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A birthday and a new start? It must be The Gallery's 13th birthday at Ministry!

Reported by Ilana B / Submitted 23-04-08 17:26

When The Gallery first rocked onto the dance scene many of its now loyal fans were still at school. The Gallery has held firm as a London favourite despite the ever changing club scene seeing promotions rise and fall around it and as it strides towards its 13th Birthday on 25th April that is something for them to be proud of. Playing host to the biggest and best DJs in the world for the last 13 years, the Gallery has already firmly found its place in the clubbing history books and hearts of clubbers all over the world. As we see have sadly seen the closure of its home, the legendary Turnmills and its move to Ministry, we look forward to a new chapter opening. But what will the future hold?

London clubbing itself now steps into uncharted territory. With the unprecedented closure of so many venues within a single year, along with clubbing numbers looking far less than peak and an economic situation leaving many a purse string tighten, one thing that is certain though is you don’t celebrate the 13th birthday of a promotion by sitting around waiting to see what happens. The experienced team behind The Gallery have been working harder than ever and heading to Ministry with all guns blazing with line-ups that read like a who’s-who in DJing.

The 13th birthday, as you would expect for such an event, has a line up to whet the appetite of most clubbers and they are in for a treat as the Box’s amazing sound system is given a full work out by Armin Van Buuren, Judge Jules, John Askewm and resident and gallery favourite Gavyn Mytchel.

I spoke some of the DJs about their thoughts on The Gallery’s new home and the move.

Tom Godwin (Gallery resident and promoter)

What do you think will be the biggest difference between the Gallery at Ministry and the Gallery at Turnmills?

Well obviously there will be the differences of the two venues but to be honest the only other difference that was perceived could happen was that of us running a night in a venue which we did not run as well. It is a new way of working for us but during the planning stage those differences were quickly forgotten as the team over at Ministry have been superb. It’s a real partnership with The Gallery continuing to do what we have always done in terms of line ups, concepts, feel, decor, vibe and so on. Ministry of Sound has really allowed us to bring all the best bits of what we do and whilst we will all miss Turnmills, I think The Gallery has a superb new home for us to carry on doing what we do best

What are you most looking forward to with the 13th birthday and Gallery's future in general at Ministry?

Well the 13th birthday is also the launch night so in terms of looking forward it’s a big occasion not only in terms of the move south of the river but also that after 13 years we continue to remain a weekly club night. Cap that all off with the fact that the world number 1 DJ is playing in the shape of Armin van Buuren and that we have sold out of advanced tickets on a scale never done before then this Friday promises to provide the perfect start to the new era.

What music, producers and DJs are impressing you at the moment and who are you most looking forward to having play at the Gallery at Ministry?

In terms of looking forward to playing, May has a right good mixture of DJs. We are looking forward to having Paul van Dyk back at The Gallery on May 2nd playing a very special three hour set with Jimmy van M in the bar. May 9th sees Eddie Halliwell and our golden boy Sander van Doorn get together with Anthony Pappa and John Quivver whilst May 16th has Markus Schulz, MIKE, Richard Durand, Jo Mills and Lisa German to name but a few. Later on in the month sees Paul Oakenfold return with Hernan Cattaneo and Seb Fontaine and the month is rounded off with Judge Jules launching Judgement Sunday at The Gallery. As you can see it’s a right Gallery mix up of DJs and talent and we are looking forward to welcoming them to MoS.

Judge Jules

I’ve visit the offices frequently because I mix CDs for the MoS, but I haven’t actually been to the club for something like 5-7 years so I’m really looking forward to playing. It’s a venue that’s definitely on the up again, and therefore a great choice for the ‘new’ Gallery.

Anil Chawla

How do you feel Gallery will stand up to the change in venue and do you think there will be any changes?

I'm positive The Gallery will do great at Ministry. It's probably the only club in London that will suit the night down to the ground. Great sound system and a nice contract between the rooms is perfect. I'm sure all the faithful will be out in force to make it a proper Gallery affair.

What are you looking forward to most at Ministry?

Gavyn in the main room!

Tania von Pear (Gallery Resident)

You played at the last Gallery at Turnmills and are opening up with the first set at Ministry, how does it feel?

The last ever Gallery was emotional although playing back to back with Alex P at the end when he kept trying to pull my trousers down will probably be the memory I take away with me! He’s a mentalist! It was also pretty cool playing for 4 1/2 hours in T2 for the last Gallery – I definitely had my fill before I left the club at 7.30am having started at 9pm!

Playing the first record at MoS is an absolute honour and a privilege although there are rumours that I might be moved to my traditional end of night set from 4am till whenever! I’m cool either way – honestly, it’s just such a great club to be involved in as the people involved are all so friendly & lovely as well as being loons so I fit right in!

What kind of music is doing it for you at the moment and do you think that there will be a difference in how you will play at Ministry?

I am really feeling house music of all shapes and forms from Sebo K and Mike Monday on a more stripped back techno tip across to Satoshi Tomiie and Mark Knight for more progressive big room sounds. I’ve got a stupidly large bag of CD’s I run around with for my gigs so I’ve always got plenty of options of what to play.

Having said that there’s two or three tunes that are my all time faves which usually get pulled out on most gigs like Claude Von Stroke’s mix of Warrior on Om Records and my special bootleg of Celeda’s The Underground which I’ve never heard anyone else play! I’m not planning to play any different for The Gallery at MoS although I am sure the sound of the club will mature into its new surroundings as we move into a new era!

What have been your most memorable moments from The Gallery in the past and what are you most looking forward to?

Wow! Where do you start! I think No. 1 would be playing after Hernan Cattaneo at Going Places’ 2nd Birthday in the Main Room! I took over at 6am and he was a total gentleman and a truly fantastic DJ, I was sh!tting myself but managed to pull it off and everyone stayed till nearly 8am in the end!

I also will never forget Matthew from Sedition DJ’s (my Going Places partner in crime) and the look face on this face the night I got a marriage proposal at the end of a mental Going Places party in T2! The guy was pretty wasted but I was still pretty flattered as I was definitely not looking my best myself!!

Photos courtesy of the HarderFaster archive. Not to be reproduced without permission.

The Gallery Birthday / Launch Party
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Friday 25th April
At: Ministry of Sound [map]

From: 22:00- 6:00
Cost: NUS £15 / Members £15 B4 12am / £15 Advance / £20 on the door
Ticket Info: Advanced Tickets: - 08700 600 100 // - 0870 246 2050

Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets
Region: London
Music: Trance.
DJ's: Box:
Armin Van Buuren
Judge Jules
John Askew
Gavyn Mytchel
Tall Paul (3 Hour set)
Steve Lee
Tania von Pear
Baby Box:
Hosted by Cheeky People

Who's Going? (10) : Anil Chawla, dimitry, el3ktrauma, Ilana B, kev, Marc B, paul jack, ravechick, strings, treesa 

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From: Mizz_behavin on 24th Apr 2008 13:26.44
Nice photo Tom Razz
Good luck with the first night and birthday party and see you soon for fun Devilish Mmmwwah!

From: Menthol Taz on 24th Apr 2008 16:15.24
Nice one Tom - good luck guys, will come down soon x

From: dimitry on 25th Apr 2008 08:58.27
Looking forward to this!!!

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