, Psychedelic Circus and Tshitraka Project), I was fortunate to play at Indian Spirit festival two times (2010 and 2011) and the last Tshitraka Project which took place already four years ago. I played at the VUUV festival two years ago, other than that I played three times at the now very big Tomorrowland OA here in Belgium, two times as a DJ and one time with the live project Loop Generation. In 2012 I played the Summer Solstice festival in Amsterdam. And also a couple of smaller but very nice Belgian festivals like Rhakti dei OA, Heron OA, Tribes Gathering (which again is on the list this year) and Nova’s Incident are on the repertoire.

All the festivals have provided me with a great insight into the scene and wide experience as a DJ playing for a big crowd. The atmosphere has always been amazing and I would like to say thank you to all organisers for inviting me over years. I am excited about what the future might bring and where it can take me, I am ready for more.

Would you say that being a psychedelic trance DJ has made you more involved into spiritual issues that are very often intertwined with the psytrance scene?

On the spiritual side I always live by the philosophy that in life we tend to search for answers. The questions we ask might be very subjective but the purpose seems to be the same. In every question we ask and answer we get, we slowly evolve to the next step and a different state of mind. In music we find a big key in understanding this evolution. As one brilliant mind once said 'without music life would be a mistake'. Music is energy in motion slowly progressing in time, love without words, teaching us the way of life! For ages man has used music to express what couldn't be put in words, love, fear, anger - all of these are emotions that are hard to explain but understood by everyone and so emphasised in music and art!

“Skills can be learned, but art must be awakened - from the deep slumber of consciousness, uut of the collective memory of all mankind's joys and sorrows”, John Edward Kelly stated and with that he pretty much sums up what it’s all about.

Where can we see you playing next?

You can catch me playing my next deep house set at the Tribes Gathering festival on 13th April in the south of Belgium. For more info click here.

My next progressive psytrance set will be at the big indoor event called Sweet Fortress, on the 30th of April at the Event Brewery in Brussels. The party is brought by the Belgian crew called Feestgedruis (Sweet Trade bookings). This will be a tremendous indoor gathering. I am very excited about playing next to my old friend Neelix once again and looking forward to checking out the sets of such big names on the house and minimal scene as Guy Gerber and Marcus Meinhardt.

For more information click here.

To finish off, I have prepared a brand new set for everyone which reflects the sentimental value of my travel through Asia 2012/2013. Enjoy and hope to see you all soon on the dance floor!

For more music from DJ R'Deem check out:

a little extra for your ears!

Thank you so much for your time, it was an immense pleasure talking to you.

All images courtesy of Agnes Klos and The Not to be reproduced without permission.

Tribes Gathering 12-14APR Hoton/BE
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Friday 12th April
At: Festival Field [map]

From: Fri 12/04 : 18.00 - 10.00 Sat 13/04 : 14.00 - 12.00 Afterparty: Sun 14.04 12.00 - 18.00
Cost: Presale 20-30€ (weekend) Doors 20€ (day) - 40€ (weekend)
Ticket Info: Presale

Past year we have been sold out !!! So buy your ticket asap !!!

10 euro for 3 days (500 tickets) SOLD OUT !!!
15 euro for 3 days (1000 tickets) *
20 euro for 3 days (1000 tickets) *
25 euro for 3 days (1000 tickets) *
30 euro for 3 dayy (1000 tickes) *

* 5 euro eco camping tax it is incl in the price


WorldWide Ticket Via Paylogic:


Belgium: Free Record Shop
Holland: Primera & Free Record Shop
Luxemburg: Free Record Shop

@ Gate

Festival Ticket 35 euro
Friday 20 euro
Saturday 20 euro
Sunday 15 euro
(+ 5 euro eco camping tax)


Groen = Jin = Metal = Spiral Night Stage
Wit = Mu = Wood = Hardcore // Breakcore // IDM
Paars = Kong = Aether/ Void = Psychedelic
Geel = Feng = Air = Rave// Acid
Blauw = Shui = Water = Minimal House
Rood = Huo = Fire = Techno// Electro
Bruin = Tu = Earth = Ambient// Live // Chill Out





We want to thank our following partners:

City Of Gouvy
Red Cross Luxembourg
Pure FM
Harm Reduction Brussels
Access All Areas (UK)
Akida Promo (Greece)
Escape To Acid
Rhakti Dei
I Scream
Bug Klinik
Breakcore Gives Me Wood
SKZ Sound System
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets



After our third edition where 10.000 souls came together on 7 different stages to manifest their tribe and culture, we are happy to welcome you once again during the weekend of 12/13/14 of april 2013 to manifest your values.

Travellers and Street Theater Festival

Our festival is a free space for street artist and travelers from all over the world. We are happy to open our doors for everyone that who want to share their experience and talent. Theater, dance, fire shows, jugglers, clown’s, abstract art, installation, freestyle dancers, mime, circus, witches, magicians…maybe Harry Potter you never know !!!! If you are an artist and want to share your special gift at our festival we are more than open to let you inside and do your show.
“Everybody is a little artist inside, he needs only to search it in his soul”

Please submit your project in a short text explaining your act.
We are looking forward to your response!


SP 23 (UK)
JEFF 23 (UK)
69 DB (UK)
JUST EMMA (Germany)
FRANK HAAG (Holland)
ROTATOR (France)

... many more TBA, stay tuned!

Region: International
Music: Acid Trance. Hard Trance. Hardcore. Old Skool. House. Bouncy House. Deep House. Hard House. Electro House. Acid House. UK Garage. Tech House. Acid Techno. Funky Techno. Minimal Techno. Techno. Breaks. Electro. Big Beat. Jump Up Drum and Bass. Jungle. Dark Drum and Bass. Dancehall / Bashment. Reggae. Dubstep.
DJ's: Alternative Music Festival

First Night 3 stages

Stage 1: Warm Up GENERAL Rave Party with

Heretik Soundsytem and Tribes Gathering have join there force together to offer you an old school rave with the finest artist that Heretik Soundsystem have to offer:


Stage 2: Alternative Stage
Stage 3: Camping Stage

SATURDAY from 14H00

Stages on Saturday

=> SP 23 Night
Mad Professor // Adrian Sherwood // Crystal Distortion // 69db // Badgirlz// Jeff23 // Ixindamix // Meltdown Mickey

=> Drum Bass// Dubstep
The Panaces // Sinister Souls // Dj Guv // Dj Levela // One87 // X&trick // The Offenders // Drumderground // Sabbata // Red Eyes // Jah Inspiration Sound // Digid //Artroniks

=> Hardcore// Breakcore
HellFish// Rotator // DJ Skull Vomit // Clotaire // Gore Tech // Terror & Mayhem // Mr Orange // Tinkers

=> Techno
Xentrix // Tokyo Robots // Massimo Mephisto // Ksys vs Seesirl //Celtric // Matt Matter

=> Acid // Rave
Ceephax Acid Crew // Acidolic // Stoornis // Spacic // Nocid // Brian KX // Ralph Storm

=> Minimal // House
Marco Resmann // Minimal Lounge // Just Emma // Frank Haag // Ishtar // Leesa // Michael Thoelen // Don Santos // Don Cabron !crazy closing! // Matt Funkk // Hats 'n Caps // R'Deem

Sunday Afterparty 2 stages

Who's Going? (0) :  

Sweet Fortress
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On: Tuesday 30th April
At: Brussels Event Brewery [map]

From: 11pm - 7am
Cost: ☺ Early Bird Tickets (500 pieces) : 14 € SOLD OUT ✭ Normal Ticket : 22 € ❤ Door - Price : 30 €
Ticket Info: ☺ Early Bird Tickets (500 pieces) : 14 € SOLD OUT
✭ Normal Ticket : 22 €
❤ Door - Price : 30 €
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets
More: ╰☆╮A good day mateys╰☆╮
As the cold winter wind blows his final whistle and spring will pop up in the country, Feestgedruis is getting ready for another stunning season out in the open. Already confirmed are Extrema Outdoor, Lost Theory Festival in Croatia and of course the beloved Thé Dansant.

But before we leave our cozy caves and dungeons the blackbeards of Feestgedruis would like to please you with a final chapter indoor. On the 30th of April the Event Brewery in Brussels will open his doors for a tremendous gathering. The recipe is simple, yet attractive: three types of electronic music in three different rooms with a overwhelming sound and a lovely decoration. In the name of 'Sweet Fortress' you will be once again greeted by some of the biggest names the scene has to offer.

After one year of bargain with his agency it finally has worked out to book Guy Gerber for an exclusive performance, the only one in Belgium this year! The Israeli is playing and producing in the top division of the electronic music scene for ages now. Retirement is not in sight. The man has a lot more beauty's in stake for us the coming months and years. Together with Marcus Meinhardt of Bar25, Belgian finest Ultrasone, Beazar & LaMaz they will be the pirates at FEESTGEDRUIS.

The KRAKEN AREA will be the scenery of progressive sounds. Headliner is Neelix. With his powerful and lively sound the man is considered as one of the best in the field. At the Fortress he will surprise us with a live performance, serving only the finest tunes of his productions. Neelix will be accompanied by Synesthetic, two promising producers from Spain and Portugal. 'Sweet Fortress' will be their first visit to Belgium. R'Deem, Philip Anders, Kairon & Ode Maen complete the line-up of the room. In harmony they will battle against the mighty beast, the Kraken.

The artists in the DEEP SEA will dig up music from the old days. Tunes healing from funky to garage, from deep – to jacking house, skillfully mixed by Sweet Trade's house wizards and their friends.
Frenchman Jef K will be the main guest. Together with his friend Pirrès he will bring the 'Moulin Rouge' to Brussels. At their side you have DeeJames & Fred Hush, wise-man of the Belgian house scene.
Without doubt you will find the love of your life in this hot and sweaty room.
Region: International
Music: Psy Trance. House. Deep House. Tech House.
DJ's: Our selected artists...

☊ Guy Gerber ( Supplement Facts l Israel )
☊ Marcus Meinhardt ( BAR 25 l Germany )
☊ ULTRASONE aka Igor Vicente ( Visionquest l Belgium )
☊ Beazar LIVE ( Moodfamily l Belgium )
☊ Lamaz ( Sweet Trade l Belgium )

◙ ◙ MAPPING ::: VJ STOUDT ( Netherlands ) ◙ ◙

☊ NEELIX LIVE ( Spin Twist l Germany )
☊ Synesthetic LIVE ( Spin Twist l Spain , Portugal )
☊ R'Deem ( Purple Snow l Belgium )
☊ Kairon vs Ode Maen ( Sweet Trade l Belgium )
☊ Philip Anders ( Belgium )

Jef K ( Silver Network l France )
☊ Fred Hush ( King Kong Club l Belgium )
☊ Pirrès ( Silver Network , Sweet Trade l Belgium )
☊ DeeJames ( Sweet Trade l Belgium )

Who's Going? (1) : Agnes Klos 

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