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Put your hands in the air for Glyn Waters

Reported by Frani Heyns / Submitted 19-05-10 07:49

About a decade ago, a very young Glyn Waters stumbled upon trance by chance. Absorbing an energy he had never experienced before, he wanted to become part of it and after buying his first pair of decks, his journey slowly unravelled. Today, he is the father of tracks that have received support from the big boys in trance and as a DJ; his name has already graced some of London’s best venues. In the final weeks leading up to his booking at Odyssey on 29 May, we tracked him down to find out more about his past, present and the bright, beckoning future.

Tell us about the first moment you fell in love with trance.

It was nine or ten years ago while in Freedom @ Bagleys. I was new to the whole going out thing and spent most of the night in the garage room as that was what all my mates listened to. I got bored and thought I’d go for a wander. As I walked into the trance room, I was greeted by a huge green laser and a room full of people with their hands in the air. I spent the rest of the night and every time after that in there.

What was it about trance that really stood out for you and why did you want to become part of it?

For me, it was the euphoria that the whole room felt at the same time. You could put it down to other things, but seeing the room as one all in the control of the DJ due to the music he/she was playing. I just had to be part of it.

You bought your first decks when you were only 18. Then you upgraded your equipment and really mastered the art of mixing. What is the most important piece of advice that saw you through these early days?

Without wanting to echo what anyone else would say to that question, it’s about practice, practice, practice. It’s like with anything - you’re not going to know how to do something when it’s fresh out the box. I used to get home from work and lock myself away in my room for hours and hours making all kinds of horrific noises, but then one day it all clicked into place and all those long evenings paid off. People may argue that DJing is getting easier with CDJs, Ableton etc, but that’s just the equipment keeping up with the times. No matter what you’re using, it still takes an element of skill and that is what needs to be worked at.

When were you asked to play out for the first time? Describe the day/night?

I played at a little party before a HHA back in 2005. I played a mixed bag of stuff from the tough end of trance to UK hard trance. I was scared, but enjoyed it at the same time!

Your DJ career includes some of London’s most famous clubs – including Heaven, Colosseum, Union, Hidden and the Honey Club in Brighton. Is there a particular night that stands out?

To pick one, it’d be Heaven because it was for Peach after they moved there. Being an ‘ex-Peach raver’ it meant a lot.

Tell us more about your residency at Twist?

I was more than chuffed the day I was asked to join Twist. I’d been at almost every Twist for about a year and back then it was weekly, so I got to know a lot of regulars, the DJs and the Twist team. Twist and trance were two words that not even I would have ever put together, but it seemed to work, and I’ve had some blinding times playing both current and classic trance sets for them in the Arcade.

You’ve been booked to play at Odyssey on 29 May. What do you think of the party and what can people expect from your set?

To say I’m looking forward to Odyssey doesn’t give it justice. My first experience of Odyssey was back in February and I didn’t expect to see it so rammed! That’s no dig at the party – more of a this is obviously what’s been missing from people’s Saturday afternoons since the days of the Southside Bar.

As for my set, I'm not sure yet. I never just take an hour to 90 minutes worth of tunes with me and say, right these are going to be played and in that order. My CD wallet is filled with a little of every sub genre of trance, because you never know how the DJ before you is going to play or what the crowd want to hear. What I do know is that it’ll be fun, uplifting and euphoric – the way trance should be.

If you can play anywhere in the world, where will it be and why?

Trance Energy without a doubt. Now I’m probably the worst trance fan by never having been, but if the opportunity ever come up to play for all those thousands of real trance fans, then I’d be a fool to say no. As for somewhere a little closer to home, then I wouldn’t turn down playing for The Gallery either.

Let’s move on to your productions now. The first one was your remake of Silver Bath by Plastic Boy. This remix received support from Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Aly & Fila and Agnelli & Nelson. Tell us more about the Glyn Waters touch to this track.

I fell in love with Silver Bath the first time I heard it at Peach all those years ago. As for the remake, I felt I had to update it so I could put Silver Bath back out there. My touch to it was with the help of Ben Gold. It was my first time in the studio and Ben put his huge knowledge into helping me bring my all-time favourite up to date. As for the support from some of the biggest names in the industry – well, that’s just stuff you dream of.

December saw the release of Where I Belong – a quality hands-in-the-air trance track. Tell us more about the production of this tune, from the beginning to the end product?

Where I Belong is my favourite of my three tracks, and like Silver Bath ’08, Ben Gold engineered it for me. The main thing I wanted to do with this was to put a smile on the face of the listener. For me trance was getting far too serious, so I wanted it to have a classic feel to it without sounding dated. It ended up with a lot in it, acid lines, rolling percussions, main riff, sub riff etc. The ‘hands-in-the-air’ part is the definition of trance in my opinion. Shut your eyes, get those hands up and get lost within it. The off beats towards the end of the track were put in to keep it interesting and to keep the DJ playing it busy.

Paul van Dyk, Ian Betts, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and M.I.K.E have been some of your biggest influences. What is it about these artists that inspire or drive you?

These were the DJs that played and made the big tunes as I started going out and buying music. Being a young bright-eyed clubber, you can’t help but wish it was you up there playing for a rammed room or you were the one that come up with that tune.

Do you draw your inspiration from other music genres?

I wouldn’t say any in particular, although I used to listen to a lot of funky house and that’s full of percussion – so a little I suppose. When I go into the studio I'm always armed with 4 or 5 tracks that I like and we listen through them for inspiration.

What in your opinion are the three greatest elements of a well-produced track?
1.Originality. There’s no point in recycling the same sound again and again.
2.Keep it simple. I hate nothing more than noisy music. The kitchen sink doesn’t need to be in there as well.
3.Vocals. If it doesn’t need a vocal then don’t add it.

Describe your sound in five words.

Music your mum would enjoy. Razz

What are the hottest trance tracks in your box at the moment?

Probably Simon Patterson’s new one, Taxi. In fact that, plus his last two, Miss You and Always. The man is on fire production wise and words don’t justify how good these tracks are.

If you were given the chance to produce a track with any producer out there, who will you choose and why?

The man I just said and for those reasons.

Are there more Glyn Waters productions in the pipeline? What can we expect from you in future?

Yeah, I’d like to hope so. I was well chuffed by the reactions of Can’t Buy Time and Where I Belong. In fact, I’m hoping to finalise details of some studio time over the next few weeks with someone I've admired both production and DJ wise for a while.

Photos courtesy of Glyn Waters. Not to be reproduced without permission.

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On: Saturday 29th May
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From: 15:00-24:00
Cost: FREE
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More: For our next adventure, we’ll blend music and magic in a masked extravaganza. In preparation for this spectacular journey, we urge you to proudly wear your mask and join a fantasy world where trance is our guide.

Entrance is free all day.
Dress code: Wear a mask
Region: London
Music: Trance. Hard Trance. Prog House.
DJ's: Alan Banks
David Marais
Dj Erc
Glyn Waters
Miles Gorfy
The Undercover Brother

Who's Going? (11) : Adam Symbiosis, Alan-Banks, Carine, Charlie Bradley, curva_p, djdirtyd, Frani Heyns, Glyn Waters, Miles Gorfy, prehabDJ, Tara 

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From: Menthol Taz on 19th May 2010 10:32.29
A great guy who never lets you down whilst playing a set - always quality! Some great productions & demo cd's. Well done Glyn, look forward to see you play. xx

From: Alan-Banks on 19th May 2010 14:00.11
Nice interview Glyn - Looking forward to playing alongside of you Wink

From: Matt Church on 19th May 2010 17:20.23
Great read, amazing dj and top guy too!!!

From: Charlie Bradley on 20th May 2010 16:24.49
Good Interview Glyn - myself and Charlie Rox played after you at UNITY and heard your whole set - rockin!

From: Carine on 20th May 2010 19:54.27
If your sets are as good as your mixes, I cannot wait!

From: Mat Lock on 22nd May 2010 02:03.33
Hello Glyneth. I remember the days we used to get rather messy at Twist..only once or twice though hahaha. Good luck with your parties mate and I'll have that trance flag back soon !!

From: steelo kuchiki on 27th May 2010 19:07.23
get a haircut :P

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