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HarderFaster Awards 2010 - You had your say!

Reported by HarderFaster / Submitted 03-03-11 09:01

It's that time again when HarderFaster looks back at who, what and where made the past year memorable and our 2010 poll saw a wider range of votes across more genres than any previous vote. It looks like HF’s tastes are diversifying even further - a very different story from our earlier days when there were normally a few clear winners.

With such a diverse range of votes we've continued to award joint prizes to reflect the spirit of the voting, rather than precise numbers polled, and we hope that the winners will be happy to share their accolades.

So, without further ado, let's get on and reveal the winners!


HarderFaster Club Night of the Year 2010
Which was the best overall promotion of the year?

Winner: Twist

Twist returns to previous winning form with a resounding poll success!

Frantic receive an honourable mention as do newcomers Odyssey.

HarderFaster After Party of the Year 2010
If the night is just not enough then this is where you'll be.

Winner: Twist

No messing around this year, Twist reclaim their traditional After Party top spot with ReFre5h in second place.

HarderFaster Day Party of the Year 2010
Don't fancy a late night? This is the daytime party where it's all happening.

Winner: Odyssey

With Trance on Thames taking a break in 2010 we weren’t at all surprised to see Odyssey, our one to watch in 2009 take this prize.

Honourable mention to the HarderFaster Xmas Party, and further congratulations to the HF elves who organised it.

HarderFaster New Party of the Year 2010

Winner: Myopia

With their colourful themed parties, Myopia are anything but short-sighted.

Runners up Bioshokk and Odyssey.

HarderFaster Festival of the Year 2010
What was your favourite festival of 2010?

Winners: SW4

It may not be the loudest festival of the summer, but SW4 remains the most popular with HF.

Honourable mentions to Boom, Glastonbury and Lost Dawn - Summer Sessions.

HarderFaster Venue of the Year 2010
What was your favourite clubbing venue in 2010?

Winner: Club 414

Club 414 lifts cup once again but the newly revamped Union polled a strong second place.

Honourable mentions to Hidden and Koko.

HarderFaster New Venue of the Year 2010
What was your favourite new venue in 2010?

Winner: Ember

Ember in Farringdon takes top spot with honourable mentions for Ewer Street and late-comer Raving Buddha which opened in December but is already looking to be a firm favourite with HF.

Choons 'n Labels

Votes were so divided in some of these categories it would be unfair of us to award a single winner so we’re giving honourable mentions to the cream of the crop.

HarderFaster Tune of the Year 2010
Your pick of the crop for tunes produced this year?

Above & Beyond & Gareth Emery - Metropolis Good Day
Nick Sentience - Heist Manoeuvre
Nutty T - Finding God (Acid Mix)
Scott Attrill - Girls Love Techno
SlyOne vs Jurrane - Everything to Me
Trevor Dans & Latex Zebra - What We've Learned

HarderFaster Remix of the Year 2010
Your pick of the tunes revamped and refreshed this year?

Nutty T - UK Style (Swankie DJ & Kashi Remix)
Technikal - Annihilation

HarderFaster Album of the Year 2010
Which DJ mixed album was the best of the year?

Winner: Aly and Fila - Rising Sun

HarderFaster Label of the Year 2010

Joint Winners: tidy and Anjunabeats

Honourable mentions to last year’s winner Electrik Shandy, and to Toolbox.


HarderFaster Producer of the Year 2010
This year's top producer

Winner: Deadmau5

The masked mouse takes top spot with honourable mentions to Nutty T and last year’s winner Trevor Dans.

HarderFaster New Producer of the Year 2010
Who has consistently shown they've got what it takes in the new producer stakes.

Winner: Criostasis

A busy year pays off for Criostasis with Rob O.T.T. receiving an honourable mention.

HarderFaster Remixer of the Year 2010
Who's made the best remixes this year?

Winner: Technikal

Technikal takes top spot again, you just can’t get enough!

Honourable mention to Rob O.T.T.

DeeJays and Performers

HarderFaster DJ of the Year 2010
Who was your favourite DJ in 2010?

Winner: Phil Lankester

For the third year running Phil Lankester is voted HarderFaster DJ of the Year - there’s no stopping him.

Honourable mentions to Andy Farley, Latex Zebra, Lisa Pin Up and Karim

HarderFaster Live Act of the Year 2010
Which or who was your favourite live act in 2010?

Winner: Libra9

Phil Lankester’s live show Libra9 takes top spot again.

Honourable mention to K90

HarderFaster Resident DJ of the Year 2010
Which resident DJ at which club made it their own in 2010?

Winner: Karim

Twist favourite Karim regains his crown in 2010.

Honourable mention to DJ Erc from Odyssey

HarderFaster International DJ of the Year 2010
Outside the scope of regular clubbing, which world class DJ ranks as number one?

Winner: Tiësto

Tiësto stays in top place as your favourite International DJ

Runners up Armin Van Buuren and Proteus.

HarderFaster Up and coming DJ of the Year 2010
Who showed the most promise for big things?

Joint Winners: Candyman01 and Monique

It was too close to call between these two so we’re awarding a joint prize.

HarderFaster Set of the Year 2010
Which DJ played your favourite set this year and which event was it at?

Winner: Adam White's Farewell to Trance set at Odyssey

Honourable mentions to Justin Bourne at Twist NYE and our very own threesome Steve Milton Vs Syfoon Vs Shaf at HarderFaster Xmas Party.

HarderFaster Content

HarderFaster Photographer of the Year 2010
Who was the best contributor to HarderFaster's Photo section?

Winner: teknoman

Covering almost 90 events across all genres, teknoman was HF’s photographer of choice in 2010.

Honourable mentions to Daf and Adam Symbiosis.

HarderFaster Feature Writer of the Year 2010
Who was the best contributor to HarderFaster's Feature section?

Winner: Agnes Klos

Agnes Klos takes top spot again continuing her enthusiastic coverage of the European dance scene.

Tara takes runners’ up spot while honourable mentions go to Vindeisel and Steve Milton.

HarderFaster Review Writer of the Year 2010
Who was the best contributor to HarderFaster's Tune Review section?

Winner: Pete M

Pete M continues as your reviewer of choice in 2010 with a mention for Latex Zebra.

HarderFaster Thread of the Year 2010
Which was your favourite thread of 2010?

Winner: Celebrity Deaths by Slink.

A surprising winner, but with Paul the Octopus and The Emperor making an appearance, it wasn’t all doom and gloom

Honourable mention to Motivational Posters yet again, our winner for the past few years.

HarderFaster Member Awards

HarderFaster Member of the Year 2010
Who was your favourite overall HarderFaster member in 2010?

Winner: Slink.

Cleaning up on votes in the popularity stakes, Slink is the undisputed HarderFaster Member of the Year 2010.

Honourable mentions to hejro and Josie.

HarderFaster Intellectual of the Year 2010
Which HarderFaster member gave you food for thought in 2010?

Winner: Benedict

Benedict regains his crown, followed closely by Stakker.

HarderFaster Redeemed Member of the Year 2010
The member who in your eyes redeemed themselves during the year.

Winner: GMReq

Are his late night rambles starting to make sense? You certainly thought so,

HarderFaster Party Animal of the Year 2010
Who was HarderFaster's party animal in 2010?

Winner: Webbo

There’s just no let up by our very own party animal Webbo.

Honourable mentions to Adam Symbiosis, Josie and Security Man.

HarderFaster Smoothest Operator of the Year 2010
Who was HarderFaster's smoothest operator during 2010?

Winner: Kerb

Looks like Kerb’s bribes paid off as he lifts the smoothest operator cup.

HarderFaster The Dark Side of the Year 2010
Which HarderFaster member did you love to hate in 2010?

Joint Winners: 3radical and DMX

No surprises in this section, although 3radical was a late entry who managed to make up for lost time towards the end of 2010.

And that’s a wrap for 2010!

Congratulations to all our worthy winners, and runners up; commiserations to those who didn’t quite make the mark; thanks to all who took time to vote, and here's to 2011.

Photos taken from the HarderFaster archive. Not to be reproduced without permission.
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From: ~deleted1390 on 3rd Mar 2011 09:24.43
Well done to Twist for taking the crown off us. About bloody time someone did. Well done to all the winners, great to see 414 retaining it's crown (4th year running?) and please to get a couple of mentions. Best tune, never been in that category before. Thumbs up

From: Nomi Sunrider on 3rd Mar 2011 09:27.13
How the hell you got a mention in the reviews I don't know, you haven't reviewed anything since last April Laughs out loud

From: ~deleted1390 on 3rd Mar 2011 09:37.18
Quality, not quantity.

From: kerb on 3rd Mar 2011 10:05.43

From: WEBBO on 3rd Mar 2011 11:58.51
Well done to all the winners !!! see ive won by default yet again lol Smile

From: Slink. on 3rd Mar 2011 12:42.43
Well done everyone!

From: ~deleted12332 on 3rd Mar 2011 12:43.30
Big congrats to Mr Lankester. Best DJ & Live Act of the year 3 years running is some achievement and very well deserved! Watch out for huge news on Libra Live 2011!!!

From: SEBASTIEN on 3rd Mar 2011 13:08.34

From: Timmy Whiz on 3rd Mar 2011 13:18.31
Well done to everyone Smile

From: carl nicholson on 3rd Mar 2011 14:14.37
Criostasis & Rob OTT, well done as New Producers Of The Year and congrats to all the winners on your achievement Smile

From: blackchic1 on 3rd Mar 2011 15:58.02
I cannot believe I won an award! I am stunned! Over the bloody moon but stunned! Thank you all!!!

From: Lingchong on 3rd Mar 2011 16:42.01
Congrats everyone - hope you're all feeling warm and fuzzy :-)

From: Pete M on 3rd Mar 2011 21:02.11
Thanks to everyone who voted for me for Best Reviewer. Nice one. Smile Woooooot!

From: Agnes Klos on 4th Mar 2011 20:15.22
It is the second year I had the honour of writing for HarderFaster and the second year I have been enjoying the title, yeeh, I am on cloud nine Wink
Big thank you goes to everyone who voted on me.
Thank you for keeping my motivation sky-high.
Keep music close to your heart, always Smile Smile Smile

From: nutty trance records on 5th Mar 2011 06:16.59
Thanks to everyone that voted this took me well by surprise only found out through Pete M that i'd actually won so once again thanks it means a lot

From: Hanky on 7th Mar 2011 15:16.58
You need to learn how to spell "annihilation"

From: NickSentience on 13th Mar 2011 23:44.27
Thanx to all who voted for heist rmx and congratz to other winners.. Smile

From: danca69 on 12th Apr 2011 22:43.10



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